Arousing schlong sucking pleasures hardcore and blowjob

Arousing schlong sucking pleasures hardcore and blowjob
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I can't remember how old I was when I first learned what sex was. I do remember I was about to enter 3rd grade when I saw my first dirty magazine. I had found it on a shelf in my uncle's bathroom.

It wasn't the first time I'd seen a pair of breasts or a penis. I'd seen my mother's many times before when she would change in front of me, and when I was very young, I used to take baths with my father, so I'd seen his penis many times. Eventually the bathing together stopped after I hit a certain age. For the record, no, my father never acted inappropriately towards me and shower times were always innocent.

I was not really surprised to see the acts pictured in my uncle's magazine, somehow it seemed familiar to me. My first time seeing dirty pictures yet I had already 'discovered' myself- many times. Looking back on it now, I can't remember the first time I pleasured myselfor how I came to know that if I touched my little button it would feel good.

At times when I had to sleep on the floor, I would hump the carpet while my brother slept on the couch no more than two feet away from me. Once, I fingered myself while he slept next to me in the twin sized bed we shared briefly after having moved into a new home. I was always in seductive black gf on her lingerie working girlfriend homemade hurry to lose my virginity but I was a very shy girl growing up.

Some people might say I was too young when I finally did lose it at 13, but if you ask me I would have loved to have lost it much sooner. That's a reason I feel you shouldn't always claim a guy took advantage of a young girl because I still remember what I was like back then, some of us are just dirty girls, no different than horny boys at that age.

Dirty girls that have no regrets of their sexual choices. From the time I became sexually active till the day I graduated high school I had on average one boy per year, I can honestly say that had I been more outgoing I would have slept with any boy at school.

All he had to do was ask. Sadly, not many did. Two weeks before my 14th birthday I had my first kiss, not that nasty one I had share with my cousin when I was 6, no. It was my first real kiss. His name was Alex and he was a friend of mine, one that I previously had hopes that would turn out to be something more, but I quickly realized that he was an idiot telling his family that I was his girlfriend yet denying anything more than friendship to our classmates.

I had planned to give him the boot but I thought I could get a little something out of him before.

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Since I no longer had intentions of there ever being an 'us' I told him flat out that I wanted to have sex with him. Of course he was game. During our lunch break we snuck off behind an isolated building where he started to kiss me. I knew it was coming, I expected it, still I was a bit surprised when he stuck his tongue in my mouth. It felt foreign to me. With no tact at all he began mauling my breasts. I could tell he didn't have much experience either but feeling someone else's hands on my tits and knowing I was finally going to be fucked was enough to get my virgin pussy wet.

He was moving too slow and I was growing impatient.

I pulled down my pants and silently, as their were no words exchanged between us before, during or after, I told him what I wanted by grabbing his hand and putting it on my hot pussy. He got the hint and shoved a finger into me. I had finger fucked myself many times before but to have someone else do it, oh, I thought I was in heaven.

I let out a moan when his finger went deeper. I was growing hotter by the second, I tugged my shirt down and my breasts came popping out. I think I surprised him because I felt his finger hesitate briefly. But his hesitation was quickly replace by eagerness and that thought barely had time to run across my mind when I felt his mouth lock around my nipple, sucking on candiee p public flashing hottie pt2 tube porn roughly.

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I could feel his hand was already coated in pussy juice. I slapped his hand away and reached down to unbutton his jeans. I was more than impressed when I saw that he had a very big dick for his age. It had to be at least 7 inches possibly 8, beautifully curved.

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Of all the cocks I've seen and believe me I've seem many, Alex's was the most beautiful one I've seen yet. It was perfect in every way. I wanted to dropped to my knees, take him in my mouth and suck him dry even though I'd never done it before. But I knew that we didn't have much time before the next bell and my chance would be lost.

I backed into the school building while bringing him to me, holding his cock, guiding it to me. I knew the second that his mushroom tip touched my slick pussy I would lose him. I didn't even get a chance to enjoy the touch when he shoved his cock into me.

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I tried my best not to scream but with the searing pain it proved to be a difficult task. I knew that my first time would hurt, everyone says it does. No one says that it feels like you're being stabbed in the cunt with a knife. At least at that age that's what it felt like.

We did have some difficulty getting it in but after the fourth thrust he was halfway in my horny cunt. Another fierce thrust and he was in up to the balls. It hurt like hell but I wasn't about to tell him to stop.

Not now. Not when I'd been waiting so long for this. My dream was about to come true, I was finally going to get fucked. No way I was going to ask him to take it out.

He was going to fuck me and I was going to feel his cum in me and I wasn't going to allow anything, not even pain keep me from getting it. 3 thrusts into it and I felt the pain subside and in its place a burning desire. For what, I didn't know all I knew was that I wanted to cum and somehow I understood that in order to do so I needed it harder. I wrapped a leg around him and tried to pull him deeper into me.

He groaned and pushed be harder against the wall. Pumping into my wet hole. I knew that even though it was an isolated area the possibility of getting caught was still very real but I didn't care I just wanted to cum. I could no longer keep quiet the pleasure I was feeling getting fucked for the first time up against a wall at school was too much.

The more I though about how dirty it was the wetter my brunette babe in stockings fucked by this lucky guy got. I don't know why, but something about how cheap losing something so precious to someone who was nothing more than an ass that didn't deserve me, in a way that was not even remotely special, made me feel beautiful. I had never felt more beautiful than I did getting pounded up against a wall while everyone else was either in class or chatting over lunch.

Alex picked up the pace and I knew in any second I was going to be the happiest girl in the world. I felt it all building up to a wonderful end. It must have been the inner slut in me that knew he was about to empty his balls and it was that thought that pushed me over the edge. I came harder than I ever had in all the years of playing with my snatch. I clamped my cunt muscles down on his dick and bit into his shirt as I came.

He continued to pump into my now deflowered pussy even as I fought to keep myself from collapsing. I could feel the head of his fuck rod hitting my cervix each time hurting a little more. Now coming down fast from my sexual high I could feel the soreness of my poorly abused hole. I tried to push him away a fervid pussy licking session masturbation and fingering, just enough so that he couldn't penetrate me so deeply but he held me tight and rammed me harder and harder.

The last thrust was the deepest and he held still for several seconds. I felt hot liquid shoot deep into me, I 'd never felt it before. A strange sensation but as I realized he was cumming in me, it no longer matter that just a second ago he was hurting me, I felt beautiful again.