Cute girl is gaping spread honey pot in closeup and having orgasm

Cute girl is gaping spread honey pot in closeup and having orgasm
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(This is the first story of my new type of age appropriate and genre appropriate topic. If you enjoy this new style i will be posting new stories soon.) It was a mid February and I had not been with a woman for more than four months. I am a thirty eight year old bachelor and like the dogs in heat at this time of year I was horny as hell. I own a convenience store in a small town in the mid west.

Since it was a small town everyone knew each other and no one can hide.

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The reason the last woman I was with was in October of the year before. I was seduced and got charged with having sex with a minor.

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I urge you, do not trust, teens because I was seduced by my neighbor's sweet daughter while she was just fifteen years old. The girl seduced me and when she did not get what she wanted she blackmailed me. After being blackmailed I decided not to have sex and be celibate for as long as I could. As I said before it was mid February and the dogs were in heat. I thought I would be alright because I owned two male german shepherds for my protection.

I own a two story building and I keep my dogs downstairs where my store is and stay naked upstairs because, of course, I am alone. The night I crossed two lines was so sick and divine at the same xnxxx com china girl anal. I was awakened by the yelping of a dog. It seemed to be in so much pain.

I got out of bed and went to investigate. I wrapped my cover around my naked body, went to the window and looked out. Everything outside was quiet. I heard the yelp again. I realize it was coming from downstairs my own house, so went downstairs.

What I saw was both shocking but intriguing. There was my male dog Zeus with his knot tied in his brother Hercules. I watched in awe as the Zeus humped his brother, that it made my mini six inch, circumcised cock quiver. The agony I saw Hercules in, made my mouth water but it was just a show. I allowed Zeus to finish his brother and then took Hercules to recover upstairs with me.

Zeus growled as I took his bitch but Hercules was in too much agony, but soon he will be in even more agony than he was in before. I could not get back to sleep so I decided to watch some tv. I popped in a porno so I could jack off to and half an hour into the movie it happened.

As the first hint of pre-cum started to drip Hercules came over and started to lick my cock head. I looked at him lapping my pre-cum and in a sinister voice I asked, "Like that bitch? I have more for you!" I then forced his mouth open with both of my hands, steadied his body with my knees and rammed my cock into his mouth and came hard in his mouth.

As he struggled to take the cum, I made sure I enjoyed violating the mouth of man's best friend. As my cock grew limp in his mouth, I removed my cock, loosened and removed my hands from his mouth and patted Hercules on the head. He moved, circled and started to lick his own cock. Looking at my male bitch made me horny again so I decided I needed to pound his ass.

I went to the kitchen and took his muzzle from the cupboard. I then went to the bathroom and took a couple pills so my member would last a few rounds in my doggy ass. I came back to where Hercules was and called him over.

I placed the muzzle on his mouth and clamped it, making sure he could not open his mouth.

I then looked him in the eyes and said "your mouth was fun but now it's time for me to take your ass!" I turned Hercules around, massaged my cock on his glory hole and let my cock fall inside his ass.

As his hole engulfed my cock I started to pound his ass. As I had forgotten how good sex was but his ass squirmed it came back to me quickly. If I could derive such pleasure from my mutt I wonder how much pleasure I could get if I get banged in my ass&hellip. Ahhhh but not tonight, tonight was time for me to take an ass. As I continued to pound my doggy bitch boy I reached under him and felt his cock.

I gently pumped him and soon I felt his sticky juices spill into my hands. Hercules quivered and moaned his muzzled moans under me as I kept pumping into him. Explosion after explosion of cum into his ass and I enjoyed every moment of it. As my cock grew limper and I pulled out ,I removed my hand from his cock, I noticed the sticky liquid on my hand. I moved my hand to my mouth and tasted his cum. The taste was strange but I think I wanted to taste it straight from the source but not tonight.

Hercules walked away but I followed him and removed the muzzle. As he lay there with his eyes closed, his stomach moving fast but I could tell he was asleep. I looked at him and said "I loved the way you made me feel my bitch boy.

I want you in me next time and want to milk you too." With my boy asleep, his brother quiet and my sexual appetite satisfied I went to bed with a smile on my face. I could not wait for the next time I can get satisfied sexually by my dog and taste doggy cum in my mouth and even have my ass pounded by a dog.

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