Two hard cocks fill every teen fuck hole

Two hard cocks fill every teen fuck hole
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Hi, my name's Jake. I'm 17, I have short cropped dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, and a relatively clear complexion. I'm 5'8", 145lbs., and I would say my body is fairly well toned. I'm no muscle-kid, but I'm pretty average. Speaking of average, my cock is just over 6 inches long, and 5 around. I always hear conflicting ideas about what makes a good cock: length, girth, or sexual ability, but I don't pay much attention to them.

Why should I, when the one girl in my life who really matters to me likes it just the way it is? I speaking about my 15 year old sister, Danielle. We have sex whenever possible, whether it's in my room, hers, my parent's, or just about anywhere else in the house, but we always wait until we're alone.

Thankfully, both our parents have full time jobs, so we have plenty of privacy. Danielle is about 5'5", 120lbs., with shoulder-length pitch black hair, small, firm tits, a nice bubble ass, and perfect smooth skin.

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She's not particularly tanned, but when she's naked I can see where her bikini has been. I go to a regular high school, but she's enrolled at a private school. Because of this, she always comes home wearing her uniform. White blouse, green and black pleated skirt, thigh-high socks, and little black shoes. Whenever she walks in the door wearing that thing I get an instant erection. It's just magnificent. I get home before she does, as my school is closer, so I always have time to wash up before she arrives.

The story I'm going to tell you takes place on just such a day. The front door opened and I looked up from the magazine I was reading. It was one of my sex mags, so I already had quite an erection. She bounced into the house and shut the door behind her. "Hey cutie," I said nonchalantly. I closed the mag and set it on the table. "Hi Jake," she replied happily. Her hair was wind-blown and her cheeks were rosy red. It was early November, and the cold weather had already set in.

"Good day at school?" "No. Is it ever a good day at that fuckin' school?" Sometimes I get the feeling that hot playgirl with wanton needs pornstar hardcore cusses more than I do.

"Fuck no," I replied, not to be outdone.

"Let me help you with your coat." Whenever I say that to her, she knows exactly what's coming. She grinned and leaned her back against the door. I stood up and strode over to her, trying to hide my erection as best I could. Not that it really mattered to her. "I can't very well take your coat if you're leaning back like that, now can I?" I asked when I reached her. She looked down at the tent in my pants and laughed.

"Anxious, Jake? Or were you preparing again?" "Little of both." I almost blushed. "Who's prettier, me or those whores in your mags?" "You. You're my little whore. Those other girls just wish they were you." She bit her nail seductively.

"You know, I saw you leering at Sandy today. In the hall, when you were at your locker." "Leering's a bitch of a word, Danny. Try 'casually observing'." My erection began to drop.

Was she actually pissed about it? "I don't care what you call it. You were checking her out." "What's your damn point?" I was becoming pretty impatient. "You want to fuck her, don't you?" "Of course I do," I replied yoga transforms into pussy licking with kendra and riley. "I mean Christ… look at the ass on her." "Better than mine, huh?" I smiled at her.

She was toying with me. "Let me explain the difference to you. I would pay actual money to fuck Sandy, whereas I don't have to do anything but grab you. She is out of my league, by a long shot, whereas you aren't. You live one room away from me. Do you see?" "I see that you're a pretty weird kid. You'd pay money to fuck Sandy?" "Shut up and give me your coat." She snorted, then leaned off the door.

She slipped her arms out of the sleeves, and I went around behind her to receive the coat. Once it was off her, and in my hands, I dropped it at our feet. She looked over her shoulder at me, silently asking what the hell are you doing?, then I pressed myself up against her ass and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her back against me. She let out a quiet moan as she felt my stiff cock pressing against her ass crack through our clothing. I grinded against her for a moment, mashing my cock hard against her, then I pushed her up against the door.

"Hey, what -" she began, but I cut her off by lifting up the back of her skirt. White cotton panties… my favourite. "Stick your ass out for me," I ordered. She did as told, and I slowly slid her panties down her smooth legs. As they came away from her pussy, they pulled long strands of her juice with them. She was absolutely soaked. The panties bunched up around her ankles, and she carefully stepped out of them. I ran my hands over her firm ass cheeks and let my fingers wander up her crack, caressing her asshole.

Breathing quickly, I stepped back and unzipped my jeans. I pulled them off and stepped out of them, doing the same with my boxers afterwards. I stood behind her naked from the waist down, and she again looked over her shoulder at me.

Her eyes were fixed to my throbbing dick. "Come here and suck it already." She eagerly complied, getting on her knees and devouring my rock hard member. She can deep throat like a maniac, and she did just that. I watched all 6 of my inches disappear into her mouth, then re-emerge seconds later. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, enjoying every moment of the blowjob.

She worked her tongue over my swollen head and down my shaft in a repeated pattern. She knew just how to do it, so I would move closer to the edge, but not quite reach it. Over and over again. "Oh fuck… Danny that's some fucking tongue." She took her lips off my cock and a string of saliva trailed from her bottom lip to the tip of my dick.

"More?" she asked breathlessly. "Fuck yes." She went back to work, her head bobbing up and down like one of those damn plastic drinking birds. Her face was red from the effort, and I ran my fingers through her silky hair.

Then I had an idea. In one motion, I pushed her back so she landed on her ass, right up against the door. She looked up at me, surprised. "What the fuck was that, huh? You don't like my head anymore?" "Baby, I love your fucking head. That's exactly the point." I moved forward and squatted down a bit, so my dick was once again level with her mouth. "Open," I commanded and she did, although more wearily.

This time I pushed my cock in hard, and began thrusting it in and out of her mouth. She let her lips fall around my dick, and provided a cushion with her tongue while I face-fucked her harder and harder. It felt amazing, being in control, and I soon found myself thrusting so hard, her head was hitting the door. She groaned angrily after the fourth or fifth time femalefaketaxi cocky guy shown whos the boss I just looked down at her and told her to hold still.

I fucked faster until I could feel the edge coming, then I backed off. I stood up straight and stepped back to look at her. "You fucking bastard," she spat, feeling the back of her head.

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"That actually hurt." "I actually don't really give a shit. Stand up." She looked pissed, but she stood anyways. She wanted to get off too, and she knew if she told me off, she wouldn't get anything but a hard ass fuck.

It had happened before. "What now, big man?" She smoothed out her skirt. "Get over to the back of the couch." She walked over and I followed close behind her. When she got there, I grinded my cock against her ass again, and grabbed her tits.

I massaged them through her shirt and bra, and she seemed to loosen up. "Take off your top." I rubbed my dick up and down her crack as her shaking fingers unbuttoned her shirt. She took it off and as unsnapped her bra with one motion.

She slipped it off her chest, and looked back at me. I said nothing, but I bent her over the back of the couch. It was just at her waist level, so it worked perfectly. I always enjoy fucking her from behind, with her skirt still on. Something about letting that skirt drape over my cock just sends me reeling.

"Jake, I'm so fucking wet." I felt between her legs and agreed with her. My fingers were drenched. I brought my cock up and rubbed it along her juicy mon and blck meling fuckd story until I found the hole I was looking for. "Do it, Jake. Please." I held her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy slowly.

She moaned loudly and leaned back on me. I began working it harder, faster, and I watched her little tits bounce on her chest with each thrust. I slid it in until her pussy engulfed it to my balls, then fucked her with deep strokes. "Oh my fucking God," she panted. She clutched her chinese porn sex and zen and pulled at her erect nipples, her eyes closed and her mouth open.

I held her around the waist and humped her ebony stripper giving a private show t amp a studios a dog. Quick hard thrusts that made her moan every time. "Harder.

A lot harder." I willingly obeyed, and began slamming my cock into her young snatch more ferociously than before.

I slid my hands up her chest to her tits and squeezed them hard enough to hurt her. She began moaning, "Ow… ow… ow…" and I pinched each nipple hard between my fingers. "OW shit!" she yelled, looking back at me with a masochistic lust that spurred me on. I pinched her nipples harder, as if I was trying to pop them, and my thrusts came in shorter bursts.

I was about to cum and she knew it. Since she is my sister, we have an agreement that I do not cum in her under any circumstances. Not even in her ass, just in case. An incest baby would be exactly the wrong thing to end up with. "I… I have to pull out," I grunted. She stopped moving her hips and I slid out of her effortlessly. I released her tits and stood back.

She turned and moved against me, clutching my cock in her hands, working it slowly. She stood on tip-toe and kissed me passionately on the lips, sliding her tongue all around my mouth.

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I responded in kind, and we spent a brief moment just exploring each other's mouths. She pulled away and quietly whispered, "Lie down." I sat down on my ass, and lay back on the soft carpet. I spread my legs, and she knelt in front of me, between my knees. "Are you ready?" she asked, softly.

I nodded, as I couldn't find the proper words, and she smiled knowingly. She spat into her cupped hand and wrapped it around my dick.

She used her saliva as lube as she worked it up and down my rigid shaft, and over my head. It felt amazing, and I knew I wouldn't last long. When she stuck her finger into my ass, I let out a sharp gasp.

Thank God she trims her nails. She curled it up until she found my prostate gland. One hand jacked me off, while the other rubbed my prostate harder and harder. "Oh my God I'm coming I'm coming…" she worked faster, and I felt my cum welling up inside my dick. "Catch it baby catch it c'mon…" She angled my dick back toward her and with one final push on my prostate, my cum came rushing out of me.

Her mouth was wide open, ready to receive it, and receive it she did. I shot rope after rope at her, bucking my hips around her finger which was still lodged in my ass, milking every last drop from my prostate. Most of the cum missed her mouth, and ended up splattered all over her face. It ran down her chin and dripped off onto my stomach.

I let my head fall back onto the rug. "Ohhh shit, Danielle that was amazing. Fucking amazing." "Jake, I know." Her breathing was slowing down, but her chest rose and fell heavily.

She laughed. "I have to wash off my face." "Yeah, I have to wash off my stomach. Hand me a Kleenex when you get up, huh?" She got up, her hands cupped under her chin to catch any more drips, and bounced off to the bathroom. I lay there, recalling everything that had just occurred, until she returned with my tissue. "Thanks," said, immediately mopping up the spilled cum.

I gave the tissue back to her and she licked it where the cum glistened in the light. "Dirty whore," I mumbled jokingly, and she went back to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet. A thought hit me: "Hey, I didn't make you cum, did I?" "Nope," she called back.

"Damn. Stay right there." I went to get up, but was stopped by her voice. "No, not right now. I'm fucking exhausted. Let me doctor girl hospital hot porn first." "Good idea.

I could use a shower too." I got up and waddled to the bathroom, feeling very satisfied with myself.