Tomando uma surra de punhea da loira peituda grandona

Tomando uma surra de punhea da loira peituda grandona
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I made sure to space this one properly. As soon as the moderator replies to me I'll fix the spacing on the first two stories. Please let me know what you think. We walked hand in hand to the shower in my master bathroom. More room in there for the two of us. We washed, kissed and fondled each other until the water started running cold.

We dried ourselves off and wandered into the kitchen for a snack, still completely naked. We settled on the couch and decided to finish watching the movie she had bought that started this whole mess.

It was clips of different girls, mostly in their early twenties sucking cock and taking facials. Even after a few orgasms my cock began stirring to life again. Ronnie saw and and laid her head on my lap, alternating between kissing and sucking my cock. She looked up at me with a sweet smile. "Are you happy we did that daddy?" "Of course I am sweetie, but you can't tell anyone. I could get into a lot of trouble." She pulled me out of her mouth.

"Oh." "Wait, we haven't left each other's side! Who did you tell?" I was panicking picturing myself in a jail cell. "I haven't told anyone I ebony babe ivory logan sucks landlords big cock it, but I told someone I was going to", she said.

"Who?" "Kriss." I knew Kriss well. She had been Ronnie's friend for a long time and lived across the street.

Pretty girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I'd be lying if I said I never noticed her beautiful long legs. Her tits were much smaller than Ronnie's, but definitely noticeable. She was also the girl that Ronnie was kissing in those photos I found. My cock began to stir.

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"Oh," she said. "It looks like I hit a nerve." She smiled as she sucked me back into her mouth. She sat up and straddled me, sliding her pussy down on my cock. "Why did you tell her you wanted to fuck me?" I asked as mother and son sex morning bedroom seprice began to grind down on me. Ronnie smiled. "Because daddy. She thought she was going to fuck you first. So I called dibs." I had a look of shock on my face. "She wants to fuck me?" Ronnie ground down even harder on my cock.

"Yes daddy." She thinks you're hot and wants to lose her virginity to you. I told her she could, but only if I got you first." I smirked.

"You're gonna share me?" She smiled bigger, "Do you want me to share you?" Ronnie wrapped her arms around my neck as she ground her hips into me, gently fucking me. My mind was in two places at once.

Did she just offer to let me fuck her cute little girlfriend? The one who I found out had been making out with her? Suddenly, something hit me.

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"Ronnie.where did you learn to suck cock? And don't say on tv." Ronnie stopped grinding and looked at me. "Ronnie, how many dicks have you sucked?" She dropped her head. "Only two daddy." My cock pulsed at the thought of my little girl on her knees sucking cock.

She felt it and smiled. "They're boys from school. Kriss and I needed help with homework and they offered to help. For a price. So she and I went down on them." " went down on them at the same time?" "Yes daddy.

They liked watching her and I make out." She grinned her mischievous grin as she felt my cock pulse again. Suddenly her phone rang. She popped up off of my cock to answer it, which I personally found a little rude. She grabbed it and came back to me, kneeling at my feet.

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"Oh, Hi Kriss!" She said as she popped my cock in her mouth." She sucked for a bit. "What am I doing? How about I show you? Hang on." She hung up the phone and switched to camera mode.

"Take a picture of me daddy!" she said as she handed it to me. I grabbed the phone as busty euro les rubbing gfs clit with vibrator girlfriend and european slid me back into her mouth. I pointed it at her face and started taking photos.

She looked so damn sexy and grown up with a dick in her mouth. she got silly and began making faces. Then she deep throated it. Then pulled out and licked it. After about 10 pictures she took the phone back and stroked me with her left hand while she fiddled with the phone in her right. "Pet, what are you doing?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "Kriss wanted to know what I'm doing. So I'm showing her." She said as she hit the send button.

With that she put the phone down and started sucking me fast and deep. Just as I was about to lose it her phone rang. She looked at the screen and smiled. "Hello? Yeah, it's really him! I am not lying. Hang on!" With that she held the phone up to me.

"Daddy, she doesn't believe me!" Like an idiot I took the phone as Ronnie took me back into her throat. I hit the speaker button so I could put my hands on Ronnie's head. "H-hello?" I stammered as Ronnie pushed me into her throat. "Mr. George? Is that really you?" Kriss asked. "Yes honey, it's really me." "Was that you in the pictures she sent? I think she's lying!" Ronnie pulled my dick out of her mouth and hollered.

"I'm not lying! If you don't believe me, come over and see for yourself!" With that she hung up the phone. "Wait", I stammered.

"She's not really coming over, is she?" Ronnie smiled and kissed the head of my cock, then walked to the front door and unlocked it. She smiled again as she came back to me and kissed and licked my cock again. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Who is it?!" Ronnie yelled out. "It's Kriss!" said the voice on the other side. I stared at the door in fear. What if she freaked out and reported me to her parents?

Again, pictures of me being ass raped by some big black guy named Bubba in a federal penitentiary were running through my head. "Well! Come inside! And lock the door behind you!" The door opened and in walked Kriss.

She was in a short denim skirt and tank top that showed off her perfect little tits. She froze as she stood there, looking at me and then looking at Ronnie. Ronnie turned. "I said lock the door." Kriss just stared. Ronnie stood up, naked and walked past Kriss without a care in the world. She locked the door and took Kriss' hand and led her to where I was sitting. "Wanna know what daddy's cock tastes like?" Before Kriss could answer, Ronnie grabbed her face and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Kriss froze for a second before returning the kiss. The broke their kiss and stared at each other. "I told you he tasted good", said Ronnie. "You won't be needing these", said Ronnie as she unzipped the back of Kriss' skirt, letting it fall to the floor. "And this can go too" she said as she pulled off her friends tank top and threw it across the room.

Kriss stood before me in only a cute pair of little pink panties. Her hands were across her chest, covering her tits. Ronnie kneeled in front of her and started pushing her panties down. What Kriss lacked in tits she made up for in pubic hair. It was trimmed but you could tell that it had the capacity of being a thick bush. "Isn't she perfect daddy?" asked Ronnie as she twirled her friend around.

Kriss looked at me and then down at the ground. "Honey, she's just beautiful" I said as looked her up and down. Kriss smiled and put her hands down, exposing her perfect little nipples. Ronnie guided her friend black ebony mature milf xxx breakin attempt suspect has to tear up his way out of prison onto her knees. She grabbed my cock with her left hand and gently pushed Kriss' head down until her lips were touching the head.

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Kriss looked up at me and smiled as she opened her mouth. She took me in and started sucking. She wasn't as good as Ronnie, but she was still very good. Ronnie sat next to me on the couch with her cell phone. Taking pictures of her friend as she took me into her mouth. Ronnie then kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue dancing with mine. She then stood on the couch, her pussy in line with my face. I grabbed her young ass and pressed her towards me, sticking my tongue out and sucking her clit.

Ronnie grabbed my hair and started grinding her pussy into my face. I couldn't believe it. I was sitting here eating pussy and getting my cock sucked by two girls whose ages combined were still five years younger than me. What Kriss lacked in experience she more than made up for with motivation. I felt the churning in my balls as Ronnies pussy juices started running down my chin. We came at the same time. Ronnie letting out a howl as i shot load after load. Ronnie pulled away from me weak-kneed and I looked down at Kriss, my cum dripping down her chin.

Ronnie fell into the seat next to me and grabbed Kriss, kissing her lips and licking her face. The sight was so damned erotic that I grabbed Ronnie's phone and started taking pictures. When she finally decided that Kriss was clean enough, Ronnie led us both to the bedroom. She laid Kriss down on the bed and spread her legs wide. She didn't have to say a word. I gently kissed up her thighs and towards her perfect little pussy. IT was different than Ronnie's cunt.

Her lips protruded out more and the hair around it was a nice change of pace. I kissed up her belly and took her perfect little nipple into my mouth before moving further up to her lips. She kissed me passionately and, like Ronnie, began grinding her hips up to my cock. Ronnie slid over and kissed me and then Kriss. Eventually all three of our tongues were intertwined in a lustful make out session unlike anything I'd ever even fantasized about before.

I kissed back down her body as they continued kissing. I looked up and saw Ronnie offer Kriss a nipple, which she hungrily accepted. This was definitely better than the pictures I stole from her. I stopped at her swollen cunt and inhaled deeply.

I couldn't believe that I was about to lick two virgin pussies in the same day. I licked up her pussy lips and she moaned into Ronnie's mouth. I lapped at her like a cat drinking milk and her squeals and moans got even louder.

Her legs locked the big titted blonde miabella is going to get a my head and I felt like my skull was about to be crushed but went ahead anyway. She tasted delicious. Suddenly I felt a presence next to my face. Ronnie untangled her legs from around my head and pulled my face away from her pussy. She kissed me and licked my face, tasting her friend's juices. She then looked at her friend's cunt and simply said, "show me how." I scooted over and let her slide into my position.

Ronnie gently petted her pussy like it was a cat (no pun intended). I showed her how to spread her pussy lips apart and showed her where the clit was. Ronnie slowly placed her tongue on Kriss' clit and began to gently lick it. Kriss moaned at the new sensation of her best friend eating her out.

Ronnie got bolder and licked and sucked harder, driving her friend crazy. I stuck my face in there and we sex cam xxx 18 school com began devouring her in between kissing each other.

I got up and grabbed the camera, snapping pictures of my little girl being a bisexual whore. I was hard as a rock and saw Ronnie's sweet little ass sticking up in mujer mayor se foya a su sobrinvirgen air. I ran to the closet and grabbed my video camera, setting it up on the dresser.

No way I was gonna leave this one to memory. I aimed it and walked behind Ronnie. I knelt and licked her sweet little cunt while she ate her friend. Finally I couldn't take any more. I stood up and guided my cock at her pussy lips.

With one thrust I was balls deep inside her. She wailed out loud for only a second, as Kriss grabbed her by the hair and forced her face back into her cunt.

I couldn't believe this was happening. Kriss let out a scream and announced that she was cumming. Ronnie was slurping at her pussy, dying to get a taste of her juices. Ronnie came next. Her cunt got so tight that I thought she was going to push me out.

Suddenly I felt a warm fluid on my balls and realized, quite happily, that I had a squirter on my hands. I pumped her faster and faster and announced my impending orgasm. Ronnie hopped off of me and pulled Kriss towards her. "Cum on us daddy!" she said as she began to kiss her friend. That did it for me. I stroked my cock a couple of times and began cumming all over their faces.

They continued kissing and sisters brothers xxx sex stories story each other as I went limp. I grabbed the camera and pointed it down as both girls gently licked and sucked my cock and their faces clean. Finally I collapsed on the bed and turned the camera off. Ronnie grabbed the camera and Kriss' hand and led her to the bathroom. "We'll let daddy get some sleep, because later tonight he's going to pop your cherry." They entered the bathroom, set the camera on the sink, pointed it at the shower and decided to put on a little show for me to watch later.

As I drifted off to sleep, I just couldn't imagine my life getting better. Man, was I wrong.