New hot xxx sex stories story

New hot xxx sex stories story
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'Oh dear', you think as you get out of your car. You have paid a visit to a girlfriend who lives on the edge of the Bad Lands. Heading for home you took a wrong turn somewhere and now were in the middle of the desert. When you turned around on a dirt road to retrace your route you heard a loud bang and now you car is shaking badly.

Getting out and walking around to the passenger side you see your right front tire is flat. 'Damn, damn, damn'! Opening your trunk you get out your jack and use it raise the right side. When you try to get the tire off, the lug nuts are so tight you cannot budge them.

Frustrated you lean against the car and try to think what to do next. You notice a very fast moving dust cloud approaching across the desert. As it gets nearer you can tell it is a large green dirt bike.

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The rider has a blood red helmet and red MOTO-X suit on. The helmet makes him look like an alien from outer nailing busty blonde on fur as once. When he slams to a halt you can see that painted on the red helmet are flaming horns above the face and and sharp jagged teeth and fangs below the face opening.

It makes the rider look like snarling demon. Heavy red boots with bright metal plates on the front and steel riming the toe area. (Now my part) I roll the bike over and lean it carefully against your car. I remove the red tinted goggles but leave the helmet and red gloves on.

Without a word I take over. I lower the tire back onto the ground. Break the lugs loose, jack it back up and remove the tire. You try to talk but I refuse to say anything. Going back to your trunk to get the spare I see that it is gone. Your brother took it to get it fixed from a previous flat and has not returned it. Walking back to you I suddenly grab your arms. I shift so that I can pin both your arms to your side with my right hand and arm.

I reach under your short denim skirt and rip you panties to the side. Still holding you, I open my pants and get my dick out. Dragging you to your car's hood, I spin you around and force you down on it face first.

Roughly kicking your legs apart I position my dick at your entrance and push in hard. You are crying and screaming the whole time. I fuck you and fuck you. Keeping you forced down on the hood. You finally surrender and just sob. I take my hands off your back and remove the red gloves. I use my fingers to open you and hold you open slightly as I slow my thrusts. I watch my wet shaft disappearing into you then coming back out gleaming with your wetness.

I pull you up and run my hands under your blouse and bra, tearing your blouse and pushing your bra up to expose you.

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I love your breasts, so firm. I squeeze them and cup they. Firmly but not so hard as to hurt too much. I squeeze and pinch both nipples until they are nice and hard. All this time moving in you with a slow steady rhythm. I pull out of you and turn you around facing me. I grab your hair and force you down.

I make alexis fawx and oldman cum inside look at my hard wet dick. Gleaming with your juices on it. You know what I want. You look up and know you will have to do it. I jerk your hair roughy and you take my hot red dick in your hand and bring it to your lips. You take the knob into your mouth and most of the shaft. So hot. You suck softly. It feels like it swells even more.

My hands are in your hair demanding you please me. You take me out and lick the underside of my shaft then taking almost all of in into your mouth and throat.

You cannot help but like it. So hard, so hot. You hold me in your mouth while I fuck you.

Slowly so you can make it feel like your pussy. You moan and that feels and sounds so good. I take it out lift you to your feet. Laying you across the hood on your back.

It is just the right height. I open you with my knob and slowly stroke in you. Deep then pulling all the way out and opening you with me again.

Looking into your eyes. All you can see are my eyes. Hard grey in the light. Your body betrays you and you put your hands on my shoulders moving with me.

Squeezing me. I am almost sorry for forcing you this way. You are so beautiful. But I must have you.

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Nothing can stop me now. It is getting so hot from my exertions and how wonderful you look under me. You moan and pump yourself on me. Using me.

When I know you are cumming I release my control and fill you. Coming out briefly, I shoot a little on your stomach but quickly push back inside you. You are growing calm now. You speak to me. 'Who are you'? I say nothing, leaning my weight on you while you milk the cum out of me. You give up on getting me to talk and just lay under me until I am soft and come out.

Looking at me sadly. I zip up my pants, kick the motorcycle to life and have to jump onto the seat because it is so tall. I look at you standing there for a moment, put my goggles and gloves back on and race away. Out of sight in seconds. You get a fresh pair of panties out of your bag, dry your self as best you can with the torn ones and throw them into the back seat.

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You do your best to cover with your torn blouse. You sit in the car wondering if you should try to walk for help.

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It is almost sundown and you are getting more frightened by the minute. You hear a truck in the distance. Shortly a tow truck pulls up. A very ugly guy gets out and after he confirms your vehicle registration, puts a new tire on your car. You ask how much you owe and he tells you it has been paid for.

You pray that the motorcyclist was not this hideous person. You start your car and follow the tow truck to the main highway. As you turn to follow the truck you see a green and red spot on the top of a hill far in the distance. Home you bath the rape off for over an hour.

You think about reporting it but the shame would just be too much. You have to admit that it had also been exciting. You become aroused and pleasure yourself in the bath. The next morning a messenger knocks on your door. He has 3 dozen long stemmed red roses and there is a note attached. 'Same place. 5 pm today', is all it says. You look a your clock. You wonder, 'Should I wear a skirt'?