Pretty euro les tasting pornstars and fingering

Pretty euro les tasting pornstars and fingering
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My wife and I love to baby-sit a friend of ours kid named Alicia. Alicia is 7 yrs old with Blond hair that touches her hips, with the most beautiful green eyes you ever saw. Since we began watching her 2 yrs ago my wife and I have become interested in kiddy sex. It began with a mistaken download from a program I use to download porn. It was of a 2yr being fondled and fucked by some man.

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For some unexplainable reason my wife and I found this to be a major turn-on. We fucked to that video so many times we knew the scenes by heart. This lead to role-playing and other small games until the day we received a call one Friday night saying that Alicia's mom and dad wanted an "alone night", and could we take her we accepted for the whole weekend without a thought in the world of sex but it didn't stay like that for long.

When we picked her up we headed straight home to change. We had planned to take her to a local swimming hole for the day as an outing.

We loaded back in the car after changing into our swimming cloths with outer cloths on in case of any stops on the way. We ended up not stopping and arrived fairly quickly. As we got undressed outside the car I had my first peak of interest. As I watched Alicia bend over to get out of her shorts, I noticed that she was growing a bit big for her bathing suit and that when she bent over the fabric rode up into her cute butt-crack and you could make out two distinguished butt dimples.

I felt my erection begin to grow but didn't want Alicia to see it or my wife. That's all I needed was her pissed off at me for getting a boner about this seven year old.

After focusing on other things for a moment (trees, running water, birds ect.) I was able to get it under control. She climbed on my shoulders for the hike and when I realized what was rubbing on my neck it began again but not as noticeable. At the completion of our hike was the river and they're must have been at least ten other families there splashing around. We moved to the far side and swam along the edge of the bank. After about an hour of swimming we were all getting pretty tired and hungry and therefore agreed to leave.

While walking back to the findmia malkova 4day porn story Alicia once again went to get on my shoulders.

I told her to dry off a little more first cause I had already dried off. She got her shoulders and chest and ran the towel between her legs to dry off the lower region. When she removed the towel the damn bathing suit was nearly splitting her in two.

Her legs still spread I could make out two perfect folds where the entrance to her baby cunt was. I quickly put her on my shoulders and walked briskly to the car with a raging boner knowing what was riding on my neck now. About mid-way back my wife did the "clearing of the throat gesture" and I looked over to her. She notioned for me to look down and there standing out for all to see was my fully erect cock standing tenting out the front of my shorts.

She whispered "that's not from me and I know it", and then smiled. After getting back in the car we stopped and grabbed a bite on the way home and ate along the way. My wife told Alicia that they needed to take a bath. After them being in the tub for about magdalene michaels and jessie andrews lesbian love pussy licking and pussylicking mins, my wife called me and said "come sit with us baby".

I walked in to the best site I had ever seen. My wife had Alicia lying on top of her with both of there legs spread wide open to either side of the tub.

I couldn't help but stare as I walked to the toilet and took a seat.

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I looked to my wife and saw her with the biggest smile on her face knowing what she was doing to me at that moment. She had the cutest slit.

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It was kind-of reddish and puffed out near the entrance and ended with her clit standing proudly at top. I watched intently as my wife began to gently wash the sensitive area with a rag, and nearly blew my load in my pants when Alicia squirmed as the rag brushed her clit.

I got up to leave the room and made it to the door before my wife called out" Don't you dare do what I think your leaving to do! You wait till I get out." Talk about blue balls… I went to the bedroom, stripped and climbed under the covers.

A few mins later my wife came in ripped off her towel and jumped on the bed closing the door behind her." What about Alicia I asked", "Don't worry The Princess Collections movie will keep her occupied for a bit".

She began kissing me passionately leaking her own juices across the bed. I rolled her over and climbed on top lined up with her sopping wet cunt and thrust in. She pulled me close and said "that's it fuck her little pussy, Stretch it wide." I withdrew and plowed in again. She continued talking dirty to me until she could see I was about to cum. As I started chanting Alicia's name, my wife abruptly stopped me right before I nikki sexx gets boned in various positions and slid out from underneath me.

"I have an idea, stay here and give me a few mins. I was getting pissed. My balls needed to be emptied so bad it was hurting. I fell asleep and after what seemed like hours I felt my wife climbing into bed. I didn't want to look for afraid I'd give away my surprise. After her shuffling around for a few mins she finally laid still. "Baby, look over here but don't freak out". As I turned over I saw that she had lit a candle on the headboard for light and turned off the fans and other bedroom lights.

As my eyes adjusted I saw the clock over her shoulder it had been nearly two hours ago we had started. I looked at her and she pulled down the covers between us to reveal Alicia, fully naked and sound asleep.

She had her hand in between her legs and was rubbing her pussy. I put my hand upon hers and asked" are you crazy what if she wakes up." My wife was ready for this question and held up a box of Prescription sleep aids her doctor had prescribed her.

She said "Have fun but remember she is still a virgin and it will be hard to explain to her parents if she's not when she gets home." I immediately got down and smelled her beautiful pussy. You could still smell urine from her last go. I licked the tiny slit up and down as my erection was pressing hard against the covers. My wife quit playing with herself and quickly pulled the covers off me and began sucking me off.

After a few mins of this I Had an Idea. I'm average length around 6-7 inches and only about 1- 1½ inches wide. I pulled my wife's mouth off my cock and turned the seven yr old over. I grabbed the astro-glide off the headboard and applied a liberal amount to my dick and her tiny anus. After several failed attempts of aiming it into her small hole my wife grabbed my shaft and lined it up and held it in place till it began to stretch its way into her ass.

I took my time to be sure not to cause any major damages to this beautiful girl but as she loosened up I began to go faster and faster into her. Once again my wife seeing I was on the vicky finger fucks her pussy on the couch of climax pulled me out of her. "You can't do that honey. How will you explain to her why she is pooping cum. Turn her back over and just gently slide in and out of her cunt up to her cherry then when your ready pull out and cum on her tummy." So I did as my wife suggested, Unhappy that I was unable to get more in than just an inch or so till I hit her cherry, but beggars can't be choosers.

I continued this for about ten mins till I heard my wife beginning to climax watching me fuck this little girl. This got me more excited, I was thrusting in and out in and out and as my wife came I closed my eyes pulled up and rocked forward till I could feel my balls slap her pussy and erupted and fountain of cum on her. I just sat there on my knees not moving when all of a sudden my wife asked in a very low tone "baby, what have you done." I looked down and saw that I had not pulled up far enough and instead of cumming on her I had thrust all the way through her cherry and up into her pussy.

As I withdrew I saw a steady flow of cum and traces of blood from her torn hymen. My wife scooped up the child and took her to the tub. Ran a warm bath and began to dig the cum out of her. After she was fully cleaned out my wife applied some lotion to her battered pussy and carried her to bed.

We put her cloths back on and went to sleep. The next morning we awoke to Alicia saying she was hurting down there. My wife took her to the bathroom and explained to her that she must have started her periods (knowing damn well that wasn't why) and explained to her about cramping, bleeding and so forth. When we took her home Sunday evening her bleeding had stopped and everything was returning to normal size. I couldn't believe it, we dropped her off and we got off home free, or so I thought.

Two weeks later we got a call from Alicia's parents. They were upset with us for doing this. We acted stupid and said doing what. The mother then responded, "Knocking up our little girl, Kevin was waiting for her periods so he could. Now we have to hope she has a girl so Kevin has another chance&hellip."