Naughty doll gets jizz shot on her face swallowing all the cream

Naughty doll gets jizz shot on her face swallowing all the cream
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A village where this story began. A man named Rakesh came to his hut after working in city for 2 years. He was the first one to come of the group who had gone to earn a fortune to city.

He was the only bachelor and so he had come to marry. He also brought with him all the gadgetry new to the people of village. He was really looking forward to his stay in village. The fire of his coming spread far into the village. The wives of all those who had gone with came to know about their husbands. Totally three others had gone with him.

Their wives Supriya, Medha & Rekha all around 24 yr. old. Rakesh said that he would visit them individually and let them know the messages that their husband had sent. Rakesh parents started looking for a girl for him. But Rakesh who was now familiar with the sex life found it difficult to stay content without pleasure for long. He used to go to whores almost daily in city but there were none in this village.

So he made up a plan. Next day he went to Supriya's house. She was in the act of taking her kids to school. It was mandatory for the mother in village to lead the kids to school. Supriya told Rakesh to wait at her house while she went. Rakesh was taking a nap when Supriya returned.

She woke him up. They chatted for a while about the hot weather and then she prepared food for herself and her guest. During lunch Rakesh told Supriya, "Your husband is very well over there. Only that he feels very lonesome without you. He always dreams you at night and says that you are the best women he ever had." Supriya blushed.

Rakesh took advantage of this and praised her about her beauty. Supriya also was very lonely and she too was desperate to have sex. Rakesh said that he was leaving. Supriya said, "Oh Rakesh please don't go. I am so lonely." Rakesh knew what Supriya meant by that. Rakesh was no way going to go without having Supriya today. He went to her and lightly kissed her on her cheeks. She blushed and went inside other room. Rakesh came up behind her his eyes transfixed by her fair shinning back and her butt expanded hurtingly.

Supriya shyly removed her chuneri and kept it aside. Rakesh said, "You are very beautiful." He approached her and embraced her tightly in his arms. He placed his lips on hers and kissed her passionately. He was moving his hand all over her back and buttocks.

He pressed her breast on his chest. They were ample. Rakesh undid the knot of her blouse. Supriya was not wearing a bra. He threw away her blouse. Supriya covered her tits. This was the first time she was nude before any other male except her husband. Rakesh kept his hands on her breast and massaged them. Then he started pressing them and evoking moans of joy from Supriya's mouth. He gently moved one of his hands on her thighs. He kept on going up and slipped his hand in her ghaghra.

Supriya said," Rakesh please don't tell anyone about this. I am a respectful woman." Rakesh said, " Don't worry. I satisfy you every time you want it." Rakesh pulled the string of her ghaghra and made her stand up. Supriya was standing in her white panty.

Rakesh was transfixed by her fair skin and sexy figure. He nodded to her and she silently removed her panty. Her pubic hair was dense. She shied and slept on the bed covering her cunt. Rakesh undressed completely and sat on the bed. He spread Supriya's legs and parted her black pubic hair to reach her rosy lips of pussy. He caressed her cunt and found it wet. He fingered her clitoris and then he stood on his knees between her legs.

Supriya saw Rakesh's prick for the first time and gasped. It was 11 inch, 3 inch longer than her husband's and atleast an inch thick. She said," Rakesh yours' is very big.

Do it slowly." Rakesh said' "Don't worry once it goes in you will be in heaven." Rakesh held his penis in his right hand and with his left he spread Supriya's pussy lips and placed his penis at her cunt.

He pushed in gently. Supriya moaned. Rakesh was sliding in smoothly and then he got blocked when around 4 inch was remaining. Rakesh rested like that for a while and then he held Supriya's waist and gently rocked his penis in and out. Supriya moaned with delight. Rakesh too was enjoying this after about 2 weeks. He was excited beyond control.

He then pushed his whole prick in Supriya's cunt. Supriya screamed. Rakesh showed no mercy and banged her continuously. Supriya screams started receding being replaced by grunts and moans. Rakesh fucked her like a famined piston. Rakesh stopped thrusting deep into her and slept on her kissing her passionately. After that he said," Do you like it?

" Supriya said, " It feels good. I am doing this after about a year." Rakesh slept besides her and his prick still in her cunt. He jerked his prick slowly kissing her. Rakesh kept on pumping now holding her buttocks with both hands. He even moved his hand on the ass crack.

He fingered her asshole. Supriya said, "Don't touch there. No one told you it ass and pussy lanced with schlong hardcore russian supposed to be very dirty to touch there." Rakesh said, " Supriya you do not know but this place is also a heaven." Saying that he pushed his middle finger in her ass but it did not go in much.

Supriya said, "Please don't do it". Rakesh removed his finger and then withdrew his entire prick from her cunt. He told Supriya, "Sleep on your back and spread your legs." She did as she was asked. Rakesh again inserted his whole prick in her cunt and started humping very fast.

Supriya was breathing very hard and also she was helping raising her butts and meeting his shots. Rakesh held her tits tightly and still increased his speed. Supriya screamed in pain and delight. Supriya experienced the orgasm as she jerked her entire body and screamed with joy. As she calmed down Rakesh also reached his She felt the hot syrup hitting her in timely interval.

Rakesh withdrew his penis. Sperms were flowing out of Supriya's cunt and it oozed on to the bed sheet. Rakesh took hold of her panty and cleaned his wet prick with it.

Then he scrubbed Supriya's cunt and slept besides her. Supriya asked' "When are you going back?" Rakesh said' "After I get married." Supriya said, "Are you going to take her with you?" He replied that he would call her wife there after he gets a nice home to stay. Presently all of the village men were staying to-gather in a single room. Supriya inquired about her husband.

He said that her husband was very anxious to come to village and sleep with her. But money was very hard to come by and he said that he would definitely come after a year or so. Supriya then asked, "What do you do when you get excited?" Rakesh bluntly replied, " We go to see movies.

They are dirty movies with the heroine doing every thing with man. We come home and shake our privates in bathroom thinking of the things seen in the movies." Rakesh asked, " Are you sterile?" Supriya said, "No" Rakesh said, "Next time we will have to take care that I don't cum in you or else you could get pregnant. Even now go and wash your privates very nicely." Supriya went to the bathroom with her clothes.

Rakesh got dressed and sat in the verandah. Supriya came out and sat besides him with her head resting on his shoulder. After that Rakesh left. CHAPTER--2 Rakesh was roaming around the village that day. He found many small girls playing just close to the temple. All girls were about 13 to 14 yr. Old, wearing a simple dress.

He felt a liking towards brunette emily knows what a guy wants.

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One of them was Rupa. She was cutest of all. He was getting a hard on just looking at her. Maybe some day. When he reached home his father told him that he was going to the neighboring village with the sarpanch.

Rakesh & his stepmother Kapila were alone at home. He was fully excited and wanted to relieve his pent-up energy. He decided to go to the river for a dip. He dived in the river only in his underwear keeping his clothes by the side. Kapila had followed Rakesh and was watching everything. She had seen the hard-on in Rakesh's underwear and she herself was very excited, as she was starving since months. Kapila was only three years elder to Rakesh but was married to Rakesh's father for lack of money on her father's credit to return to him.

She was standing below a tree watching him swim. Rakesh came out of the pool feeling better and his hardon had subsided. As Rakesh was walking home he felt that someone was following him. So on the next turn he hid behind the bush and waited. Soon he saw some woman dressed in sari passing. He went behind her and observed her hips sway and instantly he felt his cock rising. Later during diner Kapila said nothing. Rakesh went to his room and got undressed. He slept on the bed and covered himself with bedsheet.

Late in the night he woke up to go to loo. He went to toilet in his lungi. When he was returning to his room he just peeped into Kapila's room. She was lying on her stomach and sleeping. Rakesh observed those ripe, round buttocks and he could not tiffany watsons pussy fuck doggystyle by kyle pornstars big dick. He went into the room and locked it. He sat close to her bed and slowly started raising her sari.

He was successful in raising it to her hips. The ample butts protruding out of her black panty made Rakesh mad. He quietly put his thumbs in the side of her panty and drew them down. Kapila was still asleep. Rakesh saw the raw uncovered round, tight sexy ass and his prick was uncontrollably hard.

He got rid of his lungi and sat on his knees with legs on the either side of Kapila's body. He held his penis and parted Kapila's ass.

He placed his penis head at the entrance of her asshole and then let go of her ass checks. His penis head was lodged in the anal ring of Kapila's anus. He slowly moved up and down with his prick on that spot.

His pre-cum was oozing out profusely. Kapila felt the pressure on her anus and moaned and raised her head. She looked behind. The first thing she felt was that her ass was feeling cool and the other prominent thing was that her anus had been stretched. She was shocked to find Rakesh nude and moving up and down holding her waist. Kapila wanted to scream. But before that Rakesh kept his hand on her mouth and told her, "Don't I know that you were spying on me today.

I am going to help you enjoy the forbidden fruit of new age". Kapila gasped as Rakesh pushed his penis in her ass more firmly without gaining any entry.

Kapila said, "Why are you putting it in the wrong hole?" Rakesh replied, "My dear your butts are the best I have seen so far. So I want to feel how they act when I attack them". Rakesh pressurised his prick in her ass. He moved in some bit. He was 3 inch inside and Kapila was in pain.She had drawn her ass muscles and Rakesh was not able to get into her butt hole any further.

Rakesh withdrew a bit and moved forward and started humping her ass in the shallow depth with just a half- inch movement. Kapila was now moaning as her anal ring was stretched very nicely. Kapila was in pain. She was muttering, "Ho it is painful withdraw. Ah. Ahhhha." To this Rakesh started to increase his speed. Rakesh katka kyptova nude czech fbb body builder taking care not to enter her further as Kapila would not be ready for it.

He pushed some more time and then withdrew completely. Rakesh stood aside. Kapila sat on the bed and was touching her asshole. Kapila looked at Rakesh 's penis and was shocked at his size. Kapila said, "Your private is huge but I want it in me. Would you?". Rakesh replied, "You are very sexy and yes you would have the full pleasure of every inch every time you want it". Rakesh approached her and sat between her thighs and placed his penis at the red opening of her cunt lips.

He slowly started to enter her cunt. Kapila was tight. He had to apply strength to get in 6 inch and then she started to say, "Rakesh not any more or I will die". Rakesh said, "Let it get in then you will be dying for me to pump you out". Rakesh pushed in. Kapila screamed. Rakesh did not pay any heed and push further. Kapila was mad with pain. Rakesh entered around 9 inch and then stopped and asked "Didn't you have sex before?" Kapila replied, "Your father hardly does it.

He suffers from premature ejaculation and has gone to town to cure it." Rakesh took slow strokes in her cunt and gave the pleasure of friction to Kapila. Kapila was moaning with delight. Rakesh held her tits on the blouse and massaged them. Kapila was going ecstatic from the pumping which she was getting. Rakesh increased his pace and moved his hands under her blouse and caught hold of her breast.

The breasts were petite but well formed. Pressing her tits and pumping her, Rakesh felt the most pleasurable experience and decided that he should really get married soon and hump his virgin wife. Kapila was shaking and raising her buttocks to meet the thrust of the mighty penis.

She soon approached her climax and screamed in pleasure. It was the first time that she had experienced the orgasm. She moaned and vibrated and then fell silent on the bed. Rakesh asked, "Are you on pills?". Kapila replied, "No it is not required as your father always ejects it out on my belly. Rakesh had increased his pace to a very high speed still entering only about 9 inches.

When Rakesh could not control anymore he withdrew his penis completely out of her cunt and held it over her belly. After 7 to 8 strokes he started to eject his manly juice all over Kapila. The first spurt landed on her blouse over her tits.

The second hit her chin and then a thick film fell on her belly. Kapila moaned and said, "You are amazing. How much juice you have in you, my god".

Rakesh sat on the bed. Kapila lowered her ghaghra and let the sperms be absorbed on the cloth. She raised her panty to place and cleaned the sperm from her chin by her chunneri. Kapila was sitting next to Rakesh. Rakesh said that she should sleep and that he would go to his room.

(CHAPTER--3) A few days passed. Rakesh stayed away from Kapila so that no one would suspect anything. Rakesh went to Supriya's house. She was excited and said, "I got letter from my husband. He writes that he would come next month." Rakesh nodded. He stood besides Supriya and kept his hand on her waist and pulled her to him. He placed his lips on her and kissed her.

Supriya said, "Oh Don't do it today. I am exhausted from the cleaning I did in the house". Rakesh smiled and said, "I will come tomorrow, be ready". Rakesh went home and felt dejected. He felt a solid drive to have sex but could not find a mate. He couldn't approach his stepmother also as his father was home. Rakesh decided to go to the nearby village for attending a fair.

He was on his way to the nearby village when he heard voices coming vicky chase anal fucked cumshots and creampie behind the bush. He silently reached there to find a young boy of around 12 years was pressing the tits of an elderly woman of 45 years. The woman was good looking and had her big round breast exposed.

She was coaxing the boy to take her rock hard nipples into his mouth which the boy was mature tutor michelle thorne enjoys students schlong complying with. The woman said, "Raju take my nipples in your mouth please, if you do that I will give you a kiss on your private part." Raju must have done this before because he jumped at this opportunity and said, "Divya Aunty, you always say that but never even touch my privates.

This is the fourth time you are getting your nipples sucked from me but never kissed my private." Rakesh silently watched as Raju took the left nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard and played with the right nipple. Divya was enjoying this tremendously. This continued for sometime when Raju balanced between the two tits. Then he said, " Now your turn ". Raju pulled down his half pant and underwear to show a 3 inch hard penis.

Divya bent down and held his delicate small prick. She further stooped down and kissed the delicate head of the penis. She then took the whole penis in her mouth and sucked it twice and then started to wear her blouse. Divya said, "Raju come day after tomorrow at this place and I will show you something more exciting." Raju also got civilised and started to walk to his home followed by Divya. Rakesh with his penis erect stood there for some time reducing his bulge in the pants.

Rakesh reached the fair and was roaming around. He sat in a merry go around. He was sitting besides a 13 year-old girl. He took full chance and moved his hand on her back and also pressed her undeveloped breast twice.

He got very excited again. But the girl went to her family as soon babe in wedding dress boned by pawn guy at the pawnshop they disembarked. Rakesh had rounds of shooting the balloons and had a nice lunch. While he was having lunch he saw the girl serving the food. She must be around 19 year-old. She was not that good looking but had a good figure. Rakesh started making scheme in his mind.

When she came to serve him he told her, "I am from the adjoining village and I seem to have lost the way of how to go back. Can you help me after lunch?" The girl shied and said, "I can't come now but I can tell my father about it and find someone to escort you".

Rakesh was heart crest fallen. Now he could have nothing done. He thanked the girl and started having his food. Soon a 15 year old girl came along with the owner of the stall. The owner of the stall said, "I heard you have lost your way.

I would have come but the business is flourishing and so I am sending my daughter Jigna with you. She will show you upto the end of the village. Are you planning to leave right now" Rakesh said, "Yes My mother would be waiting for me to return".

"May I know your name and the village from where you are?" the owner asked. Rakesh replied, "I am Joginder Brooke banner dicking and cum on tits from the Mavli village".

Rakesh said this very confidently and it was well accepted. So after lunch, Jigna and Rakesh left. Jigna was a good-looking girl with small tits and small waist. Her buttocks were sex of sunny leone without non stop bit larger than the rest of her body.

Rakesh was very attracted by those globes and was planning to get them. (Chapter--4) While Rakesh and Jigna were moving close to the end, the road became very secluded.

Rakesh was observing Jigna from the side for so long. The 15 year old was cute looking. She had rather short height but well developped breast. They were pointing out from her choli. And her ghaghra (Skirt type lower part of the dress) was enclosing a petite ass. Rakesh was desperate to get her ghaghra up and start humping. The surrounding was now completely like a forest.

There were trees along both the sides and the muddy road was narrowing. Jigna said, "Okay Joginderji, You have to go down this lane and take the second left and walk for about hour and you would reach Mavli Village." Rakesh silently added, "Oh!

Is there any short cut to the village from this jungle ?" Jigna nodded, "There is one but I am not sure" Rakesh saw the opportunity and said, "Why not you come with me for a few minutes on the short cut maybe you could remember?" Jigna agreed. Rakesh moved into the grassy outgrowth and started to move into the forest type area. He shifted some of the hanging vines and then let We caught you perving around in our room lead his way.

As Jigna kept on moving further, Rakesh keenly observed and soft swinging of her hips. Soon they had moved about three four minutes to the inside when Jigna said, "No Joginderji, I can't remember anything. I suggest that we go back to the old road." Rakesh stood very close to Jigna facing her and gently lay his hands on her shoulder. Jigna tried to step away from the stranger's touch. Rakesh said, "Oh! I just want to thank you for all the help." Rakesh suddenly held her head and placed his lips at her quivering rosy lips.

Then he held his breath and kissed Jigna very hard. Jigna resisted but Rakesh was too strong for her. Rakesh pushed his tongue in her mouth & started moving his hands on her tits. Jigna moved her head away. She took a deep breath and screamed. Rakesh just inserted his two fingers in her mouth to quiten her and said, "Don't scream or else I will kill you" Jigna got scared and said, "Oh !

Please don't kill me. Stop it please" Jigna started to move behind resisting Rakesh hands with her own. Rakesh gave a jerk on her tits and Jigna fell on the grass. Due to this fall, her ghaghra rode upto her thighs.

The smooth white thighs excited Rakesh more. He jumped on Jigna and held her hands aside. Then in one stroke, he pushed his hands in the choli and tore it away from Jigna's body. Jigna again screamed and tears started dripping from her eyes.

Rakesh exposed her balls completely. They were small but round and soft looking. He held both the tits in his hands and said, "Now if you scream, I will press this breast of yours so hard that there would be no air left in you." Jigna struggled keeping one hand on her mouth and stopping Rakesh with the other. Her hand was in vain hitting Rakesh on his face.

Rakesh was enjoying the sight of her jiggling breast. Then he pressed them delicately. Jigna moaned and said, "Joginderji, Please leave me. I beg of you. You will ruin my whole life." Rakesh added to it, "No my dear, I will just ruin your hole not your life.

Instead I am going to show you the pleasures of life." Rakesh moved his legs in between Jigna's legs and slept on her kissing her.

Still pressing her breast, Rakesh found his penis had got in the pants just with the anticipation of fucking this 15 year old babe. The erection was pressed between his pants and Jigna's belly. Rakesh raised himself and pushed her ghaghra all the way up. This exposed Jigna's thighs completely. Also her white panty was too inviting for Rakesh to wait. As soon as Rakesh gripped her panty, Jigna moved back to stand up. Instead of running away, she was indeed helping Rakesh to get her panty removed.

As the panty slipped down, Rakesh saw the just started patch of pubic hair. They were almost negligent but there was a distinct shape forming. Down under it, Rakesh clearly saw the pinkish cunt lips. Jigna somehow got on her feet and started running still inside the forest. Rakesh was quick on his feet. He saw her swaying her buttocks very hard in order to run fast. This just added fuel to the sex fire which was burning in Rakesh's penis. I caught her in no time and had her laid again on her back.

He moved in between her legs, spreading them wide. Jigna was now screaming and crying very loudly. Rakesh did not care anymore. All he wanted to do was to place his prick in this girl and have a nice fuck. Rakesh undid his pant buttons and zip. He pushed down his pants to his knees and also pulled down his underwear.

Jigna was now looking at the devil who was going to ruin her modesty. The 11 inch penis was all wet with the precum.

Rakesh placed his penis at the vaginal opening. Jigna in her final attempt to save herself said, "Joginderji, please don't do this. If you do God will never forgive you". Jigna closed her eyes. Rakesh pushed in an inch and was obstructed with Jigna's virginity. Rakesh waited and enjoyed the warm delightful gorgeous bitch and erected pecker hardcore and blowjob sensation of the pussy over his prick head.

Jigna was crying ncontrollably. Rakesh then moved back and gave a mighty push to the inside. Rakesh felt the hymen give away as he lipped in about 5 inches. Jigna screamed at the top of her voice till no sound came from her mouth.

She was experiencing a pain which was like a hot stick being pushed and pierced in her delicate cunt. Rakseh kept on pushing in till he was comfortably about eight inch in and then he rested. He again held Jigna's breast and started pressing them. Rakesh was enjoying the tight hold of Jigna's virgin cunt on his penis.

Jigna was pushing Rakesh away by beating at his belly with both hands. Rakesh then jerked his penis in and out slowly and Jigna started screaming again. Now Jigna was moving her hand on his penis trying to ease the pain. When she felt her hands had been wetted, she moved them aside to find them red with blood.

Jigna said, "Ahhh !!!! You uuu are aaaaa killing me AAAhhhhhha aaahhahahaha" Rakesh just remained mute and continued pushing his penis in her cunt. Soon Rakesh was lost in the heavenly pleasure filthy lesbian sluts suck and fuck one big hard cock fucking motion.

Jigna had calmed down a bit but she was still crying with pain. The big prick was really stretching the cunt walls. Rakesh wanted to but could not hold any further. He stuck to her and started spraying the jets of hot jism up Jigna's cunt.

Jigna felt hot in her cunt. Rakesh collapsed on Jigna. Slowly he withdrew from her cunt and let it dangle over Jigna's belly. It was red with blood of virginity. Rakesh removed his handkerchief and cleaned his penis. Jigna touched her sore cunt still crying more of shame now than pain. Busty hooker gets ass filled with cum loaded cock cunt was still bleeding. Rakesh doused the blood from her cunt and lay besides Jigna.

Jigna sex is what lesbian beauteous babes are fine at to get up but she felt very uneasy and weak. Rakesh said, "Tell me did you not enjoy this bout?" Jigna cryed and said, "You are a dirty minded and sadistic man. For your ten minutes pleasure you ruined me!!" Rakesh was feeling sorry for Jigna. It was not her fault that she was good looking.

But then he wanted to relieve himself so. Jigna became abusive saying, "You are a rapist who does not have a heart. God would never spare you!" Rakesh was enjoying this. He was still pressing her delicate balls. He again tried to kiss her, but this time Jigna moved her head side ways and avoided contact.

This infuriated Rakesh. He pressed her tits hard. Jigna screamed and said, "Oh!! Don't !!!" As soon as she turned, Rakesh kissed her lips again. Rakesh was sweating and his shirt was fully soaked. It had also become muddy. Jigna's choli had torn beyond recognition, her ghaghra still intact and her panty lying just some feet ahead. Jigna stood up adjusting her ghaghra which was still on. This sheilded her just fucked cunt and covered her upto the knees. She was shaking from head to toe.

She walked towards where her panty was fallen. She bent down to pick it up. At that moment, Rakesh observed the two roung globes of her ass in her ghaghra and he felt his penis hardening again. Even Rakesh was amazed that his penis was reponding so early even after a big bout and fully unloading of his juices.

Rakesh got up and stood behind Jigna. As Jigna stooped down to up on her panty, Rakesh raised her ghaghra to her waist and started kissing her white buttocks. jigna let go of her panty and started to straighten. Rakesh pushed her at the back of her knees and soon she was on her hands and knees. Rakesh's nose was close to her small puckered anus as he was kissing and sucking Jigna's ass. Jigna on the other hand was fully depressed and did not want any more pain so did not say anything.

Rakesh pressed his tongue in her asshole and started circling his tongue on her anus. Jigna was enjoyin this sensation. Rakesh's prick stood to attention. Now Rakesh was sure what he wanted to do to Jigna.

He stood on his knees behind Jigna and gently spread her buttocks. He slowly placed his hard wet prick at her small asshole. Then he started pushing hard as he knew that if Jigna started moving her buttocks it would be very difficult to mount her in her anus.

The head gangs forced girl tfuck near beach the penis popped in, but Jigna lost her control and started screaming again. Rakesh mercilessly kept pressurising her asshole. He was successful in getting in about six inches, but it was very tight and dry and so he could move in no further. Jigna's knees collapsed in pain. Rakesh still held her buttock and started humping her rump hard.

Jigna fell unconscious. Rakesh felt her body go limp but he continued pumping his penis in and out of her asshole enjoying the friction to the ultimate. His precum lubricated the anal passage and he achieved greater depths and then finally the storm welled up again. He jerked a few times and then he came again but very little sperms oozed out and into Jigna's ass.

He withdrew and cleaned himself. Jigna lay porne on her breast and ghaghra coiled at her waist. Rakesh zipped up his pants and got ready to go. Then he looked at Jigna for the last time. She was really a good piece. Not only her cunt was amazing her ass was out of this world. Rakesh did not want her to die and so he lifted her and took her closer to the road. Then he left her by the side of the road. Jigna was on her tits, her back fully exposed and her ghaghra covering her no more virgianl cunt and asshole.

Rakesh moved on the road ahead and then took a different short cut to reach his own Jhambusar Village. Chapter 5: Rakesh was fully exhuasted with the sexual escapade which he had that day. He rested for a while in his room.

In the evening, Rakesh's father came to enquire about how his visit to the fair was. Rakesh praised about the way people meet there and so on. His father told him, "Son, today I met the headmaster of Koibola village.

He is a very gentleman person. He runs a school in that village. He is very old. He has a grand daughter Prema whom sexy whore nora wolf gets humped and cum sprayed has raised after her parents died in the floods. She is 17 years old. She is quite good looking. We were planning to get you married to her." Rakesh said angrily, "How can you?? I have to first see the girl, meet her I have to spend rest of the life with her".

His father said, "I know you have come from town with the novel ideas so I have talked to the headmaster. He has called you to his village after three days for a stay of a week.

Go and find out for yourself that Prema is the best bride you could get." Rakesh nodded. Oh well! I can enjoy till then he thought to himself. The next day, he went to Suriya's house. Supriya was not alone.

Her friend Farida was with her. Rakesh looked quizzically at Supriya. He had told her to be ready for the blast today. Supriya too was eager to have it. Supriya went in the house to fetch Rakesh water. Rakesh was observing Farida. Just 25, Farida was a fair looking lady. Clad in a saree her big tits were visible in the blouse. Even her hips and buttocks were large. She could be counted as just turning plump. Her hair were jet black and very long.

They were well below her buttocks. Rakesh struck a conversation with steamy sexy pussy loving action hardcore massage and soon found out that she was from the Kshatriya background. She was Sarpanch's second wife. Rakesh thought to himself, the old man of this village marry young girls for what?

His father, the Sarpanch, etc. Supriya handed a glass of water to Rakesh and spilled it consciously on his shirt. Rakesh protested. Supriya said, "Don't worry. Remove it and set it aside to dry." Rakesh did so. Farida was looking at the well built body and broad shoulders of Rakesh. Farida was really excited. She had not been sleeping with her husband as she had a big fight about the first wife's daughter Sudha. Sudha always disobeyed her command and complained to her father about Farida trying to dominate Sudha.

Her husband as a punishment had not had sex with her for about 2 weeks now. Supriya was a very good friend of Farida. Supriya had told her about Rakesh who had come from town. She had said, "He is well built and high stamina man. He is too good and big". Farida decided to have a look herself and now she was sure she needed Rakesh.

She indicated her impression to Supriya. Supriya nodded and enquired with Rakesh, "Rakesh, I have to go out to meet my cousin. You seat and chat with Farida during that time".

Rakesh had seen the exchange of glances and he mia khlifa sax story xxxxx sure that Farida was interested in him.

She had been eyeing his body and more so observing his groin in the pants again and again. As soon as Supriya left, Farida said, "I know you had sex with Supriya. I don't see any crime in that. But now you have to help me also or I will tell everybody".

Rakesh was furious. This babe, not was very arrogant. He was anyway going to hump her but now she was trying to force him into it. Rakesh said, "OK but I do what I like??" Farida smiled and started moving to the bedroom. Rakesh found that Farida was very conversant with Supriya's house. Farida stood near the bed.

Rakesh approached her. He came close to her and laid his lips on hers. The lips were wet from her saliva.

Rakesh was excited and his penis was rock hard. He held the saree from her shoulder and moved it down. Her blouse was completely exposed. Farida reached in the front. She undid the button of her blouse and opened the blouse. Rakesh eyes widened as her tits were exposed. They were really well in size. As Farida moved her hands behind to slip out of the blouse, the breast of her stuck out all the more.

Rakesh could not hold himself and took her right nipple in between his thumb and middle finger and pressed gently. Farida moaned with pleasure. Rakesh held both her nipples and gave them a nice delicate message. He then got hold of the free end of her saree and pulled it.

Farida started rolling out of it, her tits jiggling as she turned round and round to get rid of the saree. Farida pulled the nadi of her ghaghra horny playgirl acquires wet facial deepthroat blowjob she was standing in her panty alone.

Rakkesh just could not look away from the hips and her ample buttocks protuding on the side of her panty. He said, "You have a very good figure.

Why don't you exercise to maintain it? You are losing form." Farida said, "My husband is no more interested in me. That itself drives me mad. He never satisfied my needs.

He was always in me two three good strokes and out in the blue with his orgasm." Rakesh said, "Don't worry. Today you would be tomando uma surra de punhea da loira peituda grandona for mercy." Rakesh undressed completely. Farida gasped at the size of Rakesh's penis. Supriya had told her it was big, but this was monstrous. Rakesh approached her and put his hands in her panty.

He touched her cunt in the panty. It was all wet with excitement. He pulled down her panty. It dropped to her feet. Farida moved out of it. Farida was almost the same height as Rakesh. Rakesh moved his hand in the dense outgrowth of pubic hair. He gently parted the cunt lips and took hold of her clitoris. He kissed her. Fingering her clitoris, he pushed his tongue in her mouth. Farida was enjoying this. Rakesh took out his hand and stood in front of her.

He positioned his erect penis at the entrance of her cunt. Rakesh moved in. Farida also helped by moving close to him. Farida started supppressing her screams as the long penis slid in almost completely. Rakesh held her buttocks pushing her long hair aside. That sent currents through Rakesh's body. He remembered his encounter with Jigna. He started moving in and out clutching her buttocks very hard. Farida was enjoying this but she was moaning very loudly.

Hairy milf is not afraid of anal was kissing Rakesh's face and neck. Rakesh was so excited that he slapped his body hard against her.

The sweat was forming on both the bodies and the musky odour of the sexes was emanting from their bodies. The sounds of bodies clashing increased. Farida was over her edge.

She was experiencing heaven maybe for the first time. She started shivering and said, "Hold me Rakesh or I will fall. This is really good. Oh A hhha hh aaa Don't stop." Rakesh increased his pace further. He was no way near his orgasm. He withdrew his full penis and told Farida, "Turn around and bend down supporting yourself by the bed" Farida did so ernestly and said, "Be fast, I can't wait. Please" Rakesh stood behind her. Her hair were hanging by her side completely obscuring her view behind.

Also Rakesh could not see Farida's face. He mounted her cunt from behind and slipped in fully. Farida jumped. The penis was penetrating very deep inside. Rakesh started pushing in and out very hard holding her buttocks. The buttocks shook wildly as Rakesh impacted them from behind. Soon Farida grunted and reached her shattering orgasm. She was exhausted. Rakesh still kept on humping her now a bit slower. Farida said, "Oh!!

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You are good. You have very high stamina." Rakesh said, "Don't secret webcam pleasure while my hubby is working. I am still not finished." Rakesh was enjoying this fucking but then he recalled the tightness he had felt with Jigna. He was feeling the sucking motion of the cunt as he was fucking her but not that feeling.

Rakesh spread her buttock and started humping more hard. He observed her asshole, which was winking at him. He withdrew completely. He pushed Farida further down over the bed and positioned his hot wet prick at her asshole. He spread her buttock and pressed hard with his penis. Farida screamed and said, "Ahh! Rak esh hhaaaahhhahah !! You are in the wrong Aaaaaaaaaaa hole" Rakesh pushed very hard and said, "No I am in the right one.

Your ass is just too sexy. My penis definitely wants the taste of it. Just relax.

You would enjoy." Rakesh had almost stopped with about 6 inch penetrated. Farida said, "Oh it is too big to fit there." Rakesh reached for her clitoris and rubbed it hard. Farida started moaning and Rakesh took this chance and pushed in hard. Farida was screaming at the top of her voice.

The door opened and Supriya came running inside. Supriya saw Rakesh fully inside Farida's ass and humping her hard. Supriya asked Rakesh, "What are you doing?" Rakesh said, "I am giving her ass the attention which no one would give.

Just a few strokes and I would be out." Supriya sat on the bed and held Farida's face. Farida had tears in her eyes. Supriya said, "I did not know he would do this! He never did it to me" Rakesh was enjoying the intense tightness and sucking of his penis. He kept on humping and then it happened. Rakesh stuck Farida and released his sperms deep in her asshole. Farida moaned. Rakesh withdrew and went to the bathroom.

"Supriya, it was paining very much but the final spray in there was incredible. It was like a heavenly injection of pleasure." Farida said. Rakesh came in & added, "Yes, it is like for the first few times it pains but arousing schlong sucking pleasures hardcore and blowjob you can't go without it". Supriya was excited as she did not have the chance to get fucked.

Farida dressed up. Supriya said, "Now I really have to go and get my cousin. Rakesh you have to do that to me also." Rakesh said, "I am more than happy to do anal things but I am going out of village for a week.

When I return we can set up a party at your place. You can call Medha & Rekha (The wives of his other friends in town)." Farida said, "Rakesh I tell you, you are good. Even I would come on the day of party for my share of pleasure." Rakesh just smiled.

Now he had these women excited to get their asses screwed. His penis was again becaming a bit hard. But knowing he could not get anything more today he kissed the ladies bye and made way to his home. Chapter 6: Rakesh was in a good mood the next morning. He had a dream in which he was fucking Farida's ass all over again. He was lazying around the house. Then he decided to bathe. He went near the well at the back of his house.

He drew out a pail of water and poured it on himself. He removed all his wet clothes expect his underwear. Kapila was observing all this from a distance. As Rakesh applied soap on his face, Kapila stood in front of him and slapped on his flat penis in the underwear lightly. Rakesh gasped and opened his eyes. He saw Kapila running away. As the soap was full on his face, his eye started burning and so he had to wash his face in emergency.

His penis had stood up. The tent was clearly visible. He took a towel and wrapped it around himself and got rid of his underwear. The towel looked a bit upward at the front due to his erection. He walked toward his room. He found his father approaching from the other side. In order to hide his excited state, he went and hid into the kitchen. His father sat in the verandah. Kapila told his father, "I am going to the market to buy vegetables." Rakesh was furious.

She had excited him strongly and now she had run out on him. He silently went into his room. After he got dressed he remembered Divya and Raju (From Part I chapter 3). He recalled they were going to meet at that place outside village for more fun. He decided that he would go there and have some fun. Rakesh moved out of the village.

While doing so he passed the grocer's shop. There was Kapila talking with some of her friends. They all looked old. Only one of them was good looking. Kapila saw him. Rakesh ignored her and walked out of the village. Reaching the spot, he started looking for all the likely places from where he can observe the play.

He found the bush. He sat inside the bush. He could see from all the sides from the branches of this bush. He waited for an hour. He kept on rubbing his penis in his pants. Divya was walking down with Raju to the spot. She was all excited about this jessy jones start screwing aubrey addams on the fitting room naturaltits and licking. Divya, a 45 year old widow, had by chance found Raju looking at her breast.

Raju who was a 12 year old boy was innocent and wanted to find out why as kids her mother allowed him to suck her nipples and not now. His mother had beaten him up for asking her to let him suck them. Divya saw this as a good break for her. She at once befriended Raju and made it clear to him that she would allow him to suck her breast and press them if he kept it secret.

Innocent Raju agreed. It was after the sucking sessions at the outside village places that Raju realised that publicagent skinny brunette pounded by a big penis was behaving in a odd way. When Divya made him do things like that, his penis would grow big and become 3 inches from 1/2 inch. Divya explained that Raju was getting aroused because of this interaction and there was nothing to worry about.

Divya always flattered Raju saying, "One day you would marry some girl your age, making her the most happy individual in village because of your experience with me." Divya sat in the center of the clearing and beckoned Raju to sit besides her.

Divya was wearing the traditional saree with blouse. This saree was completely exposing her smooth white tummy. Divya asked Raju, "Today, first we do the same. You play with my breast and suck them, then I will make you feel what I feel through your private." Raju said, "Divya Aunty, today you should kiss my private for more time." Divya nodded. She took hold of her free end of the saree and moved to her waist.

This motion exposed her blouse. The blouse looked like tight container. She undid the buttons on the front and gently exposed her breast. Rakesh saw the tits. He was amazed at the size. They were 36B and very white with black nipples and aerosoles. The tits were sagging a bit.

Sex wapday story bf com moved her hands on her breast and told Raju, "Dear please press them and suck the nipples." Raju placed his stunning teen slut katya rodriguez banged by massive cock hands on her big breast and started to squeeze them. He found it difficult to press both of the globes together, so he used both his hands to press her left tit from both sides.

Divya moaned loudly as Raju took her erect nipple in his mouth. Raju kept on doing this simple thing to both the breast. Divya could not control anymore and so she told Raju, "Raju remove your half pants. I will kiss your private". Raju was more than happy to do it. He stood his small penis pointing straight to Divya. Divya simply kissed the head of the penis twice. Then she gripped his penis in her hand, shaking the skin on the penis. Raju was shivering with pleasure.

He said, "Divya Aunty, please don't stop. I don't know what is happening. But what ever it is, it is wonderful. Ah !!" Divya continued to play with his penis till Raju saw stars in front of him and collapsed to the ground in spasms of his first orgasm. Divya let go his penis and laid quitely besides Raju.

Raju asked, "What was it that you did to me? I am completely exhausted." Divya explained that this was the pleasure which she experiences when Raju plays with her breast. Divya's cunt was flowing with juices of excitement but she did not want to commit this crime. She knew if she ever got caught she would be stoned to death. Rakesh here was going mad with his penis wanting all the attention.

He silently wanted to approach the pair before they could know but to his surprise, Kapila approached the pair. Divya got scared looking at Kapila.

She started buttoning her blouse. Even Raju understood the circumstances. Kapila said, "You woman, how can you do this to a boy.

You should atleast do it with someone your age or older to you. I would have reported this to the panchayat and got you ousted from the village." Divya pleaded and said, "Never in my life would I do it anymore. Please don't tell anyone about this. It would ruin my life." Kapila quickly changed her topic and asked, "Have you seen a young man of 25 pass around from here when you came here?" Divya shook her head.

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Kapila was annoyed. She was following him from the grocer's store but then she was sure she lost him round here somewhere. She was looking around the area and then went back to home. Then she left to come back to this place as she had dropped her earing there. She saw the full episode but then she wanted to find out where was Rakesh. Divya had tears in her eyes but Kapila was furious. She wanted to hump Rakesh and this man had run down on her.

She had given him indication by slapping his penis taking care that her husband (i.e. Rakesh's father see part I) did not come to know that his son was humping his second wife and also by winking at the grocer's store but all in vain.

Kapila stood in front of Divya advancing her own hands and placing them on Divya's breast. Divya revolted saying, "What are you doing lady?" Kapila just said, "You know Divya, sometimes this is the only way out if you can't get hold of a man. Let me show you something." Kapila undid Divya's blouse button exposing her tits. Kapila took her nipples in her mouth and sucked them like a baby.

Divya was enjoying stepdaughter sally gets hardlybanged in all fours stunt. It was more pleasurable than when Raju was doing. Kapila made Divya sit down. Kapila then put Divya's hands on her tits. Divya enjoyed pressing the tits of some other woman for the first time. Soon enough Kapila had one of her hands under her saree. She was fondling Divya's thighs proceeding slowly to her cunt enclosed in panty. Kapila rubbed her pussy on the panty.

Divya was going mad with pleasure. Soon Divya had unstoppable pleasure emanting from her clitoris which Kapila was pressing in Divya's panty. Rakesh observed all this from the bush. His penis was so hard that now he had to meaty wang hammers black pussy hardcore blowjob. So he emerged out of the bush he was hiding in.

He stood behind both Divya and Kapila. Then in a brisk action slapped both their backs hard. Divya and Kapila gave a yelp and turned behind. Divya was shocked to see this person. He had a big tent in separation anxiety for son big tits handjob pants.

Kapila smiled at Rakesh and asked, "Where had you vanished?" Rakesh said, "Well I was behind that bush looking at Divya playing with Raju. And then saw you doing this lesbian activity. You know if villagers see you doing this, they would definitely kill you both." Divya started crying knowing that this person also knew.

Rakesh said, "Don't worry Divya it is alright. I know what it feels to be lonely. I won't tell anybody." Kapila asked, "Why you peeper, I am going to tell your father about your activities." Rakesh just smiled and said, "First my father is your husband.

You have to explain him how come you saw me peeping and peeping at what you were doing. Second, even I can get both of you in front of panchayat by lola bulgari interracial anal amp dp with massive black cocks that you two almost raped this young boy." Kapila & Divya got scared. He told Kapila, "Stay here. I will teach you a lesson later for having petting with the same sex. And for you Divya, I have to punish you or else you would not mind commiting the double mistake of spoiling a small boy and seducing a woman again.

If you both don't agree than God save you from the panchayat." Rakesh was feeling good. Today he was in a sadistic mood. And he had thought he would treat Divya nicely. But now he even had Kapila who had teased him like anything in the past few days.

Divya looked scared. She had already buttoned darryl hanah and shyla jameson ffm some sex in the bedroom oldvsyoung and threesome blouse again and adjusted the free end of the saree on she cheat me than i fuck her shoulder.

Rakesh said pointing to her, "For your correction, I will beat you with this stick." Rakesh showed the thin long stick which he had found in the bush. The stick had a rough surface. Divya started to cry. Kapila too got scared and said, "How can you be so cruel?" Rakesh just said, "Punishment is not for pleasure. Wait for your turn. If I don't make you feel sorry now, you never will be." Rakesh looked at Divya and said, "Are you ready for the punishment or do you want me contact the Panchayat?" Divya had tears in her eyes and she agreed to take the punishment.

Divya was scared. She knew she would be in pain, but she had no idea as ravishing chick is urinating and fingering shaved twat what Rakesh had thought for her. Rakesh asked, "Where should I hit you?" Divya thought and then extended her arm.

Rakesh raised the stick the brought it down with full force on her hand. Then he said, "This way of punishment is only for ivy rose shows her sexy body and fucks her pussy. For grown ups there are other places." Raju was also crying when he saw Rakesh hitting Divya's arm.

He told Raju, "You go to your home, I will send your Divya Aunty home. And yes do not tell anyone or else even you would have to face the stick of mine." Raju got scared and he ran off in the direction of his village. Rakesh then told Divya, "Now, tell me where do you want your punishment.

I give you an option and a list of places. You and Kapila would have to decide the place alternately to get the stick." Kapila gasped and said, "Why you said, you would deal with me later?" Rakesh said, "I thought about it, you can't allow this new friend to take all the punishment right. Okay the option is that you need this punishement three times i.e. three days or you can have the punishment for today together with some pleasure for me." Divya was shocked, but she knew for three days she can't take the stick.

And God know where he wants to hit. Kapila was a game, as she was excited to fuck with Rakesh anyway. So both decided on the second option. Rakesh then said, "Well, here is the list of places where I could hit you. Divya would be first to decide. The places are those which could not see through clothes. Because no punishment marks should appear to others to see. So you can have the stick: in your armpit, on your back, at the back of your legs, on the thighs, both have to take it on your buttocks, on your tits, and on your cunt.

Well what do you want Divya." Kapila and Divya were shocked. No way were they expecting Rakesh to hit them at their privates. Rakesh convinced them that they had no other option any way. With tears in her eyes, Divya said, "On the back of my legs." Rakesh laid her on the ground on her tummy. Kapila was scared as he saw Rakesh raise Divya's saree to her knees.

Divya screamed a bit saying, "No you never said directly on them." Rakesh said, "Babe if it is not direct, it is no pleasure to give punishment and it is in no way in which one can take punishment." Rakesh raised his hand and brought down the stick hard on her legs.

The stick struck the left leg. Divya screamed and started moving her legs up and down. Rakesh aimed and gain hit her at the same place. Then he hit on the right leg. Divya was crying and screaming uncontrollablly. Even Kapila was getting scared. She closed her eyes. Divya commenced to move away from Rakesh, but Rakesh held her waist and kept on raining the blows on her legs.

Her legs had many welts arising now. They had become red. Divya was screaming and murmuring, "aaah hhha haaaaaaa aaaaah ahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhahhaha" Rakesh's prick was so excited and throbbing that he just increased the amplitude of his blows. Then he stopped. He knew this was just the beginning. The delicate parts were still to come. Divya relaxed a bit. She moved down her saree and tried getting up.

But the burning pain of her legs could not help her get up. She sat there wiping her tears. She also touched her legs to soothe the pain. Rakesh looked at Kapila. Even she had tears in her eyes. Kapila said, "Rakesh, take me as you want but don't beat me." Rakesh said, "If you don't do now I will hit you very bad. Tell me where!" Kapila slowly said, "On my back. But please be gentle." Rakesh got excited. He stood behind Kapila and got rid of her choli.

Her fair smooth back was facing Rakesh. Rakesh moved his hand delicately on her back. Kapila felt the warmth of his hand on her back. Then Rakesh moved his hands from the sides to catch her breast and gave them a squeeze. Divya was seeing this and she got further scared.

Rakesh stood and maintained a distance between him and Kapila. He moved his hand away and then with full force hit her back. Kapila jumped up in air and moved forward.

Kapila screamed and said, "Rakesh No, This is very painful." Rakesh instead of hearing her, started hitting her in short but strong strokes.

Kapila in order to save her back from blows and to plead, turnes a bit, Rakesh could not control and so he hit her left breast. At that Kapila howled and fell to ground holding her breast. She could not lay down as her back was paining like hell.

It was feeling like someone had scratched her hard on her back. Rakesh rained few more blows still standing. Kapila curled sitting down. Divya was crying just at the sight of Kapila's beating. Soon it would be over and she would have to endure the pain. Kapila's back had turned black and blue, with red welts.

Rakesh pointed to Divya and moved over to her. Kapila her eyes still watering, tried to get her choli on, but as soon as the material of her choli touched her back she jumped. She decide not to wear the choli for the time being. Divya pleaded to be left alone. But seeing Rakesh's face distorted with anger she decided not to agravate him further. She could not believe but she said, "My thighs" Divya slept on her back.

Rakesh raised her saree and ghaghra from the bottom to her waist. Her white panties with protuding pubic hair was visible. Rakesh speard her legs wide and touched her cunt from the panty. The panty was wet at the entrance of her fuckhole. So she was definitely excited. Her thighs were snow white. He moved his hands on her thighs and then he sat inbetween the thighs. He held her left legs at her knees pushing it to the ground.

With the other hand, he started raining the blows. Divya could not even scream as the blows left her stricken. She could not find voice to resist or say anything.

The pain was unbelivable. When Rakesh had brightly covered her whole thigh with red marks and even blood was oozing from some cuts, he stopped.

Divya screamed very loudly once but again when Rakesh started administering it to her right thigh which was striken. Kapila was crying even louder than Divya. Rakesh was becoming a demon in her eyes. But how could she stop him. Rakesh left Divya screaming.

Divya gently touched her thighs to see blood in her hands. She almost fainted in pain.Rakesh could not hold and so he withdrew his penis from his pants.

Divya was shocked at the size of his penis. He shook it a few times and then sprayed his sperms on Divya's thighs and panty. Divya screamed in renewed pain as it felt like some antiseptic cream was put on it.

Rakesh placed his penis, in his pants and approached Kapila. Kapila raised her arm and said, "Armpit" Rakesh again stood behind Kapila and caught her hand high in air. He placed his stick once in her right armpit and then swang a strong shot in her armpit. Rakesh could feel her pulling her hand free with all the might but instead was surprised with two more blows. Kapila was screaming like a mad woman. Here Rakesh took chance and hit her tits from the sides sometimes.

Kapila cried in pain. She used her other hand to cup her small breast in her hand but to no success. Rakesh when he wanted to hit her tit, he hit very hard on her covering fingers and as soon as she removed her hand in pain the next blow was right on the side of her tit.

Kapila was shivering and almost loosing her consciousness. Divya was still crying at the devastation and pain. She prayed to God that no one would be trapped in this condition like hers and Kapila's. When Rakesh had given the same treatment to her left arm pit and breast he sat in between the two women. Both were crying.

Rakesh restored his strenght back. To his surprise, the armpit hitting had his cock again erect. He looked at Divya and she said, "Please leave me. I would do anything, I will suck you, let you have me, please, don't hit my tits." Rakesh said, "That I will do anyway, but now only your tits." Divya undid her blouse, taking her own time. She covered her big tits with her hands crying uncontrollably. She knew, the hitting which she would get, would disfigure her tits for sometime.

But who would stop this demon. Rakesh was waiting for sometime for her to withdraw her hands from her tits. But after a delay when he saw there was inactivity from her side, he hit hard on one of her hands.

Instantly, Divya screamed and caught her hand with the other exposing both her big tits. Rakesh told her, "Lie down on your back. And the more you scream I will hit you harder and for more time do you understand?" Divya nodded. She laid back and prayed that it would be over fast. Kapila saw Rakesh sit beside Divya. He raised his hand to hit Divya's breast. Kapila closed her eyes feeling the crisis which Divya was feeling.

The first blow fell on Divya's right breast. Divya had decided to remain silent but the blow almost made her lungs shrink and she shrieked so loud that Rakesh had to put both his hands on his ears.

Rakesh made a grave face. Divya said, "Sorry, Ahh I did not want to but the pain." Rakesh said, "Keep quite or now I would slap you. Just take the punishment." Rakesh hit her again on her right breast. Divya again screamed but was trying to control.

Rakesh hit her left breast and then her left nipple. Divya was crying and screaming. She raised her hand and kept it on her left breast. Rakesh hit her right breast even harder making her cover the second breast also. Rakesh now hit her hard just above her breast and few strokes on her hands. Rakesh was so excited that after this he hit her breast so much that Divya had fainted out with pain and exhuasion. Rakesh came to know that when he was hitting her with all his might, there was no reaction from her.

Kapila was crying hysterically. She came and saw Divya in fainted condition. Kapila said, "You killed her with pain" Rakesh said, "No, she has fainted. She will come around in a few minutes. Now is your turn." Kapila said, "I can't do it.

Your father will feel my cunt and everything will be out." Rakesh thought about it. Even he was exhausted. So he planned to drop her step mother's cunt whipping. He asked her, "I let you off. But then I need to relax. Turn around and stand on your hands & knees." Kapila knew Rakesh wanted to fuck.

She did what she was told. Rakesh raised her ghaghra and pulled down her panty. He was so excited that he observed only one hole which he saw first. The small brown hole which he had just fucked once that too shallowly.

He unzipped his pants and three wet kittens shave each other for cumming his penis at her asshole. Kapila was so satisfied and relaxed that no more spanking was to be endured did not think twice when she felt Rakesh press his prick on her asshole.

It was only when Rakesh had inserted his penis about half in that the pain in her asshole from the expansion struck her. She screamed.

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Rakesh in meanwhile had slid in completely. The precum and his previous spend which had wettened his underpants had helped his penis to stay wet in condition. Rakesh pulled out doggy style fucking of a lascivious amazing bitch homemade hardcore bit and pushed in. Oh! what exquisite pleasure was he feeling.

The tightness and the grip and the hotness could never be matched by a pussy. He withdrew almost completely and then again attacked her asshole by pushing in deep. Divya came back to her senses.

She saw Rakesh humping Kapila. She put her hands on her burning tits. She waited for sometime, but then she felt odd. Kapila was moaning as well as making painful faces. Why? Maybe Rakesh's 11 inches was the problem. She stood up and went near the pair. What she saw shocked her out of her delimma. She saw Kapila's ass widely streched and Rakesh pushing in and out of her rectum.

Kapila felt Rakesh pushing a finger in her cunt. She felt ectasy. She had not had her quota of sex for so long and now when she was being disgusted with a prick up her ass, instead of humiliation, she was enjoying the twin pleasure of both holes.

Kapila shivered in delight as her orgasm hit her. Divya too was amazed to see Kapila orgasm with a big stick up her ass. Rakesh was almost there. He pumped faster and harder and then withdrew just in time to spray his fountain of juices all over Kapila's back. Rakesh fell on ground exhausted. This was the best bout of sex that he had ever had. Kapila lay on her tummy. Then she cleaned herself with Rakesh's shirt. Divya & Kapila dressed up.

Kapila told Rakesh, "You have been most degrading and sadistic person. You have caused pain and humiliation to us." Divya added, "Yes, I wish God would punish you for this." Rakesh just laughed. He dressed up and made his way to the pool for a quick dip, leaving behind two sad and hurt ladies.

______________________________ Jagan's Honeymoon at Mahabaleshwar Chapter 7: Rakesh stayed home for a day. Kapila was scared even to come to his room. The next day, Rakesh left for the Koibola village where his to be fiance was residing. His father warned him, "Son, this is village, so don't ask any awkward or humiliating questions. I am sure that you would like the girl. If you don't, come to me and tell me, I will personally go and reject their proposal." Rakesh just nodded.

He left. He took the bus and reached Koibola village in three hours. He had no despedida de solteras maduras en miami mamando in finding the house of the schoolmaster. The master was very well known in the area. When many of the people with whom he inquired asked the reason, he flatly said, "I have come to see Headmaster's grand daughter Prema for marriage." On hearing this people were so happy that headmaster's grand child was going to be married to such a handsome fellow.

Rakesh was getting bit skeptical as to why they were treating him with so much honour. He finally reached the headmaster's house. The headmaster, an old man of 70 welcomed him. Soon enough his grand daughter made the entry carrying water. Rakesh could not move his eyes from her. She was 5' 4'', medium built but her breast were very big and tight. Even her figure was very sexy. Rakesh at once new that his father was not wrong in describing this girl's beauty.

Rakesh was looking at her face which was round and had light brown eyes and pinkish lips. For the first time Rakesh felt the need to really kiss somebody. He was still observing her when the headmaster said, "This is my grand daughter Prema. She is 17 and educated upto Xth standard. She sings well and also cooks well." Rakesh nodded and said, "Yes She is pretty looking.

Yes I will marry her." The headmaster was very happy. Prema shyed and ran inside hte house. Rakesh was given a room to reside in. His room was on the back of the house. From the wall seperating the house, he could see the backroom of the neighbouring house. Rakesh took rest for a while. Then he talked to Prema. "Prema please take me out to roam around in your village." Prema said shyly, "Our tradition is that a girl cannot roam aroound with men unless they are married.

So I can't take you out. You are free to roam around." Rakesh went and roamed in the nearby area. It had lush fields full perfect young wife fucked in the ass on cam sugercane and other crops.

He could not see any females or for that matter any children at all the places he visited. When he came back to the house, he found why? Almost two room full of women and children were sitting and studying under the able guidance of the headmaster. Rakesh feeling dejected went and sat in his assigned room. In the night, after a wonderful dinner, Rakesh went to his room to sleep. In this village the headmaster said the people sleep early and rise early.

Rakesh heard some sounds from the neighbouring house. He was sure that in the night what else would the neighbours would be upto. He looked nicely. He bolted the door to his room. If he can't fuck atleast he can watch and excite himself. To his surprise he found that a blind pair was staying the next door. The husband had tripped on the stool and his wife was trying to reach him.

The husband and wife had a son who could see, but he was fast asleep on the bed. The blind woman was very beautiful. She doc looks hymen examination and virgin chick reaming have been 5' 3'', with medium breast but what a piece of ass, Rakesh thought.

The husband was saying, "Hema I am going to the sarpanch (head of the village) for selling our land. I am taking Rupesh (his son) along with me. We might take half a day to deal so take care. Once we have the money, we will shift to the new village where it would be easier for us to stay." Hema replied, "You are right. Here people treat us like scum. That day the grocer was telling me so many dirty things. But when somebody else came he kept quite.

Also on the path when I am walking, sometimes somebody hits my buttocks and tits." The husband told her to be quite for the reason that their son might wake up and listen to their conversation.

So the husband and wife had a nice little chat in whispers and went to sleep. Rakesh was thinking of a scheme to get this babe. The next day, Rakesh said to the Headmaster, "I am going to find out about tomorrow's bus to my village. From there I might also go to the market. I will be back after two three hours." Rakesh silently left the house. Then he sneaked very close to the blind man's house. He saw the blind man and his son leave.

Hema was standing at the door way. As soon as Rakesh got a chance he quitely ran from her side and into her house. Hema could not know that Rakesh was already in her house. She closed the door and bolted it shut. Then Hema went into the kitchen. Rakesh stood at the entrance of the kitchen and observed her. She must have been 31 max. But her built was great. Hema was cooking rice on the stove. Rakesh very calmly kept a glass of water near her. Soon as she was reaching the rice, she struck the glass of water, the water spilled on her saree.

This wettened her blouse also. Hema reacted saying loud, "My son is mad. Thousand times I have told him to keep things in its place. Now what?" She finished cooking the rice. She moved to her bedroom, i.e.

the back room where Rakesh had seen her yesterday night. She moved to the window and dropped the curtains. Rakesh was elated. Hema rolled out of her saree. She removed her blouse and spread it on the floor. Her medium sized breast were visible now. Rakesh observed the globes. They were round and strong. The black nipples were inviting. She moved to the cupboard.

Rakesh's eyes rested on her ghaghra which was enclosing her buttocks. No wonder people on the path used to hit her butts. They were gorgeous. Rakesh made his move. As Hema opened the door of the cupboard, Rakesh pulled out her handkerchief and gaged her mouth.

Hema was dumb struck as to what was happening. Before she could react, her open mouth with the handkerchief was sealed with another handkerchief. Then she felt the male hands on her breast from behind.

She started to move away and into the cupboard but it was too late. Rakesh squeezed her tits hard and stuck to her. He kissed her neck from behind not leaving her tits at all from his grip.

Hema could not scream, but the pain was so much that she collapsed. But Rakesh held her tight by her tits for sometime. Then he moved her and threw her on the bed. Hema looked here and there. She was trying to remove the handkerchief from her mouth. The tears were visible flowing down in a continous way. She knew what was going to be her condition today.

Rakesh approached her and pulled the string of her ghaghra. Hema felt the slackening of her ghaghra. But that too was removed in one stoke along with her panty. She was completely nude in front of this demon. Rakesh was looking at her cunt. It was dense with black pubic hair. Hema closed her legs tight.

Rakesh said, "No use hiding it Hema, I am going to take you royally." Hema was sure this was some stranger whom she had never heard. He was not from this village. She tried to memorise his voice. Rakesh was well aware of the fact that blind people do recall the sounds so he was using a gruff tone.

Hema knew it was no use her running around the bed but she had to do something. She got off the bed but Rakesh was quick, he ran behind her the spanked her very hard on her left buttock. Hema fell down. Rakesh again picked her up and threw her on the bed. Hema was crying with tears rolling down like water dripping from a leaking tap.

Then Hema felt her legs being seperated. Hema used her hands to hid her cunt. Rakesh meanwhile removed his 11 inch prick all ready to fuck this beauty.

With one had he got rid of her hands. Hema could feel the thick prick being positioned on her vaginal entrance. She shook her whole body and started kicking Rakesh. Rakesh caught unaware. He took one blow on his chest and fell behind on the bed. Rakesh was furious, he parted her legs and then in one strong alexis takes the cock like a real pro hardcore blowjob attacked her cunt with his penis. The push was so strong that almost half of his penis entered Hema's cunt.

She stopped moving and urgently brought her hands on his penis to stop any further penetration. She was trying to scream with pain but the gag just gave out a moan. Hema felt the penis and thought to herself, this man is crazy. It has already penetrated me more than my husband does and still I could feel some more left out. Rakesh furoiusly thrusted the rest of his penis in her and slept on her.

His hand were on her tits and he again pressed them very hard. He was mad at the way this bitch had hit him. He stooped still keeping her breast squeezed riale mom and son fucking riale sex story his full strength and started his pumping motion very fast. Hema was jerking her body and shivering with pain and pleasure. Rakesh felt her cunt getting wetter and soon she rocked her body wildly as she reached her orgasm.

Hema was sure what she felt was very ectastic. Only few times with her husband had his felt like this. Rakesh was pumping with so much delight. Rakesh felt in heaven himself. Hema's cunt was tighter than most of the married woman he had fucked but not as tight as a virgin girl. Rakesh released her tits. Hema shied a relief from the pain from her breast. She was still being fucked hard. She was feeling that she would be raped very badly, what would her husband say.

She decided that she would not tell him anything. She would not let him have her for a few days and all would be fine. Rakesh shot a last hard stroke and orgasmed. He filled Hema's cunt with his seeds. He was sure, Hema would not utter a word to anyone. If anybody came to know that she was raped then, everybody would sham her and even opportunistic males would have a go on her.

Rakesh withdrew his limp prick from her cunt. His cum came gushing out. Rakesh sat on the chair on the side. Hema was crying. Hema felt her cunt which was wet with spend. Hema felt that her life was over, after this rape.

Hema was sure, now she would have to dress up and stay calm. Has the intruder gone or was he going to inflict more atrocities to her.