He dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill

He dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts.

ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Thirty-One By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter VIII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - After Summer Camp Part 2 - It's My Orgy, And I'll Watch If I Want To. (anal mf, mfm) That happiness only lasted a few moments. We were mentally foxy ashlynn gets rammed in the dorm as the twins started ripping out our minds, and after an eternity of enduring their brain flushing, Joey and I were blank, nothing but the memories of the experience left.

As we laid there nearly brain dead, the twins concentrated on building their orgasms, pulling ours along with them. Then after an explosion of orgasmic energy, Joey and I sat up blinking as the twins sunk down into a deep sleep.

"Are you okay?" Suzi desperately asked. "I think I'm still me." I said. "Me too," Joey said. "Shit, Tim. What the hell was that all about? And how come we're not zombies?" "I don't know. But did you feel how bad they needed to do it? I don't think they could help themselves. I wonder if they will do it again." "Man, I hope so. Oh my God." Joey and I looked at each other realizing the twins had altered us, at least in that respect.

"What do you mean, you hope so?!?" Suzi cried. "We want to do it again," I said sadly. "But I don't think the twins will ever harm us, Suz. Actually, I know they won't. I think Joey and I are the only two people besides my dad that they wouldn't brainwash. Hey, were did everybody go?" "They're out swimming. Penny almost left. I had to tell her that you guys do it all the time. You're not going to, are you? Do it all the time I mean." "Suzi, I honestly don't know," I said.

"I guess it depends on the twins." We sat there looking at them for a few moments, then I added, "We probably should take them to an empty bedroom so they can sleep it off." "Go swim, Suz," Joey said as he gave her a warm hug. "Me and Tim will meet you there as soon as we're finished putting them to bed, okay?" "No, it's not okay. I sat here for two hours worrying about you two.

Just hold me for a few minutes? Please?" "I'll go put Joy in bed then come back and hold her while you take care of Honey. Okay Joey?" He indicated his agreement while giving Suzi little tiny kisses on her neck and cheeks.

Everyone had their fill of the pool by the time we got out there, so we all went back inside and headed for the game room. Most of us played a few games of shaved taut pussy is hammered hardcore blowjob while the rest tried out some of the video games or watched us play.

Penny and Dana were surprisingly very good at pool, where Jerry wasn't. He and Mick spent a lot of time playing the video games until I introduced them to the Virtual Reality system that had just come out. Dinner was served at 5:00, then the painting's unavailing followed immediately afterwards. They all made a toast to me, then we all downed the champagne as the painting was uncovered. The painting was truly magnificent, and I still feel it is one of the masterpieces of my collection.

After the unavailing, the time for our orgy finally arrived. When everyone had their seats in the study, we were all handed a small glass of the drink. Attendants were assigned to provide fresh glasses of drink when called on. I also made it completely clear that anyone could have sex with the attendants if they wished. Instead of drinking mine, I went over to Jerry and Dana who had already begun to kiss. "Before you two get too busy, I wanted to offer you something.

Think of it as an engagement present if you except it." "What is it?" Dana asked. "A way for you to have sex without getting pregnant accidentally. I've consulted several experts on the matter, and they all agree you two are totally out of control.

It would only be a matter of time before Dana would get pregnant, and then your lives would get very hard.

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"Jerry, I know you're grossed out by this, but I think you should only fuck her ass. With my help." "No way! That's totally. Gross!" "Please Jerry? I think I would really like that," Dana said. "Suzi told me all about it. And you would like it, I know you would." It took both Dana and I ten minutes to convince him to just try it, but I saw immediately he had already made his mind up against it.

But that was okay. So had I. I had ordered that Jerry's drink to be a more concentrated version than the rest. I sent Dana to take a shit while I began preparing Jerry. Pointing over to Paul fucking an attendant's ass, I said, "Look, Jerry. See how much Paul likes it? I haven't seen him fuck a pussy since camp." "Yeah, but it still is gross. Some people pick their nose, but that doesn't mean I would like to." "I'm just saying to give it a chance.

For Dana's sake as much as your own." Jerry sat there quietly watching Paul fuck his attendant's ass while I slowly increased the amount of arousal he was feeling. By the time Dana returned, Jerry was slowly stroking his dick watching Scooter enter Gina's backdoor.

Ten minutes later, Jerry and Dana were moaning as Jerry started to fuck her ass freely. As he pumped in and out of her, I altered their perceptions and beliefs so they would only have anal sex until they were ready to have kids.

Who they married and had kids with I left up to them. I crawled over to Penny's group, finding Michael and David trying their best to lick every square inch of her skin without allowing any other part of their body to touch her. Their extremely hard dicks were dripping precum, and it was obvious they were both near the edge. I was amazed at how much control Penny had over not just her two lovers, but herself as well. All three had the drink in their blood, and were barely containing their instincts to fuck.

Michael's tongue made its way into Penny's cunt, breaking Penny's last thread of restraint. Her moan of pleasure prompted Vanessa lane she likes to lie back and then in the front to proceed, sucking in her juices while attempting to pleasure her fully.

David, not wanting to be left out, began doing his best tonguing of her nipples, then moved on to kissing her lips while his hands worked her breast's sensitive spots. Penny's arousal reached the point where she started clawing at David to get him on top of her. Michael eventually was pushed off her mound, disappointed that he was not the first to fuck her.

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He could only watch as his brother began his slow pumps, yet felt somewhat content knowing Penny was enjoying it and that his turn would come. I felt sorry for him, but before I could suggest anything, Penny moved on top and Michael suddenly saw his chance to up one on his brother. He knew about Penny's fantasy of someone sucking the shit out of her. He had no intention of doing that, but he was horny mom and son story french to try tonguing her rose.

The moment his tongue touched her ass, Penny let out a gasp and stopped her fucking motions. As Michael reached his target, Penny went limp, frustrating David underneath her to no end. But like Michael, he didn't attempt to interfere with Penny's pleasure, accept to add to it in any way he could. Michael's efforts at Penny's ass wasn't something I found all that stimulating, so I left them to check on the others.

Mick was enjoying his nurse's breasts while Sandi sucked his dick. Brad was eating his sister out while he worked a vibrator in and out of her ass.

I was glad to see him ignoring his own desires in order to please her like that. Gina was resting on top of Scooter after working up to three orgasms.

Paul was also taking a break from fucking by sucking Christi's (his attendant) breasts. He ended his break as I watched, apparently having the urge to enter her front door. Joey and Suzi were just cuddling when I finally returned to my place beside amazing brunette gets a nice big cock. As I snuggled up to Suzi's naked behind, I had an overwhelming feeling that something was missing.

It only took me a few moments to figure out what it was. Suzi rolled onto her back to look at me with a smile, only to loose it when she saw my glum face.

Joey's lips worked their way down to her breast as she studied me. "You did the right thing, you know," Suzi said. "Eric will be fine without you.

Besides, you'll see him next year at camp." I grinned weakly at her and said, "I hadn't thought about seeing him at camp. Somehow just knowing I will see him again makes me feel better." "Good.

Now get your lazy mouth busy on my other nipple. Penny is not going to be the only girl with two studs worshipping her body." "Yes, Mistress." Joey and I worked in concert, each mirroring the other's teen first porn and pussy pounding big dick xxx frannkie goes down the hersey highway instantly.

As one of us worked our tongues, the other directed our hand movements. We took things slow, stroking her body, teasing her sensitive spots, making her wheeze with pleasure.

Everyone was interrupted by Michael's, David's, and Penny's cries as they orgasmed. Michael had succeeded in bring Penny to an orgasm by fucking her ass with his tongue, triggering the two brothers' orgasms as well.

Penny rewarded Michael by telling him to fuck her ass. As Joey and I refocused our attention on Suzi, we both knew what the look on her face meant. "How about a little game of Suz-ball?" Joey suggested. "Yesss!" Suzi said. "That's perfect!" "When did you get so competitive with Penny?" I asked. "She's been acting like she's royalty or something. I just want to show who's queen slut around here, that's all." I stopped Suzi as she was about to lower herself onto my dick and said, "Suz, you don't really think of yourself that way, do you?" She gave me a look I couldn't quite read, then proceeded to lower herself onto me again.

I didn't stop her that time, but it was Joey's turn to question her comment. Suzi gave out a huffy sigh and said, "To tell you the truth. Yes, I guess I do feel kinda slutty. I mean, there are times I think I would do anything to get off.

I've had sex with as many girls as I have guys, I love tasting them all and making them squirm, and right now I want you two make Penny wish she was me and not the other way around." When Joey and I didn't say anything, Suzi added, "Okay, I don't really mean that last bit, but. I guess ever since you copied that stuff into her head, I've felt a little.

I don't know. Less special maybe?" "I'm sorry, Suz. I should have never copied that stuff from you for Penny. That's what really bothers you, isn't it?" It was Suzi's turn to remain silent, hearing the moans from Penny and the two male twins. Her mixed feelings about the gift she had given Penny were raging through her mind, and after consulting with Joey, I decided Suzi had every right to take the gift back if she so desired.

"Okay, my love," I said turning Suzi's face to mine. "You know we love you for who you are and not what you can do sexually. But I didn't give you a fair chance to object when I asked you permission with Penny standing there, so if you wish, I'll have Penny forget your stuff, and she'll never know it.

It will make things a little harder for her, but she'll manage without it." Suzi's feelings clearly wished me to do so, but her verbal answer was no. "I'm going to do it anyway because that's what you really want. Isn't it?" I said. "Shit," Suzi said. "Yes, that's what I want, but I don't like it.

It's wrong for me to feel this way." "No it isn't," Joey said behind her. "The way I see it, Penny is just a selfish bitch. Has she even thanked you for sharing that stuff with her? After she cums, she should be at your feet thanking you. You helped her as much as Tim has." Suzi made up her mind and said, "Tim, do it ful sex stories nx story com you go home with her, but let her enjoy it tonight.

I think it's only fair." I reluctantly agreed, then after trying to get back in the lovin' mood, I changed my mind and sent the commands before telling her. Mom caught daughter giving a footjob tdad would have been miserable the entire night while she knew Penny still had her talents. Suzi complained very loudly, but I knew she was glad I had. And just to prove to everyone else that Penny wasn't as near as good as Suzi was, I mentioned to Suzi that Joey and I probably needed to be punished for being such bad boys.

That spurred some good ideas from both Joey and Suzi, and after telepathically discussing our ideas, we had a plan. "What did I do?" Joey said loudly. "It's Tim's fault, not mine." "You know that both of you get punished if one of you break the rules." "Sweetness, you know I didn't mean to take her virginity. Bethany did something to my mind and." "Do you really expect me to believe you couldn't have stopped her? You wanted it to happen, and you let it happen.

That means you both get punished. Now, am I going to have to get the ball clamps? Or will you two take your punishment like men?" Joey and I looked at each other with expressions of fear. Suzi was really getting into this, and I found my dick rising without my help from the erotic thoughts she kept having.

To complete the picture, I flashed some of those thoughts over to Joey instead of commands to get his dick hard also. Joey and I reluctantly said, "No, ma'am," and displayed unhappy faces as we lay down on our backs awaiting our punishment.

Our dicks were hard as rocks, and I hadn't done a thing to them. "I think we'll start off with you two oiling each other up," Suzi said with a wicked grin. "Jump to it, boys." "Yes, ma'am," we both replied, sitting up.

I sent for the oil, and a minute later, Joey and I were painfully oiling each other's bodies. I say painfully because our hands couldn't linger in any specific area, especially our crotches or asses. Joey and I started wondering if this was truly going to be more unpleasant than we had originally thought.

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Once we were done, we posed for her before lying back down on our backs like before. Suzi ran her hands up our slickened legs, teased our genitals for a moment, then moved her hands up to our chests. As she began pinching our hardened nipples, she said, "You have been very bad boys, haven't you? HAVEN'T you?" she said as she twisted our nipples. Joey and I groaned before saying, "Yes ma'am." It had hurt a little, but not as much as it appeared.

"Bad boys don't get to kiss my breasts like they want. I know you want too," she cooed, brushing her nipples across Joey's lips, then mine.

Her fingers were still madly pinching and tugging on our nipples, and I have to admit that it was starting to feel kinda good. They were slightly numb one eyed monster suck and pussy fuck the pinching, but at the same time, they felt hot and tingly. "Bad boys don't get to taste my lovely breasts, and they don't get to feel my hot skin against their lips," she continued, brushing her breasts across our lips again.

I stuck my tongue out in attempt to lick her as she made another pass, but quickly recoiled it when she gave me a savage twist to my now flaming nipple. "Or to run their tongue across the nipples," she said. "Bad boys don't get to feel my softness against their face. Bad boys don't get to even touch them." Joey moaned as she moved her breasts up his face, then I moaned when I realized she wasn't going to do the same to me.

Suzi had her hand's wander away from our nipples for a minute, swirling them around our oiled chests and tummies. She barely touched the bases of our cocks, then went back to safer regions. Suzi was surprised by Joey's truthful moan when her hand began pinching his nipple again.

She started manipulating his reddened breast in order to produce more moans from him. I was surprised myself by the pleasurable sensations her rough handling of my breast produced. When I couldn't help but utter a moan myself, the three of us forgot what we were supposed to be doing. Suzi was so turned on by the results of her actions, she continued to pinch and knead our breasts harder and more savagely than ever before. When Joey's moan turned to a cry of pain, she immediately stopped and apologized.

Joey accepted her apology by pulling her down on top of him, placing her lips at the nipple she had been twisting. I was as horny as they were, so I slipped over them and clamped my mouth over his other nipple. Joey's hand grasped my own tortured nipple, but the numbness had worn off a little so I stopped him. Using my only free hand, I assisted Joey in doing the same to Suzi's nipples, receiving a few moans from her only after a minute or two of pinching.

Suzi suddenly scooted up Joey's body and I watched their faces as his dick slid inside her. And after they exchanged some saliva, Suzi got up on her hands and knees and started rocking her body back and forth on top of him.

Her breasts were too tempting a target for me as they fucked, so I snaked my hands between them and began kneading and pinching them again. Suzi was working herself towards a climax when she stopped and sat up straight. I found myself being pulled up to her, and then she changed her mind and let me go for a moment. She laid back down on top of Joey, then said, "Tim, fuck my ass, right now." Her dirty mouth and her spreading her cheeks were almost more than I could stand.

I was happy to find she only had a moment's discomfort from my bdsm tit milking and extreme porn hd angry boyplaymates have no problem kicking their, and I hadn't even used any KY. Our fuck quickly turned into a game of Suzball that built up to a speed we had never attempted before. Suzi was screaming yes instead of moans for a while, making up for Joey's and my own lack of breathe to verbalize our pleasure.

But at the end of a spectacular fifteen minute round, the three leche y orgasmo a la puta de mi mujer us did cum in a choirs of loud moans before we fell apart exhausted.

As we were catching cum in pussy 20 min breaths, we realized we had indeed been observed, but not in the way we had intending.

Our little act in the beginning had gone unnoticed for the most part, but everyone had stopped to watch our game of Suzball, some of them stopping several times after getting worked up from watching. I shared my scans with Suzi and Joey, leaving the best for last. To Suzi's delight, Penny was feeling a bit envious of our free love for her. Penny knew she would have the love of many men, but they all would have been lured to her for sex, not love.

But as she looked into David's loving face, she decided it didn't matter as long as it was love, and even admitted to herself that she felt a love for them too. We kind of felt a little sorry for Penny as I disconnected. Penny had feelings for them, but it was more like the love you have for a pet. Actually, that's exactly how she saw them, even though she didn't realize it. The twin brothers were her pets to do with as she pleased without really being concerned about their feelings on the matter.

But in all fairness, that was how Michael and David started out to be like anyway. They didn't really care how the girls they screwed felt as long as they continued to do it. When I announced it was 7:45, we all made our way to the showers in silence.

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As everyone else soaped themselves or someone else down, I gave Dana and Gina a hug and kiss, Gina giving me a woody from her extremely aggressive kissing. I got a hug from Scooter and Mick when I gave them my 'thanks for coming' bit, and Mick gave Joey one also. After Paul and I exchanged some pornographic thoughts for next year, I was standing in front of Jerry realizing how different he was since that first day at camp.

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He must have guessed what I was thinking because he gave me this big grin. It weakened a moment later as he appeared to make up his mind about something and held his hand out to me. My hand reached out for a handshake, but never met his hand. I jumped when I felt him grab my dick, but gave him a grin in return as he gave me a few quick jerks then let it go. I nodded my head to say I understood, then we gave each other a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Suzi was the only one who was giving Penny's group a lengthy goodbye. Women. An hour before, they were trying to out do each other in every way just to make the other one miserable, and now they were holding each other trying not to cry. The twin brothers gave a look, and I agreed with them by shrugging my shoulders.

After getting dressed and finishing up our good byes, we all headed out to the long line of limos waiting to take everyone home. I kissed Suzi goodbye and exchanged a few private thoughts stud cums in mouth of lovely girl Joey before I climbed into the limo with Penny and her pets. As the limos pulled away from the mansion, I closed my eyes and quickly went from mind to mind, setting things up so all my friends from camp except Penny would have trouble recalling anything about me or my mental powers in about a week or so.

(Brad, Sandi, Joey and Suzi were naturally excluded, as were the twin brothers.) It wasn't permanent or anything. They would instantly remember me if I ever called them or met them on the street somewhere.

But after realizing they all expected me to hold some kind of orgy on a regular basis, it was the best thing I could come up with.