Horny whore receives fucked indoors hardcore and blowjob

Horny whore receives fucked indoors hardcore and blowjob
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My eyes awoke to the piercing rays of the sun, fighting its way through the blinds. I quickly glanced at the clock and was relieved to see it was only 8:30. The best chance for me and Chris to get any action today was before anyone else woke up. So seeing my husband still sound asleep, I quickly did my morning routine in half the time it usually took and exited my room.

Before looking for Chris, I made a small stop at Jessie's room to check up on her. Luckily, even she seemed tired from yesterday and was still peacefully asleep on her bed. I sneakily entered Chris' room and locked the door behind me. Not surprisingly, he was still sleeping as well, but that wasn't going to deter me from what I wanted!

I took my jeans off and pushed aside his covers and crawled on top xxx storys h d 2019 him, immediately making out with his still unconscious lips. It took another few seconds before Chris' eyes opened up. "Morning honey" I smiled. "Morning, mom" he replied, instantly returning my kisses.

His hands wasted no time in finding my ass to play with. He confidently pulled my panties aside and started fingering me with one hand while groping my cheeks with the other. "Mom, your pussy's so wet already!" "That's because it's hungry. You think you can give mommy what she wants?" I teased, still kissing him.

"I could get use to waking up like this!" "Hurry up and get that cock inside me!" I demanded in a playful, but still serious tone. Chris hurriedly took off his boxers and began to sit up. "Mom, could you ride me like before?" "Sit on your chair honey, that way mommy can sit on your lap and ride you at the same time" I said, getting off of him.

Without even breaking our kissing, we quickly got ourselves off his bed and into position. But, this time I sat down on his cock facing him. "Suck on mommy's tits!" I exclaimed, pushing his face towards them. Chris obeyed immediately and began alternating between tongue flicking my nipples and kissing me while I rode him.

He seemed to pick up on a few things from last night and placed his hands on my hips, helping me spring up and down his cock. It didn't take long before we picked up a rhythm and started fucking faster and faster, with Chris becoming too impatient to just sit on his chair and instead fucked me back with his cock. We moaned loudly into each other's mouths, urging us on even more. Chris surprised me by placing his hands around my ass to pick me up.

We continued to kiss with his cock inside me as he gradually walked me towards his bed, gently placing me down on my back. I knew what was coming and immediately wrapped my legs around him, pulling his cock even deeper into me. "Mommy wants that hard cock!" I said, seductively biting my lower lip. "I love it when you talk dirty!" Chris almost screamed, pounding into me. "Fuck, that feels so good!" he panted, after another few thrusts.

'Yeah? You like that?!" I teased, staring lustfully at my son's face. Seeing the same hungry look in his eyes, I decided to increase our sensation even more.

I took both my legs and flung them in front of Chris' body and rested my feet on his right shoulder, causing my hips to naturally squeeze my pussy even tighter.

"Shit! It feels even better! Fuck, mom!" "You like mommy's wet pussy?!" "YES! Fuck, you're so tight mom!" "Then fuck me like you mean it!" I shouted, edging him on. Chris responded to my words by jackknifing me as fast as he could.

There was no need for any experience; it was pure wanton desire. Lost in his passion, Chris removed one of my socks with his teeth and began sucking on my toes as he fucked me. "Mom, your feet are so fucking cute!" he said through the slurping. Watching him greedily suck on my toes, I wanted to turn him on even more.

I took more free right leg and pulled it to my face, removed the remaining sock, and began sucking on my own big toe, seductively smiling at Chris. Chris' eyes widened from seeing my action and it drove him to fuck me even faster, all the while his mouth never left my foot. His cock slammed mercilessly into me, driving both of us closer to orgasm.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum soon!" ' "Not yet honey!" I answered, quickly pulling my foot away from his mouth. Chris' face instantly became distraught from my action. "Do you want mommy's toes back in your mouth?" I teased. "Yes!" he stammered, begging me with his eyes. "Then fuck mommy a little bit longer! You can do it honey!" I cute luscious bitch gets hard cock in hands pornstar hardcore, bringing both my feet to my own mouth.

I know shouldn't tease him, but I was so horny too! And I had no idea if we'd be able to fuck again later, so if this was it for the day, I better make it count. "Okay mom" Chris answered, smiling back at me. He slowed his pace down to relax himself, but his eyes still stay fixed on me, watching me do what he desperately wanted do himself.

"Fuck, mom! You're driving me crazy doing that!" I giggled back at him, returning my foot back towards him, but pulling it away at the last second before his mouth could reach. "Mom! You fucking tease!" Chris nearly shouted. It seemed to work though, as he roughly grabbed my hips and began to pump himself hard into me.

"Is this what you wanted?!" "Oh, that's it honey! Fuck mommy's pussy!" I smiled brightly back at him. With his newfound energy, I decided to reward him by placing my legs back against his chest again and shoving my toes into his waiting mouth.

"Uuughhh!" Chris moaned loudly, his thrusts becoming even faster. But with the added sensation, I could tell nothing was going to make him last longer this time. "Fuucckkk!" Chris grunted, cumming inside me. This time, with a whole night to recuperate, I could feel that Chris had a lot more jizz than before; shooting at least four of five loads into me. As expected, when he pulled his cock out of me, most of hot woman with glasses gets banged hard by pawn keeper cum began dripping out.

Luckily, I caught it with my hands and brought it my mouth, swallowing Chris' creampie in front of him. "Damn mom! You're so nasty! I love it!" His words only inspired me as I scooped out more and more of his cum and swallowed it in front of him, licking my fingers clean as he stood over me and watched.

Chris and I laughed together at my lewd act. "I'm sorry I teased you a little honey, but mommy didn't want it to end yet!" "I know, but still it was so painful!

Mom you're feet are so cute! They're the perfect size and they're so soft, especially your toes!" Chris said, still licking my feet. "But I think it only made me fuck you harder!" "It sure did!" I answered, bringing my right foot to his nose for him to sniff.

"Okay, honey, we should get dressed before your father wakes up!" "Okay mom. That was the best way I've ever been woken up!" he answered, finally letting go of ben ten cartoon xnxx all feet.

"Do you want mommy to wake you up like that from now on?" "Maybe just on the weekends. I can get myself up early enough on schooldays." "Ok, then." I giggled. "Mommy's gonna go make breakfast and you can come down when you're hungry." "Thanks mom.

You're absolutely amazing. Horny whore likes to fuck on top japanese and hardcore really mean it" he said shyly before leaving his room.

I just about melted from his words on the spot! I knew that part of it was just being in the moment, but I could also tell that even aside from the sex, our relationship was better than I ever could've imagined.

And that he really enjoyed everything else that came with it as well. My husband and Jessie both woke up within the hour and just like that, we were back to looking like a normal family enjoying some late Sunday brunch.

We gossiped and shared laughs about our weeks and were all excited for Halloween, Chris and I for very different reasons! In the afternoon, I lounged on the couch trying to enjoy some light reading, but my thoughts were on other things. After what happened yesterday, I was determined to try and make sure I stayed in a sexual high today as well, not letting myself climax early in the day. Seeing my husband busy watching the football game, I decided to text Chris.

"Honey, are you busy?" "Just studying, what's up mom?" "Do you want a study break? ; )" I giggled loudly from just how ridiculous I was acting; we had just fucked a few hours earlier and yet, here I was again! It was even hotter knowing my husband was sitting right across me. "LOL. Mom, you want to come up now?" "Yes! I want round 2!" "What about dad?" "Your dad's too busy watching TV. Ok no more arguing, mommy's coming up now!" I quickly pocketed my phone and turned to my husband before getting up.

"Hey Dear, I'm going upstairs to do some cleaning." "huh? Yeah, okay." Charles answered, not even bothering to take his eyes away from the television. I hurriedly ran upstairs and took a peak into Jessie's room, making sure she was preoccupied doing her own activities; this time on her laptop.

Chris was still at his desk when I entered his room, but I wasted little time and started unbuckling my jeans, sliding it off my feet before I even reached him.

"Mom, you're even hornier than me!" he chuckled, embracing my kiss. "Oh, please! I think you missed mommy too!" I answered, feeling his hard on through his jeans.

"I did miss this!" he said, sticking his fingers inside my pussy before sucking on them. "Mommy wants a taste too!" I said, pulling his finger out of his mouth and shoving it in my own. "Mmmhh! But not as good as yours!" I dropped to my knees and pulled Chris' shorts down, springing his cock free before engulfing it entirely. "Fuck!" Chris exclaimed, trying to muffle his own voice.

I bobbed myself up and down the entire length of his cock, gagging his head in my throat. I did my best to squeeze the muscles of my throat, holding his cock inside until I was forced to pull out for air. In no time, his cock was coated thoroughly with the saliva from my blowjob. "Do you like it when mommy deepthroats you?!" I asked rhetorically, feeling a few tears flowing down my eyes. "Mom, I wish you were wearing mascara! You'd look so fucking slutty!" "You want mommy to look slutty?" I teased, taking off my shirt and pulling my tits out of my bra.

I didn't bother waiting for his response and stuffed his cock back down my throat deep enough for my tongue to actually lick his balls. Calling me slutty made me want to be exactly that, slutty. I wanted to be a slut with my son. "Come with mommy. There's always something I wanted to try" I said, getting up and grabbing his hand.

I climbed onto his bed and lied down on my back, with my head hanging off the end. "Fuck mommy's throat!" I said, looking at my son upside down. Chris promptly followed my directions and slid his cock in my mouth and began to pump. But, I could tell he wasn't use to it yet and hesitated to go very deep. "Honey, I said fuck mommy's throat, not mouth!" With those words, Chris understood and began fucking me with more intensity.

The positioning of my throat gave him the perfect opening, allowing him to fuck me as deep as his cock could go. I also relaxed myself so as not to give any resistance and Chris, on multiple occasions, shoved his entire cock inside my throat and just held it there, enjoying the sensation. It felt incredible! "Mom, let me know if I " "I didn't say stop!" I shouted angrily at him when he pulled his cock out. "Slam your cock back down mommy's throat!" I instructed, opening my mouth open again.

"God, mom! You are a slut!" he grinned, fucking my mouth harshly now. As my face was being willingly abused, my hand had found my clit, rubbing it frantically for Chris to see.

"Auughhh" he moaned loudly. "Mom, turn around. I need to feel your pussy now!" Chris helped spin me around until my ass was by the end of his bed. And true to his words, he didn't give me any warning before roughly penetrating me.

It seemed the energy I brought was affecting him too! Chris himself pulled my legs up from the side and placed them on his shoulder, continuing to fuck my pussy. "Do you like mommy's slutty pussy?" "Fuck yes! I want to watch you suck on your toes like before" he directed.

I smiled back at him before following his request, seductively worshipping my own feet. "Is mommy being a good little slut?" I asked innocently.

Chris didn't answer me but his eyes stayed completely focused on what I was doing so I did my best to act as sexy as possible. No, I should say as slutty as possible. "That's it honey, fuck mommy's tight pussy! She's been such a dirty little slut!" I edged on. Chris' breathing was getting heavier and heavier and I could tell his endurance level was reaching its limit. "Do you want to cum on mommy's pretty face?" "Oh God!" he stammered out.

Chris instantly pulled out and began moving towards me. I scooted off the bed and met him just in time before he came, shooting three thick loads across my face. Then like a good slut, I made sure to give his cock another couple of tugs into my waiting mouth before turning my attention to the globs already on my face. I stared up at Chris the entire time, making sure that he saw his mommy doing all the filthy acts she was capable of.

"You taste just as good as ever!" I smiled. "I can't believe you did that! You look so slutty with my cum on your face! I'm so glad you came up!" he chuckled.

"I was probably going to take care of myself later anyways, I mean " "Honey, from now on, if mommy's home, always text me first. I don't want you wasting a drop of this!" I said, tugging at his cock. "Really, mom? It busty babe alex raye visits her sissys house and fucks her man be more than a…few…times a day" he said, with a nervous smile.

"Good! Mommy's a dirty little slut who can't get enough of her son's cum anyways!" I giggled loudly. "Are you sure?!" With our conversation, I could see that Chris' cock had become semi-erect again, so instead of answering him, I just decided to show him.

I dropped on my knees and again took his cock in mouth. In no time, it was hard again and after deepthroating him for a few minutes, he came a second time. "Yum!" I said, looking back at him. "So is there anything else?" "Uhm, well. It's not a huge deal, but could you shave it completely off? I think you'd look so hot with a completely shave pussy!" he said, pointing at my landing strip.

"You do want mommy to look slutty, don't you! Ok, anything else?" "Uhmm…Oh! Mom, the next time you paint your toe nails, could you do it with the one where there's a white strip on the tip and the rest of the nail is clear?" "You mean a French pedicure?" "I…guess?" he answered quizzically. "Mommy knows what you mean. I'll take care of it! And I think you mentioned mascara too, right?" "Well just if we have alone time and it's not a bother.

Otherwise, how you are now is sexy too." "Really?" I asked in genuine surprise, looking down at the mommy jeans and ordinary t-shirt lying on the floor. "Yeah, because you're dressed so plainly that when we do fuck, it's really sexy to hear you talk like that and be so aggressive!" Chris said excitedly. "I see! Well after mommy takes care of her pussy and feet, how about I dress normally most of the time, but if I know we have a lot of time alone, mommy will dress how you want! How does that sound?!" Chris nodded vehemently in agreement.

"So like for Halloween?" "Oh yeah, Halloween is for sure; given, that we can get your father and sister out of the house" I said, rolling my eyes a bit.

"YES! I seriously can't wait to see you as Harley Quinn!" "I'm looking forward to it too!" I smiled at him "Okay, I'll let you get back to your studies and I have to get back downstairs in case your father miraculously decides to pull himself away from the game." "Ok, mom" he chuckled. "Thanks for everything!" After our second fuck session of the day and checking up on my husband, I decided to take a nice relaxing bath and take care of Chris' first request by shaving the last bit of my pubic hair off.

I wonder if Charles would even notice, I thought. In the two weeks that my sexual awakening for Chris had begun, I continued to try and initiate sex with my husband every few nights, but to no avail. He seemed to no longer have any interest at all towards a physical relationship, which in result, lessened any of the little guilt I still had for what I was doing with Chris. Even in the last few years, the one time we did have sex each month, it was just that; sex.

We didn't make love anymore. I was his wife, the mother of his children, and by all accounts his best friend, but it was only now, that I realized somewhere along the way, I stopped being his lover. The passion we once sexy blonde babe crissy fox gets banged by nasty driver when we were younger was now gone. We had slowly become more like lifetime companions than anything else; truly loving and caring for each other, but not necessarily in love with each other.

Thinking about it now, I felt almost foolish for not realizing sooner. I resented my husband a little for this; for wasting my time and effort to try and rekindle what we once had when he had so clearly not cared about it for years now. And I suppose, subconsciously, as a way to punish him for it, I found it increasingly hot to fool around with Chris whenever he was publicagent skinny brunette pounded by a big the house; sort of as a way to prove to myself and him that I was still desired.

"Who cares, if he wants to continue and ignore me in the bedroom then that was fine with me. I wasn't going to fret about it anymore" I thought. Chris' cock was keeping me more than satisfied! The rest of the day went by extremely fast and Chris was too caught up making up for his studies for us to go for a hat trick, although I did try multiple times!

It was probably for the better as my husband would've also been upstairs and easily would've heard us going at it. However once the weekday came, that changed.

I woke up the next day a little bit earlier than usual to get Chris' breakfast started. I had secretly hoped he would already be waiting for me, but also knew that he needed his sleep as well. Still, it wasn't long before I heard his footsteps scurrying around upstairs. "Good morning, honey!" I said, turning around from the stove to greet him.

"Morning mom" he answered, immediately rushing to embrace me from behind. I could already feel his hard cock pressing against my ass as he began kissing my neck. "Don't you want breakfast first?" I giggled, turning the stove off. Oh who am I kidding, if he hadn't, I surely would've!

"If by breakfast, you mean this, then yeah!" he said, sliding his hands down the front of my pajama bottoms. "Holy shit, mom you shaved!" I turned around to face him and pulled my bottoms down, showing him my newly shaved pussy. "Do you like mommy's pussy like OH!" I moaned. Before I had even finished my sentence, he had dropped to his knees and buried his face on my pussy.

He moved me against the counter, away from the hot stove. Chris being this aggressive was definitely new! "Fuck you taste good!" I was lost as well by his act and pushed his head against me, forcing him to tongue fuck me even harder. His tongue lapped across my clit and wildly explored every inch of my pussy, from my outer lips to deep inside my opening.

"YES! YES!" I moaned, my legs shaking from the sensation.

"Honey, get up! Mommy needs you inside her!" As Chris stood up to drop his jeans, I frantically tore my pajama top and bra off, leaving myself completely naked in the kitchen. When I went in to kiss him, he surprised me by turning me around, so that my ass was facing him. He then planted his body against mine, looking for my pussy.

To help him, I reached my hand back and took his cock, guiding it to my opening. "Oh Fuck, YES!" I moaned as Chris entered me. This time, in the new position, Chris started off slow, getting use to how it felt.

He slowly thrust his cock upwards into me while I squatted slightly down to meet him. It didn't bina marji ke jabardasth sex long until we worked up a good rhythm and met each other halfway, maximizing the pleasure for both of us.

"Mom, you feel so good!" he whispered in my ear, as he slammed into me. "Play…play with mommy's nipples!" I instructed, barely getting the words out.

Chris' hands left my hips and found my tits, squeezing them firmly as he tweaked my nipples with his fingers. "OH GOD! YES! YES! YES! Fuck mommy! Fuck her like the slut she is!" My words caused Chris to grab my hair, pulling my head back to kiss me deeply. It felt amazing having my son's body completely pressed against me, fucking me from behind as he played with my tits. I was so use to being in control that now, with the roles temporarily reversed, it felt refreshing! "Mom, I need to fuck you doggystyle!" he panted, pulling out of me.

He took my hand and pulled me into the dining room. I frantically pushed aside the candle holders and plant on top of the table to make room. Doing so, the candles rolled to the floor and Chris went to pick them up. "Fuck the candles honey! I need your cock in me again!" I nearly shouted, sprawling myself on the table so that my pussy was wide open for him. Chris quickly horny sluts athena palomino sadie blake lexi mansfield and tara ashley behind me and shoved himself in me with one motion, causing me to moan loudly again.

I could see the relief on my own face from the glass dining cabinet in front of me and watched as my own son fucked me from behind; loving every second of it. Doggy definitely seemed to be Chris' favorite position as well, and very quickly, he worked himself to a fast pace, pumping relentlessly into me.

"Mom, you have to be quieter!" he said, hearing my moans fill the room. I was lost in complete euphoria, not caring about anything other than my son's cock thrusting inside me. "Just fuck me, honey!

Mommy needs it!" I answered, trying to lower my voice. In an effort to stop my noises, Chris cupped his own hand over my mouth to try and silence me. I couldn't do anything else by slip his fingers in my mouth, sucking on it to prevent myself from screaming.

"OH, FUCK HONEY! Mommy's almost there! DON"T STOP! DONT STOP!!!" It was another few more thrusts before my climax rushed through my body, almost paralyzing me.

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But Chris didn't slow down; instead he sped up, hammering his cock into me and driving my orgasm to new heights. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum too mom!" he panted, shooting his loads into me. When Chris finally stopped and pulled out, I fell to my knees from the lack of support.

My heart was racing and my lungs were grasping for air as if I had just ran a marathon. "Mom, are you okay?" Chris asked, trying to help me up. "I'm fine, honey…I'm just…Wow! Mommy's never been fucked like that before!" That brought a huge smile to Chris' face. "It was just as amazing for me too! I just didn't show it as much because I was so concentrated on getting you to cum" he said, kneeling down to kiss me. "Mom, I know you've always helped sunny leone xxxxx full dawnluat me off, but sometimes I don't return the favor.

So, I wanted to make sure that you were satisfied today." "Oh, honey! You don't have to worry about that! It turns me on by getting you off, as often as I can!" Chris helped me to my feet and took another good look at my pussy. "Mom, your pussy looks so sexy shaved!!" "I'm glad you like it!

Mommy's gonna walk around the whole morning with your cum inside my pussy!" "That's so fucking hot!" he said, kissing me passionately. We made out for another minute or so before I made him go eat his breakfast. "Mom, I was scared dad would hear you!

I think it actually made me last longer" he chuckled. "Don't blame that on me, that's all your fault honey!" I playfully shot back. "Mommy had no choice but to scream when you were he dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill me like that!" "It's okay though, nobody seemed to hear.

Besides, no one will be home when you get back from school to stepmom stole my boyfriend big tits and big dick me again!" I teased. "Fuck mom, you're gonna make me hard again!" "Ok, I'll stop!" I giggled. "There's not enough time for mommy to take care of you again, so hurry up and finish your food!" Chris did as he was told, and after another kiss, left for his bus.

It was only when he left that I realized that I was still completely naked, standing alone in the foyer. The rest of the morning schedule wasn't anywhere near as enjoyable. I rushed my husband and daughter out the door quickly so that I could finish my errands earlier and get my pedicure done before Chris got home from school. By eleven, I had managed to finish all the priority tasks and decided that it was good enough to stop now. I grabbed my purse and got in the car, heading for the usual nail salon I went to for my manicures.

I had occasionally gotten pedicures before, but it became less and country girl anal banged by pawn keeper frequent as I got older and my husband and I became less sexually active. But now with Chris, the feeling of getting one left me tingling with excitement again! Being Monday, the salon wasn't very busy and I hardly had any wait time. I did stress for them to send their best nail technician to do my pedicure so that it would look as good as possible.

The lady who worked on me was incredibly patient and when she was done, I left very pleased. I had always liked the way my feet looked, but never thought about them as something too special.

So it was a little surprising to see how much Chris loved them! On my entire drive home, I had the huge urge to text him, but knowing that he would be in class; I'd have to wait until at least a bit later. When I got home, I had a cute attractive cutie gets gangbanged girlfriend and homemade lunch, struggling with myself about whether I should bother him or not.

Finally at just past noon, I relented to my desires, rationing that he was probably at lunch himself and I wouldn't really be disturbing his classes. I went upstairs to my bedroom and opened my blinds up for better lighting. I tried a few poses with my feet, looking for one that showed off my pedicure nicely.

I ended up deciding to just cross my ankles and snapped a few pictures, with the attention mostly on my toes. I chose the best one and texted it to Chris, my heart racing to hear what he thought! "Do you like? ; )" "OMG! MOM, they look so sexy!" "lol. Blonde chick beth enters playboy mansion for swinging contest think so?" "YES! I just nearly choked on my pizza!" I laughed loudly at my son's comment.

I wanted to give him another picture, but this time of my soles. I quickly turned onto my stomach and held my feet up in the air behind me. I flipped the camera view on my phone so that I it was facing me and took a selfie with my face and both my feet in the air behind me. "How about this one?" "You look so sexy, mom! I can't wait to get home!" "Good! One last sneak preview then; one sec!" Knowing it would drive him crazy seeing me suck on my own toes, I sat up and grabbed my right foot bringing it to my mouth.

I hurriedly tried a few pictures and settled on one that clearly stood out; me playfully licking my big toe as I smiled into the camera. The picture showed off my pedicure nicely and I felt my smile was extra teasing! "How do you think it tastes?" "Mom!

You're driving me CRAZY!!!!" "Then you better race home once schools over!" I laughed while texting him back. "OH, I will!" "Damn, my lunch periods almost over. I gtg, bye mom!" "Bye honey!" It still caught me a little off guard at how happy I got just having a little five minute conversation with my own son.

But the effect was undeniable and the huge smile across my face was proof of it. I used the energy boost from our texting to power me through my yoga workout, cute bubblekush flashing ass on live webcam webcamshow masturbate extra hard so that I could look my best for Halloween.

After working up an intense sweat, I went to take a quick shower and then a long relaxing bath, enjoying some light reading as well; basically anything to keep my mind off how badly I wanted to fuck Chris. Finally, at around 2, I pried myself out of the bath and went to get dressed, putting on my just washed g string and bra set that Chris and I both loved. I made a note to myself to go back and get more; one sexy pair just wasn't going to be enough with how often Chris and I went at it!

But before I could put anything else on, I was interrupted by the buzzing of my phone. "Mom, I was hard during the rest of my classes after seeing those pics!" "LOL! Where are you now?" "I just got on the bus and I'm still looking at them!" "Do you want mommy to send you another one?" "YES!!!

I'm stuck on here for at least 20 minutes :( " I giggled loudly from his predicament and left my room to walk over to Chris'. I sat down on his chair and propped both my legs up on his desk, right in front of his laptop. With my feet extra soft from the bath, I quickly snapped a picture, showing my pretty toes and plenty of leg as well.

"Guess where mommy is?" "Is that my room?!" His response only made me want to tease him more! I grabbed the bottle of axe deodorant he had on his desk and then moved onto his bed.

I then placed my feet on his pillow, with the bottle snuggled in between horny teens bang the biggest strapons and spray love juice everywhere soles, as if I was giving it a footjob. I quickly captured a few shots and sent the best one to Chris. "You tell me! I wish the bottle was something else though… ; )" "Why is this bus so slow!!!" "You better hurry!

Mommy's been waiting all day for your cock!" "Have you? Show me!" What a naughty thing to ask your own mom! I loved it! Still sitting on his bed, I spread my legs open even further and pushed my gstring aside, letting me get a clean shot of my dripping wet pussy. I made sure to zoom in close enough to capture exactly how wet I actually was.

And if that wasn't enough, I stuck a finger inside me and pulled it out, taking a picture of it as well. "Look how wet you make mommy! " "Are you wearing your G-STRNG?!!!" "Hurry home and find out for yourself!" "Mom, can you I see your tits?" I got up on my knees and pulled my bra down, exposing both my tits. And even though they aren't huge, they still had enough size for me to cup them and pull it towards my mouth, allowing me to lick my nipple.

I did my best to look as sexy as possible before taking the picture. 'How's that?" "I wish I was there :( " "Let mommy help you pass the next ten minutes then, any other requests?" "Your ass when you bend over!" "Without the G-string!" he quickly added in a second text.

Not wanting to disappoint, I took my phone and put the camera on a timer before placing it on his chair. I then rotated the chair until it was facing the side of Chris' bed and quickly got myself in doggy position on his bed with my ass directly facing the phone. As the camera continued to take pictures, I tried a few different things; including using my hands to spread my ass open, making sure it got a good shot of my pussy.

"Can you see mommy's dripping pussy?" "It looks like it's ready to be filled!" With that comment, I grabbed Chris' deodorant bottle again and used it as a dildo; stuffing it inside my pussy. I snapped a few from different positions before sending the best ones out. "I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your axe!" "Mom, your pussy looks so slutty stretched out like that!" "Just getting it warmed up for you!" "I'm almost there, only five more minutes!" "One last picture then?" I set the camera option to timer again, but this time I placed it on his bed.

I then got off and moved in front of the camera, squatting down on the floor so it could get a shot of my entire body. I kept the axe bottle in my pussy while my left hand was tucked under my bra strap, pulling it down to expose my left breast and nipple.

I teasingly held my right hand at the edge of my mouth, lightly biting my index finger. "Don't make mommy wait too long!" I waited another few minutes for a response, but instead of getting a text, I was met with the pleasant sound of Chris' keys unlocking the front door.

Since I was still in his room, I decided to strip myself completely naked and just wait on his bed. "Did you miss mommy?" I teased as soon as he burst into the room, throwing my bra and G string at him. "Fuck!" he exclaimed, catching them. He brought them up to his nose for a sniff before tossing them aside and rushing towards me.

His hands were everywhere as it seemed he had no idea where to start; going from my tits, to my ass, and finally my pussy. I was just as horny as him and kissed him back aubrey adams michelle aston two young babes fighting and flirting the same passion, my own hands scrambling to get his jeans off.

"Mom, don't! I could cum any minute" he said, stopping my hand from grabbing his cock. "Does mommy turn you on that much?!" I giggled. "I think you gave me blue balls!" he chuckled.

"Then how about we start off a bit slower?" I said, pushing Chris off me. "Lean against your bed frame honey!" While Chris sat against the head of his bed, I moved to the other end before turning to face him. "Do you want a sample?" I asked, teasingly pointing my left foot in front of him. Chris accepted my offer, but instead of just stuffing it in his mouth, he brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply, like usual.

"Mom, did you just shower?" he asked, with a slight disappointment on his face. "Yeah, you don't like?" "No, it's fine! I just…kinda wish…you hadn't" he said, shyly smiling. "You should've told me, honey! I just did yoga before that too!" "Damn! I would've loved to sniff your feet after that!" he said, with a genuine bit of sadness on his face. "Next time, I promise!" I said, pouting my lips. After seeing my reaction, Chris quickly removed his frown.

"No, it's fine mom! I still think your feet are really sexy!" he said, sucking on my toes softly. While his mouth was busy playing with my left foot, I took my right one and began massaging his cock lightly; starting slowly at the head of his cock before moving down towards the shaft. "Mom, go slower! I'm really really close!" "Then how about you just watch mommy until you're ready?!" I removed my right foot and brought it to my mouth, sucking on my own toes as Chris watched me.

For the next minute, Chris' eyes didn't even blink, making sure gf invites over neighbor for threesome with hung bf catch every little action I made. "Mom, you look so fucking hot doing that!" he said, sucking on my left foot. "Don't you mean slutty?" "You're tattooed and pierced couple fucking inside of tattoo shop tube porn much!" I could see the struggle on his face as he was desperately trying to keep himself from cumming early and wasn't really able to enjoy everything.

"How about mommy gives you a footjob? And honey, it's fine if you cum early. It's been way too long since I had a taste of you anyways!" "Ok, but go slow first! I still want to enjoy it at least a little!" "Of course!" Chris reluctantly let go of my foot and I scooted myself closer to him. As he requested, I started off slowly, just using my toes to rub his cock. Occasionally, I would nestle his shaft between my big and ring toe while my other foot slid up and down the side.

But it was only after he had gotten used to it, did I begin to pump his cock gently between my soles. "Honey, you have so much pre-cum!" I said, sweeping across the head with my toes. "Mommy wants a little appetizer first!" I giggled, pulling my foot to me and licking his cum off clean.

"Now to get the rest!" I gradually picked up pace and was happy to see Chris encourage me by grabbing my ankles and helping me stoke him. I surprised him by lusty babe has her orgasmic cunt hammered myself forward and wrapping my mouth around his cock, all the while my feet remained around his cock.

Thank god for yoga, I thought! "Oh FUCK!" Chris moaned from the contact. "I'm gonna CUM!" His words only made me suck him harder, desperately wanting to feel his jizz in my mouth again. And boy did he deliver! All the teasing I had done with the pictures throughout the afternoon must have did its work because Chris shot five or six huge loads into mouth.

I wasn't expecting so much and actually let a lot slip out, dripping onto my toes. So I did what any cumslut would; I swallowed everything I had in my mouth before hungrily licking my toes for cleanup. "Honey, that was so much!" I said, with a huge smile.

"You had me so turned on mom! It's why I knew I wasn't going to last long!" "I think you more than made up for that!" I said, still licking my toes clean. "I wish we had more time!" Chris said, looking at his clock. "I really wanted to fuck!" "I know honey, mommy did too! But we'll find time, I promise!" "Today?" he pleaded.

"Yes! Believe me, mommy wants it just as bad as you, probably more!" I giggled. "I should've tried to last longer! I was so looking forward to it!" "Honey, don't worry about it! Didn't you beauty takes meaty cock in face gap hardcore creampie mommy's footjob?" "Of course, mom!

It was amazing, just like everything else you do. I just mean…dammit, I wish Jessie doesn't come home so early!" he said out of frustration. "Me too!" I shout back in playful agreement, causing us to both to laugh. "If she didn't come home so early, I'd be able to get the quick one out of the way and still have enough time to get hard and really fuck you!" he clarified.

"I know honey! And we'll work on our timing. But for today, I promise you that you will have a chance. Brazil dirty xxx babysitters love rock hard cock if it means I sneak off into your room at night for a quickie!" I said, embracing him for a hug. Despite the topic of our conversation was, it was still evident that Chris really was frustrated about how the afternoon had turned out.

He seemed both disappointed in himself and that he had blown a wonderful opportunity. "Thanks mom. That did make me feel better." "You're okay then?" "Yeah, just a bit bummed out. But I'll get over it." "Good! Ok, mommy has to get dressed and go downstairs before your sister comes home. I'll come back later if I can shake her free!" My daughter came home at the same time she always did, and like always, was relentless in pursuit of attention.

I tried on multiple occasions to turn her attention elsewhere, but she seemed determined to unknowingly ruin any chance I had of sneaking off to Chris' room. By four thirty, I completely gave up, knowing that I had to get dinner started soon. "Your sisters being a real cockblock :( " "I know! I can hear her from upstairs!" "Are you going to be okay, honey?" "I'll pull through, lol.

Thanks for the footjob earlier. I must've seemed so ungrateful, but it really did feel amazing!" "Thanks, honey! It feels so nice to hear that!" "Mom, you're so flexible! It makes you that much hotter!" "That's all because of yoga!" "That reminds me, could you not shower tomorrow after your session?" "You want to smell mommy's stinky feet?

; ) " "YES! It'll be so hot tasting it when it's all sweaty and musky from your workout!" "Then I'll make sure to go extra hard then!" "Mom, you're the best!" " : ) " "Ok, I should get back to studying a bit.

See you at dinner, mom!" "Ok, honey!" Preparing dinner was such a letdown after flirting with Chris. Add in the energy of my daughter and how turned on I still was, it made it that much worse. At her age, she had little understanding of the importance of anyone else's time and kept repeating to me about art supplies she wanted for school. It seemed as part of her class field trip next week; every student had to prepare some type of artistic piece as well.

"Sweetie, mommy's cooking dinner. I don't have time to go right now." "Can we go afterwards? I really want to get it today so I can start working on it!" "I don't know sweetie. Maybe you can ask your father." "Oh my god, your father! Yes! He'll take you! Daddy will take you to get them tonight!" I exclaimed, suddenly realizing that I could get both of them out of the house. "Yay!" she cheered.

I was ecstatic! Knowing my daughter, it would take them at least half an hour to find everything! Just that news, that tiny bit of news, made the rest of the afternoon so much easier to get through. "Daddy!" my daughter exclaimed, rushing to embrace my husband. "Hello princess!" "Hi dear, dinner cum in pussy 20 min great!" "I made meatloaf!" I answered in my cheerful mood.

"Daddy, can you take me shopping for art supplies? Please! PLEASE!" "Uhm…" my husband hesitated, looking at me for an explanation.

"Your little princess has a field trip next week and has to finish an art project before then." "Ah! Well do you know what you need?" "Yes!" my daughter nodded enthusiastically. "Ok then, but after dinner. Is that okay?" She nodded again. The two of them were so caught up with their interaction with each other that no one saw how excited I was as well. "Go set the table. I'm going to get Chris for dinner." "Honey, it's time eat." I asked, knocking on his door.

"Come in mom." "Still studying hard?" I asked, seeing him concentrating on a desktop full of papers and books. "Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out this question." "Well, it's time for dinner.

Come on!" I said, kissing him and pushing his books away. It didn't take much for me to pry xnxxx com china girl anal away from his work and he soon started kissing me back. As Chris leaned away from his desk, I took advantage of the open space and sat on his lap. While we continued to make out, I made sure to wriggle my ass around, teasing Chris' cock.

"Mom, could you give me a quick blowjob?' I answered him by sliding down onto my knees and pulling his shorts down just enough for his cock to come out. Given our time restraint, I immediately deepthroated him. "Oh, god! Uhhh…I'm never gonna get tired of this" Chris panted. As my throat massaged his cock, Chris leaned down and slid his hand into the back of my sweatpants, playing with my ass. He was trying to reach my pussy, but given his position, there was no way he could.

Instead, surprisingly, his fingers came across my asshole plenty of times, brushing against it. At first I thought it was an accident, but he then began rubbing it subtly with his middle finger.

This was definitely a new sensation! And it was turning me on even more! With that additional fire, it made me suck Chris even harder until he finally couldn't take it anymore and blew his load in my mouth. "Mom, your mouth always feels so good!" I wanted to ask Chris about what he was doing, but there wasn't enough time to.

And I knew if I were to, it would probably turn us both on even more. "We better head downstairs!" Chris agreed and quickly followed me to the dining room where my husband and daughter looked to have just finished setting the table; sometimes it was nice to have Jessie around to make even the simplest task take that much longer to complete. At the dinner table, Chris always sat on my left, while my husband and daughter sat across from us.

On most nights, our dinner was like any other families, but after missing out on the afternoon fuck with Chris, I was extra horny. As soon as we sat down and my daughter started energetically telling us about her day, my left hand snaked its way to Chris' lap, grabbing has cock through his jeans.

I could feel him squirming in his seat, desperately trying to push my hand off without making it look too obvious. Little did he know, it only drove my desires even more! I slapped his hand aside a few times, until he finally gave up and accepted his fate as my hand massaged his cock while he calmly tried to eat his dinner.

"That is good to hear dear! Are you going to be even busier now?" I asked my husband, acting completely natural. "It's not certain yet. We'll see. I have to make some phone calls with him later tonight" my husband responded. I maintained eye contact with him and smiled in agreement, while my scandalous slit drilling session hardcore and blowjob unzipped Chris' fly. Lucky for me, it didn't take too much effort for my small hand to slip inside his jeans, wrapping it around his cock.

"uugghh" Chris moaned softly, but not loud enough for his father to hear over my daughter's voice. I giggled in response, taking another sip of my water. It was at this time that I decided to spring the good news to Chris. "So dear, when are you going to take Jessie to the art store?" "Right after dinner!" my daughter answered for him.

Instead of waiting for their answer, I turned my eyes on Chris, waiting for his reaction. When he heard the news, his eyes just about popped out of his sockets and a huge smile came across his face. "Why are you so happy Chris?" my daughter asked, catching his reaction. My daughter's question almost caused me to spit my water out in laughter. "Huh?…Nothing. Nothing. It's…just that…uhm… this meatloaf.

This meatloaf is really good!" Chris stuttered, his hands reacting wildly in surprise of his sister's question. Along with his attempt to speak English, Chris accidentally knocked his fork off the table, causing it to bounce a few times on the ground before ending up by my feet.

I quickly removed my hand from his cock and let Chris scoot himself down to pick it back up. But instead of letting him recover it easily, I took my right foot and pinned the fork down before Chris could reach for it. I could feel the warmness from the marinara sauce on the fork, which without a doubt, was also on my toes and sole by now. With my free left foot, I began looking for Chris' mouth and slipped my toes inside. I was afraid I was taking it too far, but then I felt him lightly sucking on it, trying not to make any noise.

I grabbed a few napkins and handed it to Chris under the table. "Make sure you clean up the floor of any stains honey!" I said, giving him more time to stay down there.

"So what are the things that you need sweetie?" I asked, focusing my husband's attention to my daughter. As we listened to her narrate off her laundry list of goods, underneath the table, I pulled my left foot out of Chris' mouth and moved it to the back of his neck, pushing his head down. Chris immediately got the message and began licking my right toes, cleaning it of any sauce. After a few more seconds, I finally removed download story japan xxx sex fairy tales foot to free Chris, but to my surprise, he stayed down a little longer, licking the bottom of my feet clean before returning to his seat.

"Thanks, honey!" I said, trying to hide my laugh as I looked at Chris. His face looked so nervous! It was actually a turn on for me to tease him like this, knowing that, despite his protest, he could never resist me fully either! My husband gave us a puzzled look, but before he could say anything, my daughter interrupted him. "So can we daddy? Right after dinner?" "Yeah, we can go after dinner" he answered.

"YES!" my daughter shouted, slamming her palms on the table in excitement. "How's school Chris? Getting busier as the school year wears on?" my husband asked. "A little bit. But, for tonight I think I'll take a break after dinner and just study later" he answered, taking a glance at me.

"Well, I'm sure you know what you're doing son. " "He sure does" I added, smiling at Chris. The rest of dinner went by a lot quicker than usual, and even I restrained myself from touching Chris any more. Besides, my daughter's incessant protesting for everyone to hurry up helped. So of course, like always, the rest of the family bended to the will of a nine year old little girl. "Daddy, hurry up!" she said, dragging his hand towards the garage.

As they passed by I couldn't help but laugh at the expression on my husband's face that screamed "why did I agree to this?" Unlike most nights where Chris left for his room after dinner, today he stayed in the kitchen, waiting with me for his father to leave. And as soon as we both heard the sound of my husband's car starting, we embraced each other.

"Did you do a good job cleaning mommy's feet?" I smiled. "I think so! Even if I didn't, I can now!" "Do you want to take mommy here?" I said, between our kissing.

"Where did you have in mind?" "We could fuck on mommy's bed?" I teased. "Really?!" "Or how about we fuck in your dad's office room?!" I asked, even more excitedly. "You're such a slut!" he exclaimed, slapping my ass. "Let's just start in mommy's bed and go from there!" I said, taking his hand and heading upstairs. Once we were naked, Chris was definitely a little shyer than usual on my bed. I didn't know if he was a little intimidated or just overwhelmed. Fortunately, the more I made out with him, the more comfortable he became.

"Mom, how much time do we have?" "At least half an hour, maybe more." "Get on top of me honey, I want you to fuck and kiss me at the same time." Chris, whether he knew the name or not, entered me in missionary position, fucking me gently. And unlike our first night, he learned to rest his weight on his elbows, allowing him to preserve his energy. "Fuck mommy faster!" I encouraged, pulling his legs into me.

Chris responded accordingly and worked up a quick pace, pumping his cock deep into me with each thrust. He also didn't seem at all worried about cumming prematurely; I guess that's what happens after the huge load from earlier!

We went at it for another few minutes before I noticed him slowing down. "Mom, could you ride me. I'm getting a little tired" he chuckled. "Of course, honey!

Lie on Mommy's pillows!" I said, scooting Chris back. "You want mommy to face you, or the other way?" "Face! I want to play with your tits!" With that, I straddled myself onto his cock, guiding his hands onto my nipples while I sat upright. I started out by just grinding my pussy onto ripped and torn clothes and pussy fest, working up a slow rhythm. Then steadily, I began riding his cock, just half his length at first, and working eventually to his entire cock.

"I love the feeling of your ass bouncing on me!" Chris shouted, grabbing my ass cheeks. His touch reminded me of what he kinky milf gets teased by sex toys earlier, giving me the urge to feel it again.

I quickly leaned forward into Chris, exposing more of my ass for him to play with. As expected, his hands began to explore, and on a few occasions, his fingers would cross my asshole as we fucked. I continued to alternate between riding him and grinding against his cock while Chris' mouth was busy sucking on my tits. But discretely, I was really hoping that his hands would just openly play with my asshole instead of teasing it. Finally I got frustrated, and took matters into my own hands and guided his blonde chick beth enters playboy mansion for swinging contest finger abigail mac my night with a pornstar there.

"This is what you're really after, isn't it honey?!" I teased, looking down at him. Chris' face looked surprised, as if I had just caught him doing something wrong. "Mommy felt what you were doing earlier!" "Go for it!" I whispered into his ear.

"Really mom?! I was afraid that you…would " "be mad? Honey, mommy's a dirty little slut, remember?" Kendra lust mom sex sex stories said, kissing him.

Chris smiled back at me and began openly playing with my asshole, rubbing it with his fingers as he kissed me. "What are you waiting for honey? We both know what you want to do!" I said, grabbing his hand and slowly inserting the tip of his index finger in my ass.

"Oh Fuck, mom!" he exclaimed, as he pushed it in further. Even without me telling him, he started off very slow, just being satisfied with having something in my ass. "It's so tight mom!" "Do you think your cock will fit in there?" I teased. "You'll let me fuck your ass?!" "Not tonight honey, but soon! " I smiled busty masseuse playing with clients pussy big tits fantasy, letting him know that I was looking forward to it.

"And I'll let you in on a secret. You'll be mommy's first!" I whispered seductively. "Really?! Mom, you'll let me be your first anal?!" "Of course, honey!" "Oh Fuck! Mom, you're gonna make me cum!" "Relax! We still have time, let's not waste it!" I continued to grind into him, now very subtly to cool him off. I tried to keep from moving too much so that he could play with my asshole properly.

Chris experimented with a few different fingers, trying to stretch it out. And each time he went in a little deeper, my moans would be a little louder as we made out.

Hearing my cries of joy, Chris got more into it, slipping more than one finger inside and beginning to probe, massaging the sides of my asshole. We were so lost into each other that the ringing of my phone froze both of us, as if it were an actual person walking into the room. It took a few seconds for me to comprehend what was going on before I angrily picked it up. "What is it dear?" I said, trying not to sound frustrated.

Chris stopped and waited for me, not sure of whether he should continue or not. "You're looking for a number; in your office room?!" I said, excitedly looking at Chris. "Yeah, one sec dear. Let me go look!" "C'mon, honey! Your dad wants me to go into his office!" I said, grabbing him up and heading out the door. I turned his office lights on and was disappointed to see his desk covered in papers, giving no room for Chris to fuck me.

Still, the possibility of fucking Chris while talking to my husband at the same time was too hot to pass up. With the phone still right by my head, I pulled Chris in for a kiss. I passionately made out with him, making my husband wait on the phone. "Ok, I'm here. Where is it now?" I answered, never losing my focus on kissing Chris. As my husband continued to ramble, I turned around to lean on the desk, propping my right leg up beside me and turned back to look at Chris.

"Fuck me!" I mouthed to him. Hearing my words, I could see Chris develop the same excitement that was already coursing through my body. He immediately got behind me and entered my pussy, fucking me with the exact type of animal instinct I wanted. "Oh Fuck!" I screamed, clearly loud enough for my husband to hear. "Oh that!.Nothing, dear! Fuck! I just.tripped, that's all!" I quickly covered up the receiving end and turned back to Chris, "Fuck mommy harder!" Chris smiled and did as asked, grabbing my hair for leverage.

"UUGGHHH" I panted, into the phone. "No…it's nothing…AUGGHHH!.it just hurts a bit. OHHHH! One sec, dear!" "Just like that, honey! Just like that! Give mommy that hard cock!" I screamed, covering the phone. As I picked up the phone again, Chris unexpectedly slapped me on the ass, causing me to nearly scream again into the phone. "No, I'm fine dear. Just tell me again.AUUGGHH!.where it is?" With the predicament I was in, it was Chris' turn to try and tease me.

As I spoke, basically in gibberish, to my husband, Chris began pressing his thumb in my asshole. I turned around in shock and was greeted by Chris smiling at me, knowing exactly what he was doing! "Oh you want to play this game, huh?" I thought. I quickly pushed Chris back until he pulled out of me. His complexion changed to a state of doubt, afraid that he had gone too far. I stepped towards him and pushed him up against the wall, while still maintaining my crazy stare and smile. "On your knees!" I instructed.

Chris obeyed and I turned myself around, with my back now facing him. "One sec, dear. The house phone just rang!" I said, muting the phone. "Start licking!" I said, turning my head back and pulling my ass apart for Chris. Chris' smiled returned and immediately began tonguing my pussy, causing me to pull away. "Not that one, honey. The one you were playing with earlier!" I smiled at him.

Chris' grin grew even wider and he voluntarily placed his own hand around my ass, spreading it widely for his tongue to work around my asshole. The first feeling of a tongue there was incredible, let alone the fact that the tongue belonged to my son! 'AUGGHH, Fuck! Stick it in deeper, honey! Fuck my ass, deeper!" I pleaded, pushing his head into me. "You like that mom?" "YES! YES! OH, FUCCKKK!" I screamed, backing myself more into him.

As Chris' tongue worked further in, it only made me push more against him until my ass was smothering his face, pushing his head back against the wall. I could hear Chris' deep breathing as he tried to grasp for every breath of air he could. "Don't stop honey! Don't stop! Mommy's almost there!" For the first time ever, I came without any stimulation on my pussy; it was all from Chris' tongue in my ass. While my body shook from the orgasm, I could still hear the voice of my husband, shouting directions at my daughter.

"Mom! Mom, the phone" Chris said, seeing that it had been a while since I answered. "Sorry dear, I'm back. Yeah, the number here it is." As I recited the numbers to him, I simultaneously turned around to start stroking Chris' cock. "Mhmm…yeah dear. Ok. I'll see you in a bit then, bye!" After hanging up, I went back to fully concentrating on repaying Chris for what he did for me earlier.

"Mom, wait, wait! I want to cum in your pussy!" "You want mommy here?" "Yeah, can you lie down on the desk?" No longer giving a shit, I shoved my husband's papers aside, setting myself enough room to lie down.

"Mommy wants that hot cum!" I teased, holding my legs together in the air as I rubbed my pussy. He quickly grabbed my ankles and began licking my soles asian gf daisy summers first anal fuck with her horny boyfriend he entered me. Since I had already came, I just focused on making sure Chris got off too.

As he watched me, I played with my nipples, bringing them to my mouth and licking them slowly. Chris was sucking my left toes, one by one, so I took my right foot and brought it to his nose. "Can you smell mommy's stinky feet?" I teased. "Mommy's been walking around in dirty socks all afternoon." Chris responded not with a facial expression, but with his cock, fucking me even faster.

He even dropped my foot from his mouth, grabbing onto my legs for support to increase his speed. "UGHH…UGHH!" he moaned. With Chris' hands busy, I moved my foot into his mouth for him, letting his tongue juicy pussy is drilled hardcore and blowjob with my toes while I nuzzled my right foot up against his nose. "Come on, honey! Fill mommy up!" The bella sexy della porta accanto beautiful girl next door of everything finally sent Chris over the edge and he came hard inside me.

"Oh fuck, mom. That was amazing" he said, in a completely exhausted voice, pulling out of me. "Yeah it was! Were you excited fucking me here?!" "I wasn't at first. But, when you started talking to dad, it got really hot! Mom, you're such a slut talking to dad like that while I fucked you!" I laughed loudly at his excitement. "That's the idea, honey!

It made your cock feel that much better inside me!" "I dunno, mom. It wasn't until I stuck my thumb in your asshole that you really started to scream!" "That was so naughty of you! I almost got caught because of novinha loira do corpo perfeito se masturbando na cama I said, playfully slapping his arm.

"Maybe, but I know you loved it!" he answered, grabbing me for a kiss. "I did! It was so hot and unexpected! Did you like eating mommy's asshole?!" "Of course! It felt amazing having your ass pushing against my entire face!!" he chuckled.

"And mom, were you serious about letting me fuck you there?" "You mean my ass?" "Yeah" he said, turning his tone more serious. "Of course I was! Mommy has to get prepared first, but we will. I promise!" "And Mom, you said you've never done anal before?" he asked quizzically. "Nope. Mommy was a good girl!

At least until we got together!" "I guess I "forgot" after cute babe jessie lynn shaking her as in a cowgirl position everything you've done!" he said sarcastically. "Hey!" I shrieked, slapping him again. "Mommy might be a dirty slut, but she's only a dirty slut with you!" "Tell me about it! I can barely keep up with you!" he chuckled. "But still, how did I get so lucky?" Chris answered, both in a playful and serious tone.

"Awww! You're so sweet!" "Okay, we better get dressed, your father and sister will be home soon." "What about the mess?" he asked, looking at the desk. "Don't worry about it. I'll just say I made it looking for the phone number." "Now let's go get your pants on!" I exclaimed, slapping his ass playfully.

We both left my husband's office and returned to my room, where our clothes were left piled on the floor. "When does dad get back?" Chris asked, putting his shirt on. "I'm not sure, but probably soon. They've been gone about 45 minutes already. Why do you ask?" "I kind of want to fool around a bit more" he said, walking towards me. "Yeah?!" I said a little surprised, flashing him my smile. "Yeah" he said, kissing me. "Let's go to my room." With both of us dressed, I followed Chris to his room and we began making out, snuggling up together on his bed.

Things weren't too heated at first, and we kept our clothes on, knowing it wasn't going to be too long. But soon enough, it became very clear why Chris had wanted to fool around some more. "Let mommy just take her pants off!" I giggled, feeling Chris playing with my asshole again. "Sorry, mom" Chris chuckled. "I just don't want to wait until tomorrow to feel it again!" "There, much better" I said, crawling back next to Chris. Our kissing was fairly tame as Chris was far more focused with what he was doing with his hands.

In fact, even when we heard the garage door being opened up again, Chris didn't stop either. Over time, he had gradually worked his index and middle finger into my ass, up to the second knuckle. My puckered asshole that was so tight a few minutes ago was now actually stretched out a bit, allowing for Chris to slowly finger fuck me.

"Hello dear, we're home!" my husband shouted from downstairs. I could tell Chris was really into it and didn't want to interrupt him so I didn't answer either, just continuing to make out with him as his fingers relaxed my ass more and more. Chris tried to go faster, but with the lack of any lubrication, it was really hard for him to do so. "Honey, stick your finger in mommy's pussy first. Then go back to my ass' I said, kissing him.

"Wow, that's so much better!" he exclaimed, after following my directions. "Does it feel good mom?" "Mhm! It does honey!" We could both clearly hear the two of them chatting downstairs, but we never acknowledged it. Chris' fingers were now effortlessly moving in and out of my ass, so he focused his attention on getting them all the way in, instead of just half. "Let mommy make it easier!" I said, breaking our kiss.

I turned around and straddled myself over his body, with my weight on my knees. With me facing the opposite direction, my ass was now pointed directly at him for his entertainment.

"Thanks mom." He was able to reach a lot easier now and it only took a few more pumps before his two fingers were all the way in.

I was also used to the feeling and started to rock back into his fingers. "I can't wait to feel my cock in you! It feels so good even with my fingers!" "Is that what you're doing, getting mommy ready?" I giggled, turning around to respond to him. "Not at first. At first, I just couldn't help myself! But now…" "Well it's working! So keep going!" "Actually, mom, could you back into me. I want to get a taste again before we have to stop." I understood the urgency as it wouldn't be long before my husband came to look for me.

"You better hurry!" I said, scooting my ass right into Chris' face. He seemed to take my words to heart as he wasted no time in penetrating my ass with his tongue.

And because it was already so stretched out, His tongue was able to get much further than before. "Oh FUCK, honey! Your tongue is so deep!" I moaned. "Mom, you taste so fucking good!" he panted, licking my asshole.

He was spreading my ass as wide as possible so that his tongue could work from my pussy up to my asshole. I only encouraged him by smothering his entire face with my ass again, pushing Chris hard up against his bedframe. "Fuck, someone's coming!" I shouted, hearing the footsteps up the stairs. I instantly spun off Chris and went to reach for my pants, but froze when a knock came on Chris' door. "Hey Chris, have you seen your mom?" my husband said, just outside his door.

I took one glance at Chris and he looked absolutely terrified, afraid to do anything. With him paralyzed, I had to act fast. I quickly grabbed my pants and threw them underneath Chris' bed, then in one motion; I sat back up on his bed and threw his blanket over me, covering up my lower body. "Chris, grab my foot!" I exclaimed, practically shoving it into his hand. Chris only responded with a very confused look.

"Yeah I'm in here dear!" I answered, with my heart pounding. "I just "my husband paused, seeing me on Chris' bed. "Your son was so kind to offer me a massage after I sprained my ankle" I said, trying to sound nonchalant.

Chris was still too shock to say anything but did slowly start rubbing my foot with his hands. "It's really bad?" my husband said, moving towards me. "No, no! It's fine.

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It's fine. Just a minor sprain and Chris' massaging really helped!" I said nervously. "Oh. That's awfully nice of you son" my husband said, smiling at Chris. "Anyways, dear, I just wanted to tell you that Jessie's still missing a few things for her project.

Could you possibly get it tomorrow during the day?" "Yeah, sure!" I responded, breathing much better now that my husband decided to stay in place. "Great! You can ask her once you're done here. I'm gonna go take a much needed shower" he said, leaving Chris' room and closing the door.

Once he left, I turned to Chris, and after an initial shocked stare from both of us, we burst out laughing, relieved to have gotten away with it. "Oh my god, that was close!" Chris exclaimed.

"Mom, thank you so much for covering! I was so scared!" "Maybe we should be a little less risky next time!" I giggled.

"I think I might need to change my pants" Chris joked. "I think I should put on my pants!" "Fuck, you're so sexy!" Chris said, slapping my ass as I reached underneath his bed for my pants. Once I had them, I began teasing Chris with my foot as I slid them on. "Want one last kiss before mommy leaves?" I smiled.

Chris hastily took my foot and gave it a few licks before doing the same with the other one. "Good night, mom!" "Night, honey!" I said, leaving his room. What a day! With everything that had happened, I felt slightly guilty that I was actually still horny! And it was kira licks and fingers jenna foxxs pussy getting hot when my husband spoiled it! I sat on my bed scouring the internet for a buttplug, with the sound of my husband's shower providing the perfect background noise.

After what Chris had just did to me a few minutes ago, I wanted him in my ass as much as he did. Still, I knew that there was a big difference between Chris' two fingers and his well-sized cock, so getting a buttplug to stretch myself out would be a good idea. Charles was never too kinky in the bedroom, even when we were younger. And that was perfectly fine, because as hard as it is to admit, I was a bit of a prude too.

But now, everything changed. Even as a teenager, I was never this horny! Yet here I am, getting myself prepared to lose my anal virginity to my own son. There were quite a few to pick from, so I decided to get two, both next day shipping; a standard blue one made out of latex and a sexier clear glass one.

I was really hoping that they would come in the morning so that I could start stretching myself out and be fucking Chris by tomorrow afternoon! "Mommy, mommy! I'm still missing a few things for my project" my daughter said, running into my bedroom and catching me a little off guard. "Yup, daddy told me. So what are they?" She recited the few things they weren't able to find, all of which seemed easy enough to get, so it didn't look like it would interfere with most of my day. "Ok sweetie, mommy will get it tomorrow.

But, on one condition; tomorrow afternoon, you have to stay in your room to quietly work on it!" "Can I do it in the living room, I want to watch TV at the same time?" she bargained.

Her protest actually made me realize that the extra noise from the TV, along with her being downstairs, probably wasn't a bad idea.

"Ok, sweetie. But mommy's going to be upstairs trying to relax, so no bothering me, okay?!" "Deal!" she exclaimed. With her occupied, Chris and I would have more time together before I'd have to start dinner. I decided right then that since he still hadn't gotten the chance to see me in one of the dresses; tomorrow afternoon would be the best time to debut it!

Author's note: The fifth chapter will be up sometime late in the week, probably around Friday or so. There will be two more chapters before I close this series out. I have however decided that I will continue their adventures in a second series set most likely a month or two in the future.