Bdsm tit milking and extreme porn hd angry boyplaymates have no problem kicking their

Bdsm tit milking and extreme porn hd angry boyplaymates have no problem kicking their
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THIS IS THE FIRST CHAPTER IF YOU THINK IT IS GOOD AND WOULD LIKE TO READ MORE, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AT THE END TELLING ME TO CONTINUE, THANKS Once upon a time, a small poor family lived in a cottage on the outskirts of one of the busiest towns in england.

There was Jack, who was a young arrogant 16 year old boy who thought that he could get away with anything. He had brown, fair hair, was good looking, and just under sex xxx veidos vids com feet tall. He didn't care for anyone but himself, and often stole what he wanted. There was also his older 17 year old sister, Carla. She was one of the most gorgeous girls in the country, and men would always come along to ask for her hand in marriage, to which she always refused.

She stood at 5 foot 5, and had long brown hair that went just past her shoulders. She had C cup breasts and a slender waist.

The two of them lived with their mother, and they were constantly struggling to get by. Their lives were quite normal, except for the lack of money, but they got by, and were all in all happy with their lives, until Jack brought the beans to their home. Carla woke with a start.

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The sun was just barely up, lower than when she usually got up. She lay awake for a moment, wondering what had woken her so early. It wasn't long before she got her answer. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'MAGIC BEANS'?" her mother's voice roared from beyond her bedroom door.

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Carla sighed and got up from her bed and began to change into a long skirt and tight fitting blouse.She let her hair cascade down her shoulders, framing her perfect face. While she changed, she listened to the argument taking place between her mother and her brother Jack. From what she could hear, Jack had traded their prize cow for a couple of 'magic beans'. As she stepped through the door and walked into the tiny kitchen, she saw her mother throwing the beans out the small open window.

Their mother turned back to Jack, who was standing with his hands to his side with an ashamed look on his face. "JACK! YOU ARE TO WORK THE FIELD UNTIL YOU FIND ENOUGH FOR US AND OUR ANIMALS TO EAT! THAT COW WAS THE ONLY THING WE HAD LEFT THAT COULD BE SOLD FOR A GOOD PROFIT, AND NOW YOU COME BACK HERE WITH FOUR BEANS INSTEAD?!!?!?!" Jack nodded his head and walked back out the door.

As Carla walked forward she could hear Jack mutter "Bitch" under his breath as the door slammed shut. "What are we going to do for food?" Carla asked. Her mother sighed. "I don't know dear, but we'll get by. We should still have enough in that field to feed us for a couple more days. Its just up to Jack to find them." Carla nodded and began to do her days chores. She looked after the few chickens and goats they had left, cleaned up around the house, knitted clothes to be sold for some meager profit in town, and when night fell, cooked the few potatoes that Jack had found in the field.

When Carla went back to her room, she sighed as her belly rumbled. She stripped out of her clothes, exposing her exquisite creamy tan skin.

It was quite warm that night, so she decided to sleep in the nude that night. She turned to the door to lock it, turning the brass key with a click before placing on her dresser.

As she yawned and stretched, a breeze came through the cracks dad finds pal chums daughter fucking dirty deeds with uncle rich her window, chilling her just enough to harden her nipples. She shivered, not from cold, but from a shockwave of pleasure from the sensation. She walked to her small dresser, opening a drawer to retrieve a towel.

She lay down on her bed, placing the towel beneath her firm ass to catch juices that would result from her night time activities. She lay there, squeezing her breasts, teasing the nipples unitl they stook up hard and erect. She spread her legs, and reached a hand down between them, rubbing her exposed, pink clit. As she felt waves of pleasure wash over her body, she felt her pussy becoming wet beneath her fingers. When she felt that she was wet enough, she grabbed a wooden comb from her bedside table and began to rub the length of her wet clit along the length of the handle, lubing it up.

Carla was still a virgin, and had never broken her hymen. She never used anything long enough to do so. She intended to save that for when she vidya balan real sex with three person found the man she wanted.

She took the comb and placed it at the entrance of her slit, and proceeded to slowly inch it in. Carla had an incredibly tight pussy, and it could barely handle the 2 inches of lusty fucking suggest for playgirl hardcore blowjob inch wide comb that she was pleasureing herself with. She winced from the intense pleasure as she began to slide the comb back and forth, in and out.

in, out, in, out Carla closed her eyes, picturing a huge chiseled man pumping in and out of her. She opened her mouth, gasping for air. She pictured doing things with the man of her dreams, pleasuring him. She quickened the pace of her hand in, out, in, out Sweat glistened on her body in the moonlight shining through the holes in the curtain. Carla took one hand and put a finger in her mouth, sucking it as she would her man's cock. In, out, in, out She could feel the end nearing, she increased the speed and went a bit deeper in, out, in, out.

She was pumping all three inches of comb in and out of her pussy, she could feel it hitting her cherry with every plunge. She gasped "Ahhhhhhhh!" She arched her back, shuddering as an orgasm hit her She exploded against the comb Juices leaked out from either side and onto the towel beneath maia davis decides to try it black gasped, still shuddering as waves of of pleasure hit her over and over. When it was finally over, she let her back fall back onto the bed Panting, she took her hands off of the comb, leaving it in her.

She hadn't pleasured herself for close to a month. This was done purposefully to increase the pleasure. The longer the interval between her sessions, the better it felt each time. Exhausted, she turned on her side, and fell asleep, the comb still sticking out of her pussy. --------------------- Jack grunted as he pumped his cock in his hands, watching his sister through the small key hole.

He rarely ever got to see his sister naked, and when he did, she was almost never masturbating. He had only witnessed the spectacle once, and had been checking every night since then to try and catch her again. He rubbed his cock faster and faster his sister increased her speed.

He heard her gasp at last and saw her arch her back. When he saw the juices squirt from her pussy around the comb, playboy bad girl gets what she wants grunted and reached his climax as well. He painted a criss-crossing pattern of white on Carla's door and the wooden floor in front of it. He moaned quietly as waves of pleasure ran through his body. Finished, he grinned and stood up, pulilng up his pants, and started to turn away from the door to return to his room.

After several steps he stopped, and hesitated. He looked back at the door. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a brass key. He had stolen the key weeks back, but had never had the nerve to actually do what he had planned to do. He looked back at the door and at the white pattern on the bottom of it. He pictured the white pattern dripping off of Carla's face, and felt his cock already starting to harden again. He turned back towards the door. -------------------- Carla dreamed she was lying on a beach, watching the tide ebbing back and forth.

She saw a gorgeous man, tall, blonde, and muscular walking towards her. He wasn't wearing anything, and she saw between his legs, a long 8 inch cock erect and twitching. He was suddenly lying next to her, she leaned forward to kiss him The man looked at her for a moment.and then the world turned upside down. Carla woke again in confusion, her mind still half asleep and a jumble of the darkness in her room blurred with the golden light of the beach from her dream. She felt pressure on her chest and something was in her mouth.

As the world started to come into focus she realized that someone was sitting on her chest, and a something long and warm was in her mouth. As the world righted itself, she realized that the thing in her mouth was the first inch of her brother's cock resting in her mouth.

She tried to cry out but he rammed the cock deeper into her throat, he grunted as he pulled her head downwards towards the base of his 7 inch cock.

Jack was sitting hon her chest, pinioning her arms to the sides with his knees. leaning over her, one hand against the wall, the other had her hair bunched up in his fist behind Carla's head. He continued to face fuck her as she squealed, kicking at nothing with her legs. He grunted with the exertion as he plunged his cock deep into her throat. Carla gagged as she was forced to take the 7 inch cock down her throat.

It smelled musky and tasted salty as precum mixed with her saliva, lubricating the cock as it slid in and out of her throat. She tried to call out around the assaulting phallus, but couldn't due to the sheer size of it it was at least 2 inches across, and her lips were tightly sealed around it.She could barely breathe, but didn't want to hurt her brother, and avoided letting her teeth coming into contact with his cock.

As the seconds wore on, she began to feel warm pleasure spreading through her body. The comb was still in her pussy, and she could feel it shift as her body moved about from the face fuck that her brother was giving her. She was starting to enjoy it, and began sucking on the cock in her mouth.

Jack, sensing and feeling her response, let go of the back of her head. Carla didn't stop. He lifted one knee and then another, freeing Carla. Carla still didn't stop.

He looked down at her grinning at his luck. His sister was a slut. He sank lower, Carla followed him. Jack grabbed his sisters hair and pulled her off his cock. Carla gasped as it exited her throat. She looked up at him and smiled. Neither of them spoke as Jack got on his back.

Carla responded by turning around and leaned over her brother. She put her head between his legs, and sank her ass towards Mom gtoffice tjob than officer gat sex mom. He spread Carla's ass cheeks, pulled out the comb, and started licking. They continued in a 69 for a while, until Jack finally made Carla cum. She squealed, and in doing so, tried to suck in air. She sucked hard on Jack's cock instead.

"OHhhhhhh" Jack moaned He came, shooting his load down Carla's throat. Carla, still in shock from her orgasm, was even more surprised when she felt the cock in her mouth twitch and shoot out a load of his seed down her throat.

She swallowed the first load before pulling her mouth off of his cock. The rest splashed onto her face, covering it with white. Jack came again and again, making a criss cross pattern on his sister's face as he kept cumming. When it was over, Carla dismounted his face, and Jack stood up, looking at the work of art he had painted on the gorgeous face.

Without a word, he picked up the clothes he had dropped on the floor, and left Carla's room. Carla walked to the door, closed it and sank back into her bed. The smell of sweat, cum, and pussy juices hung in the air as she wiped up her face and the drips of juices on her bed. She had never felt anything like what she had just experienced in her entire life. Exhausted, she was asleep before her head hit her pillow. ----------------------------------- "AHHHHHHH" Carla woke and fell out of bed in shock.

She heard a thump from the next room which meant that Jack had done the same. Carla rushed into her day clothes and sprinted out her door the same time as Jack left his. Neither gave the other any indication that what had happened the previous night had happened at all. When they reached the kitchen, their mother was nowhere to be seen. But there was a huge hole in the wall, letting in the early morning sunshine. Instinctively, the two siblings moved closer together, and walked towards the hole.

They gasped at what they saw just outside what had been the kitchen window. An enormous green plant had sprouted in the night and rose up higher than the eye could see towards the heavens. "My god" Jim said. "It would take at least ten men to wrap their arms around this thing." Carla said nothing. She had never seen anything like this plant in her entire life. The plant was dark green, with enormous leaves sprouting at intervals along its length as high as she could see.

She spotted something red against the plant. "Look" she said, pointing. Jack and Carla both looked at the scrap of red. They both realized that the red was a piece of cloth.and on the cloth had the same pattern as their mother's apron.

"Maybe she got her apron caught on it?" Carla said in a small voice This might have made sense.if the cloth hadn't been 8 feet off the ground. "How could that have gotten there?" Carla asked. Jack shook his head "I have no idea, but my guess is she went up there." "Why would she go up there?" Carla asked Jack gestured towards the house and the fields around them.

"She wasn't in there, and she's not out here. We can see for miles around, and theres no sign of her. She must have gone up" They both looked up at the giant plant. "I TOLD you guys that they were magic beans" Jack said suddenly, a hint of triumph in his voice.

"We have to find her.she must mean she was in trouble or something" he said more to himself than to Carla Carla made no objection. The two of them walked up to the beanstalk, and started climbing.

It was easy to climb. The large stems of leaves made an excellent ladder. They climbed for what felt like hours, taking breaks when they needed to. There were plenty of large stems to sit on for them to catch their breath. Finally, sex with large tit honey pornstar hardcore hit the clouds.

It was very cold up there. Their teeth chattering, Carla and Jack stretched their hands towards the cloud, expecting to reach through the cloud and continue climbing. Instead, their hands met resistance. THe cloud was solid. "Oh wow." Carla said.

Jack took a free hand and shoved at the cloud. It was solid, but soft. The two of them pushed at the solid cloud, parting it, until their hands broke through. "I'll go first," Jack said. Carla knew that this wasn't because he wanted to be the noble one and make sure that propertysex tiny tight body blonde fucks some big landlord dick was safe.

He just wanted to be the first for the sake of it. After Jack climed through the hole, Carla went in after him. What she saw made her jaw drop. An emormous castle stood among the clouds.

But it wasn't really cloud. Carla looked around, seeing that the groud with the hole looked like normal ground, apart from the hole that showed the "Real" ground some several thousand feet below.

The castle itself was bigger than any of the ruins that she had seen before in England. In fact, everything was several times bigger.

Even the rope meant to be rung to announce the arrival of visitors was huge. The rope itself was twice as thick around as her arms, and the bell was the size of a cathedral bell.

Jack looked around at Carla. "I'm going to ring." Before he could finish the sentence however, thumps began to echo from behind the enormous doors. Carla froze for a moment before turning towards Jack, intending to grab him and run.but he wasn't there.

Before she could react, the doors suddenly slammed open, and she fell back in horror with a scream. An enormous man between 15 and 20 feet tall was suddenly standing in the doorway.

He had an enormous pot belly, disheveled, dark hair and a scruffy beard. His feet were as long as her thighs, and his hands were bigger than her head. He looked down at her before swooping down and wraping his hands her middle, lifting her effortlessly off of the ground. She rose ten feet into the air. She screamed and screamed, her hands scrabbling uselessly against the giant's fingers. Just before she blacked out from pure terror, she saw Jack hiding in the bushes, looking up in horror, but doing nothing to help her.

---------------------------- "Can i go first, dad?" "No, shes a fine one, and i will be the first to have her" Cara moaned as she came to. Her head throbbed, and her dress was quite dirty. She sat up, taking in her surroundings. She was in a very small cage. With only enough to crouch and no room to even stretch her legs. With a jolt, she remembed what had happened and nearly fainted again when she saw the giant standing with another enormous man.

"You always get to pick first! Why can't I cowgirl teen poor little latina teenager gina valentina is indeed not having a supreme once" "When you're the head of this house, you can, but right now, I am the head.

Not you" The bigger giant was the one who had grabbed her before. The other giant was several feet shorter, but just as stocky and muscular as his father, but he looked to be a teenage giant. Carla would have found him appealing had it not been for her predicament.

The young giant had well proportioned muscles, and a square jaw, with shoulder length dark hair, and dark eyes. He had a clean shaven face, and was the kind of person that Carla would consider hot.

Except this man was 15 feet tall. The two giants argued back and forth, bickering over what Carla then realized was her. She shook with fear when she realized what they intended to do with her. "Its no use fretting over it" came a voice With a shock, Carla realized that there were more cages on either side of her, mat least 20 or 30 of the, all of them occupied by young women. A blonde haired woman who looked to be in her early 20s looked at her through her own cage.

"They will rape you" she said plainly. "Its as simple as that. When they grow tired of you, they will kill you and end the suffering before they devour you. That is the future that we are all waiting for." Carla gaped at the woman. She was shocked by how pitiful the woman seemed.

She was beautiful, with blue eyes and long blonde hair. Though she was dirty with grime and dirt, and wearing the tattered remains of what have once been an elegent white dress, she had a slender body, shapely hips, and C-cup breasts. Her eyes though, showed that she had seen more than any person should ever have to see. "THey keep us alive and feed us well so that we look desirable, and they have their pick of us every day, whenever they want. They do what they want with us, there is no escape.

When they rape you, it will be bad the first few times, but your body will adapt" she said in a flat voice. "If you're lucky, the shock will kill you during the first rape. Many don't survive. Our bodies aren't meant to take in something that big" Carla didn't say a word. She was apalled at how the woman completely accepted her fate. As if she had read her mind, the blonde haired girl said, "I've been here for over five years.

I of all people the should know that there is no way out." As Carla stared at her, footsteps rang through the hall, approaching the cages. Carla shrank back towards the back of her cage. The young giant bent down and opened up the blonde haired girl's cage. He stuffed his hand in and grabbed the girl, violently yanking her out and casually tossing her onto the stone floor. Comparing herto the giant was like comparing a 3 year old child to a grown man.

The blonde hit the floor and rolled to a stop, gasping.

The giant poked her with a giant finger. Carla saw that by the girl's reaction, it was the equivalent of a good wallop from a regular man. "You know what to do" the giant said flatly "Yes sir" The giant dropped his pants, and Carla saw for the first time, the giant's enormous penis. It was as thick as her neck, and just over 2 feet in length, his balls as large as apples.

He sat down on the floor waiting for the blonde to reach him. When she did, she wrapped her hands around his cock as best she could, and began to massage his cock. Each twitch of the enormous cock threatened to knock her back a step.

She started pumping it up and down with her hands with a little difficulty. precum started to form at the top of his penis, enough to fill a teacup by human standards. "All right, I'm ready now. Get on your knees and bend over." SHOULD I CONTINUE??? THIS IS THE FIRST CHAPTER IF YOU THINK IT IS GOOD AND WOULD LIKE TO READ MORE, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AT THE END TELLING ME TO CONTINUE, THANKS