Karmen karma fucks on her lunch break

Karmen karma fucks on her lunch break
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The day had not gone as planned. What should have been a day of leisurely barbecuing and relaxing had turned in to hell on earth. As if an emergency dragging you in to work on a Sunday wasn't bad enough, it had resolved just in time to hit the traffic created by a major accident on the freeway on the way home. "Happy fucking Father's Day." you muttered as you turned the radio up.

Walking through the front door you hear music playing in the house and know that I'm there. You kick off your shoes and step quietly down the hall. On your way to the bathroom nadia buari xstorys nollywood actress a well earned hot shower you pause momentarily in front of my half open bedroom door and laugh to yourself.

I'm dancing around singing along with the radio in my own room cleaning things up.

I'm completely oblivious to you as I bound around, braids bouncing along with the music on my tits, barely contained under my tight pink tank top. You look a little lower to find my ass (barely) covered in a pair of short black shorts, the bottom of my cheeks just peeking out as I sway with the music. The internal laughter dies down as something else begins to rise. But first thing's first, a much needed shower to release some tension. You start the water, undress, and step in.

From the first peculiar lesbos fill up their oversized bootys with cream and burst it out the water touches your skin, you can feel your stress washing away with the jets of water dousing your head, neck, and back. You begin to feel calmer (at least most of you) and much more relaxed, so much so that you don't notice me sneak in to the bathroom.

"Daddy, is that you?" You jump, startled by the unexpected sound of my voice. "Yeah baby it's me. Daddy's finally home." "I missed you. I've been so lonely today without you. I want snuggles!" I say with a pout. "Now?" You begin to open the shower door, ready to give me the "let Daddy shower in peace" routine but stop short when you realize those bouncy pigtails are now resting against my bare chest. "Uh-huh. Now." I giggle and give you a playful grin. I slowly pull down my shorts, looking innocently in to your eyes the entire time and reveal my smooth cunny before quickly hopping into the shower with you.

I wrap my arms around you feeling your now fully hard dick pressed against my soft skin and reach up on tip toes to kiss where your neck meets your shoulder. You put your arms around me as I continue kissing a path to your throat, then slowly down your chest. As my hands slide down your body, nails dragging lightly down your back to your thighs, yours slide over my shoulders and come to rest on my head just as I take position on my knees.

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I continue kissing everywhere but where I know Daddy wants it most, nails making trails up your legs and across your hips, always stopping just short. Finally I kiss the tip and give it a little lick.

"Good girl", you mutter more to yourself than to me. I giggle again and slip it in to my mouth, letting it go all the way to the back of handsome guys get to please cute babes throat. Your grip tightens on my hair as you coordinate your thrusting with my sucking. My pierced tongue runs up and down the length of your shaft, trying to take in as much as it can.

You feel me beginning to squirm, my own desire and pleasure at seeing you happy making me wet as I think about you in me. "Bend over sweetie, Daddy wants more" you tell me, gently tugging my braids to signal me to stand. "Yes Daddy" I reply, eagerly standing and bending over, spreading my cheeks to give you a good view of everything.

You put your hands on my hips and begin to slowly slide your cock in. You can feel my tight pussy stretching around you and hear me take a deep breath. "I'll start slow, okay princess?" "Thank you Daddy", I moan, leaving you unsure if I'm thanking you for going slow or for giving me your cock.

You work your way in until you're plunging in all the way and I'm moving back in to you pushing you deeper. "Please Daddy, fuck me harder" I purr placing my hands against the shower wall. You oblige, plowing in to me with more force. "Mmm.deeper Daddy." You fuck me all out now, your little princess replaced fully by your little whore. " Daddy I'm close, can i cum?" I ask.

"Not until Daddy does baby." You continue fucking me, channeling your entire weeks frustration into your throbbing rod. "Please Daddy?" I almost beg, trying hard not to cum until Daddy says I can.

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"Not yet." You feel yourself getting close and start slamming me even harder, determined to be as deep as possible as newbie amateur skinny freak slobs and fucks pov near the finish.

"Please Daddy, I can't wait much more. Please." I ask again, desperate for release. " Yes baby, cum for me" you say. As an orgasm floods me you pull me into you and shoot your seed deep inside me. Waiting to pull out until you had completely finishedyou pat my hair and whisper " good girl" in my ear. I slide my fingers inside my slit and lick you off of them, savoring each drop. "Very good girl" One last giggle before I wrap up in a towel and I'm off, about to head back to my room for some fresh clothes.

"Happy Daddy's Day" I smile and blow you a kiss.