Hot mature mom liz gets hardcore ass fucked and creampied

Hot mature mom liz gets hardcore ass fucked and creampied
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At the age of 16 my husband and i startss dating. I was always close with his family his kom and i became almost like bsst friends. His father and i never saw eye to eye, when i would spend the night over there around the age of 18 he would get upset when id sneam into bed with his son.

Obviously he knew what was going on and did not agree with it at all, or maybe he was jealous of his son getting to fuck me through out the night. One night after work i had to go pick up some of my things from his house.

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I walked in normally and no one except for David was theremy father in law, i quickly got my things together when he stopped me before going out the door and said "be carful driving out there its dark and raining if you break down give me a call and ill hell if i can.

" I replied "i will, oh definitly ill give YOU a call" completly sarcastic "I wouldnt want anything to happen to you sweatie," he snapped in a sarcasic tone We stood by the door for a few minutes. Making full eye contact, he turned to go upstairs to his room so i walked out the door. I out my things in my car and the rain came pouring down and flashes of lightning lit up the sky. I knew i could stay here but i thought to myself but thinking about dealing with David for the next few hours before his wife got home was already annoying me.

But i grabbed my ourse and went back inside. The shower was running so i went into my boyfriends room and tried to stay out of his way. David walked past the door in just a towel, ive never seen him shirtless before, is body was average nothing spectacular but the way he stood there made it seem like he was modeling his towel. I got off my boyfriends bed and walked over to him. Standing toe to toe with him i said "youre doing this on purpose you know gour son does this to me and i instantly get horny" "i know thats why im doing it " he said in a soft voice with his big blue eyes staring into mine.

"Do you really think this will go anywhere youre like 48 years old" as i glance down to see the towel move from his now erect penis "but youre not and my son shouldnt get to have all the fun" Fine i thought if he thinks his old ass can handle a young 18 year old by all means let him see. For about a minute after he said that remark i grabbed his dick and started to stroke it. I pushed him against the railing to the stairs and began to suck his dick.

His dick about the same size as his sons just a little thicker fit perfectly in my mouth. He groaned and grabbed the back of my head. I koved his hand so that he could pull the underneatb of my hair for leverage.

I felt the precum on my tingue knowing he wasnt going to last long i pushed his hips further into the railing increasing my speed and before i knew it he let go of my hair and braced himself his sperm flooded my throat and swallowed it all down.

I stood up looked into his eyes and said "this is what you want ?" And took off my tight jeans. I pulled him by his now limp dick and pushed him to the ground, not resiting he layed there. I stralled his face demanding him to lick my pussy, he pushed his tongue in and out sucking and rubbing my clit with his face.

I let out a loud moan "you like that pussy dont you" i came and he grabbed my ass to suck all the juices up. I wiped his mouth and said "now its your turn you slut" throwing me on his sons bed he licked my pussy again this time torbe pilla en la calle a sarai his advantage.

Moaning he put his hand over my mouth to muffle my moans. He got up from my pussy slapped my face saying "you little bitch scream like that again and ill destroye that pussy of yours" excited i let out a loud but fake moan saying David. Grabbing his dick he found the slit in my pussy still sopping wet he shoved his cock into me thrusting into my body. I moved my hips with his and looking into his eyes i saw enjoyment.

He obviously wanted to fuck me. My body shivvered from the intense thrusting and he grabbed my throat saying "my son has never made he feel this good" i snapped back pulling his hips in making his dick go deeper "he has your dick doesnt compare to his" he slapped my face which made him thrust harder and deeper into my tight young pussy i felt him cum inside me and all he did was smile and laugh saying "thats right bitch youre nothing but a dirty cum bucket so thats what you get now respect your elders and maybe ill let it go next time i hear yiu fucking my son.

Now get dressed and washed up before my wife gets home." Finally releasing my face i looked at him thinking "Wow that was not what i expected". I got dressed and headed downstairs quite content with myself i sat in the chair next to David.

I was not done by any means he thinks hes in charge of me hes highly mistaken. I turned to look at him "You know what would be sexy ? " "What ?" "Follow me" I walked into the kitchen and unbuttoned my pants. I reached for the big wooden spoon. "Since you onviously cant stop slapping me now i get to treat you like that npw please David take your cock out." He obeyed and sophie leone yoga xxx bf full came his rock hard cock.

"Now turn around and drop your pants" he did "you like this shit ?" In disgust i said I threw the wooden spoon in the sink fuck that. I jumped up onto the counter pulling him in for a strong kiss. I pushed my plump C cup breats in his face.

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I started grabbing his hair as he kissed all over my now exposed chest. i wiggled out of my pants and shoved his face into my again wet pussy. This time was better then before wrappijg my legs around his head he sucked on my clit and fingered my pussy making me shake in exctasy i was now moaning ith every breath i took.

A half hour passed slowly and i didnt know if i could take anymore of his face in my pussy. Luckily the garage door began opening. Fuck i moaned. I jped of the counter and ran upstairs.

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And i heard Davids best friend from the military come in. To be continued.(;