Brother help sister after breakup

Brother help sister after breakup
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The Golden Rule When I spread my legs, the world opens up to me. At least that's the rule I learned at a very early age.

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It's amazing how a simple little hole between my legs can have such a profound impact on fabulous classic xxx star in vintage porn clip theclassicporn male of our species. Growing up with 3 brothers will make you become inventive, and a bit daring. It also teaches you the value of the most valuable commodity you have; your pussy. But the real weapon is in being a girl.

Especially when your 3 brothers are somewhat horny and stupid. It was this very principle that allowed me to eventually score my first bike. My older brother had this really cool bike that was his tenth birthday gift from our parents. I thought it was the greatest thing since apple pie but he would not even let me ride it. When I caught him trying to look up my skirt one day the thought hit me, why not give him a look in exchange for a ride on his bike.

The thought of it even excited me a bit, bringing about this really strange feeling between my legs, even though I was only nine. But what would it hurt?

It was easy for me to rope him into an argument where he was defending himself. I simply accused him of trying to look up my skirt when he knew not to. Back and forth we went for a few minutes before I made the suggestion. "Ok," I said while I stood in front of him in the driveway holding my skirt down.

"I'll let you see if you let me ride your bike today." "Yea right," he said scoffing as he started to walk away while pushing his bike. "I've seen your panties before and it's no big deal." My heart started to pound a little harder in my chest.

I knew that if I was going to ride his bike I was going to have to go all the way. "I'll take them off and let you see," I said as I ran across the driveway to where he had now stopped. "All the way off?" he asked as he turned his head to look at me. "All the way off," I responded in confidence. I am glad he could not tell that my heart was about to jump through my chest because he would have probably asked for more out of the deal.

"For how long?" he asked as he leaned his bike against the garage and placed his hands on his hips. I looked down at the bike then back at him. "Just a quick look," I said as I felt those weird feelings build up between my legs again. "No," he said as he looked back at his bike before running his eyes down to the hem of my skirt again. "At least ten seconds," he said as he turned to face me while crossing his arms across his chest.

"No way!" I exclaimed as I pulled my skirt down so tight that the top of my dress pulled against my shoulders. Actually it was exactly what I had expected him to say, and I was fully prepared to let him look.

Hell, I would have let him look all day if it meant that I could ride his bike. But I couldn't just give in on his first request. That would have been my undoing from the start. Besides, I possess what he wanted, so that means I get to make the rules. "Five!" I shouted back at him, doing my best to sound annoyed with his request. "Nope," he responded with his arms still crossed in front of his chest.

"It's ten seconds or you can just forget it." Stubborn. That's what my brother is, stubborn. I was going to have to make a counter offer that would sweeten the deal for him and make him think that he was getting more than he really was. "Five………and I will stand with my feet apart so you can get a good look." "With your feet apart?" he said as he uncrossed his arms.

Pay dirt! I had just found my brothers price. All I was going to have to do was stand with my feet apart and lift my skirt to ride his bike. He would get a good look at my little pussy and that would be that.

I actually felt proud of myself for having negotiated my first real 'business' transaction. He looked at his bike then down at the hem of my skirt again before he tucked his hands into his pockets. "Five seconds with your feet apart and no panties," he said as he looked at his bike again then back down at my bare legs extending out of my skirt. "Deal." he said as he turned around and started off down the narrow alleyway between the garage and the fence that marked the side of our cute gabriella paltrova hot anal scene with lexingtong cock. "Come on," he said as he stopped to make sure I was following him.

Now my heart was pounding really hard in my chest. I don't know if it was from the excitement of getting to ride the bike or from the knowledge that I was getting ready to show my little pussy to my brother. In either case I felt all shaky inside as I started down the side of the garage after him. My father's car garage sits in our back yard to the left of the house as you look at our property from the street. It's not much, just a simple wood building with a garage door at the front and a bunch of stuff piled into every last little nook and cranny inside, leaving just enough room for our one family car.

But it sits about 2 feet from the tall white fence that divides our property from our neighbors to the left, leaving a narrow alleyway that me and my brothers use when we are playing in the yard. Behind the garage is a large flat area with a few trees that we climb and play around. This alone keeps the ground mostly just bare dirt even though it gets a good amount of sun.

My brother broke out into the back of the garage into the bright sunlight and looked around. "Ok," he said as he turned to face where I was about to emerge from the narrow alley, "it's clear." "Just a minute," I said as I stopped a few feet short of the end of the garage.

"If you chicken out now," my brother said as he started back toward the alleyway, "then you can just forget it." "I'm not chickening out!" I responded as I looked back toward the house to make sure the coast was clear. "Just give me a second." My brother looked as I reached up under my skirt and hooked my fingers into the elastic band of my panties.

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"Do you mind?!" I said as I stopped my procedure and glared at him. My brother turned around and took a step back toward the back of the garage, disappearing around the edge of the building. It only took a second before I was standing there with my panties in my hand and the blue angel erotic massage from her eager masseuse cool breeze blowing up between my legs.

It felt wonderful even though my heart was pounding in my chest at a million miles per hour. But I had already made the decision to do this and I was not going to back out now.

I placed my panties on top of the wooden box at the corner of the garage before I took a deep breath and stepped out into the open. "So where do you want to do this?" I asked as I stopped just a step away from the end of the alleyway. My brother seemed really excited now as he stepped over to the middle of the back of the garage to a big bare patch of dirt.

"Right here," he said as he pointed toward the spot where he was standing. I looked around a few times to see that the back yard really was clear. My other two brothers must have been off playing army down by the creek. So the whole back yard was free of any additional footjob loving amateur teen strokes cock reality. "Ok," I said as I stepped over to where he was standing with my back toward the building.

I spread my feet apart about a foot and grasp the hem of my skirt right in the front. "Ready?" I said as I prepared to lift the material to expose my bare pussy underneath. "Spread your feet wider apart," my brother said as he took a knee directly in front of me, "so I can get vanessa cage and puma swede threesome in the bedroom good look." "That's wide enough," I said as I scooted my feet another inch apart.

"You said you would spread your feet apart and give me a good look," he said as he reached down and picked up a short stick just to his right. Reaching out he then scratched two lines in the dirt well outside of my feet. "There," he said as he set the stick down, "that wide or forget it." The two lines were almost three feet apart.

There was no way for me to spread my feet apart that wide and remain standing. "Come on!" I protested as I stood up straight and looked down at the two lines. "I can't spread me feet apart that far I'll fall over." ""Ok," he said as he again picked up the stick and scratched out one of the lines only to redraw it about 6 inches closer than it had been.

"There," he said as he threw the stick down. "I know you can do that so quit stalling." I was going to have to spread my feet apart pretty wide to do this, meaning that my little pussy was going to be spread wide open for him to see. The rush of excitement that raced through me while I positioned my feet was almost more than I could bear.

The strange tingly sensation in my pussy seemed to amplify as the gentle noon day breeze tickled between my legs. My legs were incredibly wide apart by the time my feet reached the lines my brother had drawn, making my pussy feel like the little hole was wide open and exposed to the elements. "Five seconds," I said as I again grasp the front of my skirt and prepared to lift it.

"Five seconds," my brother reiterated as he again took a knee and readied himself to view my little secret. "I'll count." "No I will," I said as I looked down at him. "You won't count right if I let you do it." "Ok," he said as he licked his lips. "Alright. Here we go in one…two…three!" and I lifted the front of my skirt. The very first thing I felt was the bright sunlight hitting the mound of my pussy.

It had never been exposed to the sunlight before so the instant warmth was very noticeable. The second was the feeling of openness between my legs. My feet were spread so wide apart that the dirt was hinting at giving way, which would have been bad because it means I would have fallen to the ground in a split.

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"One…" I counted off as I quickly looked down at my brother. His eyes were as big as saucers and his mouth was open as school that 14 students xx stare was directly on the tight little slit between my legs.

"Two…" I continued as I could just barely make out that he was mouthing out the word 'WOW' as he looked in. "Three…" I could feel the electricity surging up through my body from my little pussy as the knowledge of my brother staring at my privates almost got the better of me.

"Four…" My heart was fluttering in my chest as I watched my brother lick his lips while he looked at me. I never fully realized until this very moment that I had such power over him.

"Five!" and I dropped the front of my skirt and stood up, taking small little steps until my feet were close enough together for me to stand up properly. "There," I said as I again pulled my skirt down, "a deal is a deal." My brother stood up and instantly stuck his hands in his pockets. I think my little show gave him a real boner because he was obviously in a certain degree of discomfort.

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"A deal is a deal," he said as he gestured toward the alleyway with his head. I didn't say a thing before I turned and bolted up the alleyway. I was going to get to ride my brother's bike! I was so excited that I forgot all about my panties lying on the wooden box. I bolted up the side of the garage, grabbed my brother's bike and slung my leg over the seat. I was halfway down the driveway before I realized my bare pussy was sliding back and forth on the seat with each pedal stroke I made.

It felt&hellip.electric! That was the day that I learned how to apply that most important rule.

I have what they want. And with the right manipulation, it's not long before I have what they had. And isn't that what it's all about? The End?