Teen daddy the plumber gets his pipe cleaned

Teen daddy the plumber gets his pipe cleaned
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Office Politics Part I The job search started off just like any other job search. Sarah read the ads in the local newspapers and in trade journals.

She also spoke with head hunters, friends, family and with her contacts in the field. After four months of searching, she finally got a bite from one of her previous co-workers, Annette. It seemed that Annette's company had an open position for a new technical secretary.

The company's laboratories were located in a technical park in Deerfolk, TN. As far as Sarah was concerned, 'the-middle of-no-where' could just as easily have been its nickname. But with only one firm lead in four months, Sarah had no choice. She had to go for this job. Sarah had become a secretary for a technical manager shortly after graduating high school. The job started out as an internship and she was hired at the beginning of the fall. She was then steadily promoted as the years had progressed.

She was very good at what she did. Technical offices were very different from the typical office place. More head games were played in 'the laboratory' than on network soap operas. She had learned fast; one had to be both good at your job and skilled at politics in order to get ahead there.

This new job would milf thing sexy mature fucks two guys no different. She would walk in and assess the situation to see who was really in charge, and then she would knock their socks off with her abilities both in and out of the office.

The interview was coming up fast and Sarah had to make sure that she would be ready. When the day for the interview came, Sarah was a nervous wreck. She had planned every detail for this very moment. Starting with her outfit, teen suck first time compeers sisterly love had chosen a very elegant black dress whose look was both classic and understated sexy. It started at the top with a layered-look neckline that showed just a splash of her smooth creamy chest.

The neckline dropped in an almost straight line across the top of her breasts and when she leaned forward you would have a clear view of her breasts that were being lifted up in a half-cup, black, lacy bra. The view that one had depended entirely on her posture and Sarah was easily able to switch her persona back and forth between that of a prim, intelligent, ambition laden task-master and that of a alluring, dark, submissive love slave who was willing to do as she was told, every time.

When she arrived to the laboratory, she was surprised to see that the building really was located in the middle of nowhere. The company grounds were located at least five miles off the main road and were not visible from any nearby streets. For the first time, she wondered if this little lab did more than what it advertised it did.

Exactly what kind of work was being done here? Why else would the place be so isolated? Sarah knew that in this industry you couldn't always tell everyone in the outside world what was truly going on in the lab. Doing so could mean the difference between launching a new product that kept your company afloat for the next fifteen years or going bust. This meant that secrecy was the norm. Besides, she really needed this job and she knew that whatever the secrets were she was trained to keep them.

Sarah's first interview was with the lab manager, Tim Hill. Tim reported directly to the Technical Director, John Saunders. John always sent Tim to interview new potential lab staff first. They would be reporting to Tim anyway so it only made sense that he got the first opportunity to see what they were capable of.

John would make the final decision, of course, but if Tim didn't think that it would be worth it for John to waste his time with the interview, the candidate would be told that the company would call them for a second interview if they were interested. Very few candidates made it past Tim to the second interview. She was led into a conference room that held a large walnut conference table that was topped with a one-inch thick slab of glass designed to prevent any damage to the expensive surface of the table.

There were six very plush chairs surrounding the wooden table. This conference room was huge and expansive, this company was definitely profitable. There was also a couch, two end tables, and an oversized coffee table, with an entertainment center that contained a television and DVD player. They must also use this room for wooing potential new customers, Sarah thought. Why else would the room be so lavishly decorated?

It was definitely designed to impress. Tim wanted to get done with this interview as soon as possible. He had a very busy afternoon lined up and he was on a strict schedule. He asked Sarah if she was thirsty. There was a small refrigerator built into the entertainment center, it contained water, wine, and fruit juices.

Sarah was happy to be offered something to drink; she said that some cold water sounded great.

Tim gave her a bottle of premium purified water and got started with the interview. Tim asked "So, what makes you think that you are qualified for this job Sarah?" Sarah was ready for this and she replied "I have worked in a technical laboratory for six years now. As you can see from my resume, I started as an intern and was hired as a secretary at the end of the internship. Since then I have been promoted twice.

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I understand how to function well in laboratory environment." As she spoke the last sentence she leaned forward towards Tim conspiratorially, as though she was sharing a secret. Sarah had seen how Tim's eyes had roved over her body as he had been standing over her handing her the bottled water. How they had lingered just a few moments beyond proper on the swell of her breasts, and the curves of her waist and hips. Sarah knew that she had a classic coke bottle figure, but at five feet two inches and one-hundred and fifteen pounds nobody was complaining.

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When she sat back up she made sure that she slid right back into her prim and proper role so that she could be sure that she had presented an entirely confusing dichotomy of exactly what kind of secretary she would be. She would damned sure be good at her job, but at the same time she would tempt him daily with glimpses of her hot sexy body and her deliciously dirty sexual thoughts. Besides, Tim wasn't bad looking himself.

He was tall, with dark hair, and had paradoxically light eyes that seemed to be almost out of place among his features. It was a very sexy combination of light surrounded by dark. He was of medium build, neither thin nor heavy. His shoulders were broad and his waist was slim. He did not brandish a 'beer belly', but he also didn't look like the type to have a six pack underneath his shirt.

He was not wearing a wedding ring. His reaction completely surprised her. She had been expecting to watch him go through a sequence of emotions beginning with shock and surprise as he asked himself had he really seen what he thought he just saw, then surprise as he realized that she had shown him what he had just seen.

It hadn't been an accident, but a deliberate act. But her demeanor would never have told him to expect such an act. Finally, awe would cross his face as it dawned on him that she was both smart and sexy. That there was a chance that he could possibly one day fuck her if he hired her. But, Tim's reaction showed none of these things. He responded almost as though nothing had happened. Almost is the best word to describe his reaction, because there was an ever-so-slight change in his own demeanor.

It seemed to shift from the coldish matter-of-fact professional tone that's so prevalent in the office place to one that was bridled with self controlled passion that was just under the surface. It was the kind of shift that a Dominant made the moment when he realized that he was in the presence of a true submissive. When a Dominant encounters a submissive in an unplanned public setting, the shift in the mode of interaction is almost automatic.

This shift takes place for both parties. Sarah immediately felt the change and her body woke right up. Suddenly, her breathing was becoming difficult and her panties began to feel moist.

She knew that she had found her home when it came to finding a job. She had to work here. Tim's left eyebrow rose as he said to her "Sarah, I am going to need to see a demonstration of just how well you can function in a lab." As he said this, a smile spread across his lips, but his eyes became dark as she could see them start to fill with lust. He continued "Pull out the writing samples that I asked you to bring.

As you know, this company has a strong reputation for high quality products, and we will need to know that every one of our employees is the best at what they do.

Examining your writing style will show me if you can put out the type of quality work that we would need." Sarah noticed that when he said the words 'put out' he started also started to get up from the conference table.

Standing over her while she pulled out her writing samples, he leaned his head down and whispered in her ear "Get up Sarah. Read to me what you have written".

Sarah's head started to swim. This wasn't what she expected at all. Instead of her being in control of the situation, where she could guide Tim's actions by driving him crazy with glimpses of her own sexuality over time, she was now the one being controlled. Her submissive side had come out in full force. She could only do one thing; stand up and start reading. She slowly stood up from the table. Instinctively, she arched her back and thrust out her breasts as she lifted her body out of the chair.

She stood over the conference table looking at her petty teen girl plunged by horny bf, but she couldn't remember how to read! Not with Tim standing so close that she could smell him. His scent was manly, yet very fresh. She wanted to breath in deep, to just inhale him while her body relaxed into his strong waiting arms.

But she knew better than to do that. She had not been given permission to do that. In fact, she had been given a command. A command that she was taking a little too long to comply with. She sensed it before she felt it. Tim slapped Sarah's ass hard! Then he spoke in a very low cool authoritative tone "If you expect to do well in this laboratory, then you had better learn that when I tell you to do something I expect it to be done right away, without hesitation." Sarah started to read.

She had a feeling that Tim would actually be paying attention to the quality of her writing cindy gets her pale holes nailed black how well she followed his orders. She was right. Before she knew what was happening Tim's hand flew through the air landing several rapid swats to Sarah's surprised ass. He then proceeded to correct her grammar verbally explaining that for every grammatical error on the page, Sarah would receive five swats from his hand.

Sarah knew that she had definitely gotten more than she bargained for in this interview. She couldn't wait to see how much further Tim would test her today.

Tim was amazed at how well Sarah had taken his swats. They had not been light. He had half expected her to react with indignation and walk out. But somehow he had known that she would pass his test. There had been something of a look in her eyes as she had flaunted those perfect C cup breasts while trying to sell herself to him. The look had said she would be his if he wanted. He knew that look very well. He got that same look from every woman in the laboratory.

Yes, he had wanted her. She just might be one of the lucky few that would make it through to the second interview. It was time for her next test. She had finished reading and was now standing with her hands at her sides. Her ass was perched up high and her breasts were heaving. He could almost smell her desire. She had taken 15 swats as he had given her big titted brunette milf with stockings fucked by a bbc swats across her hot little ass for each grammar error.

Each time the swats came from out of nowhere and he talked her through the mistake as he swatted; "That!-sentence!-needs!-a!-comma!" The softness of his tone had been beautifully juxtaposed next to hard unforgiving swats on her ass.

Each set of five had been delivered to a single spot on her ass. He had started with a single spot on her left cheek, then moved to her right cheek, and then finished off right on her ass crack. He said to her "Place your hands on the table on either side of that document. Look straight ahead, do no waiver your gaze." She immediately obeyed his commands. Now, he lifted her dress and pulled down her panty hose. He let her panty hose rest around her hips while it sunk in to her that he had just stripped her in a company conference room.

She had no idea if the door was even capable of locking. She also had no idea that he had pressed a button that buzzed his boss, John Sunders. John was now watching the two of them using a closed circuit television system. There were cameras hidden throughout the room in such inauspicious places as the in-ceiling projector and in the flowers at the center of the conference table.

His boss would be able to watch this scene from every possible angle. John had perked up when he heard the buzzing from his PDA alerting him to the situation unfolding in the downstairs conference room. He had excused himself from the meeting and headed straight to his office. This was one meeting that he was glad to get an excuse to leave. Once you've heard one sales pitch from suppliers in this industry you've heard them all.

Settling down into his office chair, John had then switched on the computer screen and clicked on the icon for the downstairs conference room. Immediately, his screen was filled with the scene taking place in the downstairs conference room. There was a woman in a black dress standing in front of the conference room table. Her hands were palm down on the table while her ass was in the air with her dress on her hips and her panty hose were pulled down to her thighs.

She was breathing jaggedly. He could see her chest rising and falling as she stood stock still in front of the table. Tim was standing right behind her. He had walked up right behind her and into her ass. John could see Tim pushing forward beginning to grind against the woman's ass while her stomach pressed uncomfortably into the cold glass of the conference table.

John could not see the wetness xxx father and daughter forced reping from Sarah's legs, but from looking at the scene before him he knew that it was there. Tim told the woman to bend over the table. When she did Tim could see her breasts clearly in the mirror that was elevated almost to the ceiling and was designed to provide a straight on view of just this angle. Sarah had not even noticed that the mirror was there yet. She was staring straight forward just as he had instructed.

Tim then stuck two fingers straight into Sarah's pussy. As he had guessed, they slid right in. He pulled the fingers out and looked at the juices on his hand. With one hand he reached up and began sliding along Sarah's body starting with her ass he caressed his way up to her hair. Then he slowly pulled her hair tilting her head back so that she was now forced to look at him while the rest of her body continued facing forward.

Her body was now in an arc with her ass up in the air and her head being pulled back towards Tim. Her back dipped as deeply as her body could manage. She knew what he was going to do next.

He was going to make her lick those fingers clean. The thought alone made her pussy start to drip.

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She could not control the flow as the liquid just fell from her body. Even John could see her pussy dripping. It was running like a faucet. He involuntarily reached down and began stroking his own cock through his pants. This scene was hot and he couldn't wait to see if she passed Tim's tests.

She would have to pass his tests next and he was beginning to look forward to administering them. Tim did exactly what Sarah had been thinking; except, he did not do it right away. First, he kicked at her feet pushing her legs further apart.

This opened her up to him completely. He now had easy access to every hole on her body; her mouth, her pussy, and her ass where his right now. There was nothing that she could do about it. Tim stuck his two fingers in her mouth and growled "Clean em' slave!" Sarah immediately began to lick and suck on his fingers. She could smell her own scent on his fingers. He moved his fingers around in her mouth as though he were fingering her pussy. Then he began to grind harder, forcing her to continue to arc her already stressed body.

Then he pushed her head down until her forehead now touched the table. Using the same two fingers he entered her pussy again. She was sopping wet. Tim made sure to get his fingers drenched by actually scooping up some of her creamy juices to thoroughly coat his fingers. Next, he pulled his fingers out and pressed them against her rosebud.

The sound of her gasp was priceless. This did not deter him. Tim began to press against the entrance to her ass as though he were oblivious to any reaction from her what-so-ever.

He wanted to make sure that she felt like what she was to him right now. She was his slave and she would do whatever he wanted.

What he wanted was to feel how tight his new slave's ass was. Tim pushed through the rosebud barrier with a slow but steady motion. He pushed past her sphincter and straight into her dark love tunnel. Her ass was exceptionally tight, but he could tell that she was not an ass virgin by the way her body reacted. Sarah began to wriggle her ass around on his fingers while alternately squeezing and releasing his fingers with the muscles in her ass.

The outrageousness of the scene nearly caused Tim to begin squirting right there. But he held on to his orgasm and managed to free his stiff cock from his shorts without cumming. His fingers were in her ass now up to the first knuckle. It was time to get to the second knuckle. How would she handle that? Tim wanted to feel his cock twitching inside her tight little ass, but he knew that there was one thing he would have to do first. Sarah was now moaning loudly while she wiggled her ass.

She was feeling sensations in her ass that she had never felt before. Sure she had offered her ass to one or two of her boyfriends in the past, but it had never been something that she had done regularly.

That meant that, for Sarah, each time that she had ventured into anal sex, it was like the first time all over again. This time was no exception. Her whole body had exploded just as he had placed his fingers over the entrance to her ass. It wasn't until that moment that she had fathomed that he intended to penetrate her in the ass. The thought alone would have been enough to push her over the edge, but combined with everything else it was down right explosive!

Here she was in a conference room for a job interview and her panty hose were down on her thighs while her ass was in the air being invaded by a man she hardly knew. She needed to feel his hard cock inside her ass. She wanted to hear him tell her what to do while her pussy dripped in anticipation of what he would do next.

Tim pushed another button and a panel opened up on the table. Inside the previously invisible compartment Sarah could see that there was a bottle and several other items. As Tim was retrieving the bottle from the compartment, he reminded Sarah to keep her eyes gazing forward "Today, you will learn to do as I tell you.

You will not turn your head again, unless given express permission. From now on you will address me as Master Tim, even in public.

For this little transgression, Sarah-the-Slave, you will now get your first taste of the ruler." Although a whip or a cane would have been Tim's first choice for administering this type of punishment, those items would have been out of place in the lab. Here he used the technician's best friend, an every day twelve-inch ruler, to dole out pain to his lab slaves.

He poured the contents from the bottle onto her ass liberally. He then took the ruler and began to drag lazy circles all over her ass. Pressing down light enough with the ruler to dig into her skin and write in the oil and heavy enough to trace red lines into her ass. Then he slid the ruler down her ass crack; enjoying the feel of it and enjoying knowing that this had to be very humiliating and humbling for Sarah-the-Slave.

He then began to swat Sarah's ass with the ruler, twat-twat-twat. Hitting her hard and rhythmically, he increased the pressure so that red angry welts began to rise in various places on her ass. Sarah began to wail loudly as the pitch of her screams floated alongside the twat-twat sounds of the ruler smacking her on the ass.

The spanking stopped as suddenly as it started. Tim returned the ruler to the compartment and took something else out. He then reached around and placed a blindfold onto Sara's face. With this he effectively disabled her ability to see what was going on.

This was the real punishment. The ruler had been an appetizer to show her that she would be subject to his will. The blindfold forced her to have to trust him.

Her master of less than a half an hour had just put her on the spot demanding that she turn herself over to him completely. Sarah was sexy eden rides on a stiff cock good girl.

She always did as she was told. After she was blindfolded, she felt Tim tying her hands together behind her back. He then swung her body around so that erotic asian babe gives her client a rubdown table was no longer in front of her and he placed his cock against the rosebud that had just been penetrated by his fingers.

He knew that when he had pulled down her panty hose, she was probably expecting him to shove his cock in her pussy, but he might as well show her who the boss was going to be now.

This would keep her from getting any big ideas later on. He was able to ease his cock into her ass because it was well lubricated by the oil. Once the head of his cock entered her ass, he grabbed the rope that was holding her hands and began to use it to guide her body on his cock.

Sarah was so overwhelmed and surprised by all that had happened that she did not hear the door to the conference room open and close. John Saunders had entered the room and was now standing directly in front of Sarah with his pants at his feet. Using the rope Tim guided her body niki anal prolapses and squirts from a brutal dildo masturbation squirting her mouth was just positioned in front of John's stiff cock. Tim felt that it was time to introduce Sarah to the boss, "Sarah-the-Slave, you have been a good girl.

Standing in front of you is the Technical Director of the lab, John Saunders. It looks like you did well with the first interview. This is the second interview. Say hello to Master John." Sarah had sensed another person's presence, but she had been too afraid to disobey Tim again; Even if that disobedience had been speaking without permission. She could not remember if he had told her that she had to ask for permission to speak or not, but she was not going to take the chance.

That damned ruler hurt! She wished that she could rub her ass right now. John spoke for the first time "Open your mouth Sarah-the-Slave. Open your mouth wide; I don't want to feel any teeth. Every time I feel your teeth on my cock I will signal Master Tim and he will swat you on the ass with the ruler.

Nod your head if you understand." Sarah nodded her head to show that she understood what Master John had just said. She was determined not to disappoint him. From the sound of his voice, she could tell that this was a man who was used to having his orders obeyed. He would not be very forgiving of mistakes.

She needed this job and she would make sure that she aced this interview with flying colors. John walked up to Sarah and slowly pushed his cock into her mouth.

As if on cue, Tim began sinking his cock further into Sarah's ass causing her whole body to lean forward onto John's cock. Both men continued forward with slow, but steady intention, moving forward until their cocks were stopped by Sarah's throat and ass hilt respectively.

John moaned loudly while Tim began to grunt as Sarah's tight ass began to squeeze his cock. Tim pushed into her ass until he felt his nuts rubbing against her ass checks.

John then began to pump into Sarah's mouth, grabbing her head he pushed her face down so that his cock beautiful czech teen is teased in the hypermarket and fucked in pov past the barrier in the back of her throat. As he did, Sarah moaned loudly and he could feel the vibrations of that sound along the head of his cock. "Sarah-the-Slave, what a fantastic throat you have!

If you can swallow all of my cock and my load you are hired!" This last statement was not lost on Sarah; she had heard Master John loud and clear and so had Tim. He was determined to make sure that Sarah was truly qualified for the job. Tim began to pull his cock back out of her ass till it almost came out, then he slowly shoved it all the way back into her ass to the hilt.

Pulling up on the ropes holding her arms behind her back he forced her to head back so that her throat was completely open to John. Tim handed the rope to John, and then he reached around and hooked three fingers into her pussy changing how her center of gravity was controlled.

He was fucking her ass and hooking her pussy while John forced his cock down her throat. Sarah now had two masters to please. Her pussy gushed onto Tim's hand while the rest of her body spun out of control. She was in a state where she could take anything the two men sent her way. She was determined to please them both.

John was pumping away in Sarah's mouth. Her tight throat constricting around his cock was going to make smart girly lesbians sex with erotic toys pantyhose erotica blow his load soon. He was fucking her face so savagely that he was surprised that he hadn't felt any teeth yet.

Then he felt her teeth scrape against the side of his cock. He instantly began to pelt the top of her ass with his hands swiftly administering the promised punishment. Pelting her ass while fucking her throat took John over top.

Just as John was getting ready to blow his load, Tim saw the savage beating that Sarah's ass was taking and began to pound her ass for all that he was worth. The sound of John's hand landing on Sarah's ass while he watched her cute little ass jiggle against his cock sent him over the edge too. The pressure in Tim's balls built up to an overwhelming explosion, all he could see was a burst of white light as his cum began exiting his body.

Tim began to spurt in her ass as Sarah moaned loudly. She could feel his hot juice being dumped in her ass and she started to orgasm too. Her moaning against his cock as he was coming was the last straw for John.

He started squirting rope after rope of his hot cum right down Sarah's throat straight to her stomach. She never needed to swallow. Grinding against Sarah's face as the you get to fuck officer lelu and cum all over my ass tube porn of his seed emptied itself in her throat was an amazing feeling.

As both men began to pull out of her body, Sarah started to convulse. She was experiencing the biggest orgasm that she had ever had. Her whole body was rippling with pleasure. She fell to the floor as the pulsing waves of explosions overcame her. At that moment she looked up and saw the mirror. It added to her already overwhelming orgasm and she found that she just could not stop. She kept on cumming for a full five minutes after Master John and Master Tim had removed their cocks from her mouth and ass.

She had never been fucked like that before. Sarah prayed that she got the job! If this was the interview what the hell would it be like to work here? Sarah was completely hooked. She had to have this job.

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Tim and John were thinking the same thing. Both of them stood looking at Sarah as her body had continued to convulse for five minutes after they had got done fucking her. She was definitely hired, but not as the lab secretary. No, she had just created a new job category. She would be John and Tim's personal assistant. They were both looking forward to explaining to Sarah what her new job duties would be.