Brunette masseuse sensually massaging a beautiful body

Brunette masseuse sensually massaging a beautiful body
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Carol's Limits Friday Night I followed Reggie to the door for a goodbye kiss. He had spent the night, and we had had a good time. I felt the relaxation that comes from sexual release and wanted him to know that I felt good. He turned just before the door and kissed me gently.

"Can we go out next Friday?" he asked. "Friday is good," I replied. Reggie stepped back and said, "I want to take you to meet some of my friends on the team. Shall I pick you up at 6 o'clock?

We can get a bite on the way." The way he put it sounded a little odd, but I immediately replied, "6 o'clock will be fine." He opened the door and was quickly gone. I turned away and went into the bathroom for a shower. I had a paper due on Monday, and that meant research today in the library and writing all day tomorrow.

It was 8:30 in the morning brooke bliss fucks standing doggystyle with a big cock I needed several hours before Roger came at 7:00. Roger took me to dinner and a movie. He wanted to stay the night when he brought me home. I wasn't sure I wanted to, but after a few kisses, I let him in. We were stood just inside the door, kissing. His hand slid up my side and cupped my breast.

He started unbuttoning my blouse. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. I guess he could spend the night, but he had to leave early so I could finish my paper.

Reggie played soccer for the University. We had been going out for three months. It wasn't a steady thing, and we weren't exclusive, but I liked him a lot, and the sex was great. After Roger left, I turned on the water and stepped into the shower.

I thought about Reggie's parting words. Why did they seem so strange? I concluded it was the look he gave me when he said it. He was not saying everything.

What kind of event was this he was taking me to? He didn't say it was a party, a dance, or anything like that. He said, "meet some of my friends on the team." I suspected that he had a group affair in mind and that I was going to be the main event. Reggie was the first black man I had slept with. I saw him at a soccer game and mentioned to one of the team players I knew that I would like to meet him.

Two days later, Reggie invited me to dinner and a movie. We ate at an Italian restaurant near the campus. Reggie was bright and very kind. He had seemed physically intimidating at first. He was six foot four and very muscular—one of the lead players on the team, and his fitness was obvious. By the time dinner was over, I was very comfortable with him. When we reached the street outside the restaurant, I moved next to him, and he put his arm around my shoulder.

I told him that we could skip the movie and just go back to my place. We spent the night exploring each others' desires. During the week, I thought of Reggie's invitation several times.

It was both exciting and troubling. The idea that he might be taking me to some kind of group sex affair was exciting. The troubling part was that Reggie was in control. I liked being the one in control. In fact, all of my most adventurous exploits had been planned by me.

When I did the planning, I could be sure it was safe, and I could exit when I wanted. With Reggie setting up the event, and me not knowing the plan, I was getting into something unknown. During the week, the unknown nature of Reggie's plan was sometimes exciting and sometimes a little scary.

By Friday, I had decided to go along with Reggie, but to let him know about my concerns. I brushed my hair and looked in the mirror. I was still letting my hair grow out.

It was below my shoulders. My thick eyelashes gave me a sultry look. Dark brown eyes stared back at me. Those eyes seemed to ask me who I really was. My blue silk blouse was sheer enough for my black bra to contrast with my white skin. I unbuttoned one more button until the blouse fell open enough to show my bra. The woman in the mirror licked her lips. The door buzzer pinged promptly at six o'clock.

Excitement rose even as I went to the door. When I opened the door, Reggie looked me up and down and said, "You look terrific. Ready to go?" "Come in a minute," I said. "I want to talk about your plans for this evening. I don't know what you have planned, and you don't have to tell me now, if you don't want to, but what you said last Friday concerns me.

You know that I am fairly adventurous, but I don't want to be in any situation that is dangerous or that I can't get out of when I want." Reggie looked at me directly and said, "I won't hurt you and neither will my friends. Anytime you want to leave, you just tell me, and I will bring you home. I want us to have fun, and you are the most exciting woman I have ever met. I wouldn't hurt you for anything." I eating sister like hot fresh buns that Reggie would keep me safe, and so I decided to go with him.

What he didn't say convinced me that this was not just a party. The excitement returned as I picked up my purse and turned to face him. "Let's go then." Reggie drove to a Japanese restaurant on the other side of the campus. The people were nice, but I got several looks from the waitress that made me think she didn't approve of a white woman with a black man. Maybe it was because Reggie was so handsome that she felt that way.

We had a good meal with tastes that were new to me. Reggie drove into the hills above campus. We pulled up at an apartment building that was a lot nicer than mine. "My friend Jason lives here," Reggie announced as he held the outside door for me. In the building, we took the elevator up several floors.

The hallway was open to a courtyard, and we walked halfway around the building before Reggie stopped at a door. He took my hand but didn't say anything as he knocked on the door. A tall man, about Reggie's height and build, opened the door. He had curly red hair, freckles, and blue eyes. "Hi Reggie," he said and stepped back for us to enter. "Carol, this is Jason," Reggie said.

We walked past Jason into the living room. A kitchenette was off to the left. In the living area were two couches in the corner next to a bookcase, an overstuffed chair, and a large TV screen. On the couches, sat three men who rose as we entered. Reggie began the introductions, "Hi guys. I want you to meet Carol." Each man extended his hand, and I blue angel erotic massage from her eager masseuse each as Reggie called out his name.

"This is Paul, Junior, and Mike." Two of the three men were about the same height and build as Reggie, but Junior was at least three inches taller and very broad in the shoulders.

My hand felt tiny when he took it. Reggie took my coat and my purse and went through the door to the next room. Jason joined the other three men on the longer of the two couches. I sat on the chair and crossed my legs.

My legs were weak, and there was the tightness in my breasts that always came when I got excited. Before I felt like I had to say something, Reggie came back.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked. "A soda would be good. Maybe a root beer," I replied. Looking around, I knew that Reggie had brought me here for sex. These men were looking at me with that kind of hunger. But they were quiet like they didn't know what to say or do. I felt that some conversation might make us more comfortable.

"Jason, what do you do?" I asked. "I work part-time in the library and go to city college," he replied. "I hope to transfer to Cal at the end of next year. But I'm not sure that I will have the grades. It's hard to keep up when you have to work." Reggie returned with a glass of dark cola that had ice floating in it. He set it on the table next to the chair. I sat quietly sipping my soda while some small talk went on between Reggie and the other men.

Mainly about the local sports teams. It was clear they were good friends, and that they knew a lot about each other. Teen hoe jaye summers sucks monster cock of tenant stood next to my chair during this banter, and I felt safe in his shadow. The conversation came to a lull, and Reggie looked down at me. I met his gaze and smiled. He came to the front of the chair, took my hand, pulled me up, and stood me in front of him.

I felt like I was watching us from a distance. Reggie held my shoulders and turned me around so that we were facing the other men. Reggie was behind me. He placed his hands on my hips and rubbed them. Excitement rose rapidly as Reggie slid his hands up my waist, around to my front and cupped my breasts. The other men were quiet with their eyes focused on me.

Reggie began unbuttoning my blouse, and the excitement rose higher. I was wet and waiting. I looked at the men's eyes and could see the effect I was having on them.

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Reggie pulled my blouse out of my skirt and bared my bra. He undid my bra and slid it up. A sound escaped from two of the men as they quickly drew in their breaths. And then one of them said, "Oh yeah." That comment seemed to relax all of them, and they followed.

"You're beautiful," "Look at you, honey." "You got nice tits." I was surprised at these comments. I didn't know what seductive babysitter giving blowjob and laid by nice dick make of them at first.

But they continued; as they would all evening. Reggie lifted my blouse off my shoulders and dropped it on the chair. He lifted my bra off. I stood topless in front of four strange men.

I was getting very excited. The heat between my legs wanted Reggie to hurry up. Reggie unbuttoned my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I slipped off my flats as I stepped out of my skirt. Reggie picked up the skirt and placed it on the chair. I had only my panties on as I looked at the men fixed upon me. "Oh, baby." "Look at that." "Honey, you're great," came the chorus from the couches. Reggie slipped my panties to the floor, and I stepped out of them.

They joined the rest of my clothes on the chair. The chorus continued, "What a great snatch you got." "Baby I want you." "Lady you got it all." Reggie cupped my breasts and pulled my nipples as the men got more and more excited.

As Reggie slid a hand between my legs and found my clit with his finger, I watched as two of the men started rubbing the bumps in their pants. I could see that they all had bulges where their erections pushed on their pants. Still, the comments continued, "Gotta have you, baby." "I know what you need." "Come on over here, baby, I'm ready." Reggie led me over to where Jason sat.

When I was in front of him, Jason reached up and rubbed my breasts. Paul, sitting next to Jason, ran his hand up and down the inside of my thigh while Reggie ran his hands over my bottom. I couldn't help the thrusts that my pelvis made. I was so hot. I wanted someone rubbing my clit and in my cunt.

Having three men touching me was driving me mad. I bent over Jason and put my hand on the bulge in his pants. I rubbed it for a second and then unzipped his pants. He took his hands away from my breasts and slid his pants down. I watched as his cock jumped out of his pants.

Reggie was very dark, and so were Mike and Junior. Paul was white like Jason. Jason's cock was a big as Reggie's, and it stood up straight and hard in his lap. I put my hand around it and rubbed the skin and the pink head. The head was pink and velvet smooth. I knelt with my knees outside Jason's legs. When I spread my legs, Paul reached over and rubbed my clit. I unbuttoned Jason's shirt and pulled it over his head.

I ran my hands over his bare chest as I knee-walked toward him. When I was close enough to him that my breasts were in his face, I eased down and felt his cock on my slit. I rubbed him back and forth on me and then pushed him in. Jason let out a sigh as I settled down on him. I moved up and down rubbing his hard cock in my aching cunt. Paul was rubbing the nipple on my right breast while Reggie cupped my left breast from behind. Reggie was kissing the back of my neck, while Jason tongued deep in my mouth.

The heat from the hands on me, the kissing, and Jason's hard cock rubbing inside me caused a hot wave of orgasm to flow from my cunt up to my stomach to my hard nipples. I cried out, and my body jerked as I pressed Jason deeper. Just after my orgasm, I felt Jason tense and then arch his body as he pumped into me. I rested for a minute panting and feeling the sweat from Jason's chest under my hands.

I lifted off him as his soft but not limp cock eased out. His cum leaked out, mixing with the juices of my already wet pussy. I looked around hd teen erotic solo and cum on playmate playfellows daughters panties first time the other men to find that Reggie, Junior, and Mike had taken their clothes off while Jason and I were busy.

I knelt on the floor between Mike and Junior. I intended to handle their two cocks and get them ready. Before Horny hottie arab getting a monster cock to fuck got to that point, I fixed upon the big cock in Junior's lap.

It was longer and bigger around than any cock I had ever seen. I put my hand around the hard stem. It was hard, black, and big. I wondered what that cock would feel like in my cunt. Thinking about that big cock thrusting into me was exciting.

I grabbed Mike's cock in my hand and started stroking both of them. The men thrust toward my hand, and their cocks got harder. Paul had taken his clothes off, and he and Reggie joined me on the floor. Paul grabbed my hips, and lifted me to my knees. He pushed my head forward when he pushed on my bottom and entered me from behind. Mike's cock was right there, and I took him in my mouth. He pushed against the roof of my mouth. Paul started thrusting quickly, and I knew he would soon come.

I expected that all of them would come quickly the first time, but I would be able to enjoy their longer fucks the second or third time. Paul came with jerky thrusts that pushed Mike's cock into my throat.

Mike responded with thrusts of his own and came holding my head. I held my lips tight on the crown of his cock while he pumped his load. When he was though, my mouth was full of cum. I ran it around with my tongue, felt the slimy texture for a minute and then swallowed it. Reggie quickly replaced Paul and began thrusting deep and slow.

I took Junior's big cock in both hands and put my lips on the crown. It was so big that I had to open my mouth wide to get around it. I worked up and down of that big shaft. I was so consumed by thinking about what that cock would feel like in me that it wasn't until Reggie started to speed up and thrust deep that I started to pay attention to his cock pushing inside me.

His hands were on my hip pulling me back and forth. I tightened my cunt, and he answered with harder thrusts.

He cried out as he pumped hard. I took my mouth off Junior and turned around. "Isn't there a bed we can use?" I asked. "This carpet is beginning to hurt my knees." Jason got up and, heading toward the door, said, "Right this way." Inside, he switched on the light. Still holding Junior's cock with my right hand I stood up. "Come on Junior, I have to see what you can do with this." Junior followed me as I headed toward the door.

The room was furnished simply with a big king-size bed in the middle. The bed was made, but it was a hurried job. The overhead light, with a frosted cover, threw diffuse light directly on the bed. With Junior in hand, I headed for the bed and pulled down the covers. The other men followed us into the room. I let go of Junior and pulled the bed coverings off the bed leaving only the sheet and two pillows.

My pussy felt sticky wet and cum was running down my leg. "Would one of you get me a towel, please?" Jason headed to the bathroom. I crawled onto the bed and slid to the middle. I lay down on my back and adjusted a pillow under my head. Jason returned and tossed me a towel.

I wiped my legs and my pussy, drying my legs and removing much of the cum. I put the towel aside and spread my legs wide. "Come on Junior, I'm ready," I said. Junior crawled on the bed between my legs. He put his hands beside me and leaned over. I looked down at his giant black body and that huge cock pointing at me. The muscles of his chest and stomach bunched and blonde gets filled by big black cock over me.

I pushed my pussy up toward him. I took his cock in my hand and pulled it to me. I felt the big head press against my clit, and then the head slid down. The head spread my lips, filled me, and stretched my opening. Junior was gentle as he slowly pushed his cock in farther and farther. He was so big that he had to bend down to kiss me on my forehead even though he was pushing into me. He pressed against me physician observse hymen checkup and virgin teen pounding leaned on me.

The pressure grew as he spread me wider and wider. Junior lowered himself toward me as his cock slipped deeper. I was full inside, but Junior had more. He settled his hips lightly on me holding himself up with his arms.

I didn't think I could take more, but he pushed harder. He kept pushing. His cock pressed against the back of my vagina. And then he pushed farther. I felt a pressure like a cramp inside, and I let out a gasp. I grabbed his arm.

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He stopped and pulled back some. He started slowly working back and forth. His cock pushed on the end of my vagina with every thrust. It was an exquisite pain. The pain turned to pleasure. He was stretching me wider and pushing deeper with each thrust. The back and forth felt so good! I relaxed and began to push back in time with his easy rhythm.

The other men had joined us on the bed, and I heard the chorus, "Do it, Junior." "You got it now, baby." "Go on Junior, do the thing." Paul was on one side, and Mike was on the other.

They put their hands on my breasts, rubbing my nipples. Junior pulled his cock all the way out and pushed back in. My cunt lips sang with the passing of his big hard member.

He started to thrust deeper and faster. I followed his motion opening myself scream or i will tell mom and milf licks guys ass mothers interracial interaction and more with each thrust.

I put my hands on my inner thighs. They were wet with Junior's sweat. I slipped my hand up to my knees and pulled my knees as far as I could. This changed the angle, and it felt better when he thrust. He went deeper with each thrust. I pulled my knees harder welcoming and opening to him. I felt the base of his cock press against my clit, and I knew that I had taken all of him. He began to speed up his thrusts, and I felt the heat build until it burst.

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I jerked toward him arching my back to push him deeper. Wave after wave of orgasm passed through me, as Junior pumped into me. As the orgasm subsided, I stroked Junior's arms and chest.

I leaned up and kissed his neck and felt the roughness of his beard. He continued to pump into me with his long deep thrusts. I put my hand on Mike's cock where he sat next to me. On my left, Paul knelt on his knees and put his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth, and ran my tongue around its soft head. Junior began to speed up. The big cock was rubbing me intensely. The pleasure increased.

I moaned and dropped Mike's cock from my lips. Paul pulled on my nipples as the feelings in my vagina continued mom25 and son 18 focking build. When I felt the first wave, I arched my back and drove Junior deeper. Waves of orgasm shook me. Junior began to thrust faster and faster while my orgasm just continued to build. When I thought I couldn't go any farther, both my legs jerked in uncontrollable spasms as a second climax came on top of the first.

I squeezed Junior's cock as spasms ripped through my body. He arched his back and thrust himself hard into me with all those big muscles pressing me into the mattress. I felt his cock pulse. It throbbed as cum pumped through it. He came and came. I wanted all of him. I wanted more of him.

Junior stopped thrusting and rested. Then he relaxed and pulled back.

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I settled back on the bed and looked down to where his half-erect cock hung down as he slid off me. Immediately Reggie mounted me and slipped his cock into my very wet hole. He was shorter than Junior and his lips met mine. He started pumping strongly and quickly came. It was clear that watching Junior had made all the other men very excited. Reggie pulled out, and just as quickly, Paul mounted me and began to pump into me. He lifted up on his arms and looked down at ryan ryans with a boundir licking jessa rhodes vagina fingering and tribbing. He also came in just a minute.

By now, Junior had moved to the head of the bed and placed his big hands on my breasts. He kneaded them as Mike took his place between my legs and entered me. Mike took longer, and as Junior began to squeeze my nipples with his huge fingers, the heat rose. I tightened and thrust hard answering Mike. Soon waves of orgasm spread of from my vagina.

When Mike pulled himself off me, Jason quickly filled me. I could see that he was trying to hold back, but even though he had released several times already, he came after only a few minutes. I reached over and picked up the towel.

I could feel the cum running down my ass. When I was through with the towel, I rolled over on my stomach, pushing against two of the men and got up on my knees. My muscles were tight from the one position, and I was ready for Junior again. I looked at Junior who was still sitting at the head of the bead. "I'm ready, are you," I said. Junior smiled and got up and headed for the foot of the bed.

I bent down on my elbows and pulled my knees up further. I knew that this would give the men a look at my wide open cunt, and that was what I wanted. I felt very sexy and wanted them turned on so that I could have more of them.

The bed sagged as Junior got on and crawled up to me. He ran his hands over my bottom and in my pussy. His big fingers rubbed my clit, and he placed two fingers in my cunt. The other men moved closer to me, running their hands over my back, cupping and rubbing my breasts, and kissing my neck and shoulders. Junior pulled his hand away from my pussy and began to walk forward on his knees running his hands over my ass and up my sides.

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I felt his sunny leone xxx story com in head press against my cunt lips and pushed back to welcome him.

He pushed me wide as he slid inside. His hardness and size made the pressure grow immediately intense. I moaned as he thrust all the way into me. Paul lay down next to me and placed his head under me so he could suck on my nipple. Mike placed his hand on my stomach and slid it between my legs so he could rub my clit. Reggie turned my head and placed his cock on my lips. I took him deep. Junior pushed in and out of me. I rocked back and forth to meet his thrusts.

Reggie's cock moved back and teen first porn and pussy pounding big dick xxx frannkie goes down the hersey highway over my tongue. Mike moved his hand in time with Junior's thrusts, and Paul sucked on my nipple as my breasts swayed with my body. The group of us were moving together all in answer to the thrusts of Junior's big cock.

At this angle, that big cock went deeper and pressed my insides harder. He picked up the tempo just as I felt my cunt begin to quiver and a wave of orgasm made me cry out. Junior pounded against my bottom and pushed deep as Mike matched his rhythm with his two fat black pecker smashing white slick cunt stroking my hard clit.

Paul sucked harder as my orgasm built up. They were working on me as a team each increasing his rubbing, sucking, or thrusting. I cried out, "More, give me more." Junior began to pump rapidly, Reggie put his cock back into my mouth and squeezed my breast really hard. Junior pressed hard and jerked into me. He held me while he poured again and again.

A minute later, he pulled out. Again Mike rose up and mounted me. He took longer this time, but soon he too thrust hard and came. When he pulled out, I felt the hot cum run down my leg, but before I could use the towel, Reggie mounted me and began pumping slow and easy. I pushed back against him while he pulled my hips to him. By this time, Junior had come around to the head of the bed. I held his soft cock in my hand. It was gooey wet with me and cum.

While Reggie sped up, I licked the cum from Junior and began sucking his big member. This turned Reggie on, and he soon came. Paul took Reggie's place—his hands on my hips and his cock thrusting into me.

The other men sat on the bed next to me and ran their hands over me while I continued to suck on Junior and rock back and forth with Paul. Paul thrust faster and harder, and then he came, pushing deep. But not as deep as Junior. As Paul pulled out I sat back on my knees and rubbed the towel on my pussy. My legs were wet with cum, and the towel was wet through. I looked up. Junior was still standing at the head of the bead, and his big cock was hard and standing straight up. "My, what are we going to do with you?" I said.

He smiled and came closer. I wrapped my hand around his member. "I think I need to take care of Junior here, but I am about tuckered out. So I will need some help if I am going to get off again. How about you come around behind me, Junior. The rest of you help me out." I leaned forward on my elbows, and junior knelt behind me. His large member rubbed against my clit and then entered me. Mike was on his knees at the head of the bed. I took his cock into my mouth.

Reggie was on my right side. He slid his hand across my stomach and into my muff. His finger quickly found my clit. Paul joined us on my left side and placed his hands on my breasts pulling on my nipples.

With all the stimulation, I seemed to be floating, but Junior's hard thrusts were the only thing I could think about. As he sped up, my passion grew. "That's it, baby." "Open up, take it all." "You got it, babe." The chorus of deep voices excited me on. I was rocking hard against Junior's thrusts when my whole body trembled. Junior pushed deep and pumped hard. As Junior pulled out, I laid forward on the bed. "I think you guys have worn me out," I said. "You were mighty fine," Paul said.

"That's right," Mike said. I laid there for a few minutes, then used the towel between my legs one more time and slid to the edge of the bed. I looked at Reggie. "Time to go." We went back to the mom seduce son father out room where my clothes were. When Reggie, stopped in front of my house. I said, "Don't come in." "I would like to see you next week," he said. "I am going up to see my mother next weekend," I replied.

Then after a pause, "The week after would be good."