Pretty katrina moreno gets her wet pussy slammed hard

Pretty katrina moreno gets her wet pussy slammed hard
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Part 3 Party time The following week the Kennedys went away on holiday. With out the twins to use and abuse usTom and I slipped back into our old routine of hanging out with mates or playing video games at each other's houses, but the taste of the delights next door lingered.

One dull afternoon round at Tom's we even set up his old Wii console and played strip tennis. It was fun but not the same as with the twins present. Plus Tom's sister Jenny caught us in our underpants. "Silly games, boys," she wagged a finger. I'm sure she was beginning to think we were gay. The Kennedy's were only away for a week. On the Wednesday morning after they came back I was still in bed but only half asleep. I heard the doorbell ring and the sound of my mum talking to someone.

She called up the stairs, "Paul, there's someone here to see you." I'd been sleeping naked and, thinking the visitor would be Tom, I slipped on yesterday's boxers and a T-shirt before heading downstairs. In the hallway Leanne was talking to my mum.

She looked up and grinned at my dishevelled appearance and semi-undress. "Paul!" Mum chided. "Look at the life on the road parody with viola bailey of you, what will Leanne think?" I was pretty sure I knew what she was thinking by the way she looked at me but I just mumbled, "Sorry." "It's all right," said Leanne.

"I popped round to say we're having a 17th birthday party on Saturday, nothing big, just a few friends from our school, and we wondered if you'd like to come? You can bring your friend Tom so there's someone else you know." "Yes, thanks, I'd love to… We'd love too," I said answering for Tom as well.

"There'll be food," added Leanne. "And games." Something about the way she looked at me when she said games made me think this might not be any ordinary party. "That'll be nice," said Mum. "And I'll make sure he's properly dressed." "Mum!" I whined.

As mum turned to open the door Leanne winked at me.

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I went back upstairs, sent Tom a text, then had a long and satisfying wank in the shower. Normally during the holidays I'd be in jeans, or shorts, or a track suit, with a T-shirt and trainers. But for the twin's party Mum insisted I wore proper trousers, a smart shirt and shiny shoes.

She suggested a tie too but I drew the line there. When Tom arrived I could see he'd been similarly coerced into more formal attire. We each had small gifts for the girls. My mum saw us off, even though we were only going next door, telling us how smart we looked.

My shirt collar felt scratchy. It teen doesn t see who fucks her just after seven when we rang the Kennedy's bell. Mr Kennedy opened the door. "Paul, Tom, nice to see you." "Hello, Sir," I said, my heart sinking. If the twin's parents were here. "No need to call me 'Sir' here, it's Derek." "Yes, Mister Kennedy." He shook his head in despair and invited us in.

There were a few other teenagers there already, none of whom we knew. We handed over our presents with demure pecks on the cheek and the twins made a few introductions. This was the first time I'd seen them dressed in skirts and stockings, they each wore V-neck sweaters with a sparkly design on the front and a crisp, white blouse beneath. I mentally applauded my mum for making me dress up.

Mr Kennedy reappeared with his coat on. He spoke to Leanne in a low voice, but I was close enough to overhear some of it. "We'll be back about 11. Sexy nice looking attractive girl dominated hardcore bondage the rules, don't have the music too loud, don't get drunk and don't make a mess. We're trusting you." "Yes, Dad. We know" "All right, have fun." The party was fairly subdued. The music was OK, the nibbles were good.

There was 'special' lemonade but it didn't have half the kick of before. There wasn't a big crowd, only about six others from the twin's school.

I chatted to some of them but it was all a bit awkward. About an hour in Leona took me aside. "We're going to get rid of the others about nine," she said. "You and Tom can stay, then we can have some proper fun." This was more like it. I found Tom talking to a plump boy in glasses about 'Fortnite' cheats. I took him aside and relayed the message. He smiled and punched me lightly on the shoulder. The twins were as good as their word.

Just after nine the other guests had all gone. "Now," said Leanne. "We can start the real party games." She turned on the TV and slipped a disc into the Wii. Tom and I grinned at each other, we knew what was coming. "There's only two controllers so we'll have to play in pairs. Tom, you can be with me," said Leona. This was a new twist, and of course a chance to get everyone out of their clothes.

I grinned some more. Leona and Tom played first as I sat on the sofa with Leanne. I could tell after the first couple of points that he was holding back from playing his usual game so as not to win too easily and ensure that both of them would shed garments.

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This was a smart strategy and I resolved to copy it. At the end of their three games Leona was in her bra and panties white with lacy edges and Tom was naked, his hard cock bobbing as he played and lost the final point. "Your turn," said Leona, handing over the controllers and guiding Tom to the sofa. She sat close beside him and whispered something into his ear as she ran a finger slowly along his penis, making it twitch.

My attempt not to win too easily got off to a bad start. In the first game I lost only one point and one shoe, while Leanne shed both shoes, her sweater and one, oh-so-slowly unrolled elastic-topped stocking more lace!

I won the first point of the next game too. The other stocking came off in an equally tantalising way. This seemed to mess with my head sufficiently that I lost the next three points, my other shoe and both socks in quick succession.

40-15 in Leanne's favour, I clawed back the first match point, making her remove her blouse, before losing the next and taking off my belt. We started the decider, I had three items of clothing left and I guessed she had the same. One or both of us was going to be getting naked. I won the first point, expecting Leanne to slip off her skirt, but instead she reached behind her and unhooked her bra.

Her mind games worked well and I quickly lost my shirt and trousers. The next point fell to me and her skirt fell to the floor. Pretty euro les tasting pornstars and fingering were 30-all and both in just our underpants.

On the sofa the spectators were only half watching the game. Leona was tickling Tom's balls and he had a finger inside her panties. In absorbing this detail I missed returning Leanne's serve. I took off my boxers. She won the final point too. We slipped the controllers off our wrists. "Since these two look so comfy on the sofa I think you should come with me," said Leanne. She took my hand and led me upstairs to a bedroom at the back.

She opened the drawer of the bedside table and handed me a condom packet. "Pop this petite teen girl gets pleasured and covered and lie on the bed." Her foreplay left something to be desired, it was like visiting the doctor, but I did as I was told.

A kiss would have been nice but I was realising this wasn't that sort of relationship, I was just being used for sex. Still, there are worse things to be used for. My fingers shook as I tore open the condom packet.

Leanne slipped off her knickers. She placed a leg either side of me and took my cock now doing it's very best impression of a concrete post in her hand and guided it inside her.

I groaned softly. "Are you OK?" I nodded. She narrowed her eyes. "This is your first time, isn't it?" I was going to lie but there didn't seem any point. "Yes," it came out as a croak.

"Don't worry, I'll try to be gentle." She began to move up and down. The word 'try' echoed worryingly around my skull. After a few strokes I began thrusting my hips in time with her. I could feel growing wetness down below.

"That's it, try not to come too soon." Her pussy felt so tight I couldn't have come if I'd wanted to. It was like she was squeezing the head of my cock at each move.

I started to stroke her left thigh with my right hand, then I reached up my left hand to her breast, I used my thumb to circle the nipple in time to her thrusts.

She seemed to like this and tilted her head back. We heard a little squeal from downstairs, Sounded like Tom and Leona were having a good time too. This distracted Leanne so she eased the pressure a little and I shot my load into the condom with a shudder.

She collapsed down onto me and I enjoyed the sensation of her tits pressing against my chest. After a few moments she eased herself off me. There was a box of tissues on the table she handed one to me and took another to wipe herself. I took off the condom, wiped my dick blonde milf takes big cock in front of husband housewives pornstars wrapped the used rubber in the tissue.

Leanne stood up. I was about to follow but she said. "No, stay there. There are more johnnies in the drawer, you'll need one." With that she disappeared through the door, leaving me alone and intrigued. I opened the table drawer. There was a pack of 12 condoms, as I took one out I was tempted to count to see how many had been used but thought better of it and snapped the drawer shut. I wondered what would happen next. I tore open the condom packet, realising as I did so that I was in someone else's house, naked in a bedroom, and all my clothes were downstairs.

What would Mr Kennedy, Derek, say if he returned now? The opening part of the window was too small to climb out of. I could hide in the wardrobe but the pile of my clothes in the lounge would be a bit of a giveaway. I decided the best bet would be to plead some sort of fever attack that had made me feel really hot so I had to strip off and the twins had then persuaded me to go upstairs and lie down until it passed.

I realised though that the condom, which I'd just applied, and the presence of the Kennedy girls and Tom in an equal state of undress might detract from the believability of the tale. I didn't get long to dwell on these thoughts as the door swung open and one of the twins was framed naked in the doorway. As she stepped inside I saw it was Leona.

"Ready to change partners?" I swallowed.

"Ready." "And prepared, I see," she nodded to the condom. "You want to go on top this time?" The twins had obviously compared notes on the stairs. "Yes please." My mum always said that politeness cost nothing but it didn't seem quite appropriate in this situation.

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I swung my legs to the floor and stood up, allowing her to lie on the bed. She wriggled into position, raised her knees and spread her legs. Ryan ryans with a boundir licking jessa rhodes vagina fingering and tribbing knelt in front of her and, recalling what I'd seen Tom do in the garden, went in head first, running my tongue across the lips of her pussy.

She was moist sloppy seconds from Tom, I reminded myself, but I didn't care. I knew where to find the clitoris now and, clearing the way with my fingers, probed it with my tongue. She sighed. I licked harder and she gave a little shudder. "I want you inside me, Paul," she said. I continued to lick. "Now!" she pulled at my hair. Shifting position I guided my cock into her. She was just as tight as her sister. I pushed, gently. "Harder," she said. I tried again, on the next stroke she put her hands on my backside and pulled me deep into her.

"That's it." I was thrusting steadily now. Downstairs I heard Tom say, "Oh yes!" I picked up the pace, we were both panting for breath. I felt her shudder as she reached her climax and shortly afterwards I felt the explosion of my own release. I rolled off her and we lay side by side, not easy on a single bed. We seemed to stay there for ages but it was probably only a few minutes. I reached for a tissue and peeled off the condom.

"We'd better go down and start tidying up," said Leona matter-of-factly, like we'd just had a nap after a big meal.

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We walked milf seduce young black boy. At the lounge door she motioned me to stop. "Better make sure it's safe." She pushed the door open slowly and we poked our heads around. Leanne and Tom were sprawled naked on the rug in front of the fireplace, a full condom still hanging from Tom's now limp penis.

We entered the room. "Come on, you two time to clean up," said Leona. I headed for my clothes. "Not so fast," said Leona. "More fun if we do it nude." I gave a nervous glance at the clock. "It's after 10, your parents." "Then you'd best work fast, hadn't you?" We started to carry dirty plates and glasses through to the kitchen. Tom and I were on washing up duties again as the twins put away left over food and tidied the lounge. Each time they passed they teased us, slapping our bare backsides or trying to tweak our nipples.

We responded by flicking soapy water at them. When we'd finished we went into the lounge and got dressed. We'd been sat around talking for about five minutes, the girls critiquing our sexual technique apparently Tom had a bigger cock but I was better with my tongue and hands when we heard a key in the front door. We switched to a safe topic of conversation and I felt a frisson of excitement thinking how just minutes earlier we'd all have been caught stark naked. Mr Kennedy hadn't mentioned orgies in his list of ground rules for the evening but I was fairly sure he wouldn't have approved.

Mr and Mrs Kennedy walked in. "On, you've tidied up," Mrs Kennedy said, looking around the room. "Paul and Tom live nearby so they offered to stay and help after the others had gone," said Leanne.

"That's really thoughtful, boys, thank you." "It was our pleasure, Mrs Kennedy," I said. "You two can come again," she said and Tom put a hand over his mouth to suppress a snigger.

Leona, next to him on the sofa, kicked his ankle. Mr Kennedy showed us out. At the door he said, "I'm glad the girls have found new friends nearby. Thanks for all you've done." "It's OK, we really enjoyed ourselves, Derek," I said, the name sounded wrong.

When the door was closed Tom and I slapped each other on the back. "Did he just thank us for screwing his daughters?" whispered Tom. "I think he did." Tom headed down the street for his home and I crossed the driveway to mine. Mum had gone to bed but Dad was sitting in the lounge listening to some mellow jazz music. "Did you have good time?" he asked. "Yes," I said. "It was brilliant." When I undressed for bed I could still smell the girls' scent on my skin.