German mature cumshot kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch

German mature cumshot kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch
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Again, this is not my story, just one that I have read over and over. Dog Days of Summer - 4 by Ken L. Master *** A high-school freshman continues his adventures living inside the German Shepherd belonging to three beautiful women next door *** Chapter Four: Twistin' By the Pool The house was wonderfully quiet without the girls blasting rock n' roll loud enough to rattle the windows; Angela slipped in one of her favorite CD's, finally getting a chance to listen to some of her jazz collection.

She really loved her daughters, but it was nice to get a break, a chance to listen to her own music, have a drink and relax by the pool; she was humming as she mixed a small pitcher of Margaritas and headed outside in her bikini.

Flowerbeds along the walkway to the pool area were a riot of colorful blooms as Angela stepped off the patio. The perfectly manicured lawn was soft and clean-feeling under her feet, and the cement apron area by the sparkling pool was not as hot to walk over as the flagstones behind the house.

The eight-foot privacy fence surrounding the back yard had seemed like an extravagance when Ben first had it put up, but Angela quickly realized an oasis of total privacy in the middle of suburbia was a wonderful thing at any price.

An umbrella table and rattan & wicker basket chairs were arranged near the pool, with chaise loungers for sunbathing; sighing in satisfaction, Angela set the frosty pitcher of Margaritas on the table beside her, leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes. The afternoon sun was broiling hot, and she could feel her nipples rising from the heat baking through her scanty suit bra.

The suntanned blonde stretched her long legs and debated taking a swim, but the lure of an icy Margarita was more inviting than the pool right now. She country girl anal banged by pawn keeper a drink and watched in amusement as Rex galloped across the lawn and trotted up the walkway to the patio; she chuckled as the big dog paced in a circle and finally lay down, watching her intently and wagging his tail while relaxing in the shade.

The sweating secretary gulped down her first drink and quickly poured another, relishing the cooling lime flavor against her suddenly dry lips.

The afternoon sun poured soothing warmth over her skin and the tall blonde felt the Margaritas percolating into her blood as she lay drowsing in the chair. By the time she finished the third glass, Angela's thoughts were spinning and she was dizzy in her chair; three quick drinks on an empty stomach were definitely enough to give her a serious buzz, she thought, what a lightweight.

She leaned back and closed her eyes, enjoying the floating buzz and the enervating sunshine; she felt too lazy and relaxed to even lift a hand to wipe away the sweat beading up on her forehead. Staying up late last night to finish the Powerpoint presentation for work had cost her some sleep time, and the combination of sun and Margaritas was baking her phat ass white girl screwed real good by throbbing cock a drowsy trance.

She had a brief impulse to pull herself up and go for a swim, but before she could convince herself to move, the tipsy blonde fell sound asleep, sprawled out in the comfortable basket chair.

The sun slipped lower in the sky as the unconscious secretary snored softly, at peace with the world; she was out like a light when the big Shepherd trotted off the patio and made his way quietly around the edge of the pool.

Angela woke from her nap to find Rex standing silently in front of her chair, watching her intently; she thought for a confused moment that she must be having a dream or some weird hallucination. The Shepherd was staring straight at her, with a look the stunned woman felt was somehow purposeful, deliberating.

The blonde's eyes widened as the huge animal stretched lazily and stepped closer toward her; Rex was a mixed-breed Shepherd-wolf, nearly as tall at the shoulder as a Dane or mastiff, with erect triangle ears and a thick shiny coat. Billy knew his dog body was scarily impressive, much bigger than any of the Phillips women, at least a hundred and thirty or forty pounds, like a dog out of an adventure movie.

He also knew from talking with Amber that her mother was secretly utterly terrified of the animal, though she tried to cover it up. Angela couldn't look legal age teenagers for one fuckrod hiddencam and hardcore from the big dog's penetrating stare, and she had the feeling he understood her flash of fear. Billy knew without a doubt that Angela Phillips was petrified, totally unable to resist Rex's onslaught, and he was in a determined and animally aggressive mood today.

Angela Phillips had just turned 38, but her youthful face and perfect figure made her look at least ten years younger; Billy had often heard his Mom bitching that everyone said Angela looked more like an older sister than Jade's mother. Every man in town had the screaming hots for the gorgeous widow's taut body, and Billy was determined that today he and Rex were going to get what nobody else was getting. Jade had turned out to be pretty hot for doggie licking, but the horny freshman really didn't care whether Angela turned out to respond that way; like it or not, this sweet MILF was going to give the big dog some pussy.

The pretty secretary sat dead still and watched anxiously as the dog approached; she flinched when Rex sniffed at her toes and his cold nose slid over her ankle. As Billy had expected, Angela was rigid with apprehension as the big dog took another step forward and settled on his haunches between her feet, his shoulders between her knees.

He stared up at the helpless woman, licking his lips as Angela's hands tightened against the chair arms. The hapless blonde thought she'd simply die of sheer mortification when the Shepherd casually poked his muzzle against her bare knee and began sniffing his way up the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Her breath caught in her throat as Billy thrust his nose higher between her suntanned thighs; he chuckled in his room as he felt the involuntary shiver run up the woman's thigh.

He realized he could smell her fear as he scooted Rex's body further up between the helpless blonde's knees. The big dog settled soundlessly between Angela's spread legs and leaned forward directly in front of her, tongue hanging as he sniffed at her spandex-covered bush.

His hot panting huffed over the horrified blonde's leg, steaming against her thighs and crotch. Billy's cock swelled into slow animal erection as he inhaled the delicious aroma of perfume, perspiration and pussy.

Angela squirmed and wriggled helplessly on the chair as Rex nosed further up between her spread legs, shoving his nose higher and higher. She stared down in paralyzed apprehension as Billy raised his head and looked her deliberately in the eyes, then lowered his muzzle back over her snatch. When she felt the huge Shepherd's hot breath huffing against her crotch, Angela gasped in shock and looked desperately toward the wireless phone lying just out of reach on the nearby table.

Her stifled scream emerged as shrill nasal whining while the big dog jammed his nose eagerly into her crotch. The desperate woman tried swiveling her hips away from the dog's questing muzzle, but all her frantic wiggling didn't seem to discourage the animal at all. Billy was sure that shame along with her fear would keep the proper Mrs. Phillips from really screaming for help and being seen by anyone with a dog lapping at her snatch.

The happy freshman giggled with satisfaction as he leaned forward and ran his long animal tongue slowly over the blonde's pussy. Angela moaned in shocked horror when she felt the big dog's rough tongue rasp over the front of her bathing suit. The mortified blonde twisted anxiously into her chair, whining shrilly as the enormous Shepherd began delicately licking at her crotch fucking a 100 cm mini sex doll mouth thighs.

Angela's breath caught in her throat and she squirmed desperately as the sweltering dog-tongue rasped over the thin material stretched tight against her snatch, but the velvet touch of the animal's tongue was inescapable. Billy knew Jade and Amber were sleeping over at a friend's house, so Angela would have all night to recover from getting to know him better. By tomorrow, the beautiful widow would never be able to admit to anyone that she'd let the family dog lick her slit for hours.

The frantic blonde choked and screamed into her muffling hand as the big dog started a slow steady lapping at her silk-sheathed pussy, his tail wagging as he drooled on the frizzy honey-blonde pubic hair under the tight thin material.

The big dog panted and slavered over the struggling secretary's warm snatch, and the tiny triangle of her bikini bottom quickly soaked as aroused doggie saliva saturated her crotch.

Angela sobbed in humiliation and gasped for breath as the Shepherd's tongue lathered over her bush onto her thighs and then dropped back down onto the tight material that covered her shivering crotch. Billy couldn't decide what was the most exciting element of his animal enjoyment as he lapped deliberately at the horrified blonde's pussy.

Was it the delicious scent and taste of Angela's snatch that made his cock throb into erection or the mortified woman's helpless fear and desperation that made him so excited? The long-legged blonde made a pleading whimper as shivers raced from her taut thighs over her belly; the huge Shepherd ignored the shivering woman's desperate whining, his wide tongue stroking rhythmically against the soaked cloth stretched over her sensitive clit.

The big dog soundlessly continued lapping and snuffling over the trapped secretary's spread crotch, regardless of her whimpering pleading and writhing.

The hapless blonde gave another muffled shriek of horror and outrage, jerking her hips to try and escape the determined animal. She didn't realize how much her struggling was annoying the big dog until the irritated beast snarled menacingly at her snatch. Angela stopped twisting and screaming, freezing in place as angry Skinny nerd girl in glasses getting fucked by strangers at the sametime snapped viciously between her legs, his gleaming fangs inches away from her bush.

Billy had no intention of leaving so much as a bruise on that gorgeous tanned skin, but the terrified blonde widow couldn't realize that the big dog wouldn't rip her throat out. Angela collapsed on the chair, trembling and helpless as the Shepherd immediately continued his eager tongue job; the big dog never slowed the dedicated eager licking at her crotch. As soon as the terrified blonde lay still, the animal intensified the maddening licking, tail again wagging contentedly as he slurped and drooled over the secretary's dripping bronze-bushed pussy.

As agonized minutes crawled past, Angela's breathing quickened and her nipples started to stiffen and stand up inside her bikini top; the secretary's stomach twitched with the pulse hammering in her increasingly steamy snatch. The inescapable eager tongue swarming over her spandex-sheathed bush made the captive blonde squirm and sweat despite her terror of the gleaming fangs that kept her pinned motionless in the seat for him.

When her agitated pussy slowly began dripping into her drool-soaked suit, Billy began licking harder and faster at the panicked woman's crotch spread open in front of him. Billy grinned with delight as his animal tongue lapped the first trickle of her juice. He growled with excitement and satisfaction as he smelled and tasted the terrified blonde's pussy responding in spite of her horror. The hair on Angela's arms was standing up and her tits broke out in goosebumps as he lapped her; she lay helpless on the seat, crying speechlessly with the excited Shepherd sitting between her trembling thighs, moaning through her nose as the fiery rough tongue danced over her throbbing pubes.

As the interminable licking continued, Angela was gasping for breath so hard she couldn't even try to scream anymore. She opened her eyes and blinked frantically through the tears when there was a sudden break in the rhythm of the dog's persistent licking. She sobbed in despair as the huge Shepherd pulled his muzzle away from her crotch and tugged gently at the front of the soaked suit.

Angela was already half-crazy from his tongue despite her fear and outrage, Billy thought with amusement; it was about time that the family's beloved pet gave sexy Mrs. Phillips the full experience of toying lesbian teens finger pussy on webcam such a loving dog.

The desperate blonde writhed and jerked against the cushion, horrified to imagine what the big dog had in mind; she got her answer as Billy clenched Rex's teeth over the front of her bikini and jerked abruptly, snapping the elastic string and pulling the shredded the suit completely away. The captive secretary shrilled desperately into her muffling hands as the big Shepherd lunged forward again and his slavering tongue stroked over her totally exposed pussy.

In seconds his eager lapping parted the shaking blonde's drool-soaked pubic bush, leaving her delicate pink lips and throbbing clitoris completely open to the slippery probing dog tongue. Angela sobbed in stunned mortification, shivers racing over her belly and across her shaking tits; she wriggled frantically in the seat as Billy's wide wet Shepherd tongue washed over her open snatch, spreading her lips wide and sliding over her clit like a velvet ribbon.

The big dog seemed even more intent now that her hot pussy was completely exposed to him, making a contented rumbling deep in his throat and wagging his tail as he worked delightedly on the gasping blonde. Moaning and shuddering, the horrified widow collapsed limp on the chair and dropped her head back, crying silently as the eager animal lapped maddeningly at her melting pussy.

She realized she was totally helpless, caught spread-eagle and powerless to stop the obstinate animal licking eagerly between her legs. With a burst of absolute horror, Angela suddenly realized that Amber and Jade wouldn't be coming home at all tonight; if the girls didn't phone home to check in, the canine monster between her legs could keep on tonguing her clit kidnap rape fuking story com she was screaming out loud.

As if he somehow sensed her powerlessness, the dog leaned forward between her shaking thighs and shifted his lapping into high gear, his wide tongue lathering over her open pussy as fast as he could lick.

In seconds, the distraught secretary was panting for breath and shaking like a leaf, her buzzing clitoris driving her wild. Whining shrilly, the horror-stricken blonde heaved and thrashed desperately in the chair, her tanned thighs spread wide open for the eager Shepherd's attention. Billy gave a long whine of satisfaction as he saw the relentless animal lapping slowly driving the helpless woman into a sexual frenzy.

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He deliberately thrust the Shepherd's long tongue deep into the blonde's spread snatch, relishing the flow of delicious pussy juice into his jaws. He could feel her crotch throb as his tongue washed up inside her snatch and her tight ass clamping as she responded to the animal thrust.

Angela's crinkled nipples were now achingly hard and her belly muscles spasmed as the unrelenting doggie licking went on and on and on. There was no way the frenzied blonde could escape the stubborn animal licking eagerly at her crotch; Angela collapsed limp on the chair, head hanging, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

Sensing that the quivering blonde had lost all will to resist, Billy gave a contented rumbling growl and changed to a slow-motion washing of the hapless woman's bare pussy, his tongue languidly flicking between her delicate inner lips and sliding over her exposed clitoris. Fascinated by the desperate woman's mortified response to the Shepherd's inescapable licking, the excited freshman was determined to drive the humiliated widow into a sexual frenzy before the big dog let her go.

The captive blonde's eyes darted frantically from the huge animal lapping deliberately at her spread pussy to cell phone lying hopelessly out of reach, twitching helplessly under the dog's maddening licking.

After twenty minutes of slow animal tonguing, Angela was moaning and writhing against the chair cushion, loins throbbing as her snatch melted under the dog's incessant licking. Her thoughts were racing and her brain screamed in panic even while she felt her pussy responding automatically to the exquisite torture of the dog's velvet tongue.

Billy forced himself to restrain his excitement, holding the sobbing, writhing blonde on the edge of orgasm as she shivered under his skillful animal tongue. Powerless to escape the bestial licking, Angela clenched her hands over the chair arms, knuckles white with strain, panting for breath as waves of mounting ecstasy flooded up from her dripping snatch.

Even though her thoughts clamored with fear and total mortification, the hapless blonde felt her hips rolling mechanically back and forth under the big dog's lingering ceaseless licking, intensifying the enjoyment of each slow stroke. Despite her resolve not to give in to the incredible sensation, she felt her drool-wet ass tighten with every flicker of the scalding dog tongue over her lips.

She had a sudden horrifying vision of the girls walking out onto the patio to find her dripping with sweat and gasping in ecstasy with the huge animal licking her pussy; she could picture her shocked daughters' revolted hot mature mom liz gets hardcore ass fucked and creampied as she tried to convince the girls she hadn't really wanted the bestial licking at her slit.

Despite her fear and mortification, the dismayed secretary found herself responding with increasing excitement to the dog's expert tongue. Shivering uncontrollably, Angela groaned and panted desperately for breath while the enthusiastic animal crouched slavering between her thighs.

The throbbing in her crotch was building and she knew she had to get some relief or she would come at any moment. She tried swaying her hips from side to side to keep the velvet tongue away from her clit, shifting and wriggling until it looked like she was having a seizure, twitching and gasping with her clit throbbing under the skillful animal's tireless licking. Billy was growling with sheer animal satisfaction between the desperate woman's thighs, watching Angela's face intently as her lips twisted in kinky milf gets teased by sex toys ecstasy.

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Angela whimpered in anguish as she found herself actually stretching her legs wider for the big dog, straining with the tendons on each side of her snatch stretched like cables from the pale edges of her bush to the tan skin of her inner thighs.

The captive blonde's tits heaved with her panting and her thighs and calves pulsed as she trembled and twitched, starting come on the big dog's constant skillful licking.

Billy watched in amazement as the frantic blonde's eyes rolled up in her head and her pussy abruptly began gushing juices into the Shepherd's mouth.

He gave a whining growl of satisfaction as he felt the horrified woman collapse into hopeless throbbing orgasm under his tongue. Angela felt like her crotch was being slowly electrocuted; it was like bolts of slow-motion lightning striking her clit and running straight up her spine. She was horrified to hot single girl bath in bathroom the animal's eyes locked on her face as she dissolved in overwhelming coming for the big dog.

The helpless blonde's shuddering orgasm was so intense it seemed to short-circuit her mind, leaving nothing but the mind-blowing sensation of coming and coming as the animal's incredible tongue slithered over her pulsating snatch.

Back and belly muscles rock-hard, thighs and calves cramping, the moaning blonde lay paralyzed and rigid on the chair while the massive Shepherd kept on panting and lapping at her melting bronze-bushed cunt. "MMmmmm, unhhh, noooo!" Angela shrilled helpless ecstasy, her hands clamped over her mouth, "Noooo, donnnt!

Ahhhhhh, ssstop! Uut, ppleeeelzzz, unhhhmmmm." Her muffled pleading and frenzied moans seemed only to encourage the heavy Shepherd, who immediately burst into wanton licking at her spasming crotch. Angela's brain exploded into a fireball of orgasm and frenzied panic as the inescapable tongue probed between her exquisitely sensitive lips and slid up inside her dripping cunt.

She was mortified to find the Shepherd's eyes locked on her face, studying her horrified ecstasy with obvious satisfaction. Tears slid down her face and dripped off her chin, running down over her rigid nipples as the frantic secretary squirmed on the mind-boggling orgasm. Howling and whining behind her muffling hands, the blonde stared down in horrified disbelief as the determined dog made her come, growling and whining as he snuffled and drooled over Angela's dripping honey-bushed pussy.

The orgasm seemed to last forever, leaving the shuddering blonde exhausted and gasping, slowly rolling her hips involuntarily under the big dog's exquisite licking. Angela was astonished and horrified when the Shepherd just kept on lapping eagerly at her dripping, quivering snatch. Sword art online kiritand his sister delighted by the taste of the panting secretary's saturated pussy, excited by the stepmom and teen share hard man meat on the couch juice on his tongue, the huge beast seemed determined to keep right on licking no matter how Angela reacted now.

Billy realized he was as excited by the helpless blonde's terror as he was thrilled by finally making her come so hard for him. As the shaking widow carefully tried to shift her ass further back on the chair, he abruptly reared up on his haunches and clamped his forepaws over her legs; the dog's powerful shoulder muscles easily shoved her thighs farther apart, holding her snatch wide open and keeping her hips pinned inescapably at the edge of the chair.

This was only Act One, Billy thought inside Rex's brain; the humiliated blonde still no idea of what was in store for her this evening. The delighted freshman was determined to put the frantic widow through orgasm after horrified orgasm until she passed out while coming for him. Angela whined desperately as the big dog continued lathering at her dripping snatch; her gaze locked on the unreachable cell phone, whimpering for relief from the mind-blowing animal lapping between her legs.

Angela sobbed and struggled desperately against the cushion as the huge Shepherd lowered his head over her snatch again. Twisting and writhing on the chair, the sweat-drenched blonde moaned incoherently to the big dog as her sanity dissolved and gushed out through her pulsating pussy. Billy growled deep in his throat as her spastic snatch pumped juices over his dripping tongue; in spite of her horror and disgust, he felt the mortified woman's snatch spasm as she throbbed into her second frantic orgasm.

Gritting her teeth to keep from screaming aloud, the frenzied secretary heaved futilely against the seat back, her head rolling from side to side as her crotch exploded in waves of pounding orgasm. The excited Shepherd lathered warm slaver all over her gaping snatch and slippery thighs, sensual tongue dancing maddeningly over the clamping ring muscle of her drool-soaked ass. Billy was moaning with delight in his room, and Rex's constant growling whine echoed his satisfaction at the helpless woman's horrified pulsing orgasm.

The mewling blonde felt like she was drowning in tidal waves of surging come, one rush of explosive orgasm after another gushing from her steaming pussy straight up her spine to crash into her numbed brain. Twitching, shuddering, Angela whined feebly and panted for breath as the big dog lapped and slobbered over her saturated crotch.

As the incredible shuddering spasms shook her bobbing jugs, she realized with horror that the huge animal still refused to back off and the enthusiastic velvet tongue was still there.

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Muffled cries and groans turned into a constant nasal moaning as the hysterical blonde thrashed helplessly on the chair, the eager Shepherd crouched between her thighs. "MMmmmmmmmmm, unnh, nooo!" she shrilled through clenched teeth, "Noooo!

Unnnnhhhhhmmmmmmmm." Angela's mind dissolved into a red cloud of orgasm and squirming desire as the animal's inescapable tongue probed between her exquisitely sensitive lips and slid up inside her dripping cunt.

Billy stared up with animal amusement while Angela's tears dripped from her puckered nipples as the frantic squirming blonde started on another mind-boggling orgasm.

Howling and whining against her clenched fist, she found herself again straining toward the panting Shepherd and pressing her knees against his shoulders as he snuffled and drooled over her avid honey-bushed pussy; she was frantic with mortification and shame as she felt herself heaving forward, thrusting her snatch toward the animal's steady tonguing.

Billy felt a savage surge of satisfaction, feeling the big dog's relentless licking slowly driving the desperate captive into insanity, making her come-crazy for the animal tongue. Limp as a dishrag and shivering uncontrollably, Angela groaned and giggled dementedly through her muffling hand, wriggling and thrusting her bush at the eager animal crouched slavering between her thighs.

Alternately begging, whining and sobbing in mortified ecstasy, she gripped the chair arms with both hands and stared down in enthralled revulsion as she spread her thighs wide, exposing her throbbing and demanding clit to the relentless beast's velvet tongue. There was no way the frenzied secretary could escape the stubborn animal licking eagerly at her crotch; Angela was ready to pass out, she lay limp in the chair, head hanging, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

Realizing that the panic-stricken blonde could be taken again and again if he let her rest, Billy gave a contented rumbling growl and changed to a slow-motion washing of the secretary's bare pussy, his tongue languidly flicking between her delicate inner lips and sliding over her exposed clitoris.

Angela was moaning aloud and writhing on the cushion, loins throbbing as her snatch melted again to the dog's incessant licking. Her thoughts were racing and her brain your footjob fetish really turns me on in panic even while she felt her pussy responding automatically to the exquisite torture of the big dog's velvet tongue.

Powerless to escape the animal blowjob, feeling about to faint in unbearable ecstasy, Angela writhed desperately and collapsed back into the cushions, hanging onto the chair arms and panting for breath as waves of mounting ecstasy flooded up from her dripping snatch. Even as her thoughts clamored with disgust and mortification, her hips were rolling mechanically back and forth under the animal's lingering ceaseless licking, intensifying the gratification of each deliberate stroke.

Billy couldn't get enough of Angela Phillips' disgusted infatuation with the forced bestial lapping she was now totally mesmerized by. Despite her mortified resolve not to let herself respond to the incredible sensation, Angela felt her drool-wet ass tighten with every flick of the scalding dog tongue over her lips.

She couldn't believe her spy on mom anywhere in our house when the Shepherd stared at her knowingly as he licked deliberately into her pulsing asshole.

The secretary whimpered in despair as she saw herself actually stretching her legs wider for the Shepherd, straining to spread melayu blowjob hot tube porn ass-cheeks wider for the amazing animal tongue slurping into her hole. Gasping, the panicked blonde slid into a red haze of desire as mindless crotch responses overwhelmed her. Twisting and writhing, the sweat-drenched blonde moaned incoherently to the huge Shepherd as her sanity dissolved and gushed out through her pulsating pussy.

Billy gave a snarling growl of enjoyment deep in his throat as her spastic snatch gushed juices over his dripping muzzle. Biting her lip to keep from screaming, the frenzied secretary stared straight into his eyes in morbid fascination, her head rolling from side to side as her crotch exploded in waves of pounding orgasm.

The excited Shepherd lathered warm slaver over her gaping snatch and slippery thighs, sensual tongue dancing maddeningly over the clamping ring of her ass and washing up onto her drool-soaked cunt. The mewling blonde felt like she was drowning in tidal waves of surging come, one rush of explosive orgasm after another gushing from her steaming pussy straight up her spine to crash into her numbed brain. Twitching and shuddering, Angela whined feebly and panted urgently for breath as the dog lapped and slobbered at her saturated crotch.

As the incredible shuddering spasms shook her taut, tear-dripping breasts, she realized with horror that she had no way to make the big dog back off, and the velvet tongue was still there. As the unrelenting doggie lick-job got her hotter and hotter, the desperate, squirming blonde knew she was actually going to start screaming out loud if the giant dog made her come again.

"Please please get away from me, that's enough, you've got to stop that," she begged the animal in a frantic whisper, "aaahhhh, Jesus, I can't stand that, you're making me crazy, God please make him cut it out." Angela twisted and wriggled frantically under the massive animal's heavy paws, pinned solidly in place as the Shepherd's libidinous tongue washed over her open snatch, spreading her lips wide and sliding over her clit like a velvet ribbon.

Even as she pleaded with slavering animal, Angela felt excruciating gratification under the dog's tireless licking and delicate tongue, goosebumps standing out on her shaking breasts and her nipples puckered into hardened erect buds. Thrilled by the frantic blonde's desperate begging, Billy focused his licking directly on the writhing widow's exposed clit, his tongue-tip flickering rhythmically over Angela's sensitive joy-button.

"Aaahhhh, please, Jesus no more, please no," Angela sobbed, shivers racing over her belly and up across her shaking tits, "I can't stand it, you can't just keep doing it hot babe loves to suck a long dick me. Please please don't do that to me any more," the shattered blonde whispered hysterically, "it's too much, ooohhhh, no, aaahhhhh." Closing her eyes, the overwhelmed secretary began slowly twitching her hips from side to side, swiveling her rhythmically clamping ass in circles, sliding the flickering dog tongue around her dripping pussy.

Responding to her panting enthusiasm, Billy extended his maneuvers, licking up across her bush onto her twitching belly and down to her thighs, washing her entire crotch. Leaning forward in the chair, Angela stared down at the delighted animal in revolted excitement, moaning faintly each time the warm tongue-tip lapped over her clit. The big dog gave a fervent bark and diligently started licking rapidly at her dripping snatch; the captive blonde moaned in ecstasy as she felt the slippery animal tongue snaking deep into her spread lips and into her dissolving snatch.

Twitching, shuddering, Angela groaned feebly and panted desperately for breath as the Shepherd panted and lapped over her saturated crotch. Collapsing into sexual frenzy, the delirious blonde writhed and shivered enraptured on the rhythmic doggie licking while Billy slavered and whined with delight between her legs. Twisting and writhing in ecstasy under the panting animal, the sweat-drenched blonde whispered incoherently to the huge Shepherd as her mind dissolved and gushed out through her pulsating twat.

After endless hours of mind-blowing doggie cunnilingus, the frenzied blonde could no longer even recognize any separate orgasms. Angela felt herself coming and coming and still coming, a cyclic quivering orgasm that went on and on as the dedicated animal lapped and licked at her frenzied bronze-bushed snatch.

Angela was never sure how many times she fainted; she passed out coming and brazzers day with a pornstar abella danger keisha grey and levi cash day with a pornstar keisha and up shuddering in another orgasm with the eager Shepherd still lapping at her gushing snatch.

She sobbed in mortification as she felt herself writhing once more in revolted ecstasy, and fainted again as another thunderous orgasm blasted up her spine. When she finally came back to consciousness, the sun was lowering behind the evergreens, the massive animal had disappeared, and she found herself sticky with dried sweat, her thighs covered in stinking, filthy dog hair.

Falling forward from the chair, the horrified secretary crawled to the edge of the patio and vomited into the grass, never noticing Billy watching with delight from his bedroom window. Sobbing in revulsion, Angela dragged herself to the pool and rolled into the warm water, shivering in horror as she frantically scrubbed the Shepherd's hair off her sticky thighs and throbbing crotch. Half-fainting, she floundered her way to the ladder and hauled herself out, then stumbled to the house and ran up to her bedroom; she slammed the door and staggered through to the bathroom and into the shower.

Gagging and sobbing, the revolted blonde scrubbed herself hysterically for almost an hour and drenched herself with perfume, desperately trying to get rid of the appalling memory of the dog's animal stench.

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Continued in chapter 5.