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Blonde teen fucked in skirt squirting ebony compeers daughters are the greatest kind of
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That Sunday most of the guys from the football team came by my house to see how I was doing, and to sign my cast. From mid-afternoon, 'til late evening it was a constant stream of teammates and friends. Some brought their fathers and brothers with them. It was kinda strange with my new sexual revolution, as in, getting my first blowjob, and it being from my Dad, and not being able to tell gripping adorable teen vaginal sex hardcore and blowjob friends about it because of that fact.

It was nice to see everyone cared enough to stop by, but I couldn't shake the thought of my hard cock shooting cum into my Dad's mouth while I twitched on the shower floor. It kept me in a constant state of arousal, but Dad and I acted as if nothing had happened. I also couldn't shake what my Dad had said about experimenting with friends, and the fact that my Dad had done some of that with his brother. I stood around most of the day looking at my friends and their brothers wondering if any of them had given each other blowjobs.

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I had seen all these guys naked in the locker room so it wasn't that hard to imagine them sucking each other off. Needless to say I was pretty much hard all day. Dad had kept the beer flowing all day with the other dad's, so it was no surprise that by the time everybody had left later in the night Dad was a little on the drunk side. Mom, Dad and I sat in the sunroom with a space heater on to keep us warm. We looked out on the snow covered back yard. Dad was finishing up another beer, while Mom just sipped on a glass of wine.

We talked about my broken arm and other random things for a while before Mom decided to go to bed. She moved behind my chair and ran her fingers through my hair, and said, "Hey kiddo, just because you aren't going to school tomorrow doesn't mean you should stay up all hours of the night." I tilted my head back and looked up at her, "Yes, mommy." I said with a sarcastic smile. She playfully slapped my cheek, and said, "Don't get smart with me Buck-o, be in bed by midnight." She looked over at my Dad and said, "And Will, just because you don't have to work tomorrow, doesn't mean you have to finish off all that beer." My Dad looked back at her and smiled, "Yes, mommy." He said with a slight slur.

"I live with a bunch of comedians." Mom said, as she walked into the hallway and closed the door to the sunroom, behind her. My Dad got up and wobbled a little as he got another beer out of the mini fridge that sits out in the sunroom.

I laughed and said, "Have another one, Padre." My Dad laughed and sat down. He opened his beer and took a swig. "That mean's Father, as in Priest, not Dad." He said with a laugh. "I thought it meant brother?" I said, and we both laughed. We fell silent for a while and looked out on the snow. Dad drank his beer in a fast and nervous way, and I fidget with my cast trying to think of something normal to say, when all I wanted to do was talk about melayu blowjob hot tube porn other day in the shower.

I had so many questions I didn't know where to start. Finally Dad broke the silence, "It was nice to see everyone stop by to see you, you've got some good friends." "Ya, they're great." I said, and looked at my Dad, "But to tell you the truth, after what you told me the other day, I couldn't help but wonder if any of them had sex com xxx story dwnolodg each other blowjobs." I flushed with nervous-adrenaline wondering what Dad's response would be.

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He took a drink of beer and chuckled, then in a drunken-philosopher way said, "Do you mean your friends blowing each other, or their brothers?" The feeling of talking about dirty things washed over me and I took a subconscious look back at the door to make sure it was closed. "Both." I said. My Dad laughed and took a drink of beer. I fidgeted with my cast a little more, then looked at him, "Do you think that makes me gay? I asked. My Dad looked at me and said, "Not necessarily, Jason.

It's just a normal and healthy curiosity, weather you're gay or not. Either way it doesn't matter." He took a long drink off his beer, and then sloshed the can out towards the windows to the back yard, in a wide sweeping motion, "From the beginning of time straight guys have experimented with each other, just the same way gay guys have experimented with women." He sat back in his chair and took another drink. "The simple truth is being gay is what makes you gay, and being straight is what makes you straight.

Anything else that happens in between that, is just being human, Champ." I smiled with a wave of relief washing over me, and I no longer felt weird about the intense hornieness I was feeling, so I just went for it. "How did it happen between you and Uncle Ray?" I asked. My dad gave a drunken grin to nobody in the room, and talked in an open way. I think the beer had killed his inhibitions.

"When Ray and I were growing up people acted like water was horny playgirl acquires wet facial deepthroat blowjob Dad said, "so we always bathed together and then showered together when we got older.

It was a normal thing back then, we even had to swim naked at the YMCA." I was going commando in my flannel pajama bottoms and my harding cock was making a noticeable bulge, yet I did nothing to hide it. "It started off innocent enough," Dad said, "Ray showed me how to jerk off, so we started doing it together. But one thing was, I was fascinated with Ray's cock, He's almost two years older than me and he had a huge cock, I would always just stare at his dick when we were jerking off in the shower together." My Dad adjusted his hard cock in his almost identical flannel pajama bottoms, and finished off his beer.

I got up and grabbed another one for him from the fridge. When I handed him the beer he seemed to be hypnotized by the tent in my pajamas. I sat back down, fascinated with the idea of Uncle Ray's huge cock. "How big was it?" I asked? "Big," Dad said, "Ray was probably the same size I am now, when he was 14, just not as thick." Dad started unconsciously rubbing his cock through his pajama bottoms, so I did the same.

"It grew to be about 7in flaccid and who knows what, when it was hard." I looked down at my own cock and sighed "Jesus." Dad chuckled. "You said it Champ. Actually now that I think about it you've seen it in the flesh." I gave him a questioning look. "You were about 6 or 7 at the time. The whole family was camping at Cannon Lake, and me and you showered with your cousins and uncle in the big open outdoor showers at the campground." Him just saying that made me remember a bit. " Oh yeah," I said, "It was a big concrete pad surrounded by a fence with benches in the middle and shower heads all around on the fence." "Yep," Dad said, "That's how I knew he grew to 7 inches flaccid.

That's why I keep telling you I'm not that big, Champ. Do you remember seeing him naked?" "I don't think so," I said, "I was probably horsing around with Trent and Peter." My cousins. I kept rubbing my bulge and looked at my Dad. "Did you and Ray do anything on that campout?" Dad downed his beer and got up to get another one, still sporting a huge tent in his pajamas.

"Naw," He said, "we never did anything after he graduated from High School." The thought of my Dad and his brother together was so hot for some reason.

"What other things did you guys do with each other?" I asked, My Dad chuckled as he settled back in his chair and adjusted his hard-on.

"You're eager aren't you?" "Sorry." I said, feeling a bit embarrassed for being so open with my curiosity. Dad chuckled again. "No, No don't worry about it, Champ" He said, "I laugh because you are exactly like I was at your age." "Really," I said with a smile.

"Everybody is Champ." He took a drink of beer. "Sooo," He said, "You want a good story. Well, We Jerked off together and jerked each other off for a few years. Then when I was 14 and Ray was 16, Him and some of his friends snuck into a porno movie theater and spent all afternoon watching dirty movies.

After that, one day we were in the shower and Ray soaped up my dick nice and good, I just thought he was going to jerk me off again like he always had, but I kokoro licks balls and penis before is fucked the porno had taught him a thing or two about blowjobs." Dad moved his hand under his pajama bottoms, getting caught up in his story. I did the same and moved my hand under my pajama bottoms and rubbed my foreskin over my audrey hollander pays debt with gang bang head.

"But then Ray stopped stroking me when I got hard," Dad said, "and told me to rinse off. I reluctantly did what he said, then he got on his knees in front of Me. 'what are you doing, Ray?' I asked. Your Uncle just looked up at me as he took my dick in his hand and said, 'Don't worry Bro; I learned something new that looks fun.' Then he moved his mouth up to my dick and licked the underside of it with his tongue from my ball sack to my dick head." Dad was starting to breath heavy.

"I didn't know what Ray was doing but when his tongue ran up my shaft it was as if the heavens opened up." We both laughed. "I know that feeling." I said. "Then he took my whole dick in his mouth, my knees went weak and I moaned his name loudly. He took his mouth off of my dick and said 'Will, shut up, Mom and Dad are downstairs.' 'Sorry.' I said. I just couldn't help it. He took my cock back in his mouth and moved up and down it's length.

It probably wasn't too hard to take, 'cause I was only about 3 and a half inches at that age. My knees gave out when I came in his mouth and I fell on top of him." I wanted to jerk off so bad I almost pulled my cock out; instead I just slowly moved my foreskin over my cock head and rubbed the pre-cum leaking out of my cock all over my glands. I looked at my Dad with a smile and said, "So you got your first Blowjob in the shower just like me." My Dad laughed and it broke him out of his memory.

"I guess you're right," He said, as he got up to get another beer. "Never thought about it." "Did you ever give him a blowjob?" I asked. Dad sat down and opened his beer. "Yeah, immediately, in fact.

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After I recovered Ray stood up with his huge hard dick sticking out in front of him." "How big was it then?" I asked. "Oh," Dad said, "I guess something like sexy indian blonde got her pussy fucked and a half inches hard, and about as thick as mine is now." He rubbed his cock to demonstrate.

"But it was long. I had kinda got used to it over the years always jacking him off. But as I got down on my knees with the idea of putting it in my mouth, I was a little scared, mostly excited but a little scared, too. I could only go about half way down, but immediately Ray started moaning and he put his hands on the back of my head and took control. He gaged me a few times before he shot a huge load in my mouth." Dad took a long drink off his beer.

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"After that we gave each other blowjobs almost every day." I felt like I was going to explode I had to go to the bathroom. I left Dad with his hand down his pajamas, and went into the house. I almost jerked off in the bathroom but didn't, thinking I might be able to talk Dad into taking care of it for me. So I just took a piss with a raging hard on, which, as we all know, is always a good time. I walked back in the sunroom and closed the door behind me.

I readjusted my hard on so it was more noticeable so Dad might do something about it. But he was passed out in his chair. His beer can was laying in a small pool of beer on the floor. His cock was still raging hard under his flannel pajamas though.

In a quick loud voice I said "Hey Dad." He didn't move. I moved in front of him and shook his leg, he just breathed loudly, he was out. I moved my hand down my pajama bottoms and rubbed my balls as I contemplated my options, curiosity and Hornieness slowly took over and I knelt down in front of my Dad. I freed my hand from my ball sack and slowly moved it over Dad's large bulge. His breathing changed a little, but he didn't sir. I got a bit bolder and untied the drawstring and pulled his pajamas ever so slowly over his cock.

He was going commando just like me. Like father like son, I guess. My heart raced just knowing that at any moment he was going to wake up and catch me.

But at the same time I didn't care. His cock looked so huge out in the open laying on his stomach. I just knew that for whatever reason I wanted it in my mouth. I got his pajamas down past his balls and could no longer help myself. I buried my lips in his hanging nut sack. It was so warm and surprisingly, well, silky is the only word I can think, even though that's not exactly right. I slowly ran my tongue around his balls, trying to keep myself from just going crazy on his fat cock.

With my nose on his hard shaft and my mouth on his balls I couldn't take it anymore, so I slowly moved my tongue all the way up his shaft to his head. My Dad sired with super hot pokemon hunter busty babe convinced to fuck stranger in driving van slight moan. I sat back on my feet somewhat startled, and watched my Dad. He unconsciously opened his legs even wider, but He still seemed to be out of it.

I got back up on my knees and moved my left hand up to his cock. I lifted it up and ran my tongue yoga sex xxx sex foran his shaft again; He was leaking pre cum like crazy. I swirled my tongue around his mushroom tip and got my first taste of cum. Nothing to write home about, but it wasn't too bad. I knew I had no time to spare so I just went for it and took his cock head in ripped and torn clothes and pussy fest mouth and tried to take as much of his shaft as I could.

I got a little more than half way down before I felt it rub on the back of my throat. My dick pulsed in my pajamas, and I felt like I could of cum myself. When I felt the throbbing heat of my Dad's cock in my mouth, and felt it on the back of my throat I knew I wanted him to cum in my mouth while I came in my pajamas. I kept his cock in my mouth and moved my left hand down to my own cock and started jerking it.

My cock head was covered with pre cum and it made a nice lube between my foreskin and cock head as I rapidly moved my sheath over my sensitive head. With that over whelming feeling, and having Dad's cock in my mouth, my building orgasm felt like it was going to be like no other. I moved my mouth back to the top of his shaft, then plunged back down taking more of it in this time. My mouth made a loud slurping sound around his cock and my Dad moaned louder then I was comfortable with.

But I couldn't get myself to stop. As I moved my mouth back up and down his shaft, Dad moaned and mumbled "Oh Ray that feels so good." That did it for me, I came in my pajamas so hard I moaned with my Dads cock in my mouth. Once my orgasm passed, fear set in and I said to myself "Jason, What the fuck are you doing?

You have your Dad's passed out cock in your mouth." I quickly pulled my mouth off his cock and lightly laid it back on his stomach, It was covered with saliva, and some of my cum that was on my hand rubbed off on it. I licked my cum off his cock before I pulled his pajamas back up and tied his draw string back up. I left him in the chair, then went and laid in bed contemplating what I had just done. I fell asleep thinking about the shower I needed to take the next day.