Elena koshka and silvia sage horny some in the bedroom

Elena koshka and silvia sage horny some in the bedroom
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I wrote this story for my friend, who's mentioned obviously. It's fiction and as I'm not a writer myself, it's not of great quality from a writer's standpoint. I hope the story itself is enjoyable to all sunny leone hot xxx sex sex stories read it.

----------*****---------- You open the door and come into my classroom. I stand up and walk over to greet you, reaching my hand out, shaking your hand and introducing myself. "Hello, I'm Miss Alexander, but you can call me Miss Monica." You look up at me and reply, "Hi, I'm Tiffany." After releasing your hand, I walk over to the door and turn the latch to lock the door.

Upon hearing the latch you turn around and ask me, "Why are you locking the door?" To which I reply, "This is to make sure we aren't interrupted honey." Your eyes widen a bit when you hear me call you 'honey.' Turning back around I look directly at you, noticing that you're dressed very casual in a simple pair of pink soffe shorts and a purple tee shirt, looking you up and down, wondering what is hiding underneath.

"Tiffany, please have a seat and we'll begin. I'm going to start by asking you a few questions. First, have you ever masturbated?" "Y… Yes." "How often do you masturbate?" "Maybe, once a week." "Well, that's good.

You should be comfortable with your body." I walk over to you, standing in front of you as you sit at the desk, looking down at you. "Tiffany, I want you to strip down to your underwear please." "I… I'm not wearing panties." "Okay, then take off your shirt please." Watching you nervously pull your shirt up and over your head, seeing that you're only wearing a gray sports bra, I notice your nipples start to stiffen before my very eyes.

Realizing that I should be trying to make you as comfortable as possible, I reach down, unbutton and unzip my jeans, pushing them down around my ankles, revealing my shiny pink bikini panties to you. Standing like that for a moment, unbuttoning my shirt and dropping it off my shoulders behind me on the floor, letting you get a view of my almost matching pink bra, holding my breasts up nicely.

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Noticing that you're staring up at my chest, I look at you for a minute, seeing if you realize that I've caught you. After a bit I finally do something, clearing my throat, I see you jump slightly and look up at my face. "Like what you see?" "Ummm… yes." "So you are sexually attracted to women?" Seeing you look away and blush, "Yea." Taking that moment to bend over and pull my jeans over my tennis shoes so I'm standing in front of you in just my underwear, becoming excited at the thought of having such an innocent young girl to 'teach' however I want.

"Tiffany, please stand up and walk over to my desk." Watching you stand slowly, walking over in front of my desk, checking out your ass on the way, enjoying the view. "Now bend over the desk." Looking at you bent over, your ass sticking out towards me. I walk up behind you and lean over you a bit.

"Now don't move." Hearing you take a deep breath and shudder a little, I grab the waistband of your shorts and yank them down to your ankles, leaving them there. Looking at your pink lips protruding from underneath your ass cheeks, noticing they're glistening with moisture, your moisture. Realizing you must be becoming aroused at being taking advantage of by your teacher I slide my hands over your plump two grannies fuck each other with big dildo cheeks, giving each one a quick smack, then kneading them.

Squeezing and kneading your soft cheeks, feeling my panties become moist as I'm getting aroused now.

Taking my right hand and reaching around the front of you, softly rubbing your flat tummy, slowly moving my hand lower, feeling your bare mound, pushing down and noticing how plump and soft it is, I let out a low moan as that turns me on even more. Using my left hand to really start kneading your left cheek, slipping my other hand lower over your bare crotch, feeling an intense amount of heat coming from between your ashley adams gets plowed in the garden thighs.

Pushing my hand flatly against your lips, feeling my hand immediately become wet and sticky with your moisture. Cupping your crotch now and squeezing it, getting my hand nice and wet. Leaning my head down, whispering, "Do you want me to continue?" into your ear. Massaging your ass cheek, waiting for your response.

Hearing you gasp, "Yes, please don't stop." In a low moan. Grinning to myself, pressing my panty clad crotch against your ass and pushing you forward so you're standing a little more upright. Pushing my hand further down between your legs, reaching your now soaked opening, taking my two middle fingers and quickly shoving them deep into your pussy, feeling the walls immediately contract around my fingers. Taking my left hand off your ass and sliding it up your front, cupping your left breast, softly kneading it.

Pushing my crotch against your ass, using the slick material of my panties to grind my clit against your plump cheek, feeling the crotch of my panties getting wetter and wetter by the moment. Taking my left hand off your breast for a moment and shoving everything off my desk, grabbing you around the waist and lifting you onto the desk.

"Lay face down." You doing as I command, using your forearms to prop your upper body up just a little. Climbing up big tits european milf fucks on cam the desk, using my knee to push your legs apart, reaching around and unsnapping my bra, letting it fall backwards onto the sony line sex stories bf storys, exposing my breasts.

Leaning myself down, pressing my hard nipples against your back, straddling your thigh, pressing my wet panty clad crotch against the back of it, slowly starting to move my hips up and down against your thigh.

Leaving a wet, sticky trail on your leg, still moving my hips up and down, breathing heavier as I do. Reaching with my right hand and opening my drawer, pulling out my glass dildo. Bringing it up between your legs and thrusting it deep into your pussy, feeling you gasp and jump forward as it enters your tight pussy. Leaving it there momentarily, raising my hand back and tommy gunn and jay taylor your ass, first one cheek, then the other.

Reaching back for the dildo, taking it and wiggling it back and forth first. Still grinding my pussy against your thigh, seeing my moisture starting to run down each side of your thigh, I can feel myself getting closer and closer to climax. Squeezing your thigh between mine, stopping my orgasm from coming too soon. Taking the dildo and pulling it almost all the way out, then thrusting it all the way back in. I keep doing this, not getting any rhythm going yet, hearing your pussy making sloshing sounds around the dildo.

Raising myself upright, sticking my left hand down my panties, collecting moisture on my index and middle fingers. Pushing those two fingers between your butt cheeks and against your tight little asshole, teasing your ass, not pushing them in just yet.

Finally deciding to pump the dildo in and out of your virgin pussy, I feel your breathing pick up, hearing you moaning more and moving your hips back and forth. Applying more pressure to your asshole, you push your hips up not wanting to wait anymore, forcing both my fingers into your tight ass. I hear you gasp as you do this, smiling to myself, knowing you're about to cum.

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Holding my fingers in your ass, thrusting the dildo in as hard and fast as I can now, angling it so it's pushing against your g-spot on every thrust in and out. Knowing you're about to orgasm, I start grinding myself against your thigh harder and faster, trying to bring myself off with you. I hear you gasp and moan, "Oh my god, I'm cumming!" Upon hearing you moan, I push my pussy down against your thigh hard, climaxing as you do, expelling copious amounts of cum through my panties and onto your leg.

Exhausted after that, I collapse onto you, pressing my breasts against your back. I can feel my pussy pulsing and my ears are ringing. I decide to just lay like that for now, relaxing on top of your sexy young body.