Mother training chums daughter and taboo handjob blowjob stretching your stepmom

Mother training chums daughter and taboo handjob blowjob stretching your stepmom
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Author's Note: Due to the inability to edit works that have already been posted here, I'll make a correction now. Please regard the words "two weeks" in chapters 6 and 7 of Inside Me mom and ass the haos "a week".

I do know that there are countless typos in my stories but this was a mistake on my part of being a male writing from a female's point of view and since I corrected it in the newer version, this current story will assume the words "a week" from those two chapters. This is only relevant if you are trying to keep track of a timeline through the story, otherwise, it will most likely have no effect on you.

Thank you, e.l. hanes - Maeghan Wrist ----- 2 -- "I can't believe what your brother did to me Maeghan," Montana broke our silence in math class.

We were working on a worksheet together as everyone else in class had paired or grouped together as well to work. We had a cool substitute teacher that day so basically it was a study hall where we were allowed to talk.

"What'd he do?" I asked genuinely interested. Since that extended weekend the last week, I hadn't seen or heard of them getting in contact with each other. "He went to my house yesterday while we were at school and found my mom. He ratted me out.

He said that my sister and I spent the weekend with him and he wasn't aware that she and dad didn't know about it so once he found out, he went there to tell them and ask for penance. He covered his ass and now I'm grounded." Montana truly seemed mad. I couldn't stop grinning because of it. "Why are you smiling? You knew about it?" "No," I answered. "But growing up with two siblings, I'm surprised you don't know what he's doing." "What?" She was becoming intrigued fast. "When we were younger, whenever Ean broke something or messed up big, if it was practical, I would take the fall.

Because no matter what the cause, mom and dad weren't going to punish their little girl to the same degree they would her responsible, role model, older brother.

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Then during my punishment, my respected older brother could use his status to persuade an ease up on my punishment. Or he just went behind their backs and gave me whatever they tried keeping from me in punishment. "If I let him take the fall though, he got harsher punishment, I was too naive in my parents eyes to persuade them of anything and since I was there little girl, they automatically had more restrictions on me so I couldn't sneak my brother anything at all." "When there's three sisters, there's not much nobility to go around." Montana didn't seem to understand where I was coming from.

"He's just trying to get on your parents' good side. Once you're ungrounded, there's a much higher chance horny hot teen kimber lee teases and fucks the vacuum saledude they'll trust you coming over to my house than if they found out some other way." "Oooh," she said in revelation, "so it's like he's trying to get their blessing by showing how responsible he is so they'll let us be boyfriend and girlfriend." "I don't think my brother is that persuasive," I sighed.

"I wonder if they talked about my sister. They were wondering how he was doing." she asked herself. "I don't think it would be wise of him to go over to your house, talk only about you, and completely ignore the existence of their late daughter." "Yeah. I guess it wasn't that easy for him then to just come over to my house.

But I also guess he brought his A-Game, 'cause I'm only grounded for a week. Must have had a lot of practice in lightening punishments from your taking all of his falls." I smiled and looked down to my paper as if I was working on a problem. "Anything new since yesterday at lunch?" "Well," I smiled wide, "this morning, I took him all the way down my throat." The disbelief on Montana's face made an already amazing day twice as good.

Not only did I get to actually do brazil dirty xxx babysitters love rock hard cock things I was doing, but I got to tell them to my incredibly jealous best friend.

The rest of the school day passed by fairly quickly with one more meeting with Montana in the lunch room and that concluded the school week. Ean picked me up afterwards and started driving home.

"Your doctor called today, she said that you could pick up your prescription any time. I'm guessing that it's your renewal of birth control. So you and mom can get it Monday and you don't have to keep swallowing," he said. "Although with mom coming home on Sunday, it'll be harder for us to get together for actual sex." All I could do was smile uncomfortably.

He thought I ran out of birth control. I told him that because that last night with him, with Montana in the bed with us, that was the last straw. I was scared half to death from that feeling that I might have gotten pregnant. So I started only sucking on him since I vowed to myself to never make him wear a condom inside me. He tried to do the same to me but I had to almost cry to get him away. He said he wanted to stick his tongue inside there. That was so different from what I was doing and I was beyond scared that I would taste or smell bad down there; his penis had skin on it and hung in the open air, my vagina was moist inner tissue that stayed smashed between my legs all day.

He must have seen the discomfort in my face. "We don't have to have sex though anymore," he continued half looking down to me. "You don't have to suck me either. We can end this all whenever you wan-" "Stop that," I almost shouted. It was always me. He was always looking after me. "Stop treating me like I don't know anything. I never want to stop licking you and I've been dying to have your penis in where it belongs.

Once I get on my, back on my birth control, I'll make sure you cum inside my vagina every single day. And not because I know you want to; only because I want it so bad." Ean pulled the car into our driveway.

I could see his pants twitch all by themselves. He loved it when I talked about how I was just as horny or probably even more than he was. That in turn, only made me hotter for him. As we shut the doors to the car and walked into the house, I finally had the boldness in me to ask him what had been lingering in my mind since I basked in the jealous marvel that was Montana's face after hearing how I deep throated my brother.

"Ean, I want to try something new." Putting his penis in my throat ended up so much more amazing then all the preceding fear was worth and Ean had hinted at this new thing before so I was fairly confident. "What?" he asked closing the front door behind us. I smiled and slipped my thumbs under the hem of my pants and underwear, pushing down hard on them. They both slid a foot lower my legs as I bent over pressing my bare ass into hottie hunk pegged by my girly strap on air toward my brother.

"I wanna try the other hole." Looking back to his face, that had to be one of the fewest times that he showed distinguishable emotion while I wasn't touching him. Denying him sex for two weeks and then offering him my butt hole looked to have amply shocked my brother beyond the capability to mask his emotions.

"W-hen," he stammered. There was no way I could deny him of anything he wanted in that state. "Now." Ean wasn't moving at all. He looked frozen. He looked like wanted to touch and molest my butt cheeks and crack so bad but he couldn't force himself to move. All of a sudden, it was as if he saw that part of my body in a completely different way.

But still, the weirdness of mooning my brother began getting to me. "I'll be on your bed waiting when you're ready," I smiled before almost running down the house into elegant chick is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet twat room. It wasn't more than a few seconds before all my clothes were on his floor and I jumped on his bed.

My bare chest gliding over his cool, sleek comforter. My naked backside standing out in the air. Even for me, at that time, having my butt in the open felt different. I was in as innocent a pose as ever, lying naked on his bed, but then, knowing what was soon to come, lying on my stomach became the provocative pose.

Ean walked in. I didn't even bother to look at him. Seconds later I heard his belt unbuckle, his pants fall. The ruffling of moving fabric played on and on as I imagined my big brother getting naked behind me.

My feet sunk down with the bed as his weight crawled on. Feeling his hands grip my waist, I shimmied up with his pull sticking my butt straight out into the air. I turned my head and looked back and up at my rear end leveling at Ean's hips.

He removed his hands and I heard a bottle click open. Faint slurping sounds filled the room just before I felt his wet slick finger run down the length of my open butt crack. It was the feeling of his one index finger slide over my tiny puckered hole that began to scare me. That was just his finger; his penis was so much bigger. "You have to relax as much as possible. Do not try pushing back or taking it at your own speed. Just hold back and don't let your body do anything but relax and let me control all the movements." Then I felt the head of his organ touch my hole.

There was no way; I could feel the spongy tissue from it actually being squeezed into itself just from the sides of my spread butt cheeks. How did I ever think it was going to fit into that tiny hole? "Relaaxx," he said as he began pushing. He wasn't even going in at first; he was just pushing onto me. He could never fit. Slowly, I began feeling him leak inside me. I was actually expanding for him.

His hands went back to my hip bones and started pulling my body back towards him. So much pressure. I had to close my eyes and squint my face. Harder and harder he sandwiched his organ between himself and my hole.

So slowly, I could feel him actually breaking into my body. "Relax," he said again.

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That was when I realized that I was doing everything except relaxing. I tried my absolute hardest right then and just let all my muscles go down there. I'm guessing it was that with the combination of his incredible force that caused the entire length of his penis to shoot straight into my body. Feeling that, the first thing I thought of was pain and my mouth broke open in a cry of it.

My fingers gripped the blanket under me as I continued groaning. Seconds passed in my immediate reaction with Ean not moving at all other than the removal of his hands. Nothing new was happening and I started to realize that I wasn't really in all that much pain. I did feel pain but a big portion of what I felt was just weird and adorable blonde gives head to a small cock. All that pain I just had must have been the fear of pain.

I quickly quieted down in embarrassment. "You can keep going," I said coyly. Not only did I want to put all that behind me, but I was also curious how that new feeling would turn out. Gently, I felt him pulling out as a cool gel was squirted into my butt hole, no doubt in order to better lubricate the length of his shaft. He pulled out to the head just lingering inside and I felt his knuckles twisting around his shaft.

Taking back his grip on my hips, he surprised me by gliding his lubricated hand down to my vaginal lips. As he pushed back into me, he slid his fingers down my slit. I wanted to cry in how much I missed him inside that hole. But the feeling of him pressing into my rectum did have quite an effect. I felt him reaching all the way into my butt hole with his reproductive organ. He pulled back out. That new feeling was as if it had no predestined emotion behind it.

But it was Ean, his penis, inside my butt. The emotions behind it were quickly growing. Side along with his lubricated fingers rubbing my baby making entrance; I was quickly associating it to pure and passionate lust. A long moan broke my vocal tract as he returned all the way inside me. One of his fingers then deep fisting then intense double fisting tube porn into my slit.

Another incontrollable moan. He retreated his organ from me and instantly pushed it back in. The finger inside me found my nub of pleasure and began rolling it in its curling shape. My body starting bumping back and forth with my brother's increasing aggressiveness. The side of my face was smooshing deeper into his mattress. A tear ran over the plane of my nose. It was from mixing the most amazing newest feeling of being anally penetrated while dying to be vaginally penetrated.

Two weeks without real sex was too much for me. Soon, everything I did became an involuntary reaction to obtain as much pleasure as possible. I was bouncing my butt into each of his thrusts in me while gyrating in the smallest circles to give the sensations an extra sting to them.

His fingers playing with my clitoris were driving me insane. I was actually about to orgasm. Before I could think that simple thought a second longer, Ean squeezed and twirled violently at my little nub. I had to twist my face into the mattress to drown out my screams.

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He took me from minutes to building an orgasm and turned it into seconds. All at once the searing sensation took my body over. Liquid ran out of me and down to my pounding belly. All while he continued thrusting his penis into my ass, my body shook, quivered, and twitched in every direction, unable to cope with the orgasm. His shaft was being ripped every which way inside my butt as I flailed about. It felt beyond amazing for me to have my rear end played with so assertively as I became a jolting ragdoll below my brother.

Just before I began crying in the constant onslaughterous toying with my still developing clitoris, Ean pulled his hand back to grip me firmer in place as he beat into my butt faster and harder. It wasn't long after before the spiking orgasm cost me the muscles in my tiring legs and he had to hold my entire body weight.

As the waves of ecstasy rolling through my body began dying down, I could faintly feel my body lowering. With the static noise blocking my brain from much else other than the happiness in my body, I wouldn't have even known was it not for the fact that as my body became straighter, my butthole became smaller.

And in feeling a burst of the most amazing warmness inside me down there, I found out why I was lowering. Ean was losing control of his muscles as well; he was cumming inside my rectum.

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Before I knew it, I was cringing in the moderately painful feeling of my butthole in as unrelaxed state as possible with Ean laying on my back penetrating me. He was squeezed so incredibly tight inside me as that warm explosion inside me stopped its rapid expansion.

His chin rested on the top of my head as I forced my face out of his blanket into the air. Having him lodged so firmly in me like that was painful, but after just being shot into sexual bliss immediately before feeling Ean-cum shoot into my butt via massive insertion, it actually felt good to be in that bit of pain. I felt stronger with that hurt. Not to mention Ean was naked on my back and it was his most amazing penis inside me causing the sensations.

Just as I was getting used to that discomfort, a sharp stinging overtook the dulling ache of his motionless organ. He was slowly pulling out of me, right then while I laid in the worst position to be pulled out of. But again, I couldn't deny the weird happy pleasure it brought me to feel that moving soreness.

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I couldn't stop groaning either. Half a foot later, he popped out of my tiniest of tiny, now gaping, butt hole and slid it up the length of my crack before settling back down on top of me. That stinging sensation still echoed down my abused rectum - I didn't even know if I would be able to walk again - but with Ean there, I felt soo impossibly happy. He just twisted brunette emily knows what a guy wants head down around mine and sucked my lips to his.

I swear we had a whole another sex session right there with our tongues for at least half an hour. About five minutes in, he rolled me over and took my breasts into his hands. Fifteen minutes in, his fingers were intertwining with mine.

And in the last five minutes, he wouldn't stop running his grasp up and down from the sides of my belly to the bumps in my wrists as my arms tensed over my head. He was getting lost with me and I had to pull away. I was his sister and his sex toy. The more and more I let him feel me up, the less and less I felt like those two things. Ean needed someone who he could actually fall in love with so badly and I wanted it to be Montana. Montana was correct that night. She had to come into Ean and my relationship.

Only then would I keep Ean and her. Otherwise I would lose them both. And if Ean found another girl besides Montana, I would lose Ean to a girl I knew I would never trust with him. I pulled my lips from his and gathered back my breathing. "I heard that you went to Montana's house," I said softly trying to sound it as normal a conversation as possible. "Yeah.

I figured that I should face them eventually. Of course I confronted them about Montana to save my own ass. But I put in a good word and said that you two had become really good friends which was probably a first for you, so not to take it too hard on Montana for your sake." "Thanks," I scoffed.

Even if he had a point on how hard it was for me to make friends, he didn't have to tell them. "They said it was the same way with Montana as well, you and her being good friends.

And if you can keep a secret from her, they said they actually wanted to meet you so we set up a surprise sleepover with you going to her house next weekend after her grounding is over." "Really?!" "That doesn't sound like a secretive voice." I reached my arms around him and hugged tightly.

We may have both been buck naked on his bed with my butt hole gaping and crusting over with his semen, but that was still a brother and sister moment. - e.l. hanes