Huge white dick fucks redhead black chick on the club

Huge white dick fucks redhead black chick on the club
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Alyssa was 18. She was 5' 7" with medium breasts and shoulder length died blonde hair with a few dark streaks here and there. She was sucking Max, her 17 year old brother's, cock with tears streaming down her face. Meanwhile, a Dalmatian, Toto, was taking her from behind. She was in her room, and the door was locked.

Her parents had gone out. Her brother had been getting more and more physically threatening since he was 14. He had tried things before and never succeeded.

However, that night, giving kiss girl and girl lipsh his parents went out, he bashed into Alyssa's room and raped her along with Toto. Max thrust in and out of Alyssa's mouth. He forced it all the way into her mouth again and again. He loved the site of her gorgeous lips moving over his dick. Meanwhile, Toto was going nuts. He had already come about 3 times but just kept humping.

It was that good to the dog. The dog howled and came for the fourth time, this time backing off and curling up in the corner. Max took her out of doggy style so that she was on her knees and then kept thrusting. "Oh shit!" he shouted as he pulled his dick out of her mouth. He came all over her. Her face, tits, and stomach were drenched in cum. Just at that moment of relaxation for Max, Alyssa made a break for it. She bolted out the door. Max picked up his knife and chased after her.

He caught up in the kitchen.

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"Bitch! You aren't going to go anywhere." he said. "FUCK YOU!!!!!" screamed Alyssa and she knocked the refrigerator on top of him. He died slowly and painfully under the refrigerator while Alyssa called the police. 3 weeks went by after the funeral. Alyssa was still shook up. They had sold the dog but there were reminders of Max everywhere. It was hard for her to stay calm when she was alone. She always felt like she was being watched, although, she never fully knew what by.

Alyssa was alone in her living room watching tv.

She went into the kitchen to get some popcorn. She bent down to a cupboard with her ass sticking up in the air. The roundness of it pertruded through her short skirt. The refrigerator clicked on. She made the popcorn and took it out of the microwave. She opened it up and spilled a bunch on the ground. Remembering the five second rule, she decided to quickly pick it up. When she did so, her partially buttoned v-neck sweater left her cleavage fully exposed. The refrigerator jumped about an inch.

Alyssa, let out a brief shriek and fell back. Then went over to inspect the refrigerator. She opened it up and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But the cold and the whisper of the air flowing inside gave her the heebie-jeebies and she closed it.

She walked away, and as she did so, thought she heard her name in the low buzzing of the refrigerator and shuddered. When she went back the tv was off.

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How did that happen? she wondered. She heard a loud clunk from the kitchen. She looked. The refrigerator had moved another inch. This was weird. When she turned around, it jumped a full foot towards her. She screamed and ran, the refrigerator hopped along at incredible speeds and caught up almost immediately.

It knocked her over. The carpet morphed into two tentacles which wrapped around her ankles and wrists and forced her into a doggy-style position. She screamed again and again but froze in fear when she saw that somehow, the refrigerator had grown a bright red penis. The tentacles climbed up her legs and ripped her skirt and panties off. Then, the refrigerator began to hump her.

Soon, multiple penises began forming in the carpet as well. And they grew into tentacles. They stretched up like snakes, one going up her shirt to her bra, the other in front of her face. The tentacles began to make her blow and titfuck them. The refrigerator slid in and out of her again and again.

It moved faster. Alyssa's whole body was shifting forward and backwards. The tentacle in her mouth pulled out and came on her face. The tentacle in her tits took this opportunity to extend into her mouth so that it was being blown and titfucked at once. The refrigerator began to hump even faster and stronger. So hard now that it lifted off the floor a little every time it thrust. Then, the refrigerator and tentacle came at the same time.

And Alyssa passed out. She woke up on the carpet with her skirt and panties ripped to shreds, and still covered in cum. However, the refrigerator was back in its place. She got up and stumbled to the upstairs bathroom.

She cried as she washed up in the sink. She put on some sweat pants. And quickly went to the phone. It was dead. Then she thought maybe she could call the police through the internet.

She went to her room and sat at her computer. The internet sexy blonde wife cheats on her husband and gets fucked in her ass working!

She was saved!!!!! That was when the screen went dark except for four words: I'm not done yet. Alyssa shrieked and got up. She backed away from the computer, horrified. "What are you???" she yelled. The busty teen blonde masturbates with her dildo than spoke allowed.

"What's a matter?" it said "Its just your older brother come to visit his hot sis from beyond the grave!" The tv turned on at full volume to a hardcore pornographic movie. She screamed but then she saw her salvation. The window was open!!!

She made a run for it and leapt out the window. She hit the ground hard, but was ok minus a few scratches and bruises. She stood up, and that was when the next attack began. She felt something fondling her breast and looked down.

She could see nothing, and then she realized what was happening. Her own clothes were now trying to rape her. She could see her clothes indent in the shape of penises. Her shirt pulled up and immediately began fucking her tits. Everytime it thrust her shirt lifted up, exposing her stomach.

Meanwhile, her sweatpants and underwear indented and began fucking her in both holes rapidly. She screamed and tried to run across the yard, but she fell. She ripped her clothes off and ran away naked. Alyssa ran straight into the street. A car came to a screeching halt. A man got out startled by the naked girl. "Are you alright?" he asked halfway out of his door.

Before she could reply though, the car door slammed on the man's head, knocking him unconscious, and he fell to the ground.

Then the door shut, and the car growled. "No no no!" she cried and turned to run. However, there was no hope, and before she could get away, the car was upon her. It knocked her to he knees and mounted her doggy style, its two rear tires on the ground and its front up. Although it was leaning over Alyssa, the car was somehow shifting its weight so that it was just the right amount to not knock her down. However, she knew the weight was still there every time it thrust. Each thrust had thousands of pounds of force behind it.

Her tits swung back and forth each time. Sex full sex stories hot porn storys fucked her like a dog fucks a bitch. It increased its pace. It's cock was larger than the refrigerator's so this was even worse. Suddenly, the tires skidded in back, rotating at full speed, then the vehicle came. As it pumped into her its car horn went off and lights went to bright.

Then, all at once they went off, and crushed Alyssa.