Petite teen gets her anus destroyed cumshot and facial

Petite teen gets her anus destroyed cumshot and facial
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©This is a fantasy; any resemblance to real places or people is coincidental. This series of stories is loosely based on fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

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******************************************************************************************************************** Angel skipped down the path enjoying the bright spring day. Everything was so green and smelled fresh. The flowers darryl hanah and shyla jameson hot trio with nasty man oldvsyoung threesome in bloom and filled he air with a sweet fragrance.

It was the day after her fourteenth birthday. Her tutor had given her the afternoon off so she thought to explore the rest of the grounds of the estate her parents purchased last fall. The winter had been cold and filled with snow. Angel smiled as she skipped along. She was thinking about what one of her older friends had told her yesterday. It was something that a prim and proper girl like Angel should not know about .

June told her about what she had seen her father doing late one night. June had seen her father doing something nasty with one of the cooks helpers. He had the helper up against the wall of a back corridor and was doing a naughty with the girl. "He was fucking her!" June said giggling. Then June described in detail what they were doing. Angel giggled thinking about it, now she though she thought she knew what those sounds coming from her own parent's bedroom were.

She found a large oak tree to rest under and to think about what June described to her. Presently she had her blue dress up and around her waist. Her white cotton panties were around her ankles. One hand was fingering her, almost hairless tender young pussy. The other one was rubbing her growing breasts. When she touched her clit, she wished she had brought her favorite hairbrush, the one with danni ashe and lorna morgan round smooth handle.

Even though she was just fourteen her tits were nearing a 'B' cup in size. Her slim hips were starting to fill out. Angel Had startling green eyes, long light brown hair, a triangular face, and a straight nose.

Suddenly a large white rabbit, in a waistcoat, dashed past, it so close it brushed her dress. Before she knew what was happening it vanished into a hole that opened behind her, in the tree.

Startled she screamed and fell back through the hole . Angel tumbled in the air a few times loosing her panties in the process. Then she fell feet first. The fall was not a precipitous drop, as one would expect, it was more as if she floated downward in the air. She had to hold her dress down because even the slow descent made it rise up around her body and face. After she fell for a few minutes, she calmed down enough to look around. Roots and twigs lined the hole she fell through .

She floated past bookshelves tables and chairs. Shortly she spotted a rocking horse below her.

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It was descending too, but at a slower pace. As she dropped closer to the rocking horse there was a gust of air that blew her dress off over her head. Then like a kite, it drifted off out of sight. Angel now was all but naked except for black Mary Jane propertysex tiny tight body blonde fucks some big landlord dick with white ankle sox and a light short top that just barely covered her tits .

"Oh, dear." She thought. "Whatever am I going to do?" The next thing that happened she plopped astride the rocking horse. Automatically her feet found the stirrups. "Oh my!" She exclaimed. "It's just like riding Buck my pony." Angel felt somewhat reassured by the feeling of the saddle between her legs. It was even warm against her bare skin. Shortly she noticed the saddle had two small bumps in the center, one in front plus one in back.

Then to her shock, she realized they were growing. The front one touched her sex and the rear one nudged her small rose bud hidden in the crack of her young ass.

Both of them were oozing a thick slick substance of alexis texas show her hairy pussy sort.

Shortly the bumps were an inch or more long and were getting very personal. Angel scooted back when the front one grew more and touched her pussy. That movement pressed the rear one tight against her nether hole.

She immediately scooted forward and met the same probing at her pussy. Standing up in the stirrups didn't help. The straps holding the stirrups stretched lowering the girl toward the saddle. A quick look down shocked Angel, both of the bumps had grown longer and larger.

The real shocking part was the one in front looked like a small penis. She had seen a picture of one in a book at school. As she dropped lower the penis grew longer and thicker.

Accepting her fate Angel settled down on it with a sigh. When it entered her, the dildo was only three inches long and as thick as a man's thumb.

The one in back was the same length but only the thickness of a man's finger. "Please Daddy stop!" She gasped. The anal probe slipped in slowly, even then she winched. Now she had two in her at one time. Angel began to cry. Even two hairbrushes had not filled her like this.

The stuff coating them was very slippery. Her mount started to rock back and forth in the manner of rocking horses. As it rocked, the dildos grew in size and length. Soon both of them were six inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. The horse, in its own way, was raping her. Angel didn't care at first. Then horse began to rock faster. The dildos produced even more lube they got bigger and longer. "Oh! Stop." She shouted.

"It hurts! Please stop!" The horse of course didn't stop. It had a mission. It was programmed to take the virginity of young girls sitting in its saddle.

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Suddenly the rocking horse began to buck slamming the fake cocks deeper and fasted into her tender cunt and asshole. Angel gasping and sobbing grabbed the pommel of the saddle and held tight. At that point, the head of the rocking horse turned to look and her. Its face looked like her father's chauffeur, who always followed her with his creepy eyes and frightened her. "Show me your tits, you little slut," it said, "I want to see your tits while I'm fucking you." Angel screamed and fainted.

The wooden horse landed with a dull thud in the middle of a thickly carpeted room. Sobbing in shame Angel fell off the horse and curled up into a fetal ball clutching her ravaged pussy and ass. When she regained consciousness, the rocking horse was gone.

All she wore were her shoes and sox. Her shoes now had three-inch heels. Her small top lay in shreds on the carpet nearby. The rape was just a dim bad memory when she stood up. She knew something had happed to her, just not exactly what. After she got to her feet, she took a few wobbly steps in the heels. Shortly she was able to walk in them as if she had worn heels for years.

One of the curious things she noticed was her pussy and ass felt different, not bad different, good different. "So that's what its like." She murmured rubbing her little pussy. Then she dipped her finger into her tight snatch.

"Mmmm! That feels good!" She said when she slipped two fingers in her pussy. There were two windows and a small door in one wall. Angel saw her dress and panties hanging on a bush when she looked out of the one window. There was a small door between the windows. It looked very small for her but she tried to crawl through it anyway.

The best she could do was getting her head and an arm out the door . She found a button and a sign just above the open he cant resist this young amateur cutie. It said, Push button, suck door big. "Now what does that mean?" She wondered. She pushed the button, and then a rubber dildo slid out of the wall above the door. Angel had no choice. If she wanted out, she would have to suck on the fake dick.

"It isn't very big," She muttered. "I hope this works." At first, she licked it, and then waited a few a seconds. The doorframe creaked and got wider and taller. It was still sex games by wicked lesbian amazing babes small for her to get through.

"This is gross," she complained. Slowly the door shrank back to its original size. Then, very glad no one could see her; she took the head of the warm dildo in her mouth. The door creaked again and expanded. Encouraged by this small success Angel sucked harder taking all of it in her mouth. That was the ticket the door got wider. The fake cock expanded as well. Startled by this new turn of events she tried to pull back.

Something gripped the back of her head holding her in place. Try as she might she could only move her head back and forth about four inches. With her hands braced on the doorframe, she bobbed on the expanding cock.

The more she sucked the bigger the door and the cock became. Soon the door was wide enough for her to go through. It also got taller and taller, that required her to stand to keep sucking. By now, the cock was gagging her only allowing her to gasp for breath every few seconds.

Suddenly she was held still with only the head of the now big cock in her mouth. Something groaned and sighed with relief. Angel choked and swallowed part of a gusher of white salty fluid that shot deep into her mouth. The excess dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and dripped on her tits.

Then she was free, gasping Angel stumbled through the door to escape. Outside at last she stumbled to a patch of grass across a flagstone path paved with yellow stones and sat down. It took the trembling girl a while to catch her breath. Even then, she felt compelled to wipe cum from her face and body and lick her fingers clean.

After a quick search, she found her dress and panties hanging from a tree. Her dress was ripped and wrinkled, the skirt torn to the waist on each side. She knew that when she put it on her legs would be exposed each step she took. Her were panties nearly destroyed and almost useless. "Well at least I have my dress," she said, pulling it over her head.

She thought for a moment then pulled her tattered panties on too. With no other way to go, she walked down a flagstone path she discovered close to the mouth-raping door. Angel's mind was in turmoil from the time the white rabbit frightened her until now. So many nasty naughty things had been happening to her; she quailed at the thought of what could happen next .

Suddenly a sparrow fluttered around her head. Angel was startled at first. She held out a hand to keep it away from her face. Then a surprising thing happened. The little bird perched on a forefinger. "Oh!" Angel exclaimed. "What ever do you want?" The bird cocked its head to one side then the other chirping at her urgently as if it were asking her curvaceous teen with big cans likes cock large and hard. Angel got the impression it wanted to know who she was and what she was doing here.

Angel thought it was silly to talk to a bird but she needed to tell someone about the dreadful things that happened to her. After she finished telling the sparrow all her troubles, she said. "I really do want to go home." The bird nodded as if it understood her plight. Then the sparrow took wing and flew down the path and back to her several times.

Then it landed on her finger again and chattered. "You want me to go that way?" She asked. The bird nodded its head then flew around her again one more time then joined a small flock of sparrows sitting in a nearby bush.

"One way is as good as another I guess. " Angel sighed. She set off in the direction the bird indicated.

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The flock of birds flew around her once then scattered in all directions. An hour or so later Angel was walking through a grove of trees.

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When she heard shy tricky pickup for casting voice, behind her ask. "You want to fuck Babe?" Shocked and surprised she turned around so fast she stumbled and fell. She landed on her butt. Her legs open inadvertently. That exposed her fuzzy pussy through tears in her damaged panties. "Wow you must be really horny." A funny looking man said, eyeing her exposed legs and pussy.

"I can fix those underpants if you like" He grinned. "That should cover your fee." Fee, what fee?" Angel asked, closing her legs. He scratched his furry face next to his long cat whiskers.

Then he rubbed his button nose. "You're not a whore then… You're a slut." He grinned wider, adjusting his tall-checkered top hat. "I'll still fix the panties though." "My name is Angel." she bristled. "I'm not a whore or a slut!" Then she began to cry, "I'm a little girl!

I just turned fourteen today!" She sobbed into her hands. "Oh I'm so sorry," He said scratching his nose. "I wish you wouldn't cry it makes me cry too." He grabbed his long striped tail and began to blot the tears running down his furry cheeks. To be continued……