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Elsa jean ask for a pussy checkup from stepmom jelena jensen young old and pornstars
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Kiera couldn't sleep; not with that incessant desire clawing at her consciousness, an impulse strong enough such that it could not be ignored. She couldn't force the image out of her head, regardless of how hard she tried and how tired she was. The events of the past few days continually replayed in her mind. Kiera was a senior in high school. She had never been particularly attractive, not until that final year of what she had come to think of as Hell.

She was shy and awkward; terrible with guys not that she was particularly interested in them, anyhow. As her breasts began to fill out, along with her ass, her body took on the ideal hourglass shape, gaining her recognition among the males and females alike. She had a hard time dealing with this new found popularity, so to a large degree she just tried to avoid people whenever possible.

It was a warm day in late spring, so the halls of the school abounded with revealing outfits and the supple, developing bodies which they so scarcely clothed. Kiera was walking to her next class, rushing so as not to be late, as the class was on the opposite side of the school. She didn't notice the girl following her, with all the predatory grace of the lithe jaguar of the Brazilian rainforest. Kiera ended up getting caught behind a phalanx of barely-moving sophomores who had blocked the hallway.

Sighing, she leaned against the wall and waited for them to disperse. The girl caught up to her.

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"Hey," she said in a sweet voice, "you really got sexy lately, haven't ya?" Kiera blushed, mumbling back something to the effect of modest agreement. The girl stepped closer to Kiera, placing her hands on Kiera's hips, lightly pulling her into a subtle embrace. "My name's Eva," she said, seductively "what's yours?" "Ki-Kiera." she stuttered. Eva's presence elicited a strange feeling in Kiera, a longing. She didn't want her to let go.

"Kiera. I like it. Very sexy." said Eva, sliding her hands down Kiera's hips to rest on the top of her thighs. The group of sophomores finally started to disperse.

Kiera spun around to see the face of her sexy stalker, but she was already lost in the torrent of people. Disappointed, she continued on her way to her next class.

She would later find a slip of paper in her jeans' pocket with Eva's phone number and a scribbled "call me" written on it. Late the following night she decided to take the leap. ".H-Hi, Eva?" Kiera said, "It's Kiera." "Hey Sexy. Wanna meet up?" "Uh, sure." "Ok.

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Meet me at the park in an hour." She hung up. Kiera looked at the clock in her room. It was already almost midnight. She put on her hoodie, a pair of short shorts, and her sneakers, and quietly left the house without alerting her parents. She arrived at the park several minutes early. She was just beginning to doubt that Eva would show when a familiar pair of hands encircled her waist from behind in an affectionate hug. Kiera still hadn't seen her face. She turned in place to look upon what was to become the subject of her fantasies.

Eva was shorter than Kiera by a good eight inches, with fiery, long red hair and ghostly pale skin. Her lips were full and red, her large eyes deep emerald green. She had the cheeks of a child; puffy and supple; but there large lad deflowers his beauteous gf hardcore blowjob a sharpness in her features that showed her age. Kiera had seen her occasionally in the hallways at school, but had never spoken to her, let alone asked her name.

Eva's full lips curled into a sinister grin, and Kiera realized she was blushing. She attempted to turn to hide her embarrassment, but Eva stopped her; grabbing her shoulder, she slowly slid her hand across to the back of Kiera's neck. Eva looked seriously into her eyes before saying "Don't you ever do that again. You've no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed." Kiera averted her gaze. "Hey, you look at me," said Eva. Kiera did so. "I like you, Kiera.

I like you a lot .do you like me?" Kiera blushed furiously, and meekly she said "Yeah." "What was that?

I couldn't hear you." Eva mocked, indignant. "Yes, I like you!" Kiera said, louder this time. She tore away from Eva's grasp as hot tears slid down her face.

Eva realized she had pushed her too far. She grasped Kiera's hands between hers, pulling her in closer to her body. "I'm sorry," she said, ".what's wrong?" "Nothing's wrong," Kiera sniffed, "I-I'm just scared.

Scared that you'll leave me. everyone does." Eva grasped Kiera's face with both hands, forcing Kiera to look at her. "I will never leave you, got it?" She pulled her into an impassioned kiss, their bodies pressed together in the embrace. Kiera's hands glided around Eva's waist even as Eva's arms wrapped about her neck, both of them trying almost to pull the big tits european milf fucks on cam into themselves, so as to meld their beings into one.

Kiera pulled away slightly, ending their kiss.

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She pressed her forehead against Eva's, smiling and crying. Eva's hands now grasped her waist, attempting pulling her in closer despite the fact that there remained no space between them. They both giggled. "I believe you," said Kiera, seriously. "I know," whispered Eva, resting her head against Kiera's chest, for she was to short to rest it on her shoulder.

"I can hear your heart," chap fucks anal and cums on body giggled, "it's beating really fast." "Shut up," Kiera said jokingly, "it's your fault!" "So it is." Eva said, smiling; her eyes just as teary as Kiera's.

By that point it was nearly two in the morning. Kiera checked her watch, then said "I really should get going, it's getting pretty late and my parents will kill me if I don't get home soon." Eva pouted, then jumped up a little, kissed Kiera, and pulled away until only their outstretched hands connected them. "Well, this was fun. See you at school!" said Eva, winking. She let go of Kiera's hand, and began to walk home. "I hope so." whispered Kiera, smiling hopefully. She began the short walk home, quite contented with the events of the night.