Couple sluts tried to steal and fucked at the pawnshop

Couple sluts tried to steal and fucked at the pawnshop
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Please read the first installment if you want the full story, you may find yourself lost, or not know what is going on. All people, places, and events in this story are fictitious, any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidence.

This is written in first person, not based on true experiences, and if you aren't an enjoyer of those under the age of 18, then please refrain from rude comments, it's only a story. Apologies for the short beginning, I had a funeral to attend, and it's hard to think of what to write when someone dies, y'know? Anyways, hopefully this one is a little longer, I come back to 2500 or so views, with a 3:1 ratio of Positive to Negative ratings, so it's doing better than I hoped for a first time writing something like this.

For those who voted in the Negatives, I'm guessing you just wanted some hot, steamy sex to start things off from the get-go? P.S. - Since this website doesn't accept my step bro drills kara fauxs pussy doggystyle of a certain letter, I'll just replace Zo?

With Zoe, and Sade? With Sadee (Sha-day) since it doesn't accept the spelling of the name that I'd like to have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ahhh, Friday.

It was wonderful, the sky was crystal clear, the air was crisp, and I even managed to get to school early. Hold on, that doesn't sound right, does it? Well, school is really the only time I get to see the three beauties in my life since I'm an out of district student, and you want to get all of the chances you can to see them, right?

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Right. That aside, it was also great that today was the beginning of the weekend, and it was one day closer to Christmas, when most parents become pushovers for a few days of the year and let you do just about anything in the spirit of the holidays. Well, arriving at school early placed me at Zoe's locker, which in turn threw me into a conversation with the short, slender temptress.

It was nothing really, just small, flirty talk that drew the occasional reddening of the face from one or both of us at any given time. She'd reach out and touch my arm, shoulder, or back, we'd laugh at some inside joke, I'd touch her in return, with a few "mishaps," or "slips of hand." Nothing harmful, but it was always great to talk to Zoe, especially like this.

After a playful slap on the hand for too many "accidents," the bell rang to signal the starting of classes, and we gave each other a quick smile before heading off in opposite directions for class.

And to Chemistry I went, to meet one of a few other upperclassmen in my class, Sadee. Yesterday we were lab partners, and today we were again, so already my, sorry for the alliteration, fantastic Friday was even better.

We were continuing with the mixing of chemicals and so on, and today we were dealing with a few that you didn't want to get on your skin. Things were about to make a sudden turn, in which direction, I can't say. I made a small joke, Sadee laughed, and a beaker fell over, spilling the contents all over Sadee and I.

Now, routine dictates that everyone leave the room, and those who were spilled upon strip down and get to the "shower station," which blasted water down onto you. So, everyone except Sadee, our Chemistry teacher Mrs. Sheffield, an old hag, and I left. Mrs. Sheffield pulled the lever that began the shower and nearly threw Sadee and I in, telling us to strip down, despite any embarrassments.

And that we did, although I wasn't being to eager about it, I didn't want to send Sadee running and calling me some pervert, although word would probably get around about sweet milf gives wet blowjob hardcore mature anyway. So there we stood, being assaulted by water, naked, and huddled close together since the shower station wasn't all that large. It wouldn't surprise you if I said I began to grow hard despite the circumstances.

Through the downpour, I had a clear view of Sadee's perfect breasts, they weren't large, but were enough to be a handful, and they were perky. Her breasts looked good enough to eat, with small areola that were slightly darker than her very light brown skin, and nipples that stood out about half an inch, hardened by the torrent of cold water, followed by near piping hot.

I was about halfway to full hardness when the shower finally stopped, and we stood shivering as the cold air in the room hit us. Shrinking teen sex ruined orgasm mom an option now, as I saw Sadee's eyes roam down to my now hardening appendage, which had a downward curve, but it didn't ruin the sight as it reached about seven inches, despite not being fully hardened.

I figured myself to be well-endowed, even with a little difference in appearance.

Not everyone's is as straight as an arrow. I heard Mrs.

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Sheffield let out a hiss, although I didn't know if it was disappointment or not, but she rushed to get us both towels school that 14 students xx separate us as several other teachers, all female except for the principal, rushed in to the rescue. We both had to go over the events leading up to the spill, and by now we were covered and dry as parents were being called. "It's my fault," I explained to the principal, I stared daggers into my toes, "I told a stupid joke, which made her laugh and knock it over." I glanced up, hoping for some little tell that I wasn't in deep shit, although I'd probably be getting a restraining order from Sadee, which meant a complete change of schedule or even schools.

The teachers stepped to discus things as we were handed our clothes, which managed to make it out of things dry, except for the last few articles of clothing, such as socks or underwear.

So Sadee and I stood in our clothes from before, although she was without bra and panties, and I without socks, shoes, or boxers. I could see her nipples standing at attention through the thin material of her form-fitting shirt and tank top. I wasn't really paying attention when Sadee wandered over to me and began to talk, "Pretty big, huh?" She said, talking about the fuss the teachers were making. "What?" I asked, almost shocked that she would be referring to me.

"The big deal they're making over this. It was only come chlorine water - pool water." She began laughing, and the teachers glanced our way for a moment.

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"Wait, you only spilled pool water?!" I had to stop myself from shouting in surprise, and relief, so it only came out as a hoarse whisper. "Yep," Sadee held back from laughing again, and I did my best to refrain from mentioning our shared moment in nudity. It was a weird enough as it was, and when Sadee caught me looking a moment too long at her chest, she risked a look down and saw what I'd had trouble keeping my eyes off of.

"Oh, perv." She teased, shoving me away. I hope she realized it was only natural for me to look.

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"I can't help it, they were waving around for me to say 'hey.'" Sadee had to physically cover her mouth and turn around to stop from laughing and hide her embarrassment. From there, our parents dropped by the school, and luckily they were left out of the loop about us being showered to remove the "deadly chemicals" together. My dad would've killed me only after sending me through hell and back.

I was given fresh clothes and told to go about my day, which was hard when a lot of people were asking you what went down. Lunch rolled around, and by then half the school knew the story, or so they thought.

"So I heard you and Sadee got it on in the shower after you spilled chemicals on each other." Trey said, raising a brow and looking at me like I was a lucky bastard.

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Sure, I was, and I wish that had happened, but it didn't. "Nah, we spilled some shit on us, we had to strip, get blasted by freezing water that turned piping hot, get interrogated by teachers, and deal with our parents.

It sucked." I lied for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing. "Damn liar," Trey said sarcastically. We all laughed for a few minutes, and soon enough Zoe came over to ask me about it, I told her the same story I'd told my friends at the table. She seemed to brighten up a bit at hearing that. "Okay," Was all she said before heading back over to her usual table.

I didn't really join in the conversation from that point on, because I'd realized I'd have to deal with the same crap for the next week before people finally shut up about it. Classes came and went, and when 7th period rolled around, I went through the now painful process of telling the story, denying all claims of whatever the hell people said, and then worrying whether or not Maddie would believe me.

"Hey there stud," Maddie said when she walked in, making a reference to the story she'd most likely heard. "Wrong already," I returned, and went through my final explanation of the day about what really went down, although soon enough I'd be associating Chemistry with a naked body and probably end up with a hard on every time I went into the class and saw Sadee. "Hot stuff," Maddie said with laughter, she leaned in and in a low voice whispered in a playful tone, "did you see her," she grabbed her own breasts and gave them a squeeze and a shake, "hmmm?" I couldn't help but laugh, and after making sure no one else was listening or looking, I gaver Maddie a quick nod.

"I wouldn't be a guy if I hadn't at least tried to look." Maddie nodded her agreement, although she had a smug look on her face, as if testing me. I looked back, turning her little look into a stare down, which ended in her defeat, having kept her eyes open longer.

"No fair!" She whined as the bell rang, and so began English, ravishing bombshells get nailed in an orgy I tuned out as I fantasized about having some free time with Sadee after the spill. By the time school was out, I was having to hide my hard on, which wouldn't go unnoticed by Maddie as sydney cole and cassandra cain hot some on the couch filed out of the classroom together.

"Well look who's happy to see me," she teased, and I turned bright red. "You didn't have to be so loud about it," I managed to say back without stammering, "and sexy little brunette jynx maze loves to ride and get fucked rough be too full of yourself." I shot back, Maddie's jaw dropped and her lips formed an 'O', as if in shock.

"Close them chops before something flies in." I laughed out, regaining some form of composure. At that moment, Sadee pulled me aside and dragged me into a classroom, which had the teachers who'd come to "rescue" us, and the principal in it. "We're not sure how to handle this," The principal began, "we've never had a boy and a girl get spilled on at the same time, and we didn't really think through the whole, 'teenage boy and girl' thing. We'll be informing your parents to join us today as soon as possible, and we'll be giving them the details as to what went on." Sadee and I both nodded, although I felt my stomach twist a little at the thought of my dad hearing about this.

"Until then you'll both be staying in here." Mrs. Sheffield concluded for the principal, and all gathered nodded agreement. Sadee and I exchanged glances, and I noticed, once again, that she was without bra. Didn't her mom or whoever bring her one? The teachers filed out slowly, going to make calls and prepare to meet our parents, who would probably blame the whole thing on me and condemn me to hell, despite it being an accident.

It was after that thought I noticed that a teacher hadn't stayed with us, and if it was possible, Sadee's shirt was sticking out just a little further. "About time, I've been waiting all day to be with you alone again." Sadee purred "Wait, what?" I was confused, to say the least.

"I saw the huge prick of yours, you don't think I wouldn't want see it again?" She began to peel her shirt off, which once more revealed to me her perfect tits. My jeans were tenting, and denim was rather difficult to show up through, which spoke a lot for the wonders her body was doing to me. "Hold on, you can't be serious, we're in school!" I whispered loudly.

Sadee smiled and held up a key, which must've been to the classroom. She quickly ran over and locked the door, beating me to getting there, and without skipping a beat, she hooked a thumb around the waist of her tight jeans, pulled them forward, and dropped the key in.

"Dead serious," Her voice was seductive, and I was a lost cause the moment I walked in the door, "get it if you want out." Perfect Match. One-Hit K.O. Sadee, new heavyweight champion.

I didn't waste a second as I pulled her into me, her breasts pressing into my chest, her nipples poking me gently. She pulled my shirt off quickly, and our lips met. Despite being so rough, I felt her soft, full lips as our tongues wrestled together. Her jeans fell, as did mine. I took a moment to look at Sadee. She wasn't wearing any panties!

I found myself boxer free, meaning she'd managed to slide those off along with my jeans. She was shaved bare at her pussy, and what a magnificent one it was.

Her outer lips were big enough to cover her inner lips, and it wasn't long before she was on a desk and I was diving face-first into it. Despite being and amateur at the ways of sex, I felt Sadee's hips grinding into my face, which meant something had to be going right. "Oh, shiiit." She moaned, loud enough for anyone to hear, even with the door closed and locked.

Her thighs clamped around my head, and her hands pulled my face in closer, I was lapping away at her as I felt the waves of what I assumed to be a magnificent orgasm, although later experiences would tell me otherwise. As she relaxed from her momentary high, I slid up between her legs like so many of the men in porn did and positioned myself to slam into her. Sadee closed her eyes as if she was in pain, and at that moment, years worth of health and sex ed classes slammed into me.

Women, young, virgins, hymen, usually painful. "Sadee, this'll probably hurt, so just tell me when to stop." I slowly slid myself in, and was surprised by the fast that nothing prevented or slowed my entrance into her wonderful pussy, it was slick from her recent orgasm, and it was so hot that it felt like I was melting inside of her. "I broke it in a bike accident, sliding too far back on the seat when I was little." Sadee said, almost laughing, although she winced in some pain.

I was still her first time, and it felt like it to me. Me being as large as I was didn't help either, because I was now at full hardness, and figured I was around 8 and a half inches, with easily an inch and a half in diameter.

That's large for any first timer. I was in to the hilt now, and I was surprised I didn't shoot inside of her right then and there. I held back by sheer force of will alone as I slid out, knowing I couldn't risk her getting pregnant. As my swollen member slid free, Sadee let out an audible sigh of disappointment, but being the person I was, I pulled her off of the desk and gently brought her to her knees in front of me.

"Suck me, I can't risk letting out inside of you." I managed to say, she was already licking and kissing down my shaft before I'd managed to say anything, but she nodded in agreement for a moment, knowing I was right. It didn't take long for me to shoot my first load, and it was probably the most powerful one I'd ever shot. I could hear it as it splashed onto her chest, my slight downward curve assisting with that. She slid her full lips around the tip as the second shot came forth, I could feel as swished it around in her mouth as several more shots unloaded into her mouth.

Not filling it, but she swallowed with a sigh and that was enough to get my soldier back into action. "Holy." She looked in amazement as life came back to the limp item that had been my dick after she'd finished with it moments before. A few years of porn taught you that after that first load, things took longer.

"We can go at creampie-angels com klara kinky lovers get doggy style orgasm tube porn again this time, I'll last longer," I offered, and she agreed with a wide grin on her face. I doubted I'd last much longer, if I could even make it inside of her tight twat. I bent her over the teacher's desk, her sperm covered breasts pressing into the cool wood.

I heard Sadee coo, and I knew she liked the feeling of the cold wood on her nipples. I slammed into her from behind without warning, and I felt the desk move. "Didn't know I could do that," I managed through clenched teeth, the feeling was amazing, and I was referring oriy real estate xxx storycom my small build, I was stronger than I looked, but I didn't think I'd be able to move a desk from something like that.

Sadee nearly screamed, but held it in as I began to slid back and forth inside of her, the walls of her pussy squeezing and pulsating around my member, and I did last long enough to bring Sadee two orgasms. The first wasn't all that strong, but the second followed right after, when she was very sensitive. I had to cover her mouth to muffle the shout that almost came from her.

I pulled out quickly, knowing I was only seconds behind her and ran around to her face, shooting my load into her waiting mouth, still open in a silent moan of pleasure. After that, we saw a teacher coming down the hallway through a slim window in the door to the room.

We quickly dressed, Sadee cleaning herself of any remaining sperm and greedily scooping it into her mouth. As the teacher walked in, she made a weird face and Sadee leaned over to whisper to me. "Tasty." After that, we managed to dodge the bullet of any form of separation, even after our parents heard the story.

I was charged for breaking a beaker, and Sadee was just warned not to laugh at lab stations and to be more careful. Needless to say, we weren't going to be lab partners anymore, but I doubt either of us minded. I'm sure we'd find a way around that little separation tactic, being the innovative, young kids we are. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I meant to apologize for something else, but I forgot what. Please feel free to leave comments, constructive or otherwise.

In fact, I may even accept some comments telling me what I sick, fucked up bastard I am. Anyways, thanks for reading, tell me what you think so far, and if it matters to anyone, if I should throw in a few more persons.

And maybe who I should make the next person the main character has a tryst with be.