Boss foot domination and rough big dick teen he let her cum in a degrading manner after

Boss foot domination and rough big dick teen he let her cum in a degrading manner after
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I'm very new to writing but felt like i have waited long enough to post some of my ideas just to see if anyone has the same interests as me. i'm 26 and straight myself and have never been involved with any incest or anything other than a straight relationship so i'm in the dark about alot of things i write about. Feedback would be great russian wife held for ransom any of my stories and feel free to email any ideas you wish for me to include in future stories.

This is an introduction to where my stories will emerge from, the two main people who will be in every story are both good looking blonde guys, both are 6ft 2 and are muscular and both 7.5 inches and cut. Dan and Chris are twin brothers and both are 19, they are well built and use this to intimidate thier victims. Dan is the more forceful of the brothers but after both admitting to each other they were gay they began thinking about things they could do that went beyond just having a little bit of harmless fun.

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From the age of 15 they were in an incesturous 'relationship' but had always spoke about if it was right or wrong to be doing what they were. Chris confronted Dan on thier 19th birthday asking if anyone else was doing what they were and after a long search through the internet and through private ad's they found that people seemed always too afraid to actually do what they had done.

Dan convinced Chris the next day that people just needed a shove in the right direction and that being the helpful guy that he is persuaded Chris that they should be the ones to enforce this "shove" and help people to become aware of the feelings they feel (or don't in most cases) about thier siblings or parents.

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and so it begins. The Schoolbus Cast: Matthew - 22 male 5ft 8 with short brown hair and glasses. A slim guy who is shy around girls and a bit nerdy. Katie - 14 female 5ft 2 with ginger hair and freckles with glasses. A cute girl who has had a few boyfriends, 32c breasts and a bit chubby with quite a large bum. She likes to talk and is usually a bit flirty with boys. Waking on a warm summer morning Matthew got out of bed as did the rest of his family and ate breakfast in the morning, Katie was ready for school but Matt had got caught up watching some tv before college and coincidently missed his bus.

Rushing out the door with a piece of toast still in hand he jumped on the schoolbus which happened to pass by his college. Matt was dressed in a thin kokoro licks balls and penis before is fucked which was blue with drawstring slacks and some boxers and a t shirt followed by a zip up jacket, walking down the bus Matthew spotted Katie and instantly sat next to her.

Katie was dressed in a schoolskirt with a button blouse and a black bra with matching black underware.

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"Hi sis" said Matthew as he started chatting with his sister, talking about hot solo action featuring a brunette slag for the day before Matthew began telling some silly jokes to make his sister smile. He always loved making her smile as he worried about her being overweight with how boys may tease her at school. Katie began giggling at one of the jokes when they spotted two guys leaning on the back of thier 2 seater seat.

"That was a good joke, said Chris laughing. oh and i see your sister liked it too he smiled motioning to her chest which was jiggling as she giggled, how old are you both?" he asks in quite a stern way but not too obvious. "None of your business" Matthew answers quite shyly as his sister chirps in that she is 14 and her brother is 22. Chris raised an eyebrow at her then looking at Matthew he begins to smile.

"i bet you love her very much, he says, do anything for her, blah blah" sounding like he thinks he is funny. Appearing behind Katie, Dan quickly moves forward and reaching down strokes Katies hair with his hand. "Katie, what would you do if something bad was going to happen to your brother?

hmmm" he says coldly. "Anything, Katie replies innocently, he always makes sure i'm ok". "Excellent Katie, now all i want you to do is just look there, says Dan pointing at her brothers lap and the second anything moves i want you to look into your brothers eyes. do you understand?" he says as he moves towards Matthew holding a small knife.

Katie nods and begins staring. "What the fuck is going?, on asks Matthew, turning and seeing the knife, woah man what the hell!". "Look at your sister Matthew, Dan whispers into his ear, i know she is your sister but just look at her closely, look at her body, that small smooth body and her pouting lips" Without even realising what he was doing Matthew had started looking at her noticing her chest and lips very fast.

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"imagine those lips wrapped around your cock, sucking you slowly, sucking on you, sucking" he whispers as Matthew begins to stiffen in his slacks before turning to Dan " what the fuck shes my little sis" snaps Matthew looking back at her as she stares him in the eyes.

"good girl Katie" "Stare into her eyes, now! Dan says to Matthew, or i'll cut you" running the knife down Matthews back. Just as his eyes meet his sisters a hand slips round his waist and into his slacks straight into his boxers and grips his cock stroking it fast. Grunting in shock as his cock passes the semi stage and into full stiffness he see's Chris reach down and after pulling her blouse open, breaking some buttons off, Katies bra is exposed before it is pulled down and her boobs bounce free.

Katie sits still in shock as Chris begins massaging her breasts cupping them. "uhhh, grunts Matthew still in shock as his eyes rest on his sisters breasts, stop!" he whimpers.

"Watch this Chris" Dan says to his brother as he pushes down Matthew's slacks and boxers enough to pop his cock out and strokes on it really fast before pulling and holding it down tightly at the base. Matthew writhes panting in disbelief as his balls tense up and his legs shake.

"all for your sis, Dan says laughing as he glides his hand back up and then forces it down causing cum to squirt everywhere as Matthew groans bucking. Chris lets go of Katies quickly as Dan dings the bell running for the door and a nice beautiful arab woman got paid to suck and fuck of them exit the bus hearing Matthew shouting at them as they leave.

"That was crazy, says Chris, i can't believe you did that!". "I bet that was the most amazing orgasm in his life Chris.

and when he gets home i'm sure he will have another thinking all about what happened"