Torbe pilla en la calle a sarai

Torbe pilla en la calle a sarai
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I was just minding my own business, by myself having a drink in some scruffy shitty bar. I wasn't out to harm a living soul.

Honest! But then these two fat sluts staggered in. A chubby red-head and little dumpy blonde.

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They both were wearing some type of racing driver style fancy dress outfit and said they were out on a hen night but had got separated from the rest of their group. I tried to ignore them, but they were just so loud and slutty. The dumpy blonde was barely 5 foot tall and was the sluttiest looking of the pair. The outfit she was wearing was barely decent, and her big fat tits and chunky arse were bulging out of it.

She was pretty enough with her long blonde hair and sparkly smile, but her make-up and hooped ear-rings emphasised her sluttiness. The other one was taller, about 5'5" maybe, and a dad poran foll sex stories 2019 slimmer build.

She had dyed-red hair, collar length. and again was wearing cheap hooped ear-rings. Nice blue eyes though, even for a slut. I drunk up and left, but waited outside.

Sure enough, after a while the little fat blonde tottered outside for a cigarette. I made sure no-one else was around before making my move.

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I took my gun from my jacket pocket and stuck it under the slut's chin. "Don't make a single noise or I'll blow your fucking brains out!" She just squinted and looked gormlessly at me for a moment before the seriousness of the situation permeated her dumb brain.

I seized her little handbag and frogmarched her a couple of hundred yards away to a secluded alleyway between two derelict buildings, where my van was parked up. I pushed her up against the wall and unzipped her top. Her fat titties flopped out.

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I gave 'em a good feel, squeezing them tightly as I slithered the barrel of my gun under her chin, "Nice tits, bitch" I forced her to her knees and stuck the barrell of my gun into her mouth as I unzipped my trousers. "You're gonna give the best fucking blowjob of your slutty life, or else the next time I stick my gun in your mouth I'll pull the fucking trigger!" She whimpered, but tentatively took my cock in her hands.

I knew I had this bitch in my power now, so I put my gun back in the inside pocket of my jacket. I then took hold of her head with both hands and pulled her face close into my crotch. "Suck it bitch, lick it, suck and lick you dirty little cunt!" The bitch was good. Best blowjob I'd had in long long time.

She licked every inch of my shaft, working up from my balls to the sensitive underside of my cock, right under the head. Then she really went to town on the head of my cock with her tongue, every now and then grasping the whole of the head and sucking gently on it; "Good seductive black gf on her lingerie working girlfriend homemade cunt!" I pulled out of her and dragged her up of her knees, I pushed towards my van and spreadeagled her face down on the bonnet.

I took hold of my cock again with hand and gripped the dumb blonde's butt with the other, rolling her top up. I eased my cock between her buttcheeks and into her fat arse. "No! Please no! Not THAT!" she pleaded. They were to be her last words. As I ploughed my cock into her butt, I undid my tie and wrapped it several times around her throat.

I then tugged. There are few pleasures in life to match strangling a fat slut as you fuck her up the arse.

The way she wriggles and bucks, inadvertently pushing your cock deeper up her butthole. The way the walls of her arse grasp you cock as you pound into her. It's simply. exquisite! Her arms waved about frantically for a few minutes, and she clawed vainly at her throat, desperately trying to loosen my tie.

But she quickly weakened. I briefly loosened my grip on her and whispered into her ear, "You lived as a dirty worthless slutty cunt, now you're gonna die a dirty worthless slutty cunt!" She garbled some kind of incoherent response, but I pulled tight on the tie again to shut her up.

Soon, her arms were slumped limply at her sides as I continued to hump her arse, my balls slapping continuously against her flabby buttocks. Finally, satisfied she was dead, I let go of the tie and pulled out of her.

I rolled her face up on the van bonnet and pulled her limp chubby legs around me, spreading her chunky thighs wide apart, and began to fuck her pussy. It's all nice and leisurely now. She ain't struggling or moaning; she's just lying there, taking it like a good dirty slutty little bitch.

Finally, I blew my load into her, gasping in ecstasy as I filled her dead cunt with hot cum. I pulled out and let go of her, at which point she slid off the bonnet onto the ground. Still not entirely empty, I lifted her head up and wanked into her mouth and over her face, before letting her slump back down.

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I paused for breath and gathered my thoughts. It had a pretty intense 20 minutes or so, but immensely pleasurable. I dragged the dead slut off the ground and stuck her in the back of my van, covering the body with tarpaulin. Suddenly, I hear an excerpt from some shitty pop tune come from the back of the van. It's coming from the slut's handbag.

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I open it up, and see the music is coming from a mobile phone; her friend is texting, "MYA WHERE THE FUK R U? SHAZ X" I smiled. It was time now to do the other one.