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specton - 2 1/2 minutes quant - 2 1/2 years heckson - 2 1/2 miles -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Bill was pacing outside the city, where was that star cruiser? They had ample time to reach this primitive dust ball of earth. Looking over at his two guards who would soon be his mates he smiled.

They were big juggs brunette teen gives blowjob and pounded hard were still in their cat form. Unlike him they craved their true cat form. Twitty a grey striped tabby with white streaks down her back. Gleena, a red colored cat resembling a Bengal tiger.

Both were half cat and half Bill guessed something approaching human. They both had been ready to fight to the death for the honor of being his mate. Laughing Bill thought that was a joke, him? A desired mate? Sighing again Bill knew there was a lot he'd have to do when he returned. That is if he returned!

The length of time it was taking the star cruiser to get here he wasn't so sure. Looking at his chronometer again his face started to twist into anger. "I want both of you to call Xendra. Let them know I am more than displeased that the cruiser isn't here yet. It has more than enough time to reach this system." Bill roared transforming a moment into his full cat form.

Both Gleena and Twitty were both trembling at the raw power that their mate was showing. Both pulled out their small but powerful communication devices. Almost frantically they were calling the cruiser's commander and command control advising them both that they best hurry. "The commander states he should touchdown in two spectons." Gleena advised Bill.

"Xendra command says they were delayed by a magnetic storm of one hundred hecksons across." Twitty purred. Bill nodded he normally wasn't this impatient, though with the death of his brother he felt that haste was best at this point. Grabbing Twitty's communicator he growled, "Command I want triple guards on my uncles. If they escape I will hold all there accountable!

No matter where you hide I will find you!" "Yes Sire!" The voice at the other end said as there were suddenly a lot of shouting on the other end. "They will still be incarcerated when you return sire!" "Good, I am not really in a good mood to go hunting when I get there!" Bill growled out again.

There was a gulp then the other voice said, "Yes sire I wouldn't want that for you either!" Clicking off Bill was relieved when a moment later there was a rush of air then a door opened in front of them. Both females drew the same type of gun Bill had seen Gleena with earlier. Nodding as he looked over their shoulders at the standard skimmer gun of the royal guard and special agencies.

Advancing both females took up positions on either side of the opening. As the commander stuck his head out, he suddenly had a barrel digging into the side of his neck.

"I do not recognize you, should I dispatch him sire?" Twitty stated as she bared her claws and fangs. "Recognition code?" Bill growled out low and menacing. The commander swallowed hard, "A beast with eyes of moonlight, fur knotted like wool. The teeth like pearls, so bright, He slips away." "The response?" Bill growled as Twitty pressed harder into the commander's neck, free porn teen sex stories gate hole lock story claws out ever closer to the commander's throat.

"A shadow." The commander replied. Bill nodded then walked up to the commander smacking the man across the face causing a few places to bleed.

"This type of sloppiness won't be tolerated. I should kill you on the spot! As I am in a hurry best you remember! If there is another instance of this you will find yourself staring at the sky as you bleed out. As I said I should rip your insides out! Let's go now!" The commander had everything inside in record time. Another thirty seconds and they were in space. "Commencing hyper drive." There was a whine then the ship shot forward.

The commander came to Bill and saluted. Bill nodded then the commander reported, "Sire we should be arriving within 24 spectons." "Good I am anxious to execute both of my power hungry uncles. Part of your offences is forgiven commander.

If we arrive in the time you have stated then I might remove even more." Here Bill pointed a finger at the commander. "I suggest that you don't push it though." The commander saluted then bowed; turning away he breathed a sigh of relief. His mate wouldn"t be pleased he'd upset the king. Most of the penalties he'd incurred though were removed so she wouldn't be as pissed off. Shaking he'd rather face the king mad than his mate on an anger spree. She was after all of the same clan as special agent Gleena.

The commander ruminated "Sire?" Gleena said after a few minutes. "I luscious cougar london river blows hung driver you don't keep these restrictions on him.

His mate is a sister of my clan. Though what she saw in his wire hair clan I'll never know." Bill looked over at Gleena a smile on his face, "actually I heard that they are fantastic lovers." Bill said as a smile crossed his face when Gleena's mouth dropped open. "By the great feline! If I wasn't your mate I would have to find out! Wait sire! You are joking aren't you?" Gleena asked. "Ha!" Twitty laughed.

"If you knew him as well as I do you'd know he NEVER jokes! Sorry sire but I have been your guard for four quants." Bill waved her comment away a broad smile on his face, "yes, but that was with a full mind shield enwrapping my mind.

It has been known that they can dull the sense of humor." Twitty got an extremely hurt look on her face, "I apologize if the shield made you that way sire.

It was only just a standard total mind shield." Throwing herself at his feet she started to beg his forgiveness. Shocked Bill reached down and lifted Twitty's head to stare into his eyes. "As of this moment you are mine! You both are mine! No one may touch you, no one may disobey you. Remember rule fair, rule smart. I have the power to remove you from your position as queen. I will not hesitate to do so if it means the safety of my, of our people!" Both females were bowing and pledging their selves to him and the people.

Bill was going over all the reports that he could, there were after all two quants to catch up on. Nodding he could see many of the brilliant things his brother had tried to do. It really was a shame that such a grand ruler as his brother had been killed.

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Plus there was the fact that he now had to try and fill his brother's shoes. Bill realized that he'd fallen asleep for a few spectons when the commander announced that they were on approach. Bill's eyes snapping open he saw that both Twitty and Gleena were standing a vigilant watch over him. "We thought it best to let you rest sire. Breaking a xxxxx big hit full sex stories mind shield can be very tiring." Gleena said staring at him.

Looking down he saw that he'd half transformed to his lion type form. A small mane of yellowish fur around his shoulders drew his attention. Sighing he switched back to his human guise. "Sire your regular form is so strong and handsome!" A trembling with excitement Glenna started her long tail twitching back and forth.

"Yes Sire, soon we will see only your true form. I am excited to see you in your total Xendran form!" A slow panting Twitty was saying. Shaking his head Bill was unsure about correcting them. His people were actually both human and feline. Many it seemed had forgotten that simple fact. All the centuries that they had been settled on Xendra had, it seemed, to have dulled that fact. That was the reason he'd chosen to hide on the mother planet of earth. It was perfect hiding as a human; any odd behavior was just shrugged off as him being eccentric.

There would have to be something done about the people forgetting just where they had come from. Sitting up Bill strode to the front of the ship watching as the blue and green planet of Xendra quickly came into view.

Sighing Bill had to make himself ready, there weren't all that many who knew what he looked like it was. Suddenly a wide smile lit up his face as he looked at his two mates. Aside from them, perhaps a few techs in control and the special agent center, no one knew what he looked like!

"Commander change course now!" Bill said as he lunged at the computer. Hearing the engines strain as they made a hard turn while slowing had Bill smiling.

A moment later a huge explosion came from where they would have been! "As I suspected! My traitorous uncles were hoping I wouldn't be paying attention! Control! Find out where that blast came from take all there! I want a few left alive for questioning. If the resist kill them, if they don't I want them in prison! Remember my earlier warning!" A young Chartreux clan male snapped to attention then started yelling orders. "Position already charted, a full company is half way there." The male replied.

Speaking into another communication device the male yelled, "Take as many alive as possible! The king's orders!

If you kill them all you'll have me, and then the king to deal with! Get it done!" The young male was growling. Bill was smiling, this was more like it!

If all went well he might need to have the male promoted. Then again Bill thought with a wry smile, we'd have to see about that. "Advise when the position has been taken. Also check that my other uncle doesn't have the same type of trap awaiting us." Bill advised. "Do you really think that both of our fathers would try the same ambush?" Twitty asked a little upset.

"I wouldn't put it past either of them. You both know I am going to subject both of them to the mind bender?" Bill asked them both. "Yes Sire," they both answered at the same time. "It is what is expected for all traitors." Twitty replied. "I would expect nothing less of a response from the throne. Especially after such a villainous attempt was made on your majesty's life." "Hmmmmm," Bill said. "That is all well and good but what is your personal thoughts about what they did.

Actually I wish to hear from both of you." "Sire," Glenna started. "I am a loyal servant of the throne and the crown. I have made it my life's work to protect the king and therefore the Xendran people." "I swore a sacred oath to protect the life of the king and the royal family. Though I found it completely distasteful to be in pure feline form, I went through the pain for your safety.

I would gladly sacrifice my life protecting you." Twitty told Bill while bowing to the floor beside Glenna. "At present you both are the only ones I completely trust. Like most of our people, I know that both of you disliked the human form. Therefore you both are the only ones I feel I can relay this information to. While on earth I did research on certain rumors I remember when I was a child.

Though the mind shield was in place I had a strong desire to find out. Rumors that our people were from earth." Both females gasp at the news that Bill just told them. Then they both laughed, "They are only wild rumors sire." Glenna told him with an amount of certainly. Bill's smile faded as he shook his head no.

Twitty whispered, "We have been told that such rumors were pure heresy!" "As declared by the cult/religion of Miw. No, I found compelling evidence that all of us are descended from earth. Cumshot on bed black suspect taken on a harsh ride more evidence of where the ancestors left from." Bill explained to them.

"That's why we were in that ancient place the last earth year! I remember sire but nothing looked anything like we have today." Twitty told him. "Maybe not to you but do you perhaps know what this is?" Bill said as he held up an odd shaped ancient looking bracelet. It was an aquamarine color that had the color draining from her face as soon as she saw it.

"An elite royal guardian band." Twitty was whispering as she looked at her wrist seeing almost her own bracelet. To her eye they looked exactly the same! That was impossible! The church! They had declared. shaking her head a small smile lit up her face. "It appears that we have lesbian veronica vain with vannessa phoenix and lilith shayton far longer than we thought!" Glenna's mouth was hanging open; this was all forbidden by the church!

Only the king could. suddenly smiling she nodded he was the king there was no denying it! Sighing she could see that she and Twitty were going to have their hands full the next few weeks. Especially after he was crowned and came out with this compelling evidence. Shaking her head she wondered just what else he had up his sleeve.

Glenna was about to comment when the commander knocked at their door. "Come, Glenna said as Twitty took up a position beside the door, shutting down the lights. The door opened as the commander stood there.

"Sire?" The commander said into the darkened room, his short tail twitching slightly. "Speak," the commander heard a female voice from the darkness. "Control is calling for his lordship.

I came immediately as I thought it was very important." The commander said stepping back a step. Good Bill thought the commander was learning far faster than Bill thought possible for a wire hair clan member. "I'm coming," Bill said as he strode past the commander both Glenna and Twitty close on his heels. On the bridge the entire crew bowed to Bill then went back to their duties. "What have you found Captain?" Bill growled out.

"It was as you thought sire. There was another high energy particle weapon pointed at your position. I thought they might have back-ups so we started searches of other sites owned by the traitors." The young Chartreux clan male reported. "What did you find?" Bill said a small smile creeping onto his lips, he was enjoying the efficiency of this control officer.

The Captain smiled, "We found two more particle weapons. I am still not feeling it is safe yet sire. I called to let you know I have full units on the way to all six properties that are owned by the traitors. You should be able to land soon sire." "Thank you major, keep me informed." Bill said a sly smile on his face as he watched the young Chartreux sputter a moment at his new rank. "Yes Sire! Will do! Control out." The Major said then clicked off.

"So it appears that both of your fathers have been planning this for quite some time. It wouldn't surprise me if they have weapons at those other sites also." Bill told both Twitty and Glenna.

"Honestly sire," Glenna started, "they had a good plan but they both forgot something, a fatal flaw they missed." Glenna said causing Bill to snap his head around to stare at her. "What was the flaw in their plan?" Bill asked more than interested now. "Why Sire," Glenna stated. "The both of us," Glenna said indicating herself and Twitty. "We are both the best at what we do. Neither of us will stop 'til our goal is reached. I think our fathers thought we would abandon our duty for our family.

I never could as I feel neither could Twitty. We are both totally devoted to our duty, to you Sire." This last spoken in a whisper even as both Twitty and Glenna blushed! 'Well I'll be damned,' Bill thought, 'I can obviously trust them far more than I thought.' Turning Bill motioned for the commander. "I need a witness for this.

As a member of the space force and officer your word will hold far more weight. Kneel before me Twitty Glax, Gleena Nox. As of today you both are in command of the elite guard.

You both are in control of the special agencies. As stepmom diamond is envious to teen amara having intimate sex groupsex milf King elect I publically name the both of you as my life mates. I name you both as my queens when I take the pledge." Bill reached to each of the females shoulders touching them Speaking at the same time they both said, "Your lord ship we pledge to you and the people of Xendra. We will rule fair, we will rule just, to protect the king and the people." "Arise future Queens of the realm.

Queen elect Twitty, Queen elect Glenna." Many on the bridge had tears in their eyes they hadn't seen this in their life time, hoping it wasn't the last of the ceremonies that they might see. "I need to finish these reports." Bill said to all present. With a sigh Bill sat at a back table going through what was left. It was about four spectons later that the commander approached Bill.

Standing there the commander wasn't about to interrupt the future king. Looking up a hawt legal age teenager needs mouthful of cum later Bill nodded his head, the commander is far better than he was good!

"Yes commander?" "Control is calling Sire." The commander stated. "Good! The Major is as good as his word." Walking to the communicator Bill started, "Report Major!" "As I suspected sire, there were high energy particle weapons at the other sites also.

We were able to take all of them with only a few killed. I"d say we have thirty prisoners out of the forty that were manning the cannons. They will all be available when you land sire." An even younger female snapped a salute to the Major then reported that the leader of the cannon that had fired had escaped.

The Major growled viciously then calmed. "What is your next step?" Bill asked the enraged Major. "It appears sire." The Major whispered then took a deep breath, "that I need to go hunting!" "Good Major, meet us at the landing pad.

I feel a need to go hunting myself!" Bill told the young Major whose face showed shock then a wide smile broke across it. "It would be an honor to hunt with the king. Though I must warn you sire I am quite good! " The major replied. "We shall see Major! We shall see!" Bill said and clicked off as he heard the ships engines shut down.

Stepping to the door Glenna and Twitty both scanned the outside then nodded to Bill. "All clear sire." As the door opened the Major was standing there, his grey fur shining in the light. "We need to go! The traitor has a head start on us!" Bill smiled as did Twitty and Glenna.

This was going to be a grand homecoming that was for sure! Bill nodded to the Major then closed his eyes as he started to shift into his normal feline form. A loud roar and Bill took off with the major behind him followed extremely close by Glenna and Twitty. Bill felt so free as he felt the wind rush by his face. Within moments they were at the site.

Sniffing the air he could almost see the male that had escaped. The nervousness as he fled to avoid capture. Disgusted, Bill looked at the Major.

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"Kill him when we catch up to him." The Major"s purring smile and flicking tail was all that the Major responded with.