Hot saxy full sex stories story pel kar

Hot saxy full sex stories story pel kar
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Kate was stripped naked standing before the two large black mall security guards. She did her best to cover her plump breasts and her pussy but as she stood there she knew she was exposed. She began to cry again leaning against the wall. "Please let… le…let me go. I won't do it again. I won't come here again?" She sobbed.

The two guards Thomas and Keith laughed. They had her in the detention room. It was late and the mall had just closed so they'd be no one coming back there unless they called the police. The other guards were out doing their patrols and unless they found someone they found more than one person and couldn't handle both at the same time they would have no reason to head to the detention room. Thomas and Keith had her all to themselves. "You think it's that easy, eh?" Thomas asked his voice a deep bellow.

Kate said nothing. She stood against the wall trembling not believe Lisa and Harriet fled and left her to be caught with the merchandise. "Well it ain't," Thomas continued. "You've taken something from our stores. Our bosses find out and we're in trouble." This was a lie but Thomas knew she wouldn't know that even though they were security that anything stolen didn't really get them in trouble unless it was gross negligence on their part that they missed it.

"What do you want from me?" Kate asked still crying. "I can get money for violet starr sharing the siblings part 2 laughed. "We don't want money babe. You think we got you naked just to stare." Kate swallowed hard as Keith unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor.

From behind his briefs she could see his shaft bulging. It looked like a snake in his pants. Kate's eyes widened at the sight and her throat wet dry at the thought of what they were about to do to her. She wasn't naïve but at the same time she didn't expect to see such a large shaft that probably wasn't even hard. Keith kicked his pants away and moved towards the girl blocking her view of Thomas but from the click and the jingle of keys hitting the concrete floor she felt sure he was now in his underwear too.

Keith stood before her.

He loomed over the five foot five girl with his six foot two hundred pound muscular frame. An avid weight lifter his muscles bulged beneath his uniform almost eager to rip the fabric. Kate at seventeen felt as if she were a kid, a younger kid before this large man. She her fear doubled at the thought of what he was going to demand from her.

Keith dropped his briefs and kicked them aside. "Get on your knees and suck bitch." Kate's heart skipped a beat when she saw his shaft. It was shaved. It was big with bulging veins and it was hard. It looked to be about eight inches in length and as round as the spool of a toilet roll. She felt sure she couldn't fit that in her mouth but still she went down on her knees looking up at the man as she tentatively reached out and wrapped her hand around it or at least tried.

She wasn't surprised that she couldn't wrap her hand around the girth of it as she guided it towards her mouth and parted her lips. Thomas moved over next to Keith and watched as Kate slipped the head of Keith's cock into her small mouth, her cute pink lips full and ripe parting as much as they could to accommodate his girth. Thomas' dick wasn't as big and he felt sure he could drive it down her throat when his turn came.

He shook his head thinking, Keith mature japanese vs boy uncensored english subtitle steroid freak.

"Suck it good," Keith ordered closing his eyes and throwing his head back. Kate obliged sucking slowly at first her hand moving along the man's meaty shaft but as he began to moan she moved fasted and sucked on the bulbous head faster as it was all she could really fit in her mouth. Thomas licked his lips as he watched the petite little blonde's head bob back and forth on Keith's head. He pursed his lips as he beat his own meat eager to impale her small bald pussy on it.

He closed his eyes and again saw her strip for the first time in the detention room. She slipped off her tee shirt, it was white with a butterfly on the front.

Her breasts were the size of large grape fruits imprisoned behind a white bra which came off next to her protests but she still obeyed. When they popped out to luscious mounds of delight with pink nipples hard in the air-conditioned cool of the room he'd felt the first twitch of his dick and his desire to squeeze them.

He had her stand and the two men were treated to a strip tease in the guise of a strip search. He sword art online kiritand his sister even believe the girl was not smart enough to know to strip search her he'd need a female guard but she continued on and pulled her shorts off to reveal the rest of her slim delicate legs and nicely tanned skin, not to brown but not to white with just enough color to delight the eyes.

She wore no panties and that was the kicker. Thomas opened his eyes and still stroking his shaft squatted next to Kate and with his large hands reached out and grabbed her breasts. Kate pulled back caught off guard by the rough hands squeezed and molesting her silky soft breasts supple and tender yet she felt a chill that sent goose bumps rippling across her skin.

It could be the a/c in the room? Thomas toyed with her hard nipples. "Keep suckin'," Keith commanded. One eye on Thomas and the other on Keith she began to suck again stroking the man as the other guard Thomas caressed her breasts.

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She felt her body begin to burn as the man toyed with her nipples. She closed her eyes as she sucked Keith's head accepting his thrusts but knowing his dick could only venture so far into the warm wetness of her no obliging mouth.

She slid her hand down between her legs and touched her bald mound, the fat of her folds enveloped her small labia nonetheless she parted the folds and touched her hole. It was wet and it was hot. Keith let out a loud moan and shuddered. Kate opened her eyes and looked up and him his head thrown back. Cat fighting drowning underwater lesbien reached down grabbed her head and pulled her danny d fuck victoria blaze onto his cock forcing more between her sweet pink lips.

Kate gagged on it her hands reached for his thigh to stop him from pushing more of it into her. Keith let his load out and moaned the cry of an animal it was. Kate felt a rush of cum hit the back of her throat. She gagged on it but with her mouth plugged at one end and a strong hand holding her the only place the shot of cum and the subsequent shot could go was down. In one gulp she took the salty sweet juice down her throat and shuddered having never swallowed before in her life man's cum.

Before she could recover Thomas lifted her off the ground with strong arms and took her over to the table in the middle of the room. He was not as big as Keith in stature in fact he was short and only an inch taller that Kate but he was stout and thick. "What are you doing?" Kate asked weakly and not too convincingly. Thomas smiled. Keith stood next to him. Kate could see a glistening trail of cum drip from his quickly softening dick but even as it softened it still seemed large.

It was large her mouth could attest to that and the face that her jaw was sore from being stretched so only affirmed this. Thomas grabbed Kate by the ankles and lifted her legs high. Kate slipped her hands down to her crotch and covered her opened. She could feel the wetness on her hands. She was aroused at the rough treatment but at the same time she it didn't mean she wanted it.

Keith grabbed her hands and pulled them back behind her head. Her breasts stood up and he squeezed them with his free hand. Thomas guided his head towards her meaty lips. The flesh was silky smooth. It was bald as a baby's bottom no hair in sight and the lips between the folds of her mound were pink and wet her little clit slightly red. He pushed against her hole. Kate was no virgin but the shafts that had entered her before were not match for the sizes entering her now. Thomas was not as big as Keith only seven inches at the most as about an inch of girth to boast of.

His head felt resistance and first but as the girl was a little damp down there he managed to get it in and once it was in the remained of the seven inches followed. Kate felt her pussy stretch to take the man in. He wasn't as big as she thought but he still filled her womb to the hilt and when he began to move it felt as if ever inch of her insides were being rubbed. She bit her lip as he stroked her biting down hard so as not to make any sounds. She didn't want to sound too easy to them.

Keith held her hands fast with one hand and played with each of her breasts with the other alternating between the two. The supple flesh was soft and yielded easily to his touch. It sent wave after wave of fresh blood down to his flaccid shaft engorging the vessels and bringing his erection back. Kate couldn't get enough of the double stimulation. Keith harassing her nipples, the mixture of pain when he pitched and pleasure when he released them was driving her wild and then with Thomas in her pussy pounding away at her his pelvic bone brushing against her clit occasionally sending waves of pleasure through her was sending her over the top.

Thomas glanced down at his shaft penetrating her hole. In and out it went spreading her month pregnant black hoodrat fucks black step brother lips coming out with her skin clinging to it only to go back in and to emerge again coated with her milky lubrication.

Thomas felt his balls tighten and the urge to cum building inside him.

He didn't try to stifle it he let it loose and after three more massive strokes pressed himself against the girl's slender body, her ass cushioning him somewhat and sprayed his cum deep inside her. Kate would not be denied cumming. As Thomas pressed against her she lifted her ass off the table and rolled her hips to stimulate her G Spot. She was already close to cumming before he stopped and only needed a little more before in a shuddering moan she fell back to the table in a weaken orgasmic state.

While Kate lay helpless on the table still shivering as the final waves of her orgasm subsided Harriet, Lisa and Janise dreams of a sadist bondage fetish comic tube porn in the car.

They waited checking their watch to see how long she was inside the merchandise they'd gotten away with in the trunk away from the eyes of anyone passing by especially the mall security in the vans that were making their last rounds. "She's been in there a while?" Harriet said running her hand through her hair. "I remember last time when I was caught," Lisa began.

"You waited about three hours for me." With the windows down and the temperature at about 85 F Lisa shivered remembering that time.

Janise giggled as she thought about the last time she was also caught. Thomas swapped with Keith while Kate lay there his cum beginning to ooze from her pussy. Her eyes were close as she lay satisfied in spite of the situation. Keith considered wiping the cum that was oozing from the pink flower off but realized the poor girl would need all the lube she could get. When Kate opened her eyes and saw Keith between her legs ready to thrust his monster in was the first time she cried out.

She began to struggle but Thomas held her and Keith held her legs. "No! No!" She cried. "You'll hurt me.

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You'll tear me!" She exclaimed and began to weep. She reasoned once the two men came that it would be over she didn't think both wanted to fuck her pussy.

"You think they're both fuckin' her?" Harriet asked. Lisa smiled. "If she's lucky maybe.

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All the other guards are locking stuff down." "Jealous," Janise said teasing. "Lucky bitch." Harriet said you get to fuck officer lelu and cum all over my ass tube porn with a scowl on her face crossing her arms across her flat chest thinking that since they first found out about Keith and Thomas she'd yet to be caught in spite of being purposely clumsy.

The scheme was simply this: any girl wanting a couple of black studs to fuck them would go to the mall and The Rave one of the stores therein just before closing during a Thursday and steal something black.

Keith and Thomas always watching that store from the security room would catch them and fuck them in the detention room. It worked out for everyone save the store. The two guys would get to fuck tight young teens and the girls would get black studs pounding their pussy and the merchandise. Lisa sensed Harriet's her anger because Lisa was caught twice and Kate was new to the group.

"Don't worry next time we'll make sure to leave your fat ass behind to get caught." Knowing though they couldn't make it too easy to be caught and ruin a good thing or make it too hard or they might just get away.

Kate felt the head against her hole. She tired to pull away but there was no where to go. Keith laughed and pushed his head in watching the tender soft flesh yield. Kate's eyes were wide and her mouth even wider with screams. Thomas grabbed her shirt and stuffed as much of it as he could in her mouth. The room was practically sound proof but he'd never heard a girl scream with such a piercing terror in her cry before. Keith's head was in the hot tightness of her pussy gripped it and squeezed it.

He licked his lips and pushed even deeper into her watching as her body slowly yielded to his vicious invasion. Her legs in the air, each ankle in a hand the sight of her pussy taking him in was delicious and it only goaded him to push harder and deeper until all eight inches of his shaft was buried inside her. Kate felt the burning in her pussy. She was wet but she was not ready for the monster inside her and it hurt.

She was not going to enjoy this she was sure. Keith began to stroke her pulling out slowly and sliding back it slowly widening her pussy with each stroke. Kate felt the pain fade only to return each time his dick slid back into her but with each return the pain was less and less still she was not enjoying the feeling of having her pussy stretch so. Keith quickened his pace ever so slightly with each stroke loosing his shaft in the small girl giving step father in law blow job the back of her pussy each time.

He pursed his lips holding her ankles tightly. He watched himself move in and out dragging her insides with each stroke out her skin clinging to him when he pulled out. He watched her breasts roll with each stroke her nipples still hard. He gritted his teeth and began to push harder and faster slamming his body against hers, his balls slapping brushing against her ass occasionally with each stroke.

Sweat began to pour down his brow as he worked her hole which was becoming slicker and looser with each thrust. Kate felt him hit her clit when he pressed against her, his hard body rubbing against it with each thrust into her. The pleasure the small nub sent throughout her body more than compensated for the pain and soon eclipsed it as her body began to danni ashe and lorna morgan the invasion save when his head hit her cervix.

Keith pumped her, his shaft now plowing into her like a jack hammer his pelvis meeting hers with each strokes.

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Kate felt the stimulation of her clit and of her G Spot each time he raked his shaft from her body only to have it taken away when he pushed back in. She closed her eyes. Thomas watched as she bit down on the clothing in her mouth and closed her eyes closed. They fluttered like the wings of a butterfly. Keith felt the surge of cum build in him again. He pumped faster and harder staring down at the girls redden hole raw from the onslaught and his shaft streaked with Thomas' cum and her juices.

He exploded in her his cum filling her body. Kate hadn't felt when Thomas came in her but she sure felt Keith's as it filled her wound. She pushed herself up to met him as he pulled out and his head rub against her G Spot for the last time sending cum se fut tarani romani second climax from her core that exploded inside her pussy. When Keith pulled out his cum rolled from the girls gaping hole but it wasn't only his cum or Thomas' cum that was dribbling from her hole to the concrete floor it was Kate's cum.

She felt as if she was spinning as she lay there on the table and then she felt as she was falling. She opened her eyes and everything was a blur. How long this lasted she didn't know but when it faded and she focused on the two men they were dressed and each had a broad grin on their face. "Get dressed. You can go." Thomas said he unlocked the door and left her with Keith.

She dressed slowly not bothering to wipe any residual cum from her pussy. She began to leave Keith whispered in her ear, his breath both on her earlobe. She pulled back from him shocked at what he said but hurried from the room limping as she went. Her legs in the air so long and held so tightly left them sore and seemingly uncooperative.

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Harriet saw her and pulled up next to her. Kate jumped in the back seat next to Janise. They started out of the parking lot. "So&hellip." Lisa said anxiously. "What happened?" Janise asked. "They both fucked me." Kate plainly. "Now I'm as sore as hell." Lisa laughed. "Knew it." She said to Harriet. "Whatever." Harriet said and continued driving. After a few minutes of silence within the group Kate sitting behind leaned forward and whispered in Harriet's ear, "Keith said your fat ass is next."