Two monster cocks for a kinky slut mouth and anal

Two monster cocks for a kinky slut mouth and anal
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How do I start to express that my job is awesome! Working for a service company I am surrounded by extremely sexy service men.

Of which they do anything from heating, ac and electrical. As you may expect mostly all of them are married. For me that just kills. My name is Jessica and I am 28 yrs old. Just a quick description- brunette, 5'5, 38dd and just a little thick, which I've noticed most men like curves not sticks.

Let's say the day started out as any normal day. Being the single mom I am, dropping my boys off at daycare and speeding to get to work on time. Of course this was one of my late days in which I had a lot of paperwork to rap up before the holiday. These days my boyfriend Jay always picks up my boys. Now don't get me wrong I love him to the moon and back but our bedroom life was lacking. It seemed I had the male brain when it came to sex and he was the wife with the headache. So now you see my dilemma.

Working around these men I always find myself daydreaming about how wonderful it would be to relieve some of that tension with at least one or two of them. As usually I would have to go to the ladies room and dry myself after these day dreams which would get me so worked up I would be dripping wet. Vidya balan real sex with three person brings me to this extremely special day.

All the girls had left and of course leaving me to complete my work and lock up afterwards. But this day just seemed off. There was one tech left out on a service call and he still hadn't picked up the part he needed to complete the job. Since sexy ebony black phat booty texan freak fucked was usually only me in the office at this time I always unbutton the top three buttons to cool down and take off my heels.

Mind you on this day I was feeling confident and wore a nice short black skirt with black high thighs and a soft blue silk top. As I entered info into the pc I was kicked back in my chair with my feet propped up on my desk.

Seeing me leaning back cleavage as far as the eye could see and my stockings exposed up my thigh I was definitely comfortable. A half hour passed when I heard a gasp and turned to find the last tech standing staring at me with the most devilish grin. Of course it was Derek. Can we just say nice build, tan, dark hair and eyes and about 5'11.

When I started at this company he was this first I met and the one I found myself daydreaming about fucking. He knew it too. He had heard rumors but always shrugged them off.

Of course being married he is not about to get any rumors progressing either. "Well hello there you sexy diva, working late tonight are we?" Real milf gangbang amber woods chuckled. I was stunned. All I could get out was, "ummm yeah".

I felt so stupid. I knew I could come up with something wittier then that. I quickly sat up and straightened out my skirt and started buttoning back my top." You don't have to do that on my account" he remarked. "I've heard that you have a little thing for me, is that true?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"What if I do, just what are you gonna do about it huh?" His grin grew larger as well as the bulge in his slacks. "The dirty talk and flirting you never picked up on it did you?

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I may be taken and you married but that doesn't mean I can't daydream about fucking your brains out". I clutched my mouth with my hands.

I was stunned that it just came out. He walked over to my desk pulling me up to him and planting his lips firmly on mine.

I melted into nothing. My hands gripping his neck and my fingers locking into his brown wavy hair. My body tingled as his brazzers story sex in sex storiesvom moved down my waist to my thighs and drifting under my skirt. His fingers began teasing the elastic on my stockings that were gripping to my thighs.

As he gripped my ass in his palms all I could do was sigh a soft moan. He stopped kissing me put his finger to my lips and looked at me, "What do you want first a nice hard fucking or for me to lap at that sweet pussy of yours?" Biting my lip he knew instantly what I needed.

Lifting me up and placing me on my desk. I lifted my hips as his hands reached under my skirt and slowly slid off my blue silk bikinis and tossed them to the floor. Spreading my legs wide as he knelt before my soaking wet pussy. "Can I say I haven't seem a smooth pussy since my wife and I first dated".

Then he started teasing my thighs. His tongue tracing my stockings to my drenched pussy lips. His tongue tracing over them. Darting in an out of the folds. Sucking them into his lips. His tongue dove into my cunt. Sucking my clit as his finger slid in and out of my hole. I was in heaven. Gripping his head tight into me.

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Grinding my hips. Oh god he was good. I found my moans growing as his hand moved to my mouth trying to quiet me.

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My nails dug into his back as I beautiful czech teen is teased in the hypermarket and fucked in pov my hips screaming as I came.

Closing my eyes trying to regain my breathe and finding he had stood up thrusting his tongue into my mouth letting me taste my sweet cum. Pulling him to me as his hand unbuttoned my shirt. Groping my tits, twisting and biting my nipples, trying to milk them for all they were worth. My head was so light, I hadn't gotten this much attention in years.

Something overcame me and I couldn't help myself. I pushed him back into my chair and dropped to my knees. Unzipping his slacks and letting his throbbing cock spring free. Staring up into his eyes as my tongue traced around the thick purple head. Kissing and lapping at each side of the long thick shaft. Before placing it into my warm awaiting mouth. Sucking him in slowly teasing as much as I could. To my surprise he gripped my hair stopping me short. "I want you to be my sweet little whore Jessica, you'll be that for me won't you?" Before I could get yes out of my lips he thrusted my head into his lap forcing his cock down my throat gagging me just a little.

Oh how I loved the force, reaching down to rub my cunt I could feel I was so wet I was dripping. Bobbing my head faster and hard. Sucking like my life depended on it. I was stopped by him pulling my head back by my hair. "No more my sweet. You need that good hard fucking now don't you?". Licking my lips "Oh yes please". "Please what you fucking slut?" "Please sir" I responded. "That's more like it, you like being controlled don't you." Pulling me up off the floor he spun me around pushing me onto the desk.

His hand bending my back as he slowly pushed up my skirt. His fingers danced around my ass as I spread my legs wide waiting to be fucked.

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"SMACK". I gasped as his hand slapped my cheeks. "You liked being spanked don't you you dirty little fuck?" "SMACK". I screamed out but not in pain in pleasure. I was drenched from him spanking me oh god it was so dirty but felt so good. He leaned in guiding his cock to the opening of my pussy before thrusting in hard and fast. "Oh Fuck your so tight ,mmm you like this thick cock buried in your cunt don't you".

All I could do was scream "MORE". His cock pumped in and out bbw get her pussy licked and fucked my cunt fast and hard causing wave upon wave of orgasm to hit me. "SMACK" "SMACK" "SMACK" His hand slid down my back pulling my hair yanking me back to him. His lips sucking my neck as he fucked my cunt. Hands sliding from my hair gripping and pinching my nipples. Oh yes could it be any better mmmmmmm how I hadn't been fucked like this in so long!

His lips reaching my ear whispering" Where do you want me to cum Jessica? In that sweet cunt, on your tits or would you care to have me blow my load into those luscious lips of your?" "Let me taste you" as he turned me around pushing me down to my knees. His hands gripping my face forcing his cock between my lips deep down my throat.

His fingers began twisting in my hair yanking my hair tight as groaned. "Fuck yes baby that's it I'm cumming ".His cock pumped and thrusted hard as he filled my throat with his thick spunk.

Swallowing every last drop as I made sure to miss any spot. Pulling me up to him and kissing me deeply. "You know you can't breathe a word of this to anyone right." I shook my head yes as he straightened his slacks and grabbed the part he needed for his job. "I gotta go fix Mrs.Keene's ac but if you would like a second round I should be back in 30 mins." I grind as I straightened my hair and skirt, sliding my panties back up my thighs.

"Oh I will be waiting right here" Thirty minutes passed as I heard his work van pulling back up to the office only to hear 2 car doors shutting. Derek horny dykes use vibrator on each others pussy in only to be accompanied by Harry. Both looking at me like to horny raging bulls. " Like I said are you ready for round two?"