Blonde slut with a dildo and a baseball bat

Blonde slut with a dildo and a baseball bat
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Note to readers: This is a romantic story. If you don't like reading about such things, or you like quick stories with little meaning read something else. This story, like any story worth telling, is about a girl. But not just any girl, this one was special. Well to me anyway.

It all started at secondary school in the 3rd year, the girls were half way through puberty and the boys had just started, noticing the girls as well. Like most 14 year olds, I'd seen the pictures, but I could only imagine what it would be like, I'd never had a girlfriend before and I wasn't too sure about how to to get one, but one thing I did know if anything was who.

Kacy was.well perfect, she had blue eyes, long brown shiny hair and legs that seemed to attract the eyes of anyone who walked by, even the girls sometimes stared. She had lived next to me for about 3 years, and I'd lusted over her for almost as long. Although I'd seen her around at school, I'd never actually spoken to her, even though I'd masturbated whilst thinking about her several times.

My big chance came when I was 'forced' to sit next to her in science lessons, for a while we just sort of ignored each other and concentrated on working, but eventually after cherokee d ass and j strokes few lessons she asked me to help her with one of the questions we had to do for a project.

She was wearing one of those black elastic jumpers, the ones girls sometimes where over shirts and as I started to explain the question she leaned over my book trying to understand, and just for a second i caught a glimpse of the top of her breast, nuzzled into a white cotton bra.

After I'd finished she smiled, and went back to work and that was how it went for a few weeks, me helping her understand some of the more tricky questions whilst staring at her beautiful round breasts.

After a few weeks into the year, we were set some coursework to do, in pairs and to save arguments, who we were sat next to. I was excited it was like a godsend. So I got to spend more time with her, and we became friends, talking about people and life in general and discussing our feelings towards different stuff. It was during one of these foxy brunette gets rammed hard outside teen that she was struggling with a particular calculation on the coursework, it was particularly nasty and as it was getting near to the end of the day, I suggested that we take it home and finished it there over some food.

As I looked at her I could see her deep blue eyes consider it for a second, and then she nodded her head willingly it was decided. At that point I hadn't intentionally thought about what 'could' possible happen with her at my house, in fact it wasn't until we were walking down our road and I noticed my parents car wasn't there that I really thought about it.

remembering that they had gone to a concert for the evening. I started to plan. Snapping back to reality I heard her calling my name, she giggled and asked me where the hell I'd been. Flirting, she pushing me away she called back 'be over in a minute' as she walked up to her door and went inside. I followed suit and went into my own house, the tension building in my whole body.

*Diiiiing* I'd been miles away again, just starring as my mind ticked away. I stumbled over to the door, opened it and there she was. She'd changed, now wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, the zip not done up, and a white shirt covered in little pink flowers. This along with the rucksack strap pulling one of her neat breasts upwards and the sun on her back is one of the moments I will never forget.

She was more beautiful that I could imagine, and here she was at my door. 'Your urmm flys undone' I muttered, averting my eyes. She giggled, and quickly turned around, zipping it to the top, I did get changed in a bit of a hurry. It was decided all the signals where there. We'd been working and slowly flirting for about 2 hours at young adorable chick needs hard pleasuring hardcore and blowjob was almost 5 o 'clock and I decided to implement my plan.

Jokingly I started into the conversation about a new DVD I'd just gotten, she sounded interested, so I continued. By this time we were bored of the work and I offered to fetch it from my room, she was hesitant at first.

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But after a minute or two of explaining how good it was she soon relented. I quickly ran upstairs and swapped into a clean pair of jeans, sprayed some deodorant and grabbed the DVD. So far we'd just been working on the coffee table in the lounge and sitting on the floor, but while I was away she'd sat down at one of the couch, her legs facing the middle, pulling her jeans even tighter around her perfectly formed buttocks. I walked in, slipped in the DVD and hit play.

Sitting down next to her legs, as close as i could comfortably be without being too suspicious and settled into watching the film. About 10 minutes in, I couldn't wait any longer, I started playing with her socks, just playfully pulling at the tops down and up, mimicking moves that would later become clear.

Giggling she reached over, and grabbed at the sides of my stomach, tickling me into hysterics. After a few seconds of this I'd fallen backwards with her laying between my legs and her hands gripping my now shaking shoulders. I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine. For what a favor for a friend bangbros network mobile like an eternity we stayed like that locked together, just for a few seconds.

But it was too late to stop, the look she had given me told all my senses she wanted it, whatever 'it' was to be, just as badly as me. She relaxed her shoulders and lowered her face into mine.

She was so close I could smell her perfume, and the scent on her lips. We kissed, gently and softly holding it for just a second then releasing, as if testing out our lips for the first time. After another second of eye gazing we plunged into a string a deep passionate kissing that seemed to entice her hand the bottom of my stomach, slowly pushing up my shirt.

Seconds later, as a team we removed my shirt, and had begun on her flowery top. Sitting up slightly to do this, we'd soon removed it which left her cute breasts swinging in a small laced bra.

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Grabbing my hands she pulled me onto her as she fell backwards, simultaneously opening her legs, just as I closed mine. Kissing gently again I let passion consume me, tracing her next with short kisses, and gently brushing her breasts with my fingertips. They quivered to my touch, hard but so soft I could have fallen asleep in their warmth. A few minutes later, I got up. turning off the TV before grabbing her hand and pulling her up, motioning that we should go upstairs, she followed without hesitation her delighting sweetheart with oil massage hardcore and blowjob breasts bouncing around now that there was no shirt to restrict them.

I led her to my room which I had prepared while she had been getting changed next door. Sitting down on the bed I pulled her towards me, gasping at her elegant, tight buttocks. Hands roamed over my hair and down my back stirring a warmth inside my cock. Pushing her away slightly I gentle took the front of her jeans and undid the button holding the two sides together, releasing it with a slightly clicking noise.

Surprisingly we hadn't said a word to each other, since the DVD had started, but as I looked up he eyes motioned that I should continue so I did. Grabbing both sides with my fingers, I slid the jeans down her shapely legs, exposing a pair of cotton white panties, which were tight to her skin, so tight in fact a small, damp patch was starting to grow.

Causing them to stick even tighter. Without warning she pulled herself closer to me, pushing her crotch into my face, giving me a strong scent of her juices. Knowing that she was ready I slowly pulled down her panties, a side at a time, slowly but purposely. Level with her crotch they exposed a small clump of pubic hair, a small tuft of brown hair which was neatly trimmed.

Without stopping I continued until with a final pull they unstuck from her pussy lips and fell down to her ankles. I sat there for a moment in utter wonder, smelling and looking at my first every pussy.

Her plump lips gazing at me, her pubic mound pointing the way. Consumed in my own world I pulled her towards me, falling backwards so she was forced to spread her legs. Grabbing her hands I pulled her slowly down causing her lips to make contact with mine, she let out a small gasp, and then relaxed, as I moved my hands to stretch her lips apart. Very slowly and carefully I did so, then with a single movement stroked inside with my tongue from top to bottom.

The taste was amazingly bland, but not unlike a very faint fishy sea sort of taste. She let out a moan as I continued to lick, and then plunged my tongue into her small pussy as far as it would got, stretching her ring to accommodate.

Withdrawing I licked up her cunt again, causing more small gasps and then wrapped my lips around hers and sucked ever so gently. He hands playing with my neck and face I moved around licking every part that I could reach, as she slowly began to grind her pussy lower onto my face. After a couple more minutes of moans and a few small shakes, she relinquished her grip of my face, and turned round, so she was facing my legs. As I continued to lick at her pussy, she slowly undid my jeans letting them slide to the floor, and undid the buttons of my boxers, letting my 6" cock out from hibernation.

Gently and without hesitation she slid it into her mouth, causing me stir slightly which in a chain reaction forced my tongue deeper into her tight cunt. Sucking on it slowly she grabbed the rest of femalefaketaxi welsh lad gets a sweet surprise oral shaft with her hand and began to pump it into her face. I was in heaven, I'd made it with a girl, but the girl I had dreams about for almost 4 years.

I guessed this was the first cock she had ever sucked, as soon i felt my cock tingle and i quickly pushed her leg away allowing me to slide free. Kneeling in front of her, still saying nothing I motioned my hand up and down my cock, focusing on the top.

Grabbing a pillow I laid her gently on her back, and knelt over her face, she instinctively grabbed my hack cock and began doing what I had done just seconds before.

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This time it was better, causing my to occasionally shake with anticipation and pleasure. Soon the pressure was building and a moved forward, so she would take my cock to her lips, still pumping it with her hand.

I came then and there, with half my cock in her mouth. A first she was shocked and started to gag, but she soon worked out what was happening and started to swallow my cum. Licking my cock clean, causing me even more pleasure I lifted my leg allowing her to sit up, only for her to lie back down pulling my hand to her tits. Kissing her deeply once more i slowly reached behind her beautifully hard breasts and wondered on how to remove her bra.

Eventually after a few seconds I pushed to two straps together causing the clasp to become slack the bra to fall off. Reeling back to admire her tits, I saw in front of me the most beautiful pair of them I had ever seen. The ones in magazines or on the net weren't even in her league, they were small, firm hard with perfect form.

Her two small nipples winked at me at the center of each breast. With no more encouragement that looking at me I bent down and slowly sucked at her breast, then moving over onto her wonderfully hard tit, making circles around it with my tongue.

After a few moments I switched nuzzling onto the second one, watching with arya fae gave her boyfriend dylan a hot blowjob eyes as she reeled in pleasure.

I continued for what seemed like hours, watching her eyes with mine, until the signal changed. Unsure of what she wanted, I moved my hand over her pussy lips. Gentle pushing back the folds of her beautifully full cunt. Finally getting the idea, and I pushed in with my middle finger, causing a small shudder as I felt the ring around her entrance open slightly more to accommodate the inquisitive finger.

Driving deeper and I got more daring, and a second finger entered causing her to sit up and move backwards so her back was against the wall. Moving forwards my hand still embedded in her tight crotch, I started to pump in and out slowly. Causing a small moan to pass her lips with every thrust. Pushing in three fingers took about a minute, because I didn't want to hurt her, along with the moans of pleasure I sensed a few moans of pain as my fingers stretched her pussy wider than it had ever been before.

With every push she opened her legs a little wider, allowing me to push deeper until I found her cherry, and pondered on what to do. Looking into her eyes, which were unfocused, and wet with sweat, I knew what to do. Knelt between her spread legs, I grabbed my once again hard cock and brought it up facing her lips.

Wrapping my arms around hers, feeling her breasts against my hairless chest, I pushed upwards into her, slowly and gently. Feeling my head slide into her wet pussy I got a sudden rush of pleasure, and I felt my legs go weak.

Pushing further I felt her pussy opening to accommodate my now full cock. Gasping for breath, she slid down forcing more and more of my cock inside her until I felt her clothed slut rides cock big dick amateur on the head of my cock. With one final thrust it tore causing her to squeeze my whole body against hers. Becoming less and less of a virgin every second, I began to slowly pump my penis in and out, watching her lips pull out then release with every push.

Soon my thrusts were matched with hers, and steadily out speed increased. Gradually I got deeper and deeper, until I was entering fully with each long stroke.

Every time I entered, I felt her legs stretch out, and a small noise escaped her lips, like she was trying to gasp in pleasure. I couldn't keep it up for long, because by now my legs had gone, but with a final long push inside of her, matched with her own movement we came together causing out juices to meet and mix inside of her.

Withdrawing my semi-hard cock from her now soaked pussy, I collapsed next to her holding her hand, my eyes blurry.

I watched as she slowly climbed on to me, laying with her legs between mine, her body against my body, her head resting at the top of my chest. I reached for the covers and pulled them over us, without a care in the world we fell asleep.

Content and Happy.