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Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 441
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''What the fuck you doing here,'' he said hovering above me. ''Tony, I was finishing all the closi.'' he stopped me mid sentence. ''Shut the fuck upget yo shit. We fenna take you home,'' he started gathering my things ''Why you so mad,'' I said getting my stuff. ''If this shit go right this will be my first child, now do you think I want my child and my girl in bad health?'' I looked over and saw that Mr.

Big Fella was standing behind him. ''I can take myself home if you gon' have a attitude,'' I started walking off he grabbed my arm throwing me into the glass door.

I shook him loose and continued to walk to my car. ''Asshole,'' I threw my paperwork in my trunk. ''So that's how you gon' be,'' he said leaning on his car. ''Man, you need to learn how to talk to me before you lose me. And this baby thing, I ain't ready for,'' I hopped in my car and started it up. ''What that mean,'' Tony said getting closer to my car.

I drove off. I was sitting in my car when I saw Desiree walking to her car. ''Hey girl,'' she said, opening her car door. ''Hey D, where you going,'' I said grabbing my purse and getting out the car ''Work, gotta make the money,'' she said getting in her car. ''I know,'' I said walking to my apartment.

Darnell was in bed when I came upstairs. ''Hey babe,'' he said turning on the lamp. I started slowly undressing, I guess it was the fact I was mad at Tony, or the fact I was horny ass hell but what was happening was happening.

I dropped my jacket to the floor. I was working on my shirt, it hit the floor. I dropped my skirt to the floor and stepped out of it. I took off my bra and threw it at him. And walked up to him and straddled him. His mouth was wide open the whole time. He flipped me over on my back, my feet rubbing against his back. ''You ready,'' he had whispered in my ear. He kissed me. I just shook my head yes. He erection was visible through his boxers.

He sucked on my neck raking his hands up vicky finger fucks her pussy on the couch down leg. Girl cleans out the pussy juice and then they share wild fisting shuttered. He held me. His dick want as big as Tony' s but it would have to do.

He slid his hands into my panties, easing them off inch by inch. I brushed my hands against his erection. I tugged at his boxers till he took them off. He reached for a condomI tapped his hand one wasn't needed. My pussy was throbbing. He took his index finger and rubbed it on my enteringI guess he was making sure it was wet enough. He began sucking on my nipples, as if they were giving him sweet milk. He was so sensual. He placed his dick at my entrance, mouth never leaving my nipples.

He slid in. one inch, fuck Darrell. Two inches, oh baby! Three inches, yes! Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, I was speechless mouth open gazing at the ceiling.

He was in and out, his mouth now on mines. Him sucking my lips, my tongue, fucking my pussy making me. The fuck! It had only been an half an hour he was about to cum, and so was I .I was squirming and moaning, yearning and wanting more. ''FUCK BABY, YES! That's it! Don't stop! God damnit!'' It was here. I felt a puddle form instantly. He slid off of me walking to the bathroom. I heard him peeing. I walked right in after him walking to the shower. I wasnt satisfied, I needed, I wanted Tony.

I heard him walking away as I was washing my body. Moments later I was finished I stepped out wrapping a towel around my breast and my hair in bun. Darrell was sleep. I went to the closet putting on some shorts, a tank top, and a jacket. I grabbed my keys on the night stand and headed for the door, putting on my Ugg boots on the way out. I ran to my car and started it, not knowing I was on my way to hell and never to return.

I was walking into the Wave Towers. ''Miss I'm sorry the building is closed, are you a resident. ?'' I turned around to see a security guard. ''I'm Tony Brown's fianceé '' ''Oh, I'm sorry. Go right up.'' I was in front of his door, knocking. Hands not in sync with my mind. My mind was still in the car calling Darrell.

The door flew open, my eyes staring at my feet. ''Tony.'' 'If only his ugly ass looked like me,'' I looked up at Nasir, wrapped in a towel. I looked down, ''well is he here,'' I said playing with my keys. ''No,'' he lifted my head with his index finger. '' A diamond so pretty should be seen. I blushed. ''Come in,'' he said moving out stoya kayden kross friends with benefits babes way. ''No I think I should go, I came to finish some business stuff,'' I turned around.

''What business do you need done at 4' in the morning. My mama always told me 'it's nothing open this late but legs', '' I giggled. He grabbed my hand and led me in. He sat me at the bar, while he walked in the kitchen. ''You thirsty, '' he said pulling down a glass.

''Some Oj would be nice,'' I said putting my keys down. ''A cup of Orange juice it is,'' he put a cup in front of me. ''So what work did you and Tony need to finish,'' he said watching me take a sip of juice. ''Blueprints for a new advertising project.'' ''Your lips are gorgeous,'' he traced my lips with his fingers. I took a big gulp of juice.

''I really should leave,'' I grabbed my keys and headed for the door. ''You really should stay,'' he blocked me in grabbing my face. Before I knew it his tongue was down my throat. I pushed him off me. ''I'm with Tony.'' ''Fuck my brother,'' he began kissing my again. Brother! His erection growing bigger and bigger with each kiss. ''Stop,'' I pushed him back. ''Your brother?'' ''Yes, my brother.'' I was puzzled.

''Listen, it's a reason you came to see Tony tonight and it wasn't business. Now let me give you what you came for.'' I snatched his towel, and watched it hit the floor.

I looked Nasir in the face, and saw a grin spread across his face. He started taking off my clothes. Shoesjacketshorts, shirt, panties. He lifted me up on the bar. ''Ahhh,'' I let out a low moan. Another grin spread across his face. He opened my legs lifting them on his shoulders. He devoured my clit in one bite.

He sucked my pearl as if it was giving him life. My hand found it's way to his freshly trimmed head. I threw my head back he had me in another world. He sucked and kissed and massaged my clitthis was life. He massaged my rear as if they were pillows. Sticking his middle finger in unexpectedly. ''Fuck!'' His index finger found the entrance to my pussy.

''Nasir,'' I tried pushing him away. I couldn't take it. He wouldn't movehis tongue and lips were working over time sucking and licking up every drop of moisture. My breathing was heavy. He removed his fingers, tracing them up my stomach, tracing my breast, then sticking them in my mouth. I sucked them, and licked them as if it was a popsicle on a hot Atlanta day.

''Shit,'' I was about to come. My legs were shaking. Nasir must've knew it because as soon as my cup was about to overflow he lifted his head. I saw all the wetness around his mouth and on his lips. I grabbed his head and brought him down to my lips. I licked and sucked around his mouth, making sure to leave nothing behind.

Then I sucked on his lips, lips that tasted like mangos, lips that I wanted on every inch of my bodylips that were toxic. He stepped back leaving me exposed. In the middle of a room gasping for airwanting his lips, wanting him.

''Are you mines, '' he said grabbing my neck. ''Nasi.,'' he hushed me. ''Are you? Yes or no?'' He brushed the hair out of my face. ''No,'' he swept me off the bar taking me to the back.

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He threw me on to the bed. I was scared, I was wantingI was needing. Those lips, that dick, this moment. ''Take off your bra,'' I took it off and threw it on the floor.

He walked off, leaving me there. Walking out the room, coming back and putting something on the T.V stand. Me not asking what it is. ''Suck this dick,'' I did as I was told.

I pushed him on the bed, me on my knees as if i was praying to the dick. He was so blunt, so straight forward. Suck this dick. Spit flew out my mouth, trying to lubricate the dick. I rubbed it up and down his shaft, licking the head. My mouth opened as wide as it mom25 and son 18 focking, taking as much of him as I could.

I began sucking, and licking, my slurping feeling the air. I licked up and down his shafts his heartbeat mixing with mines as his penis was in both hands. ''SUCK MY DICK!'' He was screaming at meangry at me. I tried to deep throat him as much as I could, my head bobbing up and down when I couldn't take it any longer. Saliva dripping to the base of his dick, where my hand was.

While my other hand was jacking him off. I sucked up as much fluid as I could, my slurping noises being the only thing you heard.

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My mouth couldn't take it anymore. I handjob cumshot i am a cocksucker for a qb, bowing my head in front of him. Wiping my mouth of his pre cum. ''So Daniece your telling meyou can't suck a dick?!'' I was speechlesswhy was he so mad. 'Ugh!'' He let a manly groan, it almost sounding like a roar. He took my armshe slung me against the headboard. ''Turn around,'' I did as I was told. He snatched me up making me arch my back, my pussy exposed from the back.

I felt my wetness sliding down my leg. He pushed in, one swift motion. ''Na, na, na.'' I shuddered my pussy was paralyzed. He let out a chuckle.

Tony' s dick was bigger, but Nasir' s was thicker. I felt every vain. He was sliding in and out slamming in to meloud smacks echoing in the room. ''SHIT,'' I reached back and grabbed his arm, my nails digging into him. ''Are you mines ?,'' he smacked my ass. '' Are you mines,'' he smacked my ass again. I was coming. ''Fuck, yes Nasir. Yesssss!'' He grabbed my hair shoving my face into the mattress. He reached in between my legs, his touch looking for something. Oh, how I wanted those lips.

Sucking, licking, tasting me. He found my clit and began flicking it, sending chills through my body. My mouth was shaped in what seemed liked a permanent 'O'. I wanted to screamshout, moanthat Nasir was making me feel better than ever. I was stuck, the dick paralyzing me.

''Who's making you cum,'' Nasir said his finger still at my clit. ''You Nasir, please don't stop.'' I reached back my hands looking for something stable, my nails clawing him. He grabbed me by my neckthose lips licking, kissing, and sucking mine. I was . ''Nasir, I'm cumming, I'm cu.'' One last stroke and me and Nasir became one, his seed mixing with mine, his wetness becoming mine.

I fainted. I woke up looking at the clock, it was 7 o'clock in the morning. I couldn't muster enough strength to get up. Nasir had wrapped a sheet around my naked, limp body. I turned staring a sleeping Nasir in the face. Scratches marking his beautiful body, I was ashamed.

Those lips. I lightly traced them with my finger, wanting them on me. I kissed him lightlyfalling into his chest. ''She's mine !'' I woke up to a screaming voice. I looked for something to put on. I found a shirt on the floor, a familiar smell waving in the air. Nasir. I crossed my arms around my chest walking into the living room.

''Nasir,'' I was shocked by Tony. He was wearing a business suite, tailor made if I might add. ''Babe,'' Nasir walked up behind me squeezing mecaressing me. '' TonyI am so sorry,'' I started walking towards him. For every step I took he took two until he had no choice but to sit.

I sat on the far end of the couch away from, Nasir staring from the far corner. ''I'm on a plane from Texas, coming from a business meeting. When I get a stack of emails. And what email should be on top, one from my goddamn brother. I get a voice memo and hour and a half voice memo. It's him fucking the soon to be mother of my child,'' he placed his head in his hands. Tears began to fill the back of my eyes. I looked at Nasir his face puzzled.

''Tony I'm so sorry but it's something I have to say.'' I reached for his hand, he pulled away. ''This baby could be your brother's,'' he looked up at me. Hurt.

I began telling him about our encounter at the back of his salon. Tears began falling down my eyes. Me sobbing in my hands, I was confused. I looked at Nasir, he looked like he wanted to comfort me. Then I looked at Tony. ''You fucked my brother Daniece!'' He hoped off the couch. ''I NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THIS TONY ! YOU AND NASIR CAME INTO MY ROOM THAT NIGHT, Y'ALL TOOK MY VIRGINITY THAT NIGHT, Y'ALL RAPED ME THAT Son enters mom late night dad sleeping xstory !

Y'ALL HURT ME !'' They both came to milf and two teen girls beautiful chubby first time poor jade jantzen me. ''Get the fuck off of me! I'm gone.'' I went into the kitchen putting on my clothes, grabbing my keys. I began walking to the door, walking throughout the living room.

Tears running down my face. ''I don't think you should drive, '' Tony said meeting me at the door. ''Move,'' he saw the hurt, angerand despair in my eyes. I swung the door open, leaving as fast as I could. Hallway, elevator, hallway, lobbyparking lot. I threw my self in my car, tears rolling down my face hitting my steering wheel.

Tears rolling into my lap. I screamed, what has became of me, I'm a whore. 20 minutes had passed my shorts completely wet from crying, I wiped my face with my shirt. And then I smelled him, Nasir. I thought he was in my carbut no I still had on his shirt. I just wanted to go home.

I started my car. Parking lot, highway, exit, home entrance, parking lot. I saw Darrell' s car and then everything hit me.

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I ran to the apartment, my keys finding the lock. I burst into the door. ''Darrell, Darrell,'' I ran upstairsto the bathroom, to the kitchenhe was nowhere to be found. I stared at the stove, a note becoming visible. 'I hope whoever it was worth it.' I slidmy back sliding against the cabinets. The note to my chest. Tears starting fallingbecoming a sob. Just when I thought I had no more tears. I was loud, screaming, kicking, my life was ruined. My homeruined.

My morals, ruined. ''Hello,'' it was knock at the door. ''Daniece,'' a women's voice coming for me. Her coming around the corner. It was Desiree. ''Babywhat's wrong,'' she sat next to meconsoling me, holding me.

''Darnell is gone, and I'm a hoe,'' I talked to her between sobs. ''Aww, baby it's going to be okay.'' I fell into her lap, sleep before I knew it.

I was weak emotionally, physicallymentally. Someone was picking me up off the floor. Darnell. My eyes to weak to see, just me hoping it was him. Someone was taking off my clothesleaving my shirt on. Watching meI heard someone sitting in the chair across from me. I was awakened by the smell of food. ''Desiree,'' I sat up. Tony was staring me in the face.I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

''I let him in, he was really worried about you,'' I wanted him out. I got out the bed, my feet moving closer and closer to Tony. 'Wack!' I smacked the hell out of him.

''Look what you've done to me,'' he stood up starting into my eyes. ''I'm so sorry Daniece. I never wanted it to be like this I love you,'' he grabbed my hand, kissing my Palm. ''I sent yo girl to get you something to eat,'' I looked at Desiree.

She smiled at me. I took her leadfollowing her downstairs, Tony following me. She knew what I liked, Applebee' s. The good started getting posed around and I got drinks, chardonnay for everyone. I was so tired I could only eat so much. My body achedand moaned for rest. ''Well, I need to get ready for work. So I'll see you tonight, Daniece,'' Desiree was gathering her things.

''Of course,'' I winked at her. She walked out the door. ''Tony you're welcome to stay.'' 'No I have to work. Do you need me to clean,'' he stood up. ''No I got it,'' he gave me a hug.

Leaned in for a kiss but I stepped back. ''I'll see you after work, don't mind coming in I gave you a few days off. And I'm hiring you a assistant.'' I led him out the apartment, locking the door behind him. I curled up on my sofa, knees to chest and began balling my eyes out. Moments later I was in the shower I wasn't going let no dick disturb my empire. I had an important business with P&T contracting. Dressed and ready I was on the highway headed for work. ''Where are my things,'' I walked in to an empty cubicle.

''I wanted it to be a surprise, but you closed 3 major deals in the last month. Three multi million dollar deals. I gave you your own office. You are now head administrator of sales, that's if you want it,'' Tony handed me a set of keys to my new office. ''Yes,'' I walked preggo bitch and firiend getting all holes fucked in wild orgy my new office Toby following behind me. Tony closed the door. ''Well, since your here Appetising adorable cutie looks admirable on cock bringing in this new girl.

She'll be your assistant for the whole pregnancy, and I think she has the potential to step up while your on leave,'' he took a seat in the chair in front of my desk. ''Well, I let her seat in P&T meeting us to see,'' I followed his lead taking a seat behind his desk.

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''Great! You know you didn't have to come work today, I am so sorry about everything,'' his eyes showed pain. ''I'm okay.'' ''Well, talk to you soon,'' he got up leaving me just like Nasir did, vulnerable.

''Ms.Smith, hello. I'm Mrs.Givens.

(read my other story Entitled 'Seduction' ) I went home,tired. I crawled out my clothes falling fast asleep in my sofa. 'Knock,knock,'' I looked out the window it was dark. Looking at the clock on the stove it was 11 p.m.

to be exact. Peaking through the curtains I saw a Porsche. Thinking 'Does this nigga have a normal car,'. ''Coming,'' I walked through the dark living room cutting on the lightsunlocking the door. I pulled it open, looking at my feet the whole time. ''Am I ever going to get my shirt back,'' I looked up at a smiling Nasir.

My first thought was to lock the doorcall Tony. Second thought strip him naked and fuck his brains out. Third thought was to beat his ass. 'Wack, wack, wack,' I guess i was going with my third thought. My fist were flying hitting Nasir in his face, his abdomen, no exact aim. I was angry hurt. ''Why would you do that,'' I smacked him.

My last swing, tired and angry I wanted answers. ''You done,'' he said wiping a little blood from his lip. Those lips. ''You bitch you sent that shit to Tony, why,'' I stated him in the face. A grin never leaving his lips. ''Can I at least come in.'' ''Hell no, and I don't appreciate you knowing where I stay,'' he grabbed me. Literally picking me up and sitting me on the couch, him siting next to me.

''Get the fuck kiera king loves getting black cock interracial pornstars I said standing up. ''Is that how you treat the possible father of our child,'' he grabbed at my shirt.

I brushed him off, '' Why does everyone keep throwing that shit in my face. I paced the floor. ''Bae, come here,'' Nasir said pointing at the couch. ''Here,'' His tone scary, dangerous, hurtful.

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I sat, him cuddling behind me. ''Tomorrow I have a gig. Hair for some runway in Georgia. Your coming with me,'' he rubbed my belly.

'',I can't.'' ''You can and you will,'' he kissed me on my neck. I turned around. Those lips. ''Look I gotta go but I will be back, in the morning. Sixbe ready,'' he stood up fixing his shirt. He reached down kissing me on my forehead. I reached up and grabbed his facethose lips were mine. My lips on his, my tongue moving with his. I wanted him, on metouching mefucking me. His nibbled on bottom liphim breaking the kiss. ''I didn't come here for all that,'' he stood up straight. Leaving me exposed once again, this dude had all the tools to leave me wide opened.

I was wet as hellreaching for his pants yanking them. I wanted them off. He moved my hands and walked out, a chuckle leaving his grin while he was walking. The door shut. ''Fuck!'' I was angry, horny, vulnerable, exposed. Gathering my thoughts and my clothes. I can't believe I was going on a trip with this nigga. I was putting shirts, shorts, and dresses neatly in my LV duffle bag. I was lost, grabbing toiletries, shoes, everything for my trip with the devil. A shower was calling my name.

'Ding, dong,' the door had awakened me from a dream. I ran to the door panties and bra. ''So you showing everybody what's mines,'' I looked a smiling Nasir in the face. I stepped back letting him in. ''Give me minute,do you want some thing to eat or drink,'' I was running back and forth.

I had to brush my teeth, and get dressed. ''You,'' I stopped at the doorway fully dressed. Showing off my outfit I walked towards Nasir. ''Well, what do you think I'm here for?'' ''Not enough time, let's go,'' I ran out the house grabbing my purse Nasir grabbing my luggage.

I locked my apartment door and was soon seating in a limo. ''So what made y'all buy a jet,'' I was looking around the spacious flying machine. ''Felt like it,'' Nasir looked me up and down sending chills through my body. I blushed, folding my arms. ''You good,'' he said taking a sip of Big hips xxx sexy fuck. ''Cold,'' I shuddered.

''How is my baby stunning fuck of brazilian hottie hardcore and big butt baby,'' I rubbed my belly. ''No you, and I forgot that one,'' he leaned in rubbing my stomach. ''Nasir, why didn't you tell me Tony was your brother,'' I looked at him in the eye. ''Brothers, more like twins. Busty alt blonde sucks fake cops big cock uniformfuck and policeman he said.

''You two look completely different,''my face went blank. ''Two different dads, my mom was adventurous. Like you,'' he stared at me. Like me. ''Is that why you like me?'' ''Yesamongst other things.

But Tony just makes shut difficult,''he took another sip of Patron. ''How.'' ''I saw you first, wanted you first, liked you first. But it isn't Tony if we don't have a little competition,'' he winked at me. I stared at himnot saying a word. ''What's on your mind,'' he said. ''Those lips,'' I wanted him. He went to the cockpit locking the door, leaving no one in the room but us. ''Where might have you saw me first,'' I said. I watched as he strolled towards me.

''The company's Christmas party 2011,'' he hovered over, kissing me. Each kiss more passionate than the last. He hiked up my dress letting my legs show. ''Take off your thong,'' I did as i was told. I took it off throwing them at the window. I reached for his belt undoing it, my fingers finding his zipper pulling it down. I yanked down his jeans and boxers, letting his dick show, his lips never leaving mine. He dove in unexpectedly. ''Shit,'' my fingers dug in his back.

''Shhhh,'' he was in and out with ease. His dick was fulfilling. I moaned, screamed, and squirmed, a orgasm was needed. He kissed me muffling my moans. ''Nasir,'' I screamed his name. He was fucking my brains out. His dick hitting every wall. I couldn't take it any longer. ''Fu.'' I looked at himmouth open. ''Nasir,'' I watched as he pulled up his pantsleaving me orgasm free.

''You might wanna get dressed we're about to eat,'' he went and unlocked the door. I gathered my things heading for the bathroom, not coming back until I was fully dressed.

This man kept me on edge. He had me being for an orgasm, some type of release. ''Breakfast is served,'' the flight attendant put two domed plates in front us.

She removed the lids, quickly walking away. ''Eat, my baby's hungry,'' Nasir said. 'Everyone please be seated and buckle your seat belts were about to land.' We did as we were told, this 3 hour plane ride was exhausting.

We walked off the plane purse in tote. ''Babe,'' I turned around to look at Tony.