Spooning my cock tube porn

Spooning my cock tube porn
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My story began when I was at Junior Secondary and my g/f at the time didn't just have large labia, hers were absolutely MASSIVE.

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I only discovered this when I took her knickers off on our first date, so from that moment on I stopped her from putting her knickers on again and I also banned her from wearing ANY UNDERWEAR, ANY WHERE at ANY TIME and to ensure that she complied with my ban I told her to pack ALL her undies in a bag and bring them to me next day so that we could put them in the bin and during our lunch break I watched her doing this. At this time she was living with her mum, who was a single parent, and her mum saw that her girl never had any underwear to get washed and that she had also noticed that she never shaved her body hair and she asked her about that and she told her mum that she just didn't want to wear undies or shave any more and her mum said 'Well I already do not wear undies or shave either so that is ok', and of course by banning my g/f from EVER wearing undies I could have much easier access to her gorgeous huge flaps and her very hairy pussy ALL THE TIME.

Her outer flaps (the Labia Majora) hung down four inches, exactly the same length as her inner flaps (the Labia Minora) and I loved pulling on her inner flaps really hard, and I could stretch them to seven inches which was well below the level of her thick, black and extremely bushy pussy and arse hairs, she had a dazzling ts doll playing with her dick of black hair and it was everywhere; pits, arms, legs, thighs, belly, arse and pussy.

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I know this because I measured this babe knows how to handle a dick flaps often and I used to attach 'bulldog' type paper clamps to her flaps and hang really large and heavy weights from them which I had to wrap tape around to stop them making too much noise as they touched each other as she walked about.

One time, we were sitting together on the back seat of a bus I put the same type of bulldog clamps, just a much smaller size, on to her very small nipples which made her cry the first time I did that, but by the time we reached our destination she was ok again and the clamps were left on all day, until we got on the bus to go home again and I was about to remove them then and she told me not to as she wanted them on for another whole day, so I left them on until we got on the bus again next morning by which time her nipples were a really deep purple colour and when I removed them on the bus on the way home again she burst into tears with the pain of the blood rushing to them again and begged me to put the clamps back on again but I said no, not until after wards.

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I often took the tape off the clamps on her inner flaps when we were away at the cinema or shopping etc etc because I just loved to hear the wonderful noise as both of the really heavy 8 oz weights were banging against each other under her barely above knee length BLACK WATCH tartan kilt, the same thing happened as we walked about during our lunch break together, and she also walked very slowly and with some difficulty to and from our bus.

I had told her to always lift her skirt at the back before she sat down, where ever she happened to be sitting so that only her bare arse is on her seat and to let her pussy flaps weights hang off of the front of her seat so that her flaps were being stretched ALL THE TIME.

On one of her birthdays I persuaded her to have both sets of flaps pierced and have 12.5 mm two part rings (which are attached to each other through her flaps, these are similar to the tie down eyes fitted around the edge of a truck tarpaulin) inserted, 1 ring in each flap making 4 in total and the weights were increased to 16 ozs by then and were hung from those hooks which then went through the rings and as I always padlocked the rings, eyelets and weights to each other she could not remove them herself but I knew that she would never ask me to remove caught on tape cuties school medical examination anyway.

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By the time she was 17 I was attaching weights as heavy as a 2 lb bag of sugar on each flap. When she was 18, the weights were 3 lbs each.

At age 19, the weights had increased to 4 lbs each and I had began strapping the weights to her legs, mid thigh, and fixing them to her flaps with very short stretchy straps so that every time she took a step she pulled on the weights and by the time we split, when she was 20, she was carrying a 6 lb weight, either hanging loosely from each flap or both weights strapped to her thighs and her flaps now reached to just above her knees with the weights on, and she had to stop wearing her short skirts and start wearing calf length skirts/dresses, and to mid-thigh without the weights when she could then wear her short skirts again.

As I said initially when we met and that was back in 1960 or so, so her flaps must be much, much bigger by now than they were then.

I dated her (Jane) for 9 years and the sex with her was amazing because when I had oral sex with her, her flaps went right down my throat as if I was deep-throating her, and when we had full sex her flaps more often than not just got pushed up inside her, in fact on one occasion when we were having anal sex her flaps managed to get pushed up into her hairy arse too, but I dumped her in 1969, when she turned 20 and decided to shave her ALL of her body hair, without even asking or telling me.

I really must find out what became of her. You can be sure that if I do, there will be another story as a follow up.

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