She rewards georgia with a mouthful of her enormous nipples facesitting threesome

She rewards georgia with a mouthful of her enormous nipples facesitting threesome
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Monday at 1pm in the afternoon my secretary opened my office door showing Heather in. I told my secretary to take the rest of day off and lock the door as she left. I stood looking at Heather then I said " I thought you were leaving for LA this morning." Heather replied " Remembering last night and our conversation this morning. I decided to come see you again before I go back to LA." I grab her arm pulling her into my private bathroom, locking the door behind me.

Heather kneels down in front of me, she unbuckles my belt and unzips my pants. My semi-hard cock jumps out at her. Her cool hands grab onto to my warm swollen cock.

Droplets of pre-cum leak from the tip of my cock as she opens her mouth. Muffled moans of " mmmm " are heard as she takes me into her mouth, tasting me. She feels my cock growing harder and harder as she slowly moves her warm, moist lips and tongue around my sensitive head and shaft. Her small, soft fingers run down my cock followed by her wet mouth, taking in every inch of me.

My breathing is staggered, eyes squeezed shut, toes clenching in my shoes. Releasing me with an audible "pop" from her mouth she continues to stroke my cock as she flicks her tongue around my balls sending jolts of electricity through me. I can barely take it anymore as I grab her by her hair, pull her up, and throws her against the wall. She has done exactly what she intended to do: teasing me to the point where I become animalistic and primal. I pull her skirt up to her waist then I rip her soaked panties off and run my calloused fingers down her hips, over her soft thighs, slowly teasing my way to her shaved pussy.

I feel the heat radiating off her as I slowly karissa kane and her stepbros jizz meetup in the shower and teases her clit.

I want so badly to taste her. I take two fingers and open her lips, sliding one finger into feel her hot, wet pussy. With a slight grin, I shove her face first against the wall and slowly push my throbbing cock inside her. " Ahhhh!" we both moan as we feel each other. Slowly I slide in and out of her pussy as her soft ass bounces against my hips. " Faster," she moans, " harder!" The sounds of our bodies colliding echo in the bathroom as we become one, and begin to fuck each other hungrily.

" Don't stop baby, harder!" she yells as her knees lock up and her muscles tighten. I begin to rub her swollen clit.

" Right there, uh, sisters and brother sex 18 there!" I drive my cock into her forcefully with each thrust. She's close and I know it. I grab her by her hair and pull her head back toward me, exposing her neck.

She lets out a loud moan as I bite the back of her neck. " Oh God.MMmmmmmmmm." The warm feel of my mouth and strength of my jaw send her over the edge. As her legs start to quivering, I feel her pussy tighten up and her juices run down my hard cock and over my balls.

She turns towards me and kisses me deeply for what seems like forever. She slowly drops to her knees, taking my cock into her hands and begins to lick and taste herself on me.

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" Mmm," she moans as she engulfs my cock. I take my cock from her mouth, and, already soaking wet from her spit, I begin to jerk off. Looking up at me, she urges me on. " I wanna taste you baby, I want you to cum for me." I start off slow and then faster, pumping my hand over my cock.

Faster and faster as it hardens. " Please, I want it," she says, begging for my load. My cock begins to fill up and it now feels bigger than ever. I feel it pulsing along with my rapid heartbeat.

I'm going to explode. I grab the back of her head forcing her mouth open. Slowing my stroking to a mere tease as the cum begins to drip out of my cock. Bigger drops hit her tongue and run out of her mouth onto her perky tits.

More comes as the sight of her licking and swallowing my cum son enters mom late night dad sleeping xstory me on like nothing else. As I finish, she takes my cock once again into her mouth and cleans every inch of me.

Slowly tasting and savoring everything. My whole body is tight and tense. I have cum so hard with her. I japanese cute shemale noa nishino my eyes and take a breath, helping her up off the floor. I unlock the door, turning to her I say " Go shopping, I will meet you at the nearby hotel in the lounge." Heather strightens her clothes and leaves my office. Spaghetti straps on a scoop neck line, cut low, black short cocktail style dress, that flares slightly, black stiletto heels, with black thigh high nylons, and nothing else.

The anticipation, the drive works her up to being good and wet by the time she valet parks. Thinking back of all the sex we fulfilled, she is excited and intensely aroused. The valet guys look her up and down and took her overnight bag, to the front to a bellhop. Heather explained in a bit of a shaky voice she was meeting a guest. She got the distinct impression they thought she was a pro.

That made her stand taller and sway more. I had instructed Heather to meet me in the hotel lounge. Sure enough just after walking in, several heads turned her way.

There I was, sitting in a booth to the side, dimly lit. Heather walks over slowly as I slowly stood watching her. She lick her lips, and she smiles. Her nervousness disappears suddenly. I know her body better than anyone. From all our talks, to our spontanous sex rendezvous, I know exactly, how she wants it, and what makes her purr. I smile back to me. More heads turn to see whom she iss smiling at, this makes me smile more.

Heather walks up puts her arms around my neck and kisses me slowly, deeply. I return her embrace. As soon as I did, she leans into me sighing and a slight moan. Our kiss deepens as we physically explore each other's mouth.

She becomes just dripping. My God. What a kisser. She knew going back to LA, she was going miss the full pleasure from the weekend. She told me she left her bag at the front desk. I seated her asked her to order anything and left. The waiter came right over. As he took her order she could feel his eyes, looking her over.

She could almost feel the waiter's lips on her breasts, he looked so intently. It made her nipples even harder. To know she had accomplished the look she was after. I return, slid in next to her and start caressing her bare shoulder and upper back. Heather closes her eyes and softly moans. " mmmmm.aaaahhhhh." We proceed with small talk while we wait for her order. I lean in a few times, just smelling her. She knew if she can smell her strong arousal, she knows I can. I nuzzle her neck with feather kisses, nipping her ear.

Sending shivers all over her. Yes, I know her body and her body is responding strongly. Drinks arrive. She took her shot, then drank some water. Heather leans into me slowly seductively, her hand on my leg, moving softly to my crotch. The tablecloth covers anything we might do now, and she is cherokee d ass and j strokes turned on.

Heather shudders slightly, looking back to me again.

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She kisses me, softly, licking slowly on my lips, tasting the wine I had been drinking. I reach my arm around her and pull her closer, her hand resting lightly in my lap. She nuzzles to my ear." I am wearing nothing under this dress." She then moves back to see my expression. It is mild shock. Then I smile. " I expected as much. You did tell me you are always prepared." " Yes, but you said you like to play for, awhile, in public.

You said something about making me cum?" " True but your cumming leaves a wet spot, mine leaves a tent." She quietly laughs as she spreads her legs apart and lets me pull her dress up slowly, lightly teasing her.

She reachs for my cock. I stop her. " No my dear, this is for you, already you have fulfilled my fantasy, being here." Talk about a line, she ate it up. She moans every so slightly as my hand brushes her pussy sunny leon 2019 xxx full, causing them and her to quiver.

Heather looks at me and smiles again. " So, while your teasing me, making me wetter, what shall we talk about?" " Nothing.just look at me.

I want to see all your expressions as I do this." Suddenly I press a finger into her hole. She gasps. I smile at her. " You are so wet, you want my cock don't you?" Heather nods, as my finger circles in her pussy. My thumb resting on her clit, rubbing it. I pull my hand out, watching the room for a second, then lick my fingers. Heather was dumb struck, she couldn't say anything, she leans in and kisses me, so she might also taste herself on me.

Her nipples are standing up. As she kisses me, I return the passion of the kiss, as I pinch her tit causing her to moan into my mouth. We broke apart. " I am going to make you love story classic xx full movies and cum hard, right here.

When you do, kiss me, let me have the cry." Heather has never heard anything so erotic. Said directly too her. Mmmm, if this is the foreplay, our fucking is going to light the sky. I turn her face to me, as my hand makes it back to her pussy, playing with it. She takes a napkin and set it under her, to drip onto it, instead of her dress and the seat.

Didn't really want to walk through the hotel with a giant wet spot on her ass. Besides, she will take the napkin with her. I place a finger at her opening, slowly moving, little in and out, then using my thumb again against her clit.

I reach around her and ever so slightly pinch her other nipple. Heather scoots her hips forward to allow me more playing room as she moves a leg up and over my leg. I move another finger in going deep as she moans " oohh," and leans back with me.

I nuzzle along her neck and shoulder, building a faster rhythm. She begins moving her hips with me. " Look at me, I want to see you cum, kiss me when your there." She starts breathing heavier. " That's my girl, cum to me, cum to me now." Heather couldn't hold back any longer she reaches over grabbing my head on both sides and cries into my mouth as she came.

I'm relentless not stopping, she tries to move her hips back to squeeze my hand out, I push in deeper. As she went to grab my hand I stop her, and shake my head no. " I want you so wet, so you drip as you walk to the elevator. I want other men to smell you as we walk by." " I want to fuck you, please. Let's go up now." " Remember, I know you. You will beg me more before I am through and before we go upstairs. Another shot baby?" " You asshole." " Yeah, but I'm your fucking asshole, aren't I." She knew I did have a point.

I did know her and her body and what she really wanted was to cum again and again before leaving the lounge. No matter what she said, her body said something different. I was reading it well. We continue to sit in the lounge for the next hour. Three more shots and a bottle of wine for me, and four more cums for her. Finally I lean over nuzzling her mom and ass the haos. " Think you can walk?' I say with a smirk on my face.

"Truthfully, I'm not sure. Legs are a little shaky. But I think I can manage. As long as I am hanging on to you." " Oh baby, you will be hanging on to more than just my arm, in say about 6 minutes." I slide out first, she striking honey is showcasing her spread juicy vagina in close range right behind me. She grabs the napkin, that has been under her all this time. She wads it up in her hand as she takes mine.

I look at her funny for a minute. She slips her arm into mine. " Wait until we are in the elevator. Then smell it." As she hands me the napkin. I couldn't wait that long, as soon as we left the lounge, I brought it to my face. I look at her and start laughing slightly. " You do surprise me. I believe I will be keeping this." We get into the elevator.

I press for our floor when I turn around she grabs my by the cock and squeezes hard. Kissing me just as hard. I push her back. " You know elevators have cameras." " Good." She says as she reveals a tit to me.

Watching my eyes, get big. " So you going to suck this, or do I put it away." I grab her tit leaning down to suck and bite her nipple. She bends back holding my head against her, moaning.

" oh god.mmmmm.aaaahhhh.oooooohhhhh." I reach down with the napkin and wipe her pussy. I stand back up, she puts her dress back up. " Love this smell. I can't wait to bury my face into the real thing." The elevator dings on to our floor. I take her arm and guides her down the hall to the room. Opening the door I let her in before me.

I close the door, after putting the do not disturb sign out. Locks it. She casually looks around the room. " I need to go." She never finishs. My hands are all over her, ripping the dress up and off her.

All she has on are her high heels and thigh-high nylons. She kicks off her shoes and helps me to take my suit off. Accidentally ripping all the buttons off of my shirt. Undoing my belt and zipper, to feel my throbbing cock in her hand again. Heather reachs around my hips, pushing the pants and underwear down, kneeling at the same time.

She sucks in my cock to her mouth as she goes by. I gasps loudly " UUhhh.UUhhh " and she smiles. Oh yes this is the beginning. I pull her back up. Kissing her as we back up to the sofa. I turn her, grabbing and caressing her tits, my chest into her back. She leans into me as she looks out the window to the view. She reachs behind her and squeezes and strokes my cock.

I moan into her more. Trailing my hand down her tummy to her pussy, tantalizing her clit. Nika noire tori black scene up skirts her all over again. She feels my heavy breath on her neck and shoulder, giving her goose bumps everywhere. I groan " Oh Baby," one last time as I position her over the arm of the sofa and bends her over.

" I have been wanting to do this again since the office visit." I drive my hard throbbing cock into her from behind.Heather arches her back crying out as she cums all over my cock.

" OMG.JOHN.OOOOHHHH.AAAAAHHHHH." I reach and grab her hair and pulls back, then slaps her ass as I put my hand on her hip and pulls her back into me deeper, and harder. I thrust deep and hold, out to the tip, letting her juices flow out, then slams into her again.

She moves her hips up and down back and forth, trying to get me in deeper. I pull her hair more. " Oh yes baby, fuck me deep and hard. More, harder!" " I'll fuck you honey, this is a reminder, until I see you in LA in two weeks. Then I'll fuck you til you scream for me to stop. I want your cunt yelling for my cock." I push deeper then lean over, placing my hand on her clit driving her over the edge. I feel her cunt clench down on me hard, I stand up slaps her ass again.

This time her cunt clamps down onto my cock, as I thrust harder and deeper, I explode inside her. Then start slamming her hard. Holding onto both hips, pulling her in faster. Crying out as I continue cumming, filling her cunt with my seed. " UUUUHHHH.HEATHER.UUUUHHHH." Both of us panting, and sweating, as I can't seem to stop, the ecstasy, pushes us on. I slow down as she feels my cock throbbing under my cum.

Her pussy continues contracting. Finally I fall against her back. Both of us trying to breath normal, but still gasping. " Oh my God!" She exclaims. " Yeah, sex with you is pure escasty, this.this is fantastic." " So round two will be in 30 seconds or less?" " Oh baby, please at least five minutes." She got up and moves to the bathroom.

Wondering what she did to get me. She will definitely be walking funny after this. Moving into the bathroom, is like walking into a roman bath of old. The tub looks like it can hold a half a dozen people. On closer inspection, it's a Jacuzzi tub. A separate shower, toilet, giant mirror viewing the entire room. Heather makes it over to the tub and sees candles and oils around the edge.

She starts filling the tub, with really hot water. She walks back into the other room. I'm sitting amazing girl with nice arse enjoys hot fuck the couch, reclining back. " Uh, I think you should join me in the bathroom." I open one eye looking up at her, then reaches and strokes her pussy.

" Come on." As she pulls me up off the couch. She grasps my cock and making me follow her as she strokes and caresses it. I push her up against the nearest wall and devour her nipple.

She arches and holds my head there. Producing more juices to flow, instantly.

I looks up realizing I hear water running. " Any matches? I want to light the candles." I step back and go to the table to bring them to her. She walks in and turns off the water and adds some oils. Then lights the candles.

I move into the bathroom shutting off the lights. The glow is amazing off the tiles and mirror. She turns around and steps slowly backwards, rubbing her chest with some oil. She steps back into the tub. I nicole love have sex in the woods quickly to help her in as I too, enter the tub. Slowly she sinks down into the hot water, moving her hands down my body to my cock.

She lightly brushes her lips across it, pulling me into the water. She leans back and proceeds to draw me back against her chest. " Lean back into me and relax." She murmurs into my ear. I recline back and she wraps her legs around my thighs.

She uses some oil and starts rubbing my chest. Slowly feeling me relax further into her.

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She caresses and begins kissing down my neck and nibbling on my ears. Not saying a this is how i want to suck your cock sologirlcontent. Lulling me, so she can fuck the shit out of me. Moving her feet up she places them on each side of my cock. Bringing her feet together, I start rubbing my cock up and down on her feet. Moaning with the pleasure, I'm creating, she continues to rub my chest and shoulders, kissing along the way.

After she feels my cock growing hard, she pushs me forward and grabs a towel from the side of the tub. She turns and spreads her legs, letting her pussy invite my cock. " Mmmm, looks like my pussy is wet again, what will you do to it?' She looks back at me over her shoulder, wiggling her ass. I grab her hips and impale her with my hard thick cock.

She gasps then screams at the sudden move. " OMG.JOHN.OOOHHH GOD.YOU BASTARD." I lean forward and caresses her tits, back and ass, then back all over again. She moves onto my cock and swivels around as I push it deeper into her. With her ass up against me, I cup water and let it slide over her body. Reaching down between our legs, I begin massaging her clit.

I push my my shaft all the way into her as she moans and moves, bringing herself to a very slow climax. " ooooohhhhh.aaaaahh hhh.aaaaaahhhhhh.mmmmmmmmm." " Mmmm, your pussy is clamping down on my cock. I have to push it all the way in again, I want to hear you scream." I pull my cock out to the tip and she feels the juices flow out as I suddenly start slamming her harder. Slapping my balls against her, Wap.Wap.Wap.Wap. I slap her ass, to make her clamp down onto my cock harder.

I drive my cock all the way in with every stroke. The head is slamming aganist her cervix with every stroke. I hold it there as I pinch her nipples, then down to her clit. I stand up a little and re-position my cock as I start rubbing her inside, tweaking her clit.

" I can't take this!" She cries out as she cums. " Ahhhh, don't stop, please don't stop, fuck me baby, fuck me." She screams at me. I pull her hard against me and slams all the way back into her, thrusting my cock in and out.

Out to the tip then slamming back into her, driving her climax, rippling it. She feels xnx sex stories story hospital patient swelling bigger, she knows I'm leaking more. She so wants to lick it. She feels I want to cum. She pushes me back hard as my fingers dig into her hips. She tries to disengage me. I can't stop, slamming into her more and more.

I succumb to the edge of pleasure and beyond. " Let go honey." She pleads with me. " Let me milk you dry." " Nooooooo." I cry out.

It seems like slow motion as I feel my sperm leaving my balls and traveling up my long shaft and finally exploding out of the engorged head of my twitching cock into her open waiting womb!

Spurt after spurt of thick white cum fills her belly as I push in and grind deep into her. She looks back over her shoulder and into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes. I hold my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulses, sucks, and drains every drop of cum from me. As I finish cumming inside of her I start to pull my cock, there is a loud pop as her cervix reluctantly releases the head of my cock.

She sighs and looks back at me. I release her and she pulls off of me. Turning quickly before I finish pulling out, she pushes me to the opposite edge to sit. Watching my cock jerking as she engulfs my cock into her mouth.

Sucking me hard. I scream out for her to stop. " OH GOD.HEATHER.NO MORE.STOP.HEATHER." This time she cannot stop. She wants me to enjoy everything. She wants me spent. Because she will be leaving for LA right after we are done. " Enough!" I cry out, pulling her head up and falling into her and into the tub, kissing her hard.

Throwing water everywhere. " God, woman, your going to kill me." She smiles as we lean into each other and enjoy the hot water.

She reachs over and turns on the jets as I snuggle onto her chest and starts flicking her nipple with my tongue. " Your turn baby. Turn about fair play." I moan to her.

" You need to be eaten. Slowly and I will not stop." " Mmm, works for me." I move against ava rose the feel good nurse hookxup sliding two fingers deep into her and rubs her G spot, faster and sucks her nipple, making her cum, so fast. She didn't expect it, when it blasts out of her. I smile and slowly remove my fingers, then pinches her clit, making her jerk. I smile. " Fucker." She says sarcastically. " Isn't that what I just did, Fuck her." I laugh as I get up and help her out of the tub.

She grabs a towel and drys me off. She kneels down to rub my legs and kiss my cock. I jerk back. " Ah a little sensitive, be nice to him." She just smiles. " Heather, the plane is waiting. I will see you in two weeks in LA." She stands up and we kiss.