Cute indian girl having sex with her man

Cute indian girl having sex with her man
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After Louanne had her ride, Nancy and Min spent much of the next day at Peggy's kitchen table, grilling her for questions, Peggy did her best not to blush or think about the act of John pounding Louanne's soft, wet cunt.

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"Did it hurt?" Min asked, legs crossed thinking about the huge cock, to which Louanne replied "A little, but once he was all in it, it felt amazing" Louanne shot her arms up in the air and giggled as if in triumph Nancy said "Well I don't know about the rest of you sugs, but you can only hear about how good a new restaurant is before you need to go down and check it out for yourself".

Nancy stood and rose, Min blushed slightly but said "I.I at least want to see it.", Peggy meanwhile sat cross legged, pretending to be interested in a small ketchup stain on the kitchen table. Louanne giggled and laughed again as they left and went into the living room to watch television. Nancy was dressed in a pink blouse tucked into tight jeans, her 34D breasts were in a white lacy bra and her recently shaved snatch was in matching panties, Min followed somewhat awkwardly behind, she was a little shorter than Nancy, he butt a little larger and her breasts were well rounded 36C, she was dressed in a sleeveless yellow button up top and light blue shorts.

They both came to the front door and Nancy knocked, adjusting her bra, I answered the door. "Hello" I smiled The two women smiled back, Nancy a bit seductively, Min more polite but she glanced down at my denim pants at the outline of my crotch.

I stepped back from the door 'Come in, you must be more of my neighbors" Nancy said "Right you are sug, I'm Nancy Hicks Gribble, the weather girl and this Min." Nancy never could pronounce Min's last name. Min smiled again and Nancy said "We've both been dying to get the tour you showed Louanne" I smirked "Oh yeah? Alright." I said and turned "Not much to see, dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom." I stopped and pointed at the queen sized bed, Nancy smiled a little wider seeing it, Min seemed to view it a bit like a murder scene and stayed near the door as Nancy entered, I followed in Nancy asked "Is that all Louanne saw?" I got her message and said "Well.there is one more thing." I removed my shirt, then my boots and socks, finally my pants came down, the head of my twelve and a half inch cock jutted out from the end of my boxers which soon fell too.

Min gasped and Nancy simply fell to her knees, taking the cock she began to lick at the head and take it into her mouth, not much fit but she masterfully teased and slurped all over the hole as I watched, my cock grew to legal age teenager gorgeous girlie masturbating hardcore and blowjob erection.

Min watched, blushing and I simply looked at her and pointed for her to come to my side, she did so, slowly, when she was near me, I grabbed her and kissed her hard, at first she was reluctant but soon sank into the kiss and moaned softly. Nancy was already beginning to strip as she sucked the head of my cock.

I reached down and began to unbutton Min's blouse, her hands didn't fight back, instead, she went down and removed her own shorts, i pulled back her blouse, then unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts, cupping and squeezing them, she moaned.

I said "On the bed ladies." Min nodded and Nancy hopped up like an obedient puppy.

"Roll over and turn around" I had them move so their butts were facing me, I slapped both, Nancy's was tight and she moaned, Min's was softer and she yelped, I did so twice more, on what they thought was the fourth time, I slid two fingers deep inside their pussies.

Nancy was a bit loose, I slid a third in, she seemed to be the neighborhood slut, Min was tighter and two fingers seemed huge boobies stepmom considering a breast reduction pornstar and bigtits a lot for her, I took her first. I put my cock up to her pussy and pulled out my fingers as I held her hip with my right hand and slid inside, hard.

Min gasped, eyes wide as she held the bed on all fours as I began to buck my hips, thrusting hard and fast, she orgasmed twice early on, I didn't want to finish in her, I pulled out and returned to fingering her before switching to Nancy.

Nancy took all of my cock, she felt tighter now, with all my cock in her as she moaned, bucking her hips and gushing, she was a complete slut for it. I smacked her butt hard, several times, leaving large red hand prints across her cheeks as she gushed and orgasmed, my cock was slick with both women's juices as I felt my own climax nearing, I grunted and pulled out of Nancy, who frowned, looking back, I stepped back and pointed to the floor in front of me, Nancy got back on her knees, followed by Min who was a bit weak, I held my cock tight and jerked it hard, the last few jerks started the eruption as white hot goo spat out of my cock in thick ropey strands, splasing over their features, first their lips, then their cheeks, foreheads, chins, necks and even breasts.

"Eat up" I said Surprisingly, Min was the first to start swallowing the heavy goo, she cleaned herself bare as Nancy struggled to reach it all, Min even came near my cock and sucked the head lovingly to get the last bit out.

She worked her small tan hands around my cock, until the last drop dripped onto her tongue. I smiled and reached down, squeezing her breasts again before going over to my clothes.

"Nice to meet you two" I said as they both nodded, got dressed and left. Peggy watched from the kitchen, horrified and a little jealous as she saw both Nancy and Min leave, both seeming to button up their tops and giggle like school girls as they left John's house. Neither went back to Peggy's, instead, they went home and both fell asleep on their couches. End of part 2 - Min and Nancy Looking forward to part 3?

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