Sexy girls love to get fucked hard

Sexy girls love to get fucked hard
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Hi, I'm Nick, student in university and I am 20 years old. In appearance I am no better than my peers, average height, not very athletic, not stupid, but not that smart either, in other words I am a man who doesn't, differ from the majority. And here is the story of my life and the start of my sexual relationship with my mother… I was born in a small town near Phoenix and raised in a catholic family with not very rigorous manners of dealing.

My father was an electrician; I say was, because he started a business on his own subsequently, while my mother is a teacher in the secondary school in our town. My first years of childhood passed in extreme poverty, because my parents wage wasn't enough to cover the mortgage of the house and the family expenses (may be now is the moment to mention that I am not the only child in the family, I have a younger sister called Amanda, but she is another matter).

I was around 13 when my father tit flashing hottie blowing hard shaft in pov his job because we managed to pay out our mortgage and he decided to start a business on his own with electrical materials.

The business turned out to be quite successful, because there were only two similar stores in town and my father's shop kept low prices. From this shop we became wealthy enough for my mother to quit job and do nothing except rambling around beauty salons. And I want to mention here that before becoming wealthy my mother was like every other average woman, but after that she turned into a real MILF.

Her students were captivated by her curves. When I walked with her on the street all men were looking at her… let me describe her for you.

She is 170cm tall, weights about 65 kilos and believe me she doesn't have superfluous gram on her, and after the plastic surgery for breast enlargement she has the most perfect rack I have ever seen.

The truth is that I had dirty thoughts about her, but even in my dreams I didn't expect things to turn out like they did. And here's the story… I started looking at my mother in a sexual way at the age of 13 after the following accident. One day I came home early after school without ringing the doorbell and headed to my bedroom. In the hallway which leads to my bedroom is the only bathroom in the house, and as I was passing by my mother went out of the bath completely naked.

I stood there shocked and couldn't take my eyes off, even when she turned back to me. Before I could understand what was happening she said sorry and got back into the bath, and I stood there silent. It's not of a big deal, you will say, but for a teenager with raging hormones that was way more than enough. From this moment on my mother was in 70% of my erotic fantasies (my sister was in the other 30%). I was executing every perversion I had seen or heard of, masturbating with her dirty underwear, tried to spy her in the shower, or when she was changing clothes etc.

I never thought of asking her to have sex of course, who in my place would be that daring?

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I finished my secondary education, and I still had my Oedipus complex, I couldn't control myself much more, but I knew it wasn't right so I was thinking to go to a college in another city, where I would be away from my mother and eventually forget about my sinful desires.

My first year in college went pretty good, aside for the fact that at the age of 19 I still hadn't have a girlfriend and I was still a virgin. When I had to go home for the summer I found a job just to stay there, because if I were to meet my mother I don't know what would happen. Working, my summer vacation flew by and I didn't noticed when my second year at university came.

One winter day just before the Christmas vacation I received a letter facesitting nina hartley and sara jay which in general was written that I inherited a house in a small town, 20km near ours. I was surprised and I thought it was better if I see for myself what was going on, because it might be some sort of mistake. I called the lawyer, mentioned in the letter and he told me that he wishes to meet me to explain everything personally.

I didn't oscillate long and after few days later I was traveling towards this town. Despite the fact it was a 20km ride some inner me was telling me not to inform my family. The meeting was appointed for 10:00 a.m. in his office. I was 15 minutes late, but that kind of detail isn't important, so I will quote the essential part of our conversation: -OK, now for the main question.

Explain me, please, why this man, mister…uh…Taylor, is prescribing his property to me, when I don't even know him? -Hmm, I don't know where to start, the truth is that he is your biological father. If in this exact moment somebody threw a bomb in the room I wouldn't be this aghast.

Biological father?! What a nonsense, I have a wonderful father, who was looking after me for all these years, and this lawyer was sitting there and talking senseless things. After this short distraction I categorized this whole thing as stupidity and told the lawyer: -You have made a mistake, this isn't possible, maybe you are talking to the wrong man? -I thought you will react that way, so as a proof I have this DNA material here given to me before the cremation of your father, you can do a test and see for yourself.

Sparing the specialties, I will just say that after the property was demised, my first task was to do this DNA test with the money I saved from my summer job. The test result came out and it turned out that this mister Taylor was my real father. My world collapsed.

The shock was immeasurable; the whole world seemed fake and I was shook in instability. My mother turned out to be a whore, who cheated on my father even thought he was giving all to the family.

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Only god knows how many times she did it, maybe when she was going to the beauty salons with "friends" or when she was at the hairdresser… I needed some time to get on my feet, overcome the facts and find the courage to speak to my parents on the phone again. After I settled down my mind, I figured that I would be better if I don't tell anything to my father, because a divorce could bring a great suffering on my sister.

Instead, I started to think playboy bad girl gets what she wants to use the situation to my advantage. The moral that I had left vanished and I was driven only by lust. In the end my corrupted mind devised a plan, even if it doesn't work it won't do me any harm, I thought.

The next week I packed and headed towards my parents house. I told them I was coming, of course. I was expecting my mother to meet me there, because it was workday and she was the only one with no job, that's why I was surprised when my father was waiting for me at the bus station. From curiosity I asked him why, mother isn't here and he answered that she had an appointment for masseur.

This was the last drop in the cup…a masseur is more important than your own son… I was filled with confidence and determined to execute my plan. We came home and my father went back to work at the shop, while I headed to my room. Everything was at the same place where I left it. I lied on the bed and started to think about how I should act. Laying there muzzily, tired from the long travel I didn't noticed when I went to sleep. I waked up when my sister burst into the room with happy screams.

She seemed overjoyed and hugged me, we haven't seen each other for a half an year, but still I thought her reaction was exaggerated. After the warm greeting of my sister, we all came down to have a family dinner, I had a feeling of nostalgia, but I told to myself that there was no turning back.

My mother acted cold, as always although she hadn't seen me for half and year. I never noticed her behavior before, but now was different. We dined, talked (mainly about college life etc) and about midnight we went to our rooms.

I couldn't sleep with the burning thoughts in my head .At the next day at 7:00 am I was awake twisting in my bed. My father was getting ready for work and my sister was packing her stuff for school while my cute mum was sleeping tight.

At 8:00 am only I and my mother were in the house. I marched back and forth and wondered how to act when suddenly she showed up in her dressing gown and went for her morning dose of coffee. I nailed my eyes on her and I for no reason I began to feel hot. She made her coffee interracial oral sex and fuck with blonde milf nesty sat on the table, at that moment she noticed that I was staring and she said: -Hey, why are you standing like a statue there, sit.

I started to sweat and told to myself that there is nothing to lose, now or never. -Mom, we have to talk. -OK, but make it fast because I'll be going to the gym later. -Today you are not going to the gym, you are staying home. -Hey boy, you are not grown enough to order me around, if you have something to say then say it. -Yes, I have something to say, I know everything! Sweat was dripping from my forehead; my voice was trembling like I was a little girl.

-What!? What are you talking about? Although she was trying to look calm I noticed the change in her voice and that revived my confidence. -I know everything, I said again; You are acting cold towards us because you cheat on dad am I right? -T-there is no such thing, this is just stupid, who said that?

I japanese lesbian hot pussy creamy massage that's she backs down and continued. -And more importantly, I know that you were doing it for years And I noticed she became really nervous.

Before she could answer I continued. -I know that dad isn't my biological father and I got a great blowjob on halloween my girlfriend porn girlfriend porn have a proof! This broke her down; she understood that denying won't get her anywhere and began to cry like a little girl. She started to convince me not to tell dad in all sorts of ways, but I stayed adamant. Maybe dad wasn't my biological father but I owe him much more than I owe her.

She suddenly stopped crying, like nothing happened and said: -OK, I will be honest, I cheat on your father, its true. He isn't your real father, that's true too. He doesn't know anything and if you tell him you will destroy our 20 year old marriage and you will leave your sister without a parent.

If its come to this I am ready to do anything to keep our family relationship. Spooning my cock tube porn looked at me with lust in her eyes; my plan was working. She continued: -I am pretty sure that there is something you really want but cant have, right? I have seen you spying on me while I am in the bath.

I have found mine underwear in places I didn't left it and I've seen your porn magazines- all were of one type - MILF. She approached me and put a hand on my chest, I could answer, because it was all going too fast. She pushed me to the couch and mounted on me.

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My erection was outrages and my mother smiled horny. Can you imagine what she would do only to maintain her position in society? She slowly unfolded her dressing gown and her gorgeous curves revealed, my eyes stayed on her tits. She said -Today is your lucky day Nick, tell mommy what do you want? I answered swallowing nervously: -Do me with those gorgeous tits mom. Without delay she slowly unbuttoned my jeans with one hand. With the other she fondled my hard cock while I was looking at her face.

The excitement was so intense that I almost came in my underwear. With great efforts I managed to hold it and continue. She unbuttoned the last button of my jeans and pulled them off. My cock was sticking out of my underwear and pulsed of excitement. Before she could lean and take it between her tits I kissed her passionately with tongue, she was surprised but she didn't back off. -Oh, Nick, you are so naughty I should have relieved you from the pressure long time ago.

As I fucked her tits my mind raged, these minutes felt like eternity, before I came I whispered in her ear:-Now give it a taste. She obediently did that and I came in her mouth, she tried to pull back but I held her head until she swallowed it all.

When I let her go she didn't say a word, just looked away, as if she was embarrassed. But my lust didn't go away as I watched her carefully. I bent forward and whispered again: -Did you took those contraceptive pills; She just nod and I said: -Then lay back on the couch, take off your pants and spread your legs. She looked at me imploringly and asked: -Nick, is this necessary, I am your mother after big booty getting all that jizz out brunettebabepovjizzblowjobwebcammasturbationbig asstoysfingering, wasn't this enough?

I saw the weakness in her eyes but I didn't back down and threatened her again. She didn't say anything and let her gown off and laid on the couch, but without spreading her legs. I spread them with force and felt in control. She looked away as I leaned and penetrated into her. It felt fucking good. As I thrusted my mum started to moan a little. I said to her that I have always wanted to do itto go back from where I came and I speed up. She started to scream in ecstasy.

We came at the same time and I collapsed on top of her as she continued to moan. At this moment we heard the sound of the front door opening…