Japaense son force mom for sex

Japaense son force mom for sex
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It was late at night and I couldn't sleep. The moon light through my window illuminated my room, my bed and naked body.

I was thinking about my young, sixteen year old sister. Morgan and I had just had sex in our family pool earlier this evening. I was supposed to be babysitting her, not fucking her brains out.

Now I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had a raging hard on as I replayed the scene in my mind again and again; my right hand stroking my rock hard cock as I pictured what had happened. All I knew at the moment, was that I wanted my sister's tight pussy again, and to feel her move against me until I flooded her with cum. A few minutes passed and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep the way I was.

Quickly but quietly, I got up and listened at my door. I cum ampamp frost my face scene anarchy know why but I felt nervous, even though Morgan and I were the only ones home. I was also excited knowing my sexy sleeping sister was just down the hall. We had gone to our rooms as soon as we had finished what we had done in the pool.

We entered our rooms feeling satisfied, we didn't talk to each other but we continued giving each other lustful looks. I silently made my way down the hall to my sister's room, easing open her door slowly so that it wouldn't squeal and give me away. I slipped inside her room and shut the door silently, then I turned to see her laying sound asleep across her bed, the sheet that had covered her young body bunched up at her feet where she'd kicked it off.

Morgan wore only a thin tee shirt and pair of panties which did very little to conceal her sexy little pussy as she slept on her back, pert breasts pointed at the ceiling, slender but shapely legs spread slightly apart. I crossed the room in three giant steps and sank down onto her bed, I stared at her for a quick second as I slowly sent my fingers reaching for the shadowy area between her legs as my other hand brushed aside the tee shirt, finding her nipples to big tits european milf fucks on cam with.

She moaned slightly but didn't't wake as I leaned in close and breathed in her scent, at the same time kissing her on her lips. They were soft and moist. I switched my attention to snaking a finger inside Morgan's panties to seek the warm wetness I wanted so much. Her nipple was growing hard between my fingers and the wetness between her legs was starting to soak through her panties, my finger slid over her clit and found the moistness I was searching for, her entire body shook as she responded to my attentions.

I moved my lips down over her throat to the other nipple, began to suckle and nibble on it, feeling it also grow as she started to come awake. Raising my head for a moment, I looked at her and slowly shook her awake. She nodded her comprehension as she felt a second finger slide into her tight little panties and probe around.

Morgan's hands found my hard cock easily as I'd not bothered to put on any pants. Her cold and slender fingers encircled my shaft and began to move up and down smoothly. I let out a low groan and started working my way down her torso, leaving a damp trail behind as I kissed and licked past her navel and found the fragrant split between her legs where my finger had already been playing.

She let go of my cock and I crawled onto her bed. I slowly spread her legs until her knees were far apart. Morgan's pussy was what I had been craving, her panties were soaked entirely through. She had pulled her panties up during her sleep.

I rubbed my face against the wet cloth of her panties, my nose and cheeks became covered in her liquids. I slid her panties down her legs as I took in the smell of her sex. Morgan moaned as the cool air of her room hit her clit.

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I couldn't resist burying my mouth against her sweet pussy. My lips nibbled her clit before my tongue dipped between her swollen labia and tasting her dripping wet sweetness. I couldn't resist the slightly musky scent of her as I kissed, licked, and ran my tongue inside her as far as it would reach. I licked her body from her clit all the way up to her stomach. Morgan's hips began to rise up, offering me better access and I shifted just a bit closer so that she could enjoy my hand squeezing and mashing her ass.

I teased her clit with my other thumb, she let out high pitched cries as I tickled her hot juicy pussy. I realized I wasn't pleasuring her enough, I took my two fingers, index and middle and without thinking, began thrusting them in and out of her slippery pussy. My lust for her became uncontrollable. My fingers continued to slam in and out of her, juices began to collect in my hand and run down her leg. She looked gorgeous as she squirmed and writhed on the bed. Morgan began squeezing her tits and groaning loudly, I was pumping my fingers as fast as I could.

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She screamed and her hips buckled, she shook on her bed and I had to sit back as her pussy began to squirt! She was a squirter! I couldn't believe it! I have a big thing for a girl who can squirt, it's a turn on, and she luscious cougar london river blows hung driver soaked her bed which makes it even more sexier.

I sat down and laid back, Morgan sat up and gripped my cock, facing me and said, "That was amazing! I need you inside me!" I closed my eyes and relaxed, I felt her lips brush against the tip of my cock head in the lightest of kisses before she opened her mouth and slid it over my rock hard penis.

Morgan's wet warmth enveloped me and I held myself perfectly still as she began to suck just the head, feeling her slide her mouth up and down slightly every time.

She was a natural born cock sucker, she was so sexy, it didn't take me long to climax. Pre-cum drizzled from my dick and onto her tongue, she used it to lubricate my cock. I knew if I didn't pull out now she'd be on the verge of getting a mouthful of hot cum. She began sucking faster, squeezing my shaft and grasping my balls, she began to send me over the edge.

I gritted my teeth and pushed her head down on my dick, it was pure ecstasy as I let my cock explode in her mouth, I filled her cheeks with my steaming hot cum. Morgan's voracious mouth was causing the muscles in my legs to twitch as she slowly worked her way down my length. She continued swallowing but her mouth was overfilled, cum began slipping out between her lips, she looked cuter than ever as she looked up at me with big brown eyes.

My member didn't shrink an inch, the lust entranced me again, I pushed her onto her back and buried my face as deeply into her as I could, thrusting my tongue into her tight little slit as she moaned around.

She was becoming overwhelmed again, I moved back to her clit, teasing it with my tongue as I slid a finger into her and moved it in and out quickly.

I needed to feel her gripping pussy again before I let loose a second time. I grabbed my throbbing cock and turned to settle my hips between her legs. With a groan of satisfaction, I pushed into her wet toying lesbian teens finger pussy on webcam willing pussy, feeling her inner muscles clamp down on me as I slowly sank my full length into her.

We moved together in the same age old rhythm of men and women through the millennia, reveling in the sensuousness and pleasure of our bodies united. We became lost in our lust and need of each other.

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Morgan was twisting and writhing underneath my thrusting body. My sisters clenching pussy soaked my hard cock, I leaned forward and bit her nipples, as I thrust fast and hard; My balls slapping against her ass.

Morgan's eyes rolled back into her head. The pleasure was overwhelming, as we began reaching the heights of our passion together, both of us about to cum as our bodies met the last few times and we both felt the orgasms start to explode gloriously through our bodies.

She screamed as her pussy erupted with my cum. I drove myself as far as I could into Morgan's pussy, our bodies tightly pressed together as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through the both of us. My cum filled her pussy, it immediately began leaking.

Our limbs were trembling from the spasms tearing through them, I collapsed on top of my gasping sister, and then main sama agent asuransi tube porn rolled us onto our sides my cock still inside her grasping pussy.

We were both tired, she had already closed her eyes and began to drift asleep. I pushed aside hair from her face and pulled out of her.

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I silently fled to my room, promising myself this would not be the last night we did this, even after our parents returned.