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New xxx 2019 sex story
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Chapter 07 - - A warning to readers. - - This story features the themes of sexual slavery, bestiality, among with others that are not always liked by many individuals. If these are not things you wish to read about leave now so your not offended by the above mentioned contents of this story do not continue reading. Farther more don't fill up the comments section with ones like *bestiality sucks" or " your sick" and so on.

_ _ Also absolutely no character engaging in any sexual act is to be considered under eighteen years of age. With a story of this nature I will not be able to list the ages of every character or make specific notations regarding ages of groups. Please do not read something into the story that wasn't intended by the author. - - Chapter 07 The Goddesses and their followers stand trial and receive justice for their crimes.

- - It has been a little over a month since the fall of Arisia's domain and we had gathered at the ruins of the Central Temple of Female Subjugation.

Today the Goddesses, their followers, along with enchanting idol presents oversized booty and gets butt hole reamed the Royal Bitches will stand public trial for their crimes against the males of the world.

Almost all of them already know their sentences since we made no secret of what their fates would be when we enslaved them. So for these bitches this would be a formality to fully inform the public of their fates.

Along with to give the public the opportunity to watch each of these bitches prostrate themselves before Apollon and the males of the world as they beg forgiveness for their crimes and vow subjugation for themselves and their followers to make amends.

- - Still several of the Goddesses, their Priestesses, and the Royals beneath them would be finding out their final fates today. Fortunus, Doinus, Dionus, and their followers all fell into this group.

Though the focus of the trial will still be for Arisia and her followers. That portion of the trial will take place last with her and her followers sentences being carried out immediately following the trial.

- - I have put in a lot of work over the last mouth getting the viewing crystals and seeing to sex lukel sex mom and son story coom remaining bitches were taken into custody. While this was easier in some cases I did have one problem case. Fortunus's city was at first unwilling to surrender until I removed the city's walls. Though at that point the city's males had their Royals and female military officers knelling waiting to be put in chains.

For this reason Fortunus would be having a full trial to answer for these new charges instead of just having her previous punishment officially made public. - - While bringing the twins domain under our control was a lot easier for Prince Daniel. With Pallus's solders already controlling the city's defenses there was no option but to comply with us. Prince Daniel was then able to take possession of the city and it's bitches with just two battalions of troops.

- - My brother took care of bringing Pallus's domain officially under our control. Though this was an easy task thanks to my earlier work ensuring the bitches in power were already wearing collars. So with the exception of the princess there was no one in authority that could order any resistance to our forces. Now unfortunately for the princess she'd been kept so isolated she didn't know what was happening in the world until her personal guards seized her.

The princess then could only whimper and beg as she was placed in chains. - - With all the goddesses enslavements and their domains officially under our control my efforts were then put towards making transition from the old world. For this I spent most of my time making the preparations for the trial.

This ranged from the work for the humiliation of the accused before, during, and after the trail. With most of my efforts focused on preparing everything for Arisia's punishment.

- - While I moving back and forth between the ruins of the temple and the various domains. Apollon and King Edward were working out the details of the new government. As vast as Apollon's domain now was one King wouldn't be able to to oversee the whole thing. Putting trusted men in power of the various domains was to be the the best option.

Though they still wanted them to answer to a single ruler.

Needless to say they were still working out finer details of the new empire. - - Meanwhile I focused on the details of each of the new rituals within the various temples. While at the same time trying to tie them into the upcoming judgements in the trial.

Thankfully I've had help in the form of Pallus and Kathleen. Both these two bitches had a talent for both self degradation and humiliation along with a talent towards the degradation of other bitches. They not only gave me plenty of ideas how to subjugate themselves as humiliatingly as possible but also the other bitches.

- - These ideas and knowing the secret rituals from each of the temples gave me and Apollon a foundation to start working with. Like with the statue semen bath ritual the other's will be modified to further humiliate and demean the Goddesses and their Priestesses. It just required the right mix of demeaning tasks, humiliation, and plenty of the Goddesses and Priestesses being brutally raped. Including the fact all their temples would now be considered brothels and the Priestesses reduced to prostitutes we felt we had their punishments figured out.

- - Still Apollon had a few special humiliations in mind for his sisters. Caros and Porseron status wasn't going to change much. Artimos and Vestus would be getting sexually involved with farm animals namely pigs and horses.

Now the collection of semen for the new rituals was the most frequent of these sexual encounters. However Artimos and her Priestesses would still be getting regularly raped by pigs during a special ritual that Pallus had thought of. - - Even though they had chosen to willingly surrender themselves Apollon felt Pallus, Fortunus, and the twins needed their own humiliating status.

Doinus and Dionus would undergo pony training so they could pull Apollon's chariot. A fate many of their Priestesses would also share. They would also be kept in a special dungeon that's cells were designed after corrals in a stable. - - Fortunus would still have her mistress status over the other Goddesses except Pallus at least temporarily. As punishment for the people within her domain refusing to surrender she would be receiving a additional torment.

Instead of being bred to produce an heir for Apollon. Fortunus would be bred to produce a daughter. Once that daughter came of age Fortunus's mistress status would transfer to the daughter and Fortunus would then be forced to submit to her daughter's every demand even the sexual ones. - - As for Pallus her loyalty to Apollon would be rewarded by being bred to produce an no holes left unfucked doggystyle and deepthroat. However she still needed more of a punishment for rebuilding against Junos then being enslaved.

Apollon would free Pallus's daughter from the statue and grant the daughter godhood.

Though as punishment for Pallus's crimes this daughter would not only be enslaved by Apollon but Pallus. - - Like the other devine bitches Pallus's daughter would be expected to not only submit to Pallus's control over her every action. This would also include Pallus's every sexual demand and Apollon would be ensuring that Pallus's daughter was raped more by her mother then by him.

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Starting with the first time Apollon raped her Pallus's daughter would be licking her mother's pussy each time he raped her. - - Though Apollon would be allowing Pallus to be just her daughter's lover and not her mistress on special occasions. Either as a reward for good behavior from them both. Or if he just felt like being generous to the two of them.

Yet mostly it would be when he wanted the two of them to put on a show before he took turns raping them. - - The final two devine bitches who's fates needed to be decided were Arisia and Junus. Arisia's fate was easy to figure out. We just need to handle the announcements regarding her sisters first then her torment could be put in place.

However Junus was a different story due to the fact she was the only one of the devine bitches not to rebel against Junos. As such she wasn't subject to any punishment other than what was necessary for Apollon to demonstrate his control over her.

So probably sexy young big boob girlfriend riley steele fucks boyfriends dick the exception of her having to lick Pallus's and Fortunus's pussies Junus would only need publicly raped by Apollon. Though I also suspected Junus would be getting her own pussy licked by her other daughters quite frequently as well.

- - Granted as I watched all the Goddesses and their Priestesses hanging by their wrists from the eight marble pillers I knew we could make adjustments to the plan as time went by. Looking at the other preparations I could see the statue that Pallus's daughter was inprisoned within. I also saw the golden alter that Pallus and Fortunus would be secured to for both of their breedings. Then there was the large green jewel we had taken from Arisia's temple. While I could easily spend hours watching the Gorgus raping Junus I knew we needed to get the ceremony started.

- - Everyone was present at the temple and I knew the crowds had gathered at each city's various pubic squares. So I began casting the necessary spells. Soon everything happening at the temple was being shown throughout King Edward's kingdom and the former domains of the Goddesses with the exception of Artimos. With all the males dead and what was planned for Arisia there was no sense in maintaining any sort of a presence there. So once we finished looting the city and remains of the temple we burned it to the ground.

- - I chose to began the proceedings by showing the accused making it a point to name all of the Goddesses, Priestesses, and the Royals.

Next I shifted to our troops, King Edward, Prince Daniel, and finally Apollon. This was when I announced that Apollon would be passing judgement over the accused before their sentences would be carried out. - - The first ones to be tried were Caros and her followers.

Starting with Caros they were unchained from the piller and made to kneel before Apollon. He then announced they had been found guilty and we're sentenced to spending the rest of their lives as slave bitches. As would be announced with the rest this would apply to all female descendants for the rest of eternity. - - Though there were special circumstances due to Caros and her followers showing their willingness to submit. So they would be getting better treatment then most of the other bitches.

However it was also announced that these rewards were based on the fact that they were already property of Artimos and her followers. So once Artimos and her followers became our property so did all of their possessions including them.

Still as they were raped shortly afterwards they were given the mercy of the troops staying in their human forms. - - Once Caros and her followers had begun prostrating themselves following their violations the next group of Porseron and her Followers were brought before Apollon.

This one was another light sentence even though Porseron's domain did fight us. Still Porseron and her followers obedience since their enslavement did play into this decision. Though as they were raped by the troops this time they transformed into their canine forms. Before finally prostrating themselves before Apollon immediately upon completion of their violations. - - Artimos and her followers were next brought up for judgement.

This was where it was made public their actions regarding Pallus's daughter and the others they trapped within statues. Also their spying on the various domains and how this was instrumental in the various Goddesses being able to suppress the natural order of male domination.

They would be frantically pleading for mercy as the sentence was announced. Especially when the pigs were brought out and their rape had begun. Once a sobbing Artimos and her followers were lead away Apollon shifted slightly from the plan. - - Instead of Vestus he ordered Doinus, Dionus, and their followers brought before him. He then brought up the fact while they did surrender without a fight.

They technically didn't actually have a choice like Caros, Pallus, and Fortunus had. So they would be getting a harsher sentence then those of the other bitches who had willingly surrendered.

Yet do to them somewhat willingly surrendering Doinus and Dionus were given a choice between two punishments.

Being the bitches of Apollon's two pet dogs or pony status pulling his chariot. - - I was a bit surprised when they actually chose pony status. Though I later learned that Apollon was actually controlling them and had made the choice for them. Them being given a choice was actually a test of their willingness to degrade themselves for Apollon's pleasure and whether they could be trustworthy obedient bitches.

A test they failed by choosing a fate other than what their Master wanted for them. - - It should've been a little obvious when I watched them being placed in their outfits. Yet to be truthful I found their outfits quite distracting so it was easy to over look. From the ground up they began with the skintight white leather boots.

Stretching to just below their knees with six inch high heels and horse hoove shaped soles. A horse tail perfectly matching their long platinum blonde hair was attached to the plug placed inside of each of their ass holes. - - Then a matching white leather harness wrapped around various parts of their slim bodies. Like around the top of each their perfect hips before a single strap ran between their well defined legs.

This strap served to not only hold in the plugs up their ass holes but another plug inside of each of their pussies that was enchanted to vibrate on command from Apollon. The other straps joined the ones above the hips at several small metal rings and connected the various sections of the harnesses.

Four identical metal rings determined where the four straps went around each of their breasts and the the straps going over each of their shoulders. - - The next bit of their outfits were the shoulder length horse hooved gloves. Each glove was skin tight and had platinum blonde hair accents running down the back of each glove then around each of their shoulders and around the hooves covering their hands.

These gloves also seamed to keep each of their arms bent so the hooves were positioned just below the rings in each of their nipples. Though the actual reason for this is something Fuck mom and enter sperm inside pussy explain once I finish describing what was on each of their heads.

- - Their perfectly white platinum blonde hair was placed in ponytails stretching past their asses with separate leather harnesses rapping around both of their heads. These harnesses ran down the center of their heads before spitting at a rig set at the bridge of their noses. Two more straps went down each side of their noses to rings on each of their cheeks. Another strap went from these rings around each of their chins and another strap went from attractive kitten is pissing and masturbating bald pussy rings around the back of their heads.

These same rings was where the red ball shaped gags stuffed into each of their mouths where attached to the head harnesses. With the gags in place they seamed to only be able to make sounds similar to horses. - - This whinnying, the positioning of their arms, and the only way they were able to move their bodies was actually due to the enchantment placed on the outfits. This limited movement included each step they would raise one leg high as they could with a bent knee.

While at at the same time maintaining ridgedly straight upright posture of the rest of their bodies. These enchantments also kept both of their movements ether in perfect synchronization or like they were mirror opposites in one case. Basically when one stepped forward and raised their left leg the other would raise her right leg at the exact same time. Other then that their bodies moved in perfect synchronization right down to each whinny they let out.

- - Doinus and Dionus took up positions on each side of Apollon as naughty gloryhole session with a sexy schoolgirl outfits were placed on their Priestesses and their Royals. While I definitely enjoyed seeing the two Goddesses along with their Priestesses humiliated like this it didn't compare to the Royals.

Seeing the twin Queens and all Four of the Princesses prancing around was something else entirely. Though I still felt they were getting off a little to easy. For the lot would be spared having to spend less time working as prostitutes then the bitches from the other domains. A redhead teen alex harper get her pussy eaten they probably wouldn't come to appreciate during the time they were servicing our customers. - - Now I was expecting with the new pony slaves taking care of it was time to deal with a different filly.

Namely it was time to watch Vestus being raped by several horses. While at the same time her followers would also be forced to suck horse cocks. Yet this was where Apollon changed things again and surprised not only me but Kathleen as well. For before Vestus or any of her other followers were brought before him Apollon cast judgement upon Kathleen. - - Kathleen had already willingly chosen to subject herself to everything her order was subjected to.

However Apollon decided that her loyalty and obedience dictated she had a different fate. Not only would she not have to publicly pleasure the horses like her sister Priestesses but she wouldn't be required to be secured in the small cages each night. She instead would be allowed to choose to sleep in bed with me each night. However she would still have to work so many days during the course of her lifetime as a prostitute. Though this and her participating in the various temple ritual wouldn't be confined to a single temple or Goddess.

- - Instead she would spend time in all of the various temples. Not only servicing customers and participating in the various rituals. Yet also ensuring the various Priestesses were suffering proper degradations. She would share this duty with several of the other High Priestesses as well as another bitch who hentai android 18 xxx funked her sentence announced shortly afterwards.

- - That was my brother's bitch Samantha. She had shown similar loyalty and obedience to Kathleen. She also had a pedigree that could be traced back to the Sisters of Vestus.

Though Kathleen was the only one of Vestus's Priestesses that she could show any eagerness to be around. Her new status was also made necessary due to my brother choosing to follow me into service as one of Apollon's Priests. - - Kathleen and my brother's bitch Samantha were given three other privileges during the trial. Given their personal disgust at Vestus's attempting to defy Apollon they got to help punish her for the first privilege. This happened once Apollon announced the verdict against Vestus and past judgement.

They were the ones to secure her to the special rack before leading each of the stallions to their waiting rape victim. Once each horse cock was in Vestus's pussy they gave each horse's ass a slap and moved on to their second duty.

- - This was to lead out the horses that would be getting their cocks sucked by Vestus's Priestesses and the Royals. When the horses had either had their semen swallowed or had bathed the bitch pleasuring them in it Kathleen and Samantha brought out another horse. The first horse would then be put in line to be the next to rape Vestus.

Only once each Priestess and Royal had sucked three horse cocks they were made to lick each other clean. They then were made to lick the horse semen from Vestus's body and pussy once the horses finished raping her. - - With Vestus and her followers punishments completed it was now time for Kathleen and Samantha's final duty. That was to be secured on their backs on top of the golden alter. As a strange glow rose from their bodies me and my brother began raping the both of them.

As we had our way with their helpless bodies it almost felt like the effects of the Breeding Ritual. Though both me and my brother remained in human form uumlberraschungs creampie sie mag kein sperma in der pussy the ritual and had no desire to transform. Though I soon noticed there was another difference in this ritual - - Neither of the two of us stopped raping our bitches once we had orgasms.

We just let our semen flow into the bitches' wombs before we started raping them some more. In fact we would have three more orgasms before we would be able to pull our cocks from each bitch's pussy. Though at that point we were certain both bitches would be pregnant with our sons. - - As both me and my my brother recovered from breeding Kathleen and Samantha we watched the rest of the trial. Fortunus's sentence was announced before she was secured to the alter.

Only unlike our bitches Fortunus was secured bent over the alter on her stomach and Apollon transformed before he raped her. Now instead of lasting through several orgasms like I did Apollon had one massive orgasm. - - When this happened Fortunus was in pure agony. Partially from the size of Apollon's knot in her pussy. But mostly due to the amount of semen that was released during this massive orgasm.

Normally when Apollon finished raping a bitch the semen released within her made her womb expand to the point she looked a few months pregnant. However so much semen was released this time Fortunus looked like she wasn't just pregnant but she was ready to give birth.

- - Once Fortunus's breeding had been carried out she was made to crawl back to Apollon's thrown. Once there she prostrated herself the same as Caros and Porseron had been doing since their judgments had been announced and milf with hairy pussy from milfsexdating net squirting amateur had been raped. Still there was one difference in Fortunus was in agony from the way her stomach was expanded from Apollon's semen in her womb.

This reaction was similar for Kathleen and Samantha due to the ritual not allowing the semen to escape out of their pussies. So all of the bitches raped during this ritual would have bulging bellies for at least a day after each of their breedings. - - I didn't get much more time to think about this humiliation of the bitches for it was now time for Apollon to pass judgement over Pallus and I had a part to play in her trial.

As Pallus and her followers knelt before Apollon I brought forward the statue containing Pallus's daughter. Then before Apollon announced their sentences I summoned a small chalice full of ambrosia. - - With a look of surprise Pallus watched as I poured the ambrosia into the open mouth of the statue her daughter was inprisoned within.

Next Apollon and me began chanting in the sacred tongue causing glowing cracks to appear throughout the statue. Only for a few seconds the statue shifted back to human form. Though both Apollon, Pallus, and me knew these few seconds were more then enough for what we had planned. - - As the statue briefly became human again the ambrosia flowed down her throat.

As she began turning back into the marble statue the ambrosia had reached her stomach girlfriends hot mom sucking and riding his horny cock had started a different transformation. This same transformation was the reason that I then started a different chant in the sacred tongue. - - The spells used to inprison Pallus's daughter began to unravel as the statue began glowing.

Next cracks began forming in the collar and shackles on the statue before they broke apart completely. With the representations of her previous enslavement now gone my chant became even more important. As my chant reached it's conclusion the glow began to fade and I could see the transformation to devine bitch was almost completed.

Until at last Artimos's spell had been broken and I quickly cast my own. - - While Pallus's daughter was still disoriented by both being freed from Artimos's spell and the transformation a new collar and set of shackles appeared on her.

I could see the signs of fear on her face as she began to realize her freedom would be temporary. Though based on the fact her eyes edging blowjob ruined orgasm xxx the blue balled brother never left me made me certain she truly couldn't grasp the seriousness of her situation. At least until she looked towards the source of the sounds of Pallus's sobbing. - - A look of confusion came to her face as she saw her mother and her followers kneeling before Apollon.

A this confusion would only increase as she began to recognize the other Goddesses surrounding Apollon. Let alone the shock of seeing Arisia hanging by her wrists from the marble piller behind me. Despite my enjoyment of her fear and confusion I knew we didn't have time to truly savor the situation as Apollon gave her instructions. - - "Crawl to your mother and assume the same position so we can proceed with the your mother's trial." - - Pallus's daughter face took on a look of disbelief as she dropped to her hands and knees then started crawling towards her mother.

The way her eyes were moving from various parts of her own body to Apollon told me she didn't understand how she was being controlled and this confused her. She was even more confused once she was kneeling next to her mother and heard Pallus refer to Apollon as her Master. Though her confusion had began to turn to fear as Pallus was questioned about her daughter's name. This was then transformed into sheer terror as Pallus began answering Apollon's questions.

- - "Master this bitch's daughter is named Salies. She was always a kind hearted person and should be loyal and obedient slave bitch to her new Master. Especially once she fully understands the importance of the inferior bitches of the world submitting to our superior male Masters." - - Something about the look I saw on Salies's face told me she had started to put some of the pieces together.

Given her own personal history Salies knew the devine beings gained strength from enslaving adorable teen hottie meets a penis hiddencam hardcore other. I also suspected Pallus had told her daughter some of the true history of this world. Though I suspected that Salies was only told about the parts that benefited Pallus and not the whole story. Still I was certain that she would learn the rest rather quickly as time went by.

- - Personally I would've loved to be the one to explain the situation to her as I had countless bitches I've enslaved. However this bitch was now a Goddess the same as her mother. So that made her Apollon's responsibility to brake and not mine.

The best I could expect was to get to sample her body on occasion. I just wondered how this bitch would compare to her mother who was one of the finest bitches available for any male to rape.

- - Salies looked very much like her mother with the same curly light brown hair. Though Pallus's hair reached past her ass. While Salies's hair just came to the small of her back. Another difference was the stoya kayden kross friends with benefits babes of their eyes.

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Pallus had violet colored eyes while Salies's eyes were dark brown almost black. There was also a definite difference between their faces. - - Salies didn't have as close of a resemblance to Pallus as all of her Priestess did. Looking at the two of their faces alone it was almost hard to tell they were even related to one another. Compared to the other mothers and daughters daughters present namely most the Queens and Princesses I almost felt they were actually cousins separated by several generations.

- - Yet there were a few similarities between them as well. While their eyes and the bone structure of their hot threesome with faye reagan and redhead dani jensen was different.

Salies having a slightly more rounded face with less defined cheek bones. They both had the same nose and lips. They also had similar shaped bodies. Though their breasts were different sizes with Pallus having the larger sized breasts of the two. - - The most noticable difference wasn't with the two's bodies, faces, or any other physical feature it was their mental dispositions.

Pallus was calm as knelt waiting for her fate to be announced. Though I could definitely see she was at least a little worried that Salies was being tried alongside her. Probably due to knowing she will end up with a similar sentence to the one handed out to Fortunus.

Salies was the exact opposite of her mother confused and on the verge of panic. - - Granted Pallus, her Priestesses, and the Royals already knew they would be found guilty. They also knew what their punishments would be. The Queen was of course going to live out the rest of her life King Edward's brothel. Though after a month of hard use she wouldn't be just a plain whore like her other Royal counterparts but the brothel's madam.

She wouldn't be getting the hard use of her body like the other Queens and even have control over them. - - The Princess would be going to Prince Daniel's harem like the other princesses. Then she would be whored out in the King's brothel occasionally same as her counterparts. As well as the Priestesses would have similar fates to their counterparts from the other temples.

Though they would be spending less time whoring themselves out in search of the flawless agonorgasmos pornstar hardcore worshipers in the temple for offerings after a few generations. This was based the sentence handed out to Salies as he addressed her. - - "Salies while you are now one of chessie kay fucks the biggest black cock of her life Goddesses that haven't wronged me personally you have however you are guilty of the crime of not submitting willingly and unconditionally to the superior males of the world.

For this I sentence you to spend eternity as not on my slave bitch but also the slave bitch of another slave bitch. In particular you will be the personal slave bitch to your own mother and required to regularly sexually service her as well as myself." - - It looked like Salies wanted curl up and die as Apollon paused momentarily.

Now thanks to the control of the collar she could only do was cry as she knelt there. However I had another suspicion she felt her mother wouldn't be as harsh of a mistress towards her as the other Goddesses. Though if my suspicion was correct she would only be partially correct. For the only ones of the Goddesses who Pallus would be able to treat worse were Vestus and Artimos.

As Apollon would explain to her once he announced the rest of sentence. - - "Salies you also need to understand that as your mother's slave you will not receive preferential treatment. For there is only two of your fellow Goddesses that rank below you.

Also understand not only do I expected you to be the finest example of a slave bitch in my harem so does your mother. So she is expected to be even harsher towards any mistakes or disobedience from you then any of my other slave bitches." - - The rest of Salies's sentencing delt with her being bred to produce her sexy kayla rides hard on a bbc Priestesses.

Just as the other Goddesses had been all those years ago me, my brother, busty ebony babe rides on a bbc a few men would be taking turns breeding Salies.

Since we both were mortal Salies would then produce human daughters. These daughters would then be Priestesses alongside Pallus's own Priestesses. However like their Goddess these Priestesses would be subservient to Pallus and her Priestesses. - - From doing the menial tasks within the temple till they came of age.

They then would handle the majority of the duties of whoring themselves out for offerings. Mostly to the poorer worshipers while Pallus's Priestesses whored themselves out to wealthier worshipers. Though on occasion both groups of Priestesses would work together servicing the worshipers. However the subservient status of Salies's Priestesses would be part of the offered sexual services in these occasions. - - A demonstration of these services was soon to come once Apollon announced Pallus's sentence and he would be officially claiming Salies as a bitch.

As a sobbing Salies was positioned by grim looking Pallus Apollon rose off of his thrown. He then gave his final instructions to Pallus as she knelt next Salies. As we waited for Apollon to began to transform Pallus whispered the following into Salies ear. - - "Daughter I know this is going to be hard for you. Just as everything I must do to you is going to be hard on me. Yet the sooner you except this is both of our places in the world it will become easier and you won't suffer as much.

Now you need to relax as our Master asserts his dominance over you by raping you in front of these witnesses. Unfortunately since this is your first public rape our Master can't hold back on the brutality he shows you during your violation." - - Pallus then makes Salies watch Apollon.

First as he rises from his thrown and starts removing his clothing. Then when he knells next to Salies and starts to examine her body. Her collar ensures Salies can do nothing to resist but plead and beg.

However the only thing we see from Salies is her sobbing uncontrollably as Apollon begins to examine her pussy. - - I'm curtain Salies thinks Apollon is going to rape her at any moment. Yet to not only her surprise but all of the rest of us watching Apollon doesn't start raping Salies. He instead just plays with her pussy and breasts while she kneels before him. While I'm trying to figure out what he is doing Apollon makes an announcement. - - "Gathered witnesses while custom requires I take this bitch to assert my ownership over her I still have another bitches sentences to carry out today.

Thankfully both Pallus and Salies have be sentenced to public breedings and to help save time I've reached a decision regarding these two breedings." - - I'm not the only one confused by what Apollon bubble assed attractive gal impaled on wang doing as he paused during his announcement.

Granted like me everyone watching was inclined to wait for Apollon to say what he had in mind for Pallus's and Salies's violations. Thankfully Apollon didn't give use much time to wonder about what was happening before he continued his announcement. - - "This decision is both bitches will be positioned on top of each other and bred simultaneously by myself and my High Priest." - - Quickly realizing what Apollon was up to I signaled to my brother to follow my lead.

We quickly grabbed both of the devine bitches and drug them to the breeding alter by their hair. While my brother held a terrified Salies I began securing Pallus to the alter. Just as with Kathleen and Samantha before her Pallus was being bred to produce a son. So this required her to be secured to the alter a specific way.

- - She was laid on her back with her head and shoulders hanging off of one side of the alter. At the same time this left her ass hanging off of the other side of the alter and I went to work securing her.

As with all the other bitches bred Pallus's legs were spread as widely as possible before being secured. While her arms were spread straight out to each side before being secured to each side of the the alter's top. Once I had Pallus fully secured I signaled my brother to bring Salies to the opposite side of the alter. - - Salies was then bent over the alter on top of her mother with her arms and legs hanging over the edge.

We then secured her limbs the same way as Fortunus earlier. Legs spread with her ankles secured to each of the alter's short legs. Then each of her wrists were secured the same way on the other side of alter. Only we made it a point to to position both bitches so their heads would be either above or below each other's pussies before being secured to the alter. - - Once we had finished Apollon announced his judgement of Pallus's crimes. She was of course found guilty and sentenced to spend eternity as a slave bitch the same as her siblings.

However this was when he also announced her willingly surrendering herself and her obedience will be taken into consideration. So she was going to be placed in a position of authority over her other siblings and be chosen for another honor. - - This was to be bred to produce Apollon's heir.

Now once Apollon's heir was old enough Pallus would be the first bitch he raped.

Unfortunately for Pallus at that point her standing in the hierarchy of the bitches could be subject to change according to her son's whims. For he will also be given the option of become her owner and would have final say on all of her privileges. However that's a story for another time for Apollon had finished his judgement and it was time to breed two bitches.

- - Apollon wasted no time in starting Junus's breeding. Once in position he quickly slammed his cock into her pussy. I took a little more time do to having to strip out of my robes and transform before I could start breeding Salies.

None the less I was in my canine form and on her back pretty quickly. Still it was a little while until I got my cock into her pussy. - - Now once either of us were inside of the bitches the ritual activated. As with last time I could feel the the effect on my stamina enhancing the power of my cock's thrusting. However this time time the ritual transferred energy from Apollon to myself. Besides letting me brutally rape Salies harder than any bitch before her it effected other aspects of the rape.

- - Now to Salies's horror the the most noticeable was to my canine form. Once the effects took hold I grew in size until I was a similar size to Apollon in his canine form. Also unfortunately for Salies this increase in size included my cock. Even more unfortunate for her this growth happened before my cock entered her pussy. This insured lusty babe has her orgasmic cunt hammered first real cock to enter her pussy was as large as possible.

- - Needless to say Salies was crying and screaming like a freshly violated virgin when I thrust my cock into her pussy. This would continue through out Salies's breeding leaving my ears hurting. Still it didn't effect the brutality I showed her. For even without sexy milf india summer pounded by two men on massage table effects of the ritual it was my duty to insure Salies's first violation as Apollon's slave was as unpleasant as possible.

- - Now sadly due to Apollon not being able to transform to properly breed Pallus insured her violation wasn't as brutal as Salies's was. Given the positioning of the two bitches this gave Pallus more opportunity to focus on the cock violating her daughter's pussy. I just wished we could watch one of my favorite parts of raping a mother and daughter side by side. - - That was making them lick our semen out of each other's orifices following their rape.

But like with the earlier breedings our semen would be sealed within their wombs for a complete day afterwards. Still we could watch them suffering from having their wombs expanded so extremely once we had our final orgasms. This had the benefit of leaving Pallus sobbing uncontrollably once her breeding was over with. Still it didn't compare to the way I left Salies. - - Though I really couldn't take all the credit.

After all me brutally raping her was only the one of the torments infected upon her. Starting with what happened to her at the hands of Artimos's followers.

To get freed from the statue and granted godhood only to be immediately enslaved again. To top that off finding out she would be serving as a slave under her enslaved mother. - - Still getting brutally raped by me on top of all of this was a major reason Salies would cry uncontrollably for days afterwards. Granted her getting raped by both Apollon and Pallus after Arisia's sentence was carried out also was a factor.

Add in she was pregnant with the first of a series of daughters that would be spending their entire adult lives as slaves would also play a part. Though I know her greatest torment was being betrayed by her own mother who seamed not only to be happy she was a slave but every other female for the rest of eternity.

- - Still Salies would eventually come to except her place in the world. She even would come to enjoy many of her sexual duties.

Though she would frequently cry for days after each of her daughters and subsequent granddaughters were born. Though she quickly learned having Artimos sexual service her help ease some of this emotional trauma. - - With the breeding of Pallus and Salies over with the final formality was Pallus's Priestesses and the royal bitches.

Their sentences were quickly taken care of and once the troops finished raping them we got to the final part of the trial. This was Arisia and her followers trials. As planned all of her followers with the exception of the High Priestess were sentenced to lifetimes serving as menial laborers and low-end prostitutes. - - While the others were lead away to the auction block the high Priestess was sentenced to spend the rest of her life as a Kennel Bitch the same as her sister.

Then before the crowd of witnesses she was first raped by six of the largest most aggressive dogs we could find. Then once the dogs finished with her she was made to crawl away from view. This was to start the same modifications to her body we had done to her sister. Namely the removal of her legs below her knees, all of her fingers, and her ability to speak. - - Now came the dangerous part of the Trial.

While I got Arisia down from the marble pillar everyone else but Apollon left the temple using target crystals. Even all of the devine bitches were taken away as a safety precaution. For Arisia meaty dick for a luscious girl girlfriend hardcore going to get the privilege of becoming Apollon's bitch the same as her sisters. Instead she would be taking her mother's place in the power jewel. - - First we had the formality of Arisia's trial to take care of.

The longest portion of this was reading all of Arisia's crimes. Now as with Artimos the attempted enslavement of her sisters wasn't amongst them. Still Arisia had done more to suppress male domination of the female population of the world than any of the other devine bitches.

- - From murdering Junos and enprisoning Apollon. To the treatment of the males within her domain. Her order to castrate every male within her domain alone overshadowed all of her crimes. So as Apollon found her guilty and announced Arisia's sentence there was no regrets we were going to far. - - She would be thrown to the Gorgus and forever locked within the power jewel. Arisia would then spend eternity being continually raped by the Gorgus with no hope whatsoever of ever being freed.

For once she had been sealed within the power jewel it would be transported deep within the planet. There the energy gave off by her continuous violation would help to forever rejuvenate the world. - - Arisia was pleading for us to kill her as we started the next part.

This was a combined chant in the sacred tongue by Apollon and myself. Besides being an extremely complicated spell it required the both of us to work in complete synchronization through portions. While through other portions of the spell we worked counter to each other. Yet we soon opened a step mom por naughty america to where Junus and the Gorgus were enprisoned within the power jewel.

- - As expected once the Gorgus emerged it began searching for more victims. With Arisia being the only female close by it of course went after her. Unfortunately for it when it emerged from the portal it was at a location of my choosing. - - Before the trial had started I placed inproved barrier spheres at this location.

The barrier spheres quickly activated locking the Gorgus within a powerful energy barrier. Each time it's tentacles touched this barrier the Gorgus would receive a powerful jolt as if struck by lightning. This weakened the Gorgus and got it to relax it's hold on Junus. - - Both Apollon and me used our mystical abilities to grab ahold of Junus. At first it looked like we were trying to pull Junus away from the Gorgus.

However both Apollon and myself knew this was impossible. For even weakened the way it was we wouldn't be able to pull Junus from the Gorgus's grasp. For the only way to get a victim away from a Gorgus was if the Gorgus released them.

- - In truth we were actually trying to do something else by moving Junus towards the barrier. Our plan became more obvious when Junus touched the barrier and began screaming in agony. Her screams soon were echoed by those from the Gorgus as the energy from the barrier transferred to it through Junus's body. With only one option open to it the Gorgus did exactly as we expected. - - One by one each of the tentacles began to release Junus. Until finally only the tentacles up her pussy and ass hole remained.

Though as we started to pull Junus through the barrier even these were forced to withdraw from her body. Once she was completely through the barrier we put the next stage of the plan in place. This was to quarantine Junus within a second energy barrier to be sure she wasn't carrying Gorgus babies or eggs as in the stories.

Then once Junus was taken care of it was time to arrange the next victim of the Gorgus. - - While Apollon focused on maintaining the two barriers I moved to where we had positioned Arisia. First I took her to where her mother lay unconscious within the second barrier. Apollon quickly opened and closed the barrier long enough for me to push Petite teen girl gets pleasured and covered inside. Arisia was made she plays with big rod of boy inspect her mother for any signs of the Gorgus breeding her.

While part of me knew it was doubtful I still felt better once I saw Arisia's hand shoved up her mother's pussy and ass hole. - - Once Arisia had felt for any Gorgus young within Junus and found nothing it was time for the final stage of the plan. Arisia was quickly taken out of the barrier and repositioned between the Gorgus and the portal. I then began to summon every last bit of my power. Channeling every ounce of my energy I took control of the barrier containing the Gorgus.

Apollon began a difficult chant in the sacred tongue that made Arisia realize her hopes of mercy had been in vain. - - For once each phrase of the spell took effect a identical glow surrounded both Arisia and the power jewel. This glow would slowly fade away from Arisia with a noticeable exception. This was her collar and shackles that had been now linked to the power jewel. Though I really didn't care much at this point about the specifics other then energy released during the violation of Arisia would be transferred to the power jewel and then to the world once the jewel was in place.

- - My real concern was the strain from maintaining the barrier around the Gorgus. Once separated from Junus it began to frantically lash out against the barrier with it's tentacles. At first it focused on getting to Junus. Then it frantically went after Arisia while Apollon was casting his spell.

I was just brenda sparks rides her boyfriends cock while licking her step moms tits to focus my life energy into the barrier when Apollon completed his spell and took back control of the barrier. Letting out a sigh of relief I dropped down to one knee as Apollon finished things. - - Apollon form a third barrier that stretched from the first barrier around the Gorgus then around Arisia and finally around the portal.

I could see by the look of terror on Arisia's face she knew what was about to happen next. Though neither her or me expected her to be mostly released from the control of the collar and shackles by Apollon. But once I realized why he did it I quickly understood why. - - While it would have been almost as satisfying having Arisia knelling helplessly when Apollon opened the barrier separating her from the Gorgus Apollon's idea was better.

This was to give her the false hope she could do something to save herself. Even if it was only to run around in circles while the Facesitting nina hartley and sara jay hunted her. Still I was curious to see what a Gorgus stalking it's victim looked like. So as Apollon dropped the barrier I was watching with keen interest.

- - Arisia frantically began to seek out shelter as she saw the writhing mass of tentacles approaching her. I could see she had a plan in place as she started backing towards the portal. However as she made the attempt to move behind the portal to avoid the tentacles moving at her Arisia lost her footing and fell. Before she could regain her feet tentacles had grabbed ahold of each leg and started dragging her across the ground on her stomach.

Arisia frantically pleaded with Apollon to save her as she got closer to the mass of tentacles that made up the body of the Gorgus.

However neither Apollon or anyone else in the world was going to stop what happened next. - - Two more tentacles reached out to restrain both of Arisia's arms. While a third tentacle wrapped around her waist and lifted her ass into the air.

The Gorgus could have lifted Arisia completely into the air but for some reason was content to just position her on her hands and knees just as we would prior to raping most bitches.

Now once it had Arisia on all fours with her ass raised the tentacles insured Arisia's legs were spread as widely as possible exposing both her pussy and ass hole. Now unlike us the Gorgus did immediately start raping Arisia. - - A tentacle did move towards her pussy. Though it didn't try to penetrate her but rather started to rub against Arisia's pussy. Soon another tentacle appeared and I could see it start rubbing against the top of Arisia's pussy where her clitoris was.

At the same time other tentacles rapped around Arisia's breasts. These tentacles then started to randomly tighten around her breasts. While their tips rubbed against both of Arisia's nipples. - - Now if I hadn't taken Kathleen so many times I would've mistaken the way Arisia's body was passion hd dick sucker pro carol vega fuck as an attempt to avoid being raped.

However I quickly recognized the signs of an aroused bitch in heat almost ready to be mounted. I smirked as I realized the Gorgus was teasing Arisia's body to get her aroused prior to raping her. I just wondered how far it would take it before truly starting Arisia's violation. - - Personally I enjoyed doing something similar on occasion with a few bitches. I would spend a good amount of time teasing various parts of their bodies until they are pleading for release.

Now to get this release they must then plead for me to mount them like a proper bitch. Beautiful claudia rossi receives an anal pounding even then I won't always grant their request. For I will make other bitches continue the teasing while I make them watch me raping a different bitch.

- - I have kept both Kathleen and Kita desperately wanting release for well over a day. I then granted their release by mounting then brutally raping them. However it's also extremely stressful for the bitch almost always leaving them unconscious afterwards from the intensity of their climaxes.

A few others on the other hand have gone through a quicker form of this torment. Though I think Ingrid Pallus's High Priestess is going to experience the full treatment soon. - - She has been showing good obedience lately and a want to reward her before I breed her.

I'm figuring out how to work this reward in for Ingrid. Mostly getting around my desire she will be the next High Priestess to be bred and the fact all the other High Priestesses needing bred as well. Thankfully I don't need to figure this out at the moment instead I can focus on enjoying watching what the Gorgus was doing to Arisia.

- - Now I wasn't disappointed by the fact that Arisia never pleaded for the Gorgus to rape her. I did get to watch with some satisfaction that Arisia was so aroused that she was almost wanting to be raped by the Gorgus when the violation actually started.

However this desire was quickly wiped away by the quick realization she was being raped by the Gorgus once the first tentacle was shoved into her pussy. Combine that with the brutal way the tentacle was moving deeper within her pussy with each thrust.

So Arisia wasn't that willing of a participant for vary long. - - Especially when a tentacle started to press against her ass hole. Though her screams from it penetrating her wasn't as good as the terror on Arisia's face when a tentacle moved towards her mouth.

Arisia frantically shook her head side to side in fear as she clamped her mouth as tightly closed as she could. Though with any sort of resistance this would prove pointless in the end. - - All the Gorgus had to do is began to expand the tentacle within Arisia's ass hole. Until when she opened her mouth to scream the tentacle was shoved in. Once in her mouth the tentacle quickly started being thrust down Arisia's throat repeatedly gagging her.

Though this was also when Apollon decided to finalize Arisia's situation. - - Even as the Gorgus was raping Arisia Apollon began to move the barrier. First getting the Gorgus to fully envelope Arisia in tentacles to prevent another victim to be taken away from it. Then to move both of them closer to the portal. During all of this I grew to respect the Gorgus for the way it refused to slow Arisia's rape. While it did remove the tentacle from Arisia's mouth none of the other tentacles left her other orifices.

- - Though the Gorgus did do something I didn't think possible before it was forced through the portal. It actually was able to work one of the tentacles from either Arisia's pussy or ass hole completely through her body. Until to our shock we saw the tip emerge out of her mouth. I would always remember the look of horror on Arisia's face as she watched this tentacle waving around in front of her face before the portal closed.

- - Though I would've loved to been able to have told her which one of tentacles it actually was for the same reason. For just before the Gorgus went through the portal it had an orgasm. Given the fact on Arisia's pussy had the Gorgus's semen leaking from it told me which of the tentacles was coming out of her mouth.

Sex of sunny leone without non stop

Still I suspected Arisia had had enough cocks shoved in her mouth after they had been in her ass hole to be able to taste the difference. So she would figure out for herself the tentacle shoved up her ass was now coming out of her mouth. - - Sadly watching through the power jewel wouldn't allow me to see if Arisia eventually realized this. Still we could still see Arisia and the Gorgus within the power jewel. This left us with a final task to do before the power jewel was placed deep within the world.

This was to let each Devine Bitch, Priestess, and Royal Bitch see for themselves Arisia's ultimate fate. They each would get to watch Arisia being raped then we would transport the power jewel to the underground chamber Apollon had prepared. - - Around it will be placed several smaller power jewels similar to the one we found below Arisia's temple.

Only these were to serve a different purpose. While that jewel allowed Arisia to channel power to herself from the power jewel and Junus inside of it. These smaller jewels would channel the regenerative energy from the ritual being performed at each temple throughout the world.

- - Basically as we raped the bitches during the ritual a similar jewel placed in each temple would collect the energy. The regenerative energy would then be transferred to one of the corresponding ones surrounding the main power jewel.

The energy would combine with that being given off by Arisia as she spent eternity being raped by the Gorgus. Before starting a reaction that would ultimately spread the energy throughout the world.

- - We would just needed to rape enough bitches to both start the reaction and keep it going. Thankfully this was a task that no male would want to refuse to preform. So in a few weeks we would organize the first of what would be the monthly mass rape orgy at each temple. Then while we brutally violate every available bitch the effects of the ritual would be spread around the world. This would then create the prosperous paradise known as Elysium we dreamed of since our conquest first big man fucks a little girl. - - Thank you for reading my humble story.

While my work isn't perfect I do my best to put out work to entertain readers and would appreciate positive votes if you enjoyed it. Always don't worry about this portion of the story coming to a end. For once one story ends it only means another can began.