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Flawless hottie is revealing her spread narrow crack in close up
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Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any rights to the Inuyasha series. Kagome was lying in her sleeping bag on the ground, staring blankly into the fire. She couldn't get herself amazing ebony lesbians skyler nicole and monice rae playing with a dil sleep no matter how hard she tried. Kagome sighed softly to herself, all she could think about was Inuyasha and where he might be.

It had been this way since she had first met him every full moon he'd leave their group for the night and wouldn't return until morning. What made it worse was that he never explained why he would. Kagome knew it wasn't because he was looking for Kikyo. At least she hoped that wasn't the case since she and Inuyasha had admitted their love for one another.

And if he was looking for Kikyo, why was it every full moon? She stayed where she was, her eyes wandering over at her friends; they were all asleep. She wished that she could do the same.

She let out a soft aggravated sigh and stood up. She decided to try and find Inuyasha. She needed to know why he would always disappear without an explanation.

Being careful not to wake the others, she tip-toed quietly off into the neighboring forest. Kagome walked along, keeping an eye out for any dangerous demons. She realized that it might have been a smart idea to bring along her bow and arrows. "Inuyasha?" She called out, then growing quiet as she listened for a response.

She called his name a few more times as she walked deeper into the forest. She huffed growing more frustrated and worried about him. 'Where could he be?' She wondered quietly. She continued walking, stopping and looking around every time she heard the leaves so much as rustle in the trees and bushes around her from the wind. "It's so eerily quiet." She said quietly to herself. Right skinny tali pleasures a throbbing meat pole she had finished her sentence she felt strong arms grab her from behind.

Kagome gasped and managed to pull herself away. She quickly turned around and found herself standing in front of Inuyasha. Only the whites of his eyes were gone red. His irises instead of their usual honey-golden were piercing ice blue. And the light purple marks were on his cheeks. Kagome slowly took a step back when she noticed the smirk on his lips, which also exposed his fangs which had grown longer. "Inuyasha…what's wrong?

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Where's Tetsusaiga?" She asked, her voice soft, trying to not tip Inuyasha off that she was a little scared. Just like all the other times he had been transformed into a full fledged demon. "Tetsusaiga doesn't affect me on nights of the full moon," He chuckled lowly. His voice and laugh lower than usual. More menacing.

"I told you to never come after me Kagome," He said as his laughter stopped, his eyes never leaving her's. "Inuyasha snap out of it," Kagome said, wanting to step forward but she couldn't, not with the look he had in his eyes. Inuyasha only looked at her, "I'm in breathtaking slim girl gets her yummy pussy and tiny anal plowed of my demon…just not of his needs. I'm not going to kill you." Inuyasha quickly had Kagome pinned against a near tree, keeping her arms above her head with one of his hands.

Kagome tried pulling away from him, "Inuyasha stop this! This isn't you." Inuyasha tipped his head to her neck, "Oh but it is…I'm not going to hurt you, Kagome. I won't let him go that far." He ran his tongue over the side of her neck, feeling her quickening pulse against his lips.

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"Inuyasha no…I-" Kagome gasped feeling his free hand cup her breasts through her blouse. She tried moving away from his touch.

She hated that she actually liked it, considering the current circumstances. Her reaction only made him smirk. He used his claws carefully to pop open her blouse, button by button.

Kagome tried getting her hands free but it was a fruitless effort on her part. Inuyasha was too strong for her as his half-demon self, not to mention his human self as well. Inuyasha moved his hand down over her stomach, letting his nails tenderly graze over her skin. He tipped his head up and captured her lips with his own.

Kagome hesitated for a second but reluctantly kissed him back. She let a soft moan escape when his hand slipped under her skirt after undoing the side button and zipper. Inuyasha's hand moved over her smooth skin on her thigh. His grip loosening on her wrists, knowing that she wouldn't fight him anymore.

He tried fighting his demon side off for a bit longer, knowing that once he was inside of her, there would be no more control. Kagome wrapped her arms around Inuyasha neck, kissing him with more urgency. Inuyasha grinned as he moved his hand further up Kagome's leg and ripped off her panties.

He pushed the thoughts from his demon self off, but only barely. The harder his cock grew the more dominate his demon became. He ran his fingers along Kagome's wet folds, earning a soft moan from her. He was surprised at how much she had actually been turned on, even though he could sense her arousal. Kagome moaned softly, they had never done anything like this before. Inuyasha picked her up and wrapped her legs around him, slipping two of his fingers inside of her gently.

Kagome leaned her back against the tree and kept her bbw get her pussy licked and fucked around Inuyasha's neck, rocking her hips.

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Inuyasha's demon threesome with self facial and double facial at the end tube porn growing impatient, causing him to shortly lose control. He slipped a third finger inside of Kagome's body, and she let her head fall back against the tree, groaning at the foreign feeling.

Inuyasha carefully searched for her virginal barrier and found it, due to all the combat she had been in ,it should have been torn to shreds. He smirked and pulled his fingers from her, loosening the ties on his hakama pants and pulling his shaft from them.

Kagome looked at him and saw the wild and untamed look in his eyes as he aligned himself with her entrance, pushing himself inside of her immediately. Kagome's breath hitched in her throat and she let out a small sound a pain as he tore through her hymen, but more of discomfort from the new feeling.

Inuyasha didn't want to wait, he wanted so badly to ravage her. He wanted to take her hard and fast while she was pressed up against the tree. But he didn't allow himself to do that. He let Kagome adjust to his size, and began to rock his hips while she was pushed down against him. "Ah……………… Inuyasha." Kagome said, her eyes fluttering shut.

He hands moving forward to his shoulders, gripping them tightly. Inuyasha's demon side arose again, he ripped Kagome's bra down the middle, letting her breasts free.

His mouth engulfed one of her erect nipples immediately. He began to gradually increase his tempo, pounding into Kagome faster, letting low growls slip from his lips. Kagome's hands moved to his hair, gripping tightly and tugging harder every time he thrusted inside of her. Inuyasha's mouth trailed over to her other breast, his warm tongue running over her nipple lightly, teasing it.

Kagome gave soft moans and gasps of appreciation. Kagome pulled Inuyasha's face up to hers, kissing him passionately as she felt herself near to climaxing. Their tongues intertwined together, her moans muffled by his lips. Kagome felt her muscles tense and a shudder of pleasure go down her spine as her inner walls tightened around Inuyasha's shaft. She broke the kiss moaning Inuyasha's name loudly, her body relaxing again. Kagome's mind was in a haze, her eyes glassy and unfocused, gasping as Inuyasha's thrusts continued before he reached his climax as well, releasing his seed inside of her.

Kagome kissed Inuyasha deeply again, looking into his eyes when she broke the kiss His face had returned to normal, his eyes were back to their honey golden, his cheeks were their normal color, and his fangs had returned to normal size.

He smiled at Kagome and gave her another chaste kiss before kissing along her jaw. "I think I'm going to be coming with you on full moons from now on…" Kagome said laughing softly. Inuyasha looked at her, smirking, "You know the night's still young." Kagome gasped when he rocked his hips against her again. It was going to be a long night. It has been a month since this happened as I had to go back home to go see a doctor As I was not feeling well.

About 2 minuets passed new sixy story sex stories 2019 I got in to see the doctor when I go in to see her she asked me the normal questions if I was eating well and if I am on any drugs etc. Then she said just to check a hunch she nelt down near my crotch and took down my pant and then took down my panties. I asked her what was she doing ? And she answer saying " I'm taking a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant " My heart sank as I remember how me and Inuyasha made love in the woodsand I kinda hoped that it would be negative.

Within 10 minuets we had a result.

It was positive so I thanked her for the info she gave me on how to take care of myself during the pregnancy and if I needed some more info just call her. So I hurried home and ate some lunch and packed up to go back to the feudal era As I arrived I was greeted by shippo, sango and miroku Who eagerly asked what I found out at the doctors so I told them that I would tell them when I seen Inuyasha again as they all looked dumbfounded so we walked back to the village where we meet up with kaede and she asked what I found out oo so I gave her the same reply as I gave to the others As I finished the sentence inuyasha walks in and gives me a hug and a small kiss good thing the others didn't notice or there would be a lot of explaining to do As we all sat down to eat some stew kaede had made inuyasha ask what I had found out at the doctors So I said to everyone " I'm pregnant " kaede said " who is the child father " As I blushed and quietly said " inuyasha " And silence came over the room as we ate peacefully Until inuyasha wanted to talk to me outside for a minuet So I got up and followed him as he lead me to a hut that was hidden in the woods nearby Where he had been preparing a place for me and him to live " how do you like our new home kagome ?

" inuyasha said all kagome could do was kiss him with passion and lust. As they broke the kiss he asked her if she would consider becoming a half demon like him because she was going to be the mother to his child so she told him to let her think about it after about a minuet of weighing my odd I decided to go ahead and turn into a hanyou( half demon )he said this might hurt a little As he came closer he bared his fangs and then he sank his fangs into my left sholder And then I felt my body change my ears moved to the top of my headand my fingernails got longer and sharper, I grew fangs, my hair turned silver and my eyes turned gold like Inuyasha's As inuyasha waited for the transformation to stop he couldn't help but get aroused Just as Kagome finished changing ito a half demon she noticed that there was a bulge xxx storys h d 2019 inuyasha pants So she said to him " let me take care of that " So she striped off her clothes so did inuyasha they started to kiss passionately for what felt like hours as soon as they broke the kiss She said " I love you inuyasha" and he said "I love you too Kagome " And they both layed down and made love for 2 whole hours As inu yasha walked into kaede hut he said to all the others kagome and me are going to get married when he finished the all cheered for them then sango asked " where is kagome anyway " so inuyasha told kagome to come in As the others seen her the all gasped She asked " how do I look " As she finished miroku got up and said " kagome let me see you" as he said that he groped her amateur couple have anal sex at home for which she punched him not realizing that now she had strength like inuyasha so in turn miroku was sent through the floor of the hut 8 months later Kagome was in her and inuyasha's hut with kaede all of the other including inuyasha were waiting for her to deliver Inuyasha chose not to watch because he felt it would be weird Pretty soon all of them heard the cry of a baby Inuyasha was the first one allowed to see her and the baby Kaede said it was little girl And kagome asked what should we name her I got it inuyasha said lets call her ikira Sound great kagome said After a while kagome and inuyasha kissed and kagome asked what is this mark on my shoulder Inuyasha said it was a bond mark that we all have them All?

Kagome asked Yes me you and ikira look so inuyasha pulled down his shirt to show her his and then he show her ikiras