Watch violent rape of virgins

Watch violent rape of virgins
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The boys were old enough to start liking girlsthen they noticed that Dawn was not only their sister but also a girl a very attractive one. They started "accidentally" catching Dawn at times when she was nude or almost nude so they could look at her. Then one day Nicky came up with a plan so they could get a really good look at Dawn. One night he put his plan in to affectmaking Dawn a special drugged cup of her favorite drink he left it where she would find it.

As he expected seeing unattended she drank it then she went to her bedroom. Ten minutes later he slowly opened her door to find her out cold on the floor.

Getting the other two they picked her up and collage indilon gril fuc would xxx her night gown off of her and laid her nude body spread eagled on the bed. Admiring her tight physically fit athletic body the boys ran their hands all over her body.

Ricky had a moment of inspiration and saidguys how would you like it if we could fuck Dawn whenever we wanted and she would be a willing participant. How do we do that the other two asked. Laughing Ricky said bring her along and your cell phones. The other two boys pocketed their cell phones and picked up Dawn's naked body and followed Ricky who went to their next door neighbors place.

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Now Ricky said our neighbors are away for the month and we are supposed to care for their dogs here in the kennel. Yeah so the two responded. Ricky went to the medical shelves and took down a jar opening it he dipped out some of the gel in it and slid some of the goo into Dawn's pussyassholeand smeared some on each nipple.

Putting the jar most dudes go insane from busty sluts naturaltits hardcore he told the other two to put two Male dogs into the large exercise cage with Dawn's body. An hour or so later Dawn woke up as the sun was just coming up with a dog licking her nipples and another dipping his tongue deeply into her snatch.

The boys were recording the dogs activities and caught Dawn's moans as she tried to chase the dogs off of her. Not realizing that Ricky had smeared her with stuff that made the dogs think she was a dog in heat she rolled over and trying to get away from them got up on her hands and knees at which time the one dog seeing her in the submissive position mounted her and slammed his long ridged cock balls deep into her vaginal canal tearing through her intact hymen and commenced pounding into her like a jackhammer.

Crying Dawn begged the dog to stop but after the initial shock and pain of the dog taking her cherry her moans of pain changed to entreaties of sound of passion. The boys grinned at each other as they recorded Dawn getting fucked by a dog and urging him with cries likeyes fuck memake me your bitchfill me with your doggie spunk and other such cries.

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The first dog tied her and when he finally shrank and let her loose darryl hanah and shyla jameson hot trio with nasty man oldvsyoung threesome, the second dog took his place before she could move.

The second dog fucked her causing her to very obviously have an orgasm. Once he was done and he unknotted from her she managed to crawl away. Sitting down the boys waited patiently for Dawn to recover from being so well fucked. When she finally came around the boys confronted her with what they had and informed her that from now on she belonged to them unless she wanted the video to go out on the web. Paling Dawn submitted to their demands.

First you will let us fuck you whenever we want to and you will do it with enthusiasm and joy. Second you will help us get black mail material on some of your better looking female friends so we can make them our sex slaves. Third you will never again wear a bra or panties anywhere and you will only wear short skirts no leggingspantsor shorts. The blouses you wear will be sheer and low cut or display your body in some other way.

Now since your naked already come over here and we will clean you up. They moved her over to where the dogs could be washed and getting the hose stuck the nozzle into her pussy they turned it on full which caused her to drop to her knees and they watched her abdomen distended as water filled her womb.

Dicky spraying water up into her started driving the hose in and out of her until she had an orgasm and he pulled the hose out of her and they pushed on her stomach and the water poured out of her pussy until she was empty. Then Nicky took the hose and jamming it into her anus did the same to her asshole.

Now clean they took her in the house and the three fucked each of her holes once per brother. Once they were done Dawn lay on the bed and whimpered why brothers. Why not Ricky said you needed to be put in your place always acting superior to usbossing us around like we were your slaveswell the tables have turned slave. Now clean up so we can go home and you can dress in your new attireslut.

Grinning Ricky said wait let's use her to gain mom as our slave too. They walked home as Ricky explained his plan. They waited for their mother and father to get back from work and when the were seated at the table Dawn brought them a drugged cup of coffee once they were asleep they dragged their mom's body to the kennel and did the same as they had done to Dawn and recorded their mother being fucked by five dogs and once the dogs were done with her and she had recovered a bit they explained her new place in the family and then her four children raped her into submission.