Cute sensual and slutty girls looking for anal sex

Cute sensual and slutty girls looking for anal sex
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At the age of 41 I have set out to do a lot of things and had them backfire and blow up in my face. As I am sure the same is with everyone, this has happened so often that I have actually lost count. However nothing I've done, seen or heard comes anywhere close to this ultimate backfire I am about to share with you.

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As I said before I am 41 years old. I have been married to an unbelievably attractive woman for the last 18 years. We have 2 children together, a 19 year old daughter and a 17 year old son.

We have always been a very close nit and open family. I know most people think that their children are open with them and they really aren't but it is very different with our family. I'm sure they've done a couple of things my wife and I are not aware of but for the most part they are very up front and honest with us as we are with them. My wife and I have always felt that we were the first to present sex, drugs and all that stuff to our kids. Mostly because we were and still are very sexually active and adventurous, so we just assumed that they would be, and the sooner we made them aware of everything the safer and happier they would be.

However there are always critics that feel that we presented it too early and that the way we go about presenting these issues to our kids is very wrong. For alex nova gets her anal fuck doggystyle from behind when we were ready to discuss sex crazed wifey opens pussy for another sex issue with both our son and daughter we used the same method for both by showing them a few porn videos and pictures to show them how it was done and made sure to discuss all the risks of having sex and let them know that they should always use protection.

When people ask why we show the videos we simply tell them the main reasons kids have sex is because they are curious as to how it works. At the same time fear of not knowing how to do it can prevent them from having sex. There is nothing worse than having the big moment arrive and you're too scared to do anything because you have no idea what it is that you are doing.

So anyway, as I told you we have always had an open door policy with our children and welcome them to talk to us about anything. Up until a couple weeks ago that worked really well and I've never had a situation come up that I didn't know how to handle.

However as we all know life is full of surprises. It was a Saturday afternoon and my wife and daughter were away for the weekend on a mother daughter vacation to a resort spa. I was sitting in the room that we had turned into a study/library reading when my son came into the room and sat down in the chair across from me. I could only assume that he had something on his mind that he wanted to discuss so I closed the book and laid it on my lap.

"What's up Brandon, something on your mind?" "Actually yes, however to be honest I am a little scared of how you are hot fisting with vicky love and tina kay to take it." His response had me a little concerned; I can't remember a time when either of my kids was scared to discuss something with me.

"Come on Brandon, you've never been scared to discuss anything with me, to my knowledge anyway. Why would this be any different?" "Trust me dad nothing I have ever had to talk to you about is anywhere close to this." "Well I am already aware that you want to talk about something so why don't you just go ahead and start talking." "Wow that's some horrible logic, but it works.

There is no easy way to say this so I am just gonna floor you with it. Dad, I'm gay." I have to admit I was utterly floored; this was the last thing I thought he wanted to talk about. But I had to handle it, my son came to me with something and it was my duty as a father to talk with him about it.

The last thing I wanted to do though was tell him that he was wrong. I just wanted to make sure he was absolutely sure that he was sure. "Ok, what and how brought you to this, I mean are you sure? What has happened that makes you so sure?" "Well dad I think it has always been, I was just in denial for the longest time.

But events that have happened of lately have led me to the point that I can't deny it anymore." "Like what?" "Well, for example I am beautiful kinnar fucking storys download turned on by men that I can't even take a shower in the lockers after football practice anymore because I am afraid that I will get and erection. The other day John, whose locker is right next to mine, got undressed and was heading to the shower.

He walked away so I thought I was in the clear so I leaned over and began untying my cleats. Well John had forgotten something and returned, when I noticed that he had returned I looked up to see what he had returned for. When I did this his cock was staring me right in the face. It took everything I had not to put it into my mouth and start sucking him off." "Ok so have you done anything sexual with a man yet?" "No not yet." "Maybe you are just curious." "I don't know dad, the thoughts seem pretty convincing.

Besides how do we test that theory?" What I did next floors me to this day. I stood up and undid my pants dropping them and my boxers to the floor. Then I took 2 steps forward putting myself within arm's reach of him. "Dad what the hell are you doing?" "I'm testing the theory. You said you have trouble turning down a cock; well here one is for you."After finishing my statement I took another step forward.

My cock was now staring him right in the face. Brandon just sat there staring at my cock. He knew this was a test; he could either walk away or stay and prove to himself that he was gay.

It seemed like hours had passed but it was barley a minute. Just when I thought he was going to give up and walk away he sat up a little further in his seat and reached up, taking my balls gently into sexual oral sex with strippers striptease and hardcore hand.

He caressed it softly for a few seconds juggling my nuts with his fingers before sliding his hand slowly up. His thumb fell into place under the base of my cock while his other fingers wrapped around the rest of it. I couldn't look at him at the moment it was way too weird, so I just tilted my head back and looked towards the ceiling. His hand slid slowly and smoothly up my cock and came to a rest just below the head of my cock. Next I felt his tongue gliding along my nut sack which he did for a couple seconds then he took my entire sack into his mouth.

I could not believe I was allowing my son to give me head, and to top it all off he was really good at it. Before he had started his work I would have sworn that he could never bring me to an erection but now here I was fully erect and it felt like it was getting harder by the second. Brandon's tongue worked my balls methodically. After about a minute he let one nut slowly slide out of his mouth then the other. He kept his tongue in contact with my sack though and began to slowly work it up the base of my cock.

When he got to the tip he took about 5 inches into his mouth without hesitation. The move caught me off guard and I couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure. Brandon didn't even seem to take notice. He slowly pulled my cock out of his mouth leaving a trail of saliva behind and following his mouth was his hand stroking my sex cam xxx 18 school com as it followed.

When he got to the end he pushed his head back down onto my cock taking a little more in this time. Brandon's mouth continued its assault on my cock as his hand stroked the base of my cock. He kept a smooth rhythmic pace for a good 4 or 5 minutes and then he suddenly stopped. I couldn't help but think, "No, don't stop I am about to climax." But I kept my words to myself. As it turns out Brandon had a trick up his sleeve I hadn't expected. With his hand still held firmly on the shaft, Brandon pushed my cock back into an upright position.

Starting at the base of my cock he ran the tip of his tongue along the base of my cock yet again. Only this time when he got to the tip, his tongue began a rapid assault on the underside of the head of my cock. I grew week in the knees from all the pleasure and it took all my strength not to fall to the ground. The assault stopped as abruptly as it started and he was back to sucking and stroking my cock.

It was only seconds later when I felt my orgasm rushing its way to my penis.

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My warm cum shot into his mouth with a tremendous force and he never pulled away. He swallowed every last drop. He even continued to stoke my cock until he had every last drop in his mouth. After he let my cock fall from his mouth I took a few steps backwards and collapsed onto my chair, utterly overcome with pleasure.

After a couple of seconds Brandon rose to his feet, wiped his chin with his forearm and uttered just one phrase before walking away. "I guess this means I am gay." After a few minutes of sitting there trying to figure out what had just happened, I stood up, pulled my pants up and made my way to the bathroom for a shower.