Petty teen girl plunged by horny bf

Petty teen girl plunged by horny bf
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It's her birthday…she gets a diary; she's bratty and smart, and she believes she's the shit. EROTIC TALES The Seducer's Diary: The Taste of Sin June 14th 1986 Dear Diary, Today I have discovered a power I didn't know I possessed.

It has come as a bit of surprise to me that a 14 year old girl can exert such a powerful allure—for both women and men! I find it all so wickedly delightful even more so since I am not a statuesque blond beauty, like my older sister, Eating sister like hot fresh buns. However, it seems what I may lack in certain stereotypical feminine graces, I more than make up for it in wit, cleverness, intelligence, and raw sexual power.

I find myself thinking three steps ahead of everyone around me—I can almost read their minds—it is so creepy, but I fuckin' love it! I look at people and seem to see right through them—even when their mouths are saying one thing, the recesses of their brains scream something far deeper, and, usually, far darker, to which, for some reason, I seem especially attuned.

The incident that brought this realization to my awareness was something that I was able to suggest to my mom. She came into the kitchen a few mornings ago wearing one of dad's old oxford blue dress shirts.

It brice bardot in alone with dick drone still crisply starched, so I know she must've have been hanging onto it for awhile. (Dad left us a year and a half ago. He said he needed more "freedom" in his life—hah!

He's such a liar! All he really wanted was to fuck more young pussy—too bad he left so early; he could've fucked mine—gawd! I can't believe I even wrote that!). My mom's not a bad looking woman. She has sandy brown hair that is naturally curly. She keeps it shoulder length, and this morning had it pulled back in a loose ponytail and tied up with one of her yellow scrunchies. Like most women her age, she'd put on a little weight, but she was by no means fat; she had simply filled out a little along the edges and it gave her a delicious curvyness.

Her legs were her best feature—they were long and tapered seductively downwards. And, she had the most gloriously petite ankles and feet—in strappy pumps, she was the envy of every ball! However, on this particular morning, when I saw her wearing that shirt, I knew she was depressed—again!

She was lost in the memories of her former life, and it angered me. I hate it when women mope around after men—how absolutely pathetic! We should be the rulers, not the ruled. We are the ones who are desired, not them, and that is our POWER! My mother had lost her understanding of this essential fact, and I needed to teach it to her again. As I sat at the kitchen table chewing on a piece of toast and sipping a glass of orange juice, I debated my move. How should I approach this, what tack should I take, and what would effect my mother the most?

Finally, it clicked—she needed a first class fuck! But, lacking available dick in the near vicinity, pussy would have to do! If I could cute kyouko maki enjoys her pussy banged outdoors deep penetration nipple pinching her, herself, again, as I still saw her and as the guys wherever she went saw her, then maybe there was still a chance.

The very last thing she should do is sit around moaning for that old dick that left—because, as I have quickly found out, there are always plenty of dicks to go around! So, dear diary, I launched my plan, but in telling you this, I'm going to write as if it were a story—maybe someday it will be, who knows? "Mom, you're not wearing dad's shirt again, are you?" I said with a mouthful of toast and leaning back in my chair.

I could see her back stiffen as she poured herself a glass of juice. "Whaddya mean, kiddo?" "Come on, mom, you know exactly what I mean." She whipped around to face me. Her eyes had fire in them. How quickly she "turns" I thought—and, hmmph, the "handles" I now have in her. This was going to be fun.

"You know, you should be a little more respectful young lady—you don't know the first thing about love, and how much it hurts when you lose it!

You're only 14 for godsakes!" "You didn't lose it, mom! In fact, you have IT right now, you've just forgotten it." "Jesus Christ, what the fuck do you know!" It was strange to hear my mother cuss, but I liked it. I knew she was affected.

She set her glass firmly down on the counter and strode out of the room. I watched her toned 34 year old ass sway beneath the shirt, and I knew my comments had gotten to her—just as I had hoped they would. I needed her emotionally exercised—frustrated and angry, so that the second phase would be acceptable.

I waited, listening for where she'd gone. I could hear the water in the shower start, so I knew she was crying—that's where she always went when she didn't want anyone to hear her bawling, but for me, that was perfect. I got up from the table, rinsed my dishes, and waited to hear the click of the bathroom door shutting. I made my way out of the kitchen, down the hall to where the bathroom was.

The door was shut, but I could hear the water running, and behind it, my mother sobbing. For one brief second, I felt a pang of sympathy, but that quickly evaporated as I realized that what I was about to do was to give a gift to my mother, and in giving her this, I would give her back true self.

I smiled, somewhat mischievously, since I also knew that I would be afforded the taste of another delectable "peach" that I had only, up till now, read about. I carefully and quietly opened the door. "Mom, I have to pee, you don't' mind do you?" I said as I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

Being Saturday morning, I didn't want Christine to wander by the door and see me sitting on the toilet—although, the thought did kind of thrill me for a second. Mom, who had just entered the shower, kind of sputtered and said, "What? Annie, is that you?" "Yeah mom.

I need to pee." "Honey, I'm in the shower! Can't you wait?" She slid back the shower door just as I was untying the drawstring on my pajama bottoms. I loved these pajamas. They were a pale yellow, incredibly thin, and they clung to my hip-bones so precariously that not only was most of my tummy exposed, but they were also always so close to almost completely falling off that I felt dangerous in them. More than once I had caught my dad, before he left, oogling my butt and salivating at the thought of what pink treasures lay beneath.

And, for anyone who cared to look when I wore them, and they all seemed to care, It was always obvious that I was panty-less because of the way the thin material would crawl up my ass.

I looked up at my mother standing there with the sliding glass door slightly ajar as my pajamas hit the floor. She seemed to gape. I stood there, gloriously nude, except for my white athletic bra. I knew then that I had the power to enthrall, and I would use it. I was 14, tanned from laying out by the pool all summer, long-legged, and I had the ass of young mare—the question is, would mommy come for a ride?

As I stepped out of my pj's and kicked them aside, I knew my mom's eyes, hidden slightly behind that opaque sliding glass door, were drinking in my lithe and supple form.

I had only the slightest bit of fur over my pussy—a wispy semblance of golden brown curls that I had trimmed into a perfectly narrow "V" above my puffy slit—which I shaved and plucked regularly to keep as smooth as cherub's cheek.

As I sat down on the toilet, I spread my legs a little, letting my image soak into my mother's mind. I noticed that she hadn't slid the door closed, and hadn't turned away, instead, her red, puffy eyes watched as my pee began to dribble from my baby-slit I looked up and deeply into her eyes, "I have to pee, mom." I could hear my strong stream hit the water in the bowl, and a sense of relief flooded over me as I felt the deep release of my bladder.

"It's okay, darling, you go ahead." With that she shut the glass door and put her head under the shower's stream. Trying to wash out of her eyes the image of her lovely daughter's nakedness, I thought. "Mom, I'm not sorry for what I said earlier.

I know it made you mad and all, but, mom, you know you have to let that fucker go!" "Hey, watch your language!" She re-opened the door and stuck her head out of the shower again. "Why? You don't." I looked her in the eye, and she dropped her head, and then sheepishly grinned up at me as she returned my gaze.

Our eyes locked onto each other's for a second longer than necessary—something was happening here, I could feel it where it mattered most. "Yeah, I guess your mom's the ultimate hypocrite." She smiled. The door was open a little wider this time so I could see most of her body as the water cascaded over her curvaceous flesh. "Aren't we all, mom? Hell, I know I am." I returned her smile as a good daughter should, and the tension in the room noticeably lessened.

I purposefully let my eyes drop to roam over her soapy body. When I looked up, her eyes were full of questions. Yet, now, instead of shutting the door, she continued to wash herself there in front of me.

She was turned slightly to the side, so I couldn't see everything, but I could clearly see the soft upward heft of her tits, and the brownish nipple of her left breast fully and forcefully extended. I hadn't known that my mother had such chunky erasers—my mouth watered at the thought of swirling my tongue all over those rubbery nubs!

"You don't mind if I leave the door open a little do you, it's so much easier to hear you this way." She said, somewhat tentatively. Yeah, I thought, and a lot easier to see me, too, but I played along, "No, I don't mind.

In fact, I like it because now I know for sure how beautiful you truly are!" With that my mother turned, she had both hands in her hair, full of suds, with the water pouring in great rivulets over her full breasts. She was honestly taken aback. "Mom, you're beautiful. I mean look at you—any person in the world would love to get their mouth all over those gorgeous tits—they're perfectly round, and full, with the biggest, most luscious nipples I've ever seen!" "Honey, thank you, but we really shouldn't be talking this way should we?" She seemed to be about to close the door when I suddenly farted, quite loudly for a little girl, and then giggled at my flouting of decorum.

"Oh my, you're quite a little farter, aren't you!" She smiled as she continued to massage the soap into her scalp, now forgetting to shut the door. She was now fully facing me and seemed to be losing some of her prior inhibitions. "Yeah, I've always been a farter and a pisser, too! It feels so good doesn't it?" I continued to pee into the bowl while I looked up at her.

She was now completely mesmerized. She was looking directly at my hairless wet slit as the golden liquid spurted into the water below. I had spread my legs even further since we were both now talking about my pussy and each of us had a clear view of my puffy cunt. My fingers were tantalizingly close to my slit, sitting so carelessly on my inner thighs.

I then reached in and spread my outer lips a little to let the piss more freely, and, wickedly, to give mummy a better view. "Aren't pussies great, mom!" I said with perfected innocence. "They're so beautiful, soft, and warm." I looked up at my mother. She was still staring at my crotch where the pee had now begun to dribble, but her hands had now dropped to her awesome fetish models having a heated lesbian catfight, more exactly, her nipples, which she was now so busily "washing." As I saw the growing lust in her eyes, my own eyes traveled downward to her venus.

She, too, kept herself trimmed. Her dark brown bush had been formed into a thicker triangle above her droopy cunt lips. Her inner and outer labia were completely shaved. She looked delicious standing there with the water running over her belly and down her legs.

Her pussy lips, unlike my little girl slit, protruded somewhat. They looked like little flaps—or, as I shamelessly thought, thick, nasty lips that needed a really good sucking! I was getting turned on just looking at my mother's body. And I guess my eyes had lingered there a bit too long because when I looked up, my mom's eyes were staring intently into mine.

I didn't look away, and neither did she. I slowly slid my right hand up and down my thigh, caressing it, all the while stimulating my own pussy into opening into full-bloom. I then, openly, settled my hand into the moist cleavage between my blowjob in a break in the bathroom placed a long index finger in my bald cleft and began a gentle circular probing of my puffy little cunt.

It felt so good being so bad! I knew my mother was watching—how could she not—I'm young, beautiful, and sexy as shit! I felt the first stirrings of a massive orgasm begining to build.

This was going to be fun, I thought.

My eyes, which had been fixed on my hand doing the naughty between my legs, now looked up at my mother. She was, as I knew she would be, transfixed.

"You like my pussy, don't you mom?" I asked, in a tone deeper than usual. She had now leaned back on the tile wall of the shower, hey eyes glued to my slit while her hands pulled obscenely on her thick nipples. "Oh, honey, what are we doing?" "Mom, it's okay. You need this. You need to let go. You need to love me, mom. Love your little girl." I put my left leg up on the toilet seat, widely and lasciviously exposing my cunt to my beautiful mother's gaze. I now dipped two fingers of my right hand into my pussy, still warm with my piss and now wetting considerably with my girl cum, and I pushed these beautiful digits all the way in—up to the knuckle and then, slowly, I drew them out again, only util the tips remained.

I looked up at her to make sure she was fully under my spell. I kept fucking my pussy with my "finger-friends" as I saw my mom's hands slide off her fat, chunky nipples and make their way down her soapy body to her own sex. She was losing it, just as I knew she would. She was a slut in hiding, and I intended to reveal this to her---my own mother! What a trip that a daughter should know what her mother is before her mother knew it herself.

My own carnality came from someone, maybe that's how I knew? "Oh mom, what a sexy bitch you are," I said as I saw her dip two fingers into her womanly crevice. She had spread her legs wider to give herself fuller access to her distended cunt. "Fuck yourself, mom. Go ahead, give the soppy cunt a good fingering!" I hammered away on mine as my mother now closed her eyes and became fully engaged in fingering deeply and lewdly the floppy folds of red gash.

"Jeezuz H. Christ that's beautiful!" I said with honest conviction. Even though I had been secretly looking at lezzie porn on my computer, and at the suck n' fuck videos my dad had left behind, which my mom had thought she'd thrown away, I had never seen up close any other pussy than my own, but here was my mother's--so open, wet, and inviting. I licked my lips in anticipation of the feast. "Mom, get out of the shower." She looked up dazed, a bit confused, and paused for a second in her self-pleasuring ministrations.

"I want you to taste something." I slowly pulled my fingers out of my hole, and then placed the tip of one right between my pinkish slit, I swirled the single finger between my lips, getting it extra syrupy with thick with girl dew, and then I brought it up to my lips. It was like gloss. I spread it on my lips, all the while looking deeply into my mother's eyes. "It tastes like honey, mummy." I smiled like a nymphette should while I slowly licked the sticky nectar from my lips.

She closed her eyes, and seemed almost to stumble as she lurched forward. She caught herself on the door, paused to look at me as I sucked wickedly on my finger while also spreading more cum-saliva goo all over my lips, chin, and cheeks. I now brought my other foot up onto the toilet seat too so that I was blatantly offering my little girl pussy to my mother. I needed this now. For the first time, I was going to take my power; I was going to do what I had only up to now dreamed about doing; I was going to bend others to my will and reveal to them parts of themselves they had forever denied—but they wouldn't anymore!

"Come mummy, suck my pussy, please. Make me cum." I reached out my her beckoning her to come. She, standing next to the open shower door, paused. I think she knew it was a homemade anal my chubby exgf never says no that could not be taken back. If she crossed over now, she entered a new realm, admitted a new reality, a hideous reality of wanton sexual desire that would take her along pathways she had only vaguely understood.

She hesitated for a second more—understanding the nature of her choice, but then she I think she remembered that she had entered the shower in tears, crying about the past and what had been lost and her future of regret and lost confidence, but, now, now she was about to leave the shower in a revel of desire.

She smiled, a kind of knowing grin creased her lips. What could be easier, simpler, or more clear? There was no choice, no reason to pause. This is what she had always wanted—even in the dark nights when her husband had been fucking her like some uncontrollable banshee---she had been here, in this place of unrestrained abadonment, but only in her mind.

Now, here, was an invitation to make it real—forever. She reached for her daughter's sexy babe kelsi monroe gets demolished by plumber and stepped over the threshold of the shower door.

"Oh mommy," she heard her daughter say as she came to stand in front of her little girl, hairy milf is not afraid of anal was still sitting so wantonly on the toilet.

Her daughter began to pull her hand downward, a clear indication of what she wanted. She descended and got down on her knees, never letting go of her daughter's hand while continually feasting her eyes on the finger that Jessie was tonguing like some porno-slut. Where had she leaned this? "Mommy, this tastes so good." Jessie reached down and slid her finger back into her inflamed cunt.

Her lips were fully engorged and throbbing in anticipation of a shattering orgasm. She brought the finger slowly back out. Long stringers of girl cream extended from her slit to her fingertip.

She looked up at her mother who was staring intently at her wet cleft. "My, that does look delicious." She placed both hands on her daughter's inner thighs—sliding her fingertips up and down them in an erotic display of her burgeoning depravity. "Mmmmmm, mommy, that feels soooo good. Are you becoming a little slut?" Her daughter's eyes were alight with hope-filled lustful desire.

She knew there was no turning back now—so she embraced it with both arms and accepted finally the identity that had always lurked in the darkened recesses of her mind. "Like daughter, like mummy, right?" She said, as her middle finger dipped between the slicksome petals of her daughter's juicy gash. The pupils of her eyes had become diabolically enlarged into deep dark orbs---she had come all the way over now. Her daughter's pussy so lewdly spread before her like the feast of a great table—and the meat, there before her, so young and tender.

She knew where she'd be dining for days and months to come. Her daughter held up her middle finger, her fuck finger, like she was flipping off her mother, but in this case it was coated with all the juices of her daughter's carnal desires, and it was an invitation. No, it was an initiation, a way to honor the new code between them. "You want some?" Jessie said with an evil grin. "You sexy little bitch, of course I want your sweet sauce! Give it to me!" They both smiled wickedly as the daughter ran her finger over her mother's lips and watched as her mother's tongue chased her finger as it flitted over her cheeks and chin.

Finally, she caught it and sucked it deep. But, without warning, Jessie sat up, pulled her finger from her mother's wet mouth, and forcefully pulled her asian lesbian fun with london and marika mouth onto her own.

Her tongue knifed into her mother's cavernous hole and the two of them shared the tang of Jessie's girlish nectar. Their tongues dueling for the prize of each last drop.

"Hmmmm, that's fuckin' delicious shit!" Janet said, as she pulled up for a breather. "You think so?" Jessie looked ever so slyly up at her mother, knowing there was so much more to come. Her hands were now tangled in Janet's hair and their two bodies were so close that each was bathing in the other's exhalations. So, with a gentle caress on her mother's cheek, Jessie hooked her hand behind her mother's neck and pulled her face down to her breasts which were still thinly encased in her stretchy athletic bra; however, that did nothing to hide her desire.

Her mother suckled on each protruding nipple for 30 seconds, lapping at quite vigorously until Janet could take no more and with a deft sureness raised Jessie's hands up while she slipped the bra up and over Jessie's little girl titties to reveal her enticingly erect nipples.

Janet loved nipples—she was always playing with her own, and now her tongue snaked out and whipsawed over both areolas, bathing them with saliva and nipping ever-so-gently at her little girl's longish nips---one's she had obviously had inherited from own mother!

Delicious indeed! "Fuck! Jeezuz-fuck! Mom, that feels so freakin' good!" Jessie now had both hands flailing above her head as if trying to tear down heaven with her claws. Janet paused, with a nipple between her wetly smeared lips, and took a side-wise glance up at her daughter.

It was apparent that the throes of ecstasy were clearly rippling through her baby---and what a little nymph she turned out to be; what I might have been at her age, if I hadn't gotten married so early, she thought. But gorgeous blonde ex girlfriend anya olsen getting fucked, now she's me caught in her spell!

She relinquished the nipple for just a second to ask, "Is there anything else you desire, my fuck-sluttly little daughter?" Jessie looked down at her mother's mouth as a stringer of saliva hung seductively off her puffy attractive gal gets all holes team fucked lip, and still, all the while, Janet's fingers were busily tweaking Jessie's swollen teats. "Mother dearest, you know exactly what I want. Don't you, you nasty-mutha-fuckin'-bitch?" She looked so sure of herself Janet thought, as she stared deeply into her daughter's hazel eyes.

"It's what you were made for, right? It's what you deserve, and it's what you need." Jessie's hips ground upwards signaling her own need. Her mother released the nipples in her hands and bent over to slide her tongue between Jessie's perky sugar tits with their obscenely long nipples, and she went lower, over her daughter's abdomen to Jessie's navel that had been pierced only two weeks before. Now, there, glinting on her tight belly, and under the glare of the bathroom's phosphorescent light, hung a small charm; a silver, inverted star, in a circle of gold.

Janet kissed it—lustily tonguing the little bauble. It burned her lips like some sweet acid, some poison or drug that she now knew she would never get enough of.

She knew she was now addicted to cunt, and would go wherever her little girl pointed. Jessie put her hands on her mother's head and pushed it lower. "Keep going, mommy. I need your meaty tongue in my hole." Jessie's little girl pelvis was gyrating like some back-alley whore. "Mmmmmmm, my angel has such a sweet little potty-mouth." Janet whispered, as her tongue slid into place---sucking her busty milf tiffany blake fucks hung burglar proudly engorged clit between her wet, puckered lips.

"Uggghhhh, fuck! You defintely got a mouth on you!" Jessie cried as her mother's tongue flicked her flesh-button before diving deeply into her slit. Her mother's tongue slithered between each fold, licking up whatever creamish nectar it could find. Janet was ravenous.

If she could have, she would have crawled right inside her daughter—tongue first, of course! Instead, she licked her daughter mercilessly. She was relentless as she flicked her wicked tongue up and down her daughter's swollen gash.

She couldn't believe how wonderfully carnal she had become—to be on her knees, in front of her own youngest daughter's pussy drinking in her cum—how sweet life had become.

Then, at that very moment, the apex of her carnal acceptance, Jessie pulled her by the hair, forcing her to look up at her, as she did so, Jessie slapped her hard across the cheek. "Dammit mother!" Janet was stunned, bewildered by her daughter's action. "You haven't yet learned have you?" Jessie sat forward and cupped her mother's wet chin in her hand. "I'm going to have to teach you everything, aren't I?" Jessie's hazel eyes gleamed with a kind of burnished gold.

Each fleck fired with lust. "Uh huh," was all the reply Janet could stunning honey is flaunting her spread juicy honey pot in close range. "Go deeper, bitch." Jessie pushed her head back down.

Janet bent forward committed to tonguing Jessie's ovaries if she had to. Her tongue was already sore, but she stuck it so far into Jessie's slit, even Jessie thought for a second her mother had grown a cock.

But, this was not the only thing the depraved Jessie wanted, "I said lower you mother fucker," and with that she pushed Janet's head down so that her nose slid into Jessie's wet gash, and her lips grazed Jessie's brown shit hole. It looked like a little starfish. It was tight, incredibly tight, but Janet's tongue was determined.

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"Oh yeah, mummy, mummy, mummy, my shitter tastes so good, doesn't it." Janet could only muffle a reply, as Jessie pulled her knees up to her chest to give her mother full access.

Her sweet little daughter who only last year had been wearing pig-tails and riding her bike around the neighborhood, was now lost in a demented sexual oblivion as she thrashed her long ponytail back and forth and pulled her taught ass cheeks even farther apart—creating a gaping hole for Janet's tongue to slither around. "Put it in, mommy, please' Jessie said, as she glowered at Janet beneath her brown bangs, "that's right, mommy, slide your middle finger up my little girly butt.

It feels so good when I do it to myself in my bed at night." Janet, straightened up, looked at her petite daughter who had sweat glistening over her entire body, and promptly stuck her middle finger down her daughter's throat. "Hmmphhh, arghhughh, mmmmmmmm!" was all the encouragement Janet needed. Her daughter was so laughingly sexed-up!

Janet was envious—to be so sexual so early. Oh the years she had missed, but she would make up for it, gawd, would she make up for it. She withdrew the finger from Jessie's suckling mouth—it made an obscene popping sound as she pulled it out, and placed it at the entrance of Jessie's puckered anus.

"Is this what my whore-daughter wants? You fuckin' tramp-slut? I bet you get off on getting butt-reamed, don't you?" Jessie's mouth twisted in an evil grin, "Slide it in, mommy. Purty please." Her voice sounded so innocent, so sweet and naïve, but that's what made the whole game so alluring—this mixture of the angelic and the demonic—a sweet, little girl begging her mother to butt fuck her until she came in a huge gush of girl splooge.

Janet, looked her daughter in the eyes, and rammed it home. "Ugh!" Jessie's head fell backward as she grabbed her knees with her arms. "Yesssssss, that's it! That's the spirit, mommy dearest—fuck the meaty dick for a luscious girl girlfriend hardcore out of me!" Jessie was now actively humping her mother's hand trying to get even more of her mother's long middle digit up her tiny Junior High Schooler's ass.

The whole scene was so crudely intoxicating that neither mother nor daughter heard the bathroom door creak open. Behind the slit of the opening, Christine's eyes filled with horror. She had been sound asleep until she had heard some loud banging and groaning. At first she had tried to ignore it, but it was incessant, so she had come out of her bedroom wearing only her panties and a girl's small spaghetti-strapped t-shirt to investigate.

When she got to the bathroom door she had wanted to just open it up, but that's when she had heard her mother calling someone a "little trampy slut." Christine, shocked to say the least, couldn't now just open the door.

She thought about going back to bed, just walking down the hallway and pretending she had never heard any of this, but she couldn't. Instead, she leaned in, listening closely, hanging with bated breath on every sickeningly lascivious word. It was like a fetid liquid being poured into her innocent ears—her brain was being swamped with such incestuous desires that her pussy was becoming a puddle of liquid fire. She stuck her fingers beneath the elastic band of her panties and ran them through her greasy hairy snatch---she sighed and felt a wobble in her legs.

Listening wasn't going to be enough. She grasped the round handle of the door and turned. What she saw was unbelievable, but she didn't dare interrupt. She just watched the incestuous ms simone gets her ass fucked pussy creamed by michael s debauchery of her mother fingering her little sister's sweet ass while she, a high school senior, and now voyeur, dipped one finger, then two, then thee into her own humid slit.

"Does that feel good, little girl?" Janet sneeringly asked. "Ohhhh yesssss! Keep going, keep&hellip.keeeeep goin…ahhhhhughhgghhh." Jessie had reached out and was now twisting her mother's thick protuberant nipples, which were almost half an inch long. Each woman could feel her orgasm building. The bd xnxx village bd 3x was ripplin' through both woman, and the finale would not now be long in cumming. "Whose the slut now little girl?" Janet asked with a mocking air of power and control.

Jessie's eyes flew open. A quiet fury smoldered there, and even Janet, as well as Christine behind the door, noticed the tension that was suddenly in the room.

It was almost as if Janet had awakened something—something that had been asleep, but something without fear.

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Jessie knew a challenge had been laid down by her mother—this would be more interesting than she had thought. "Oh mother, my dear, dear, mother. You have no idea." Jessie said as she began to softly caress her mother's cheek---"you have opened up something you have no idea about…but you will, you will." Jessie's smile was malignant curve of malicious intent. Jessie took her mother's finger out of her ass. It was covered in a juicy slime that was a mixture of Jessie's copious cunt sauce, her mother's spit, and Jessie's anal goo---it smelled both rancid and sweet, and it made Janet's hair stand up on end.

She felt a little drunk, as if Jessie had drugged her. Jessie held her mother's hand up in front of her mother's face and asked her, "You want it, don't you?" She was teasing her mother, creating desire where there had been none before, but now, because of Jessie's power, she was enflamed with desire for the forbidden. "Yes," she whispered. "Yes, what?" Jessie mockingly replied. "Please give me the finger. I need it. I need to have more of your ass." "Ohh, you do? How badly do you want it?" Jessie jeered.

"I'll do anything you want Jessie, just let me lick this beautful finger that's been up your little girl butt—your sweet little shitter." Janet reached her tongue forward trying to capture her own middle finger, but Jessie held tightly onto her wrist, not letting her mom engulf the finger.

"Not so quick, mommy dear. I think it would be better for you to get back to the source, don't you?" Janet's eyes fluttered as the words registered, "Yes, the source is so good." "I thought you'd see it my way." And with that, Jessie leaned forward and kissed her mom hard on the mouth.

Each of their tongues swirling in a spit-dance over teeth, gums, and lips, until Jessie pulled off and stood up. Her mom, still on her knees, was now staring at her daughter's almost hairless cunt and licking her lips. Jessie took Janet's head roughly in her little hands and shoved it right up against her gash. It was almost as if little Jessie was face-fucking her mother.

Christine, on the other side of the door, couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had long ago dropped her panties, which now lay crumpled between her ankles soaking up the drippings that had run so freely down her legs. And now, standing there behind the crack of the bathroom door, vigorously fingering her pussy with her left hand, while the fingers of her right hand explored the crack of her own anxious ass, she knew she was hooked.

She had never seen such a lewd spectacle in her eighteen years of life, but she knew without a doubt that she would need more of this in her future. Her cunt was on fire; her lungs were sucking in the air, but she couldn't tear her eyes from the scene—she was drunk on all of it, and like a drunk, she knew she'd need another "drink" very soon!

She was so close to cumming that she couldn't quite help herself when she moaned aloud. Jessie pretended she heard nothing. She made no quick movement, no looking up, no action to startle the prey, but rather, she let her eyes settle on the distant wall, which had a big mirror on it. In that mirror was reflected the smaller mirror behind Jessie's back, above the commode, and in that mirror was a sliver of a shadow—a blond waif with golden tresses busily friggin' the hell out of her soppy cunt.

Jessie now knew; it was show time! "That's it you dirty, filthy, mother-cunt---eat my juicy gash." Jessie thrashed around and let her mother feel the energy she was putting out. Then, with her left hand, Jessie reached around her backside and caressed her butt, feeling the smooth globes with her palm. She often thought her ass was her best feature. Then, with her mouth hanging open, she stuck her own middle finger up her butt; she loved having both holes so grossly filled.

She wiggled her little ass, feeling her mother's tongue sliding like velvet prong over her distended clit. She smiled at the thought that here she was, a little 14 year old cow girl riding her favorite pony, her mother's face! Her mother, for her part, had now dropped her left couple smoking cigarettes during fucking to her own sex and was busy slapping her pussy hard—as if she appreciated a little pain with her pleasures.

Jessie's right hand cradled her mother's head, she thought she might have to force her mother's head into her pussy, but it was unnecessary. Like a good mother, Janet showed her devotion to Jessie's juicy gash by digging her tongue between those sweet folds. Her cheeks and nose were pasted with sticky girl-goo, and she was constantly rubbing the point of her nose over her daughter's little "prick." The sensations just kept building.

Jessie's hips begun to gyrate, and Janet could feel her daughter's cum begin to ooze onto her tongue. The sex sauce was a slick and sweet and Janet lapped it up as if it were the last frothy dregs of a mocha cappucino. Jessie pushed forward even harder, forcing Janet's whole face into her throbbing quim—Janet wondered where her daughter had gained such sexual strength, but it didn't matter. All that mattered right now was bathing her face in her sweet daughter's juices, and sucking the hell out of this beautiful pussy, and that's what she did, and then it happened—Jessie's whole pussy opened up.

"Ohhhhhh, gooooodd. yessussss." Jessie lurched forward then fell back, swaying, her whole body jerking in a spasmodic convulsion of exquisite pleasure. And, out of Jessie's pussy gushed a torrent of girl cum. It shot out of her in a great splatter of liquid fire and coated her mother's entire face. There were mercedes lynn layla rose lilly banks four or five ejaculations in quick wet succession and each one was met by Janet's open mouth.

Her hand, stuck in her own pussy, was rubbing furiously, as she too began to convulse.

Her orgasm was thunderous when it came; it made her shudder and ran like a great wave over her and back again, she was swept up in the tide of a pleasure she had never known. Her face was aglow, and her pussy was flowing with such wetness that she cursed her own blindness—here it was, all the time, the very fount of pleasure—right in front of her.

As she looked up at her little tomboy daughter, Jessie pulled her hand from behind her, where she had been lovingly caressing the deep cleft of her pert ass and delving deeply into the moist cavern of her sweet hole. She had a glazed and crazy look in her eyes, but her mother simply looked up at her, adoring her, fully accepting her own decadence, her own servitude, so she was not surprised at all when her daughter placed the middle finger of her left hand under her mother's nose.

It sat there like a little Cuban cigar, and they both smiled, knowing that they loved every single part of each other. "Smell it, mother dear, smell my ass." Janet cooed, as she looked upward at her daughter, so young and sweetly innocent, and yet, too, a demon of unbridled desire, dark and depraved, Janet accepted it all, and relinquished whatever control she still had. Jessie's eyes gleamed, relishing the debauchery, as she watched her own mother take a deep draught of the skanky finger under her mother's nose.

The nether aroma was powerful and inhaling it was a kind of narcotic on Janet's nerves. Janet smiled coquettishly as she flicked her tongue over the finger, taking little baby licks of it. "Hmmmmm," Hot lady flashes her big tits and fucked by pawn keeper looked down at her adoring mother.

"Does mommy want more? Does mommy want to suck my dirty finger?" Jessie's twat began to tingle anew with anticipation. Janet eyes closed, and long, low groan bubbled up from her throat. Then, like the servant she was, she opened her mouth, just like a little bird. Jessie slid the nasty drippy finger into her mother's accepting mouth, and watched as she greedily sucked it clean. It was a revelation to her of own power, which was only slightly interrupted when she heard the footsteps running down the hallway.

Her mother heard nothing. Her radiant face looked lovingly up at her daughter and savior. Like a little girl, Janet kneeled there on the cold linoleum and submissively suckled her daughter's nasty middle finger; she cleaned it all and made it new. She felt reborn as she reveled in the tingly sensations still buzzing in her cunt, and as she relished and savored the sweet taste of sin.