Would you like to fuck my face

Would you like to fuck my face
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Gill is now a the perfect cuckolds wife, starting with her own lover she has progressed to having sex as one nigh stands for us both to enjoy. We took a trip to Palamos in Northern Spain recently, it was business but she came along to have a few days away.

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Palamos is still a port and although there is a tourist sleeping xxx story cina sister story it still has the sleazy side that comes with visiting sailors. We were staying in a good hotel and at the bar I met another Englishman who knew the town well, he told me that he visited a Whiskeria in the town when he felt like a good time.

I asked him what that was and he said they were dimly lit bars where hookers hang out controlled by the owner, as he was known to them he was never ripped off so used it often.

He asked if I wanted to go with him but I said I was with my wife on this trip so were women allowed? His eyebrows raised, " Well yes, but few and far between, why, would you take her? I told him she was quite a woman of the world and would probably enjoy it.

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Back in my room I told Gill about the Whiskeria and would she go with me, "OK, why not, it sounds intriguing" I rang through to my new buddy and said we would love to go, we arranged for the following evening. "What shall I wear" we were getting ready the following night.

I asked if she had her tight little black skirt that she wore when she picked up her first guy at the Heathrow Hotel, " Yes I do, I thought you might like me in that one night" she dressed in that and a red Lycra top she has big nipples and they were forcing themselves out through the tight material.

Let's go I said, proud of how she looked. I arranged to meet Adrian at 10pm in the Hotel bar, when we arrived he was with another guy, " Evening Dan this is Craig a friend of mine and this must be Gill" he kissed Gill on the cheek and so did Craig. " Do you mind if we go as a four" of course not I replied and we left.

The inside of the Wiskeria was really dark with small round tables spread around. There were a few people in ( I was told it got busier after midnight).

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We sat down and a big breasted young woman came to take our order, it soon became obvious that Gill was creating interest, but not necessarily positive as the few hookers in there were obviously wondering if she was taking their business!!

Adrian put the owner straight about her being my wife and it all turned friendly, two girls came and sat on the lap of my two new friends and a few more drinks were ordered. The protocol was that you took them upstairs for sex after a few drinks but because we were together Adrian said we were paying high prices for the drinks as they would not be going up that night.

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" Hey mate I don't want to spoil your fun" I found myself saying " Maybe I can make it up to you" Adrian had no idea what I was thinking, I realised I wanted them to have Gill that night not the hookers. As soon as I had a chance I told Gill what I was thinking and would she play along, as usual my brilliant wife said "Yes" The evening progressed and bit by bit her flirting resulted in Craig's hand secretly finding it's way to her inner thigh, eventually Adrian noticed and looked enquiringly at me, I just shrugged as if to say "It's fine" everything was set so after settling our bill we all returned arm in arm back to the Hotel.

Of course drinks in our room were offered and accepted, Gill then took over " I have often fantasised about being a hooker" she said and giggling asked if she could try it out with two experienced men of the world.

She moved over to Adrian first and sat on his lap facing him with her legs wide apart and her skirt riding above her hold up stockings exposing her bare flesh, she sank her red lips straight onto his and kissed him deeply, his hands went round her ass as he pulled her against his cock which I guess was growing fast. She looked over her shoulder and looked so sexily at Craig "Are you going to let him have all the fun?" Craig looked at me, " If she wants you it's fine with me, give her what she deserves" Craig was now stood behind her his pants being dropped and his stiff cock exposed, he pulled her wavy blonde hair back and turned her mouth towards it.

" Suck it you bitch" he was sexually aggressive and that instantly turned Gill on, her mouth opened and his cock was inside it, holding her hair he started to fuck her mouth while Adrian was inside her panties finger fucking her. They pulled her to the bed both stripping completely "Leave mine on I want you to fuck me as I am" with Craig on the bed his cock in the air she continued sucking it while Adrian parted her legs and buried his thick stubby cock into her juicy pussy, he fucked her hard while Craig continued the verbal degrading of my wife calling her every dirty name under the sun as his cock was being rammed down her throat with the pounding back and forward she was receiving from behind.

They swapped over how she got that thick cock of Adrian's in her pussy never mind her mouth but there she was sucking and licking the big head and his enormous balls.

Craig stood behind, his was a more normal size " Fuck me Dan this pussy is so juiced up I can lubricate her ass with it, if you don't mind?" I just nodded and the witnessed my wife's ass being juiced and bit by bit a relative strangers cock easing into her ass until it was gone.

I have never seen Gill go so wild she nearly passed out with her orgasms as Craig started to fuck her ass with real rhythm. it increased and I could see he was going to ejaculate into her, the rhythm increased and there in front of me this man was gripping my wife's waist and ramming his cock into it's cum spurting finale, she was almost screaming and was sucking the bedclothes to muffle the sound.

The moment came and the screwed up face and desperate, unbearable sensations of a climax were written all over Craig as he pumped my wife's ass with his juice. Before she could recover Adrian spun her over and took her missionary with her legs high above him, he pounded her pussy to his climax leaving her full of cum for me.

The night ended there and we soon in bed together, I was shocked after witnessing it but Gill said that lots of men loved rough sex and she was used to it!! I asked her to suck and swallow the huge amount xx story ebony film star herheroine cum I knew was in my balls, it took seconds only and ryan driller with teen girl both curled up and slept fucking a 100 cm mini sex doll mouth, in the morning I was so horny and ready for her and she obliged, as I rode her used pussy she kept whispering about her two 'clients' from the night before and how well they had serviced her.

We did see them again before we left but that is a story still to be told.