Innocenthigh cheerleader marissa mae rides her coach

Innocenthigh cheerleader marissa mae rides her coach
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Almost three-way True story But with a little bit of creative license Me and two hot girls it don't get much better than that ? Alice was pure sex bouncy D cups, perk bum, long brown hair and a crooked cheeky smile.

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She danced provocatively to the music rolling her hips and running her fingers through her hair. I I looked at her hungrily trying to imagine what I could do with that body. Kat wrapped there arms around me form behind running her hand from my chest down to my abs, stopping at my boxers and running her thumb along the waistband.

I was at full erection already all 7 in of throbbing cock just waiting to taste the sweet juices of the two beautiful girls in my company. Kat turned me round and started slowly edging my boxers down till my cock sprung forward going quite literally eye to eye with her.

Kat was different than her friend Alice, she was not so obviously sexy she was more slender than voluptuous and more slight. She was by no means less attractive than Alice though if anything here perfect smile made here even more attractive.

Kat pushed me on to the end of my bed and shuffled forward so she was kneeling between my legs. She turned and looked at Alice who took it as her queue to join in and walked round and took up position behind me.

Kat started stroking my cock her small hands making it look pretty college sorority girls get down with strap on dildos the more impressive Alice stated kissing my neck her boobs pressing on my back, Alice ran her tongue up my neck and started nibbling my earlobe, this made my cock twitch and a bit of precum started running down my shaft so kat parted her lips and moved to wrap here lips around my throbbing member&hellip.

DING-DONG!!! Almost as one we all looked straight at the door. Alice turned to me "Who the fuck is that ?" I told her I have no idea but m going to find out. I stood up and walked to the door taking a quick glance at the girls.

Kat looked pissed to be interrupted but Alice had a "OH SHIT" look on here face. I hastily pulled up my boxers to thinly disguise my erection but I didn't give a shit I was pissed that who ever was on the other end of that door was interrupting the most exciting sexual experience of my life.

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I clicked the lock undid the chain and slid the bolt on the font door obviously not expecting any one at this time of night. Whoosh I swung the door all the way open in one move I think the guy was quite shocked, even more so when he looked me up and down.

I am 6'2 210lb this guy was like 5'5 if that, he looked at me with a look of pure shock what ever he had expected when the door opened I was definitely not it. His eyes were transfixed directly on my crotch more specifically on my cock poking its way out of my boxers, I decided to speak. "Yes" I inquired Before he could respond Alice walked to the door kissed me hard on the mouth and gave my cock a good squeeze gave a sharp look at the guy at the door then pushed pass him and walked off down the street.

Before I could say anything Kat came to the door. My miko sinz loves to get slammed hard was going from amazing to disaster in one ring of the doorbell, "are you coming as well" the dude at the door said to Kat. "No im staying and there is nothing you can do to stop me" replied Kat He just looked at her then stormed off after Alice.

"Who was that" "That was Alice's boyfriend ………and my brother" Fuck this guy must really hate me now, oh well Kat's still rep hard kidneping jabrdasti only. After that we said nothing more, I led he back into my room and by the time we started kissing my cock was rock hard again. This time I ripped off my boxers as fast as I could I could not resist my desire any more.

I took her by the waist and through here on the bed I glided my way between here legs like a panther stalking its pray.

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She took hold of her bra and flicked it off in one swift motion reviling the most perfect B cups I had ever seen. Taking them in my mouth I sucked hart till her nipples went hard, she let out small moan engorging me to keep going.

Moving my hands to her waist where I pulled her underwear clean off, there it was the most immaculate pussy I had ever seen, waxed to perfection its puffy red lips glistening with her juices.

I could wait no longer taking my engorged penis in hand I rubbed the tip on the opening to her pussy. From the moment that I began to push the first inch in I knew that she was tight. Kat wrapped her legs around me and dug her nails into my back, she pulled me in close and whispered girlfriends kiss boyfriend first kiss the way in". That was all I needed I pushed in slow but firm her pussy squeezing against my cock for all its worth.

I knew I couldn't last long the feeling in my ball was growing with every thrust, it didn't matter Kat was close here breathing was picking up pace she was starting to grinding he hips against my thrusts. I postured up so I could get more power in my thrusts it was not 10 more thrusts before Kat body and pussy stated convulsing in tandem, each pulse milking my cock for all it is worth, we climaxed together as I pulled my cock out she squirted all over me and I the same.

Both still spamming we lay there together unable to say anything all we could do was drift into unconsciousness. One first failed but I was given another first, my first squirter. The end Thomas James