Teen suck first time compeers sisterly love

Teen suck first time compeers sisterly love
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Friday morning I woke up in a hotel room in Kathmandu Nepal, Nataila asked me to fly el nl mature women sex Nepal to bring her friend Shristi to the United States for a visit. Shristi is a beautiful 26 year old woman, was a contestant in Miss Arab Pageant 2014. She is 5' 8", slender curvy body, long black hair, single, and an aspiring model.

I woke up, had coffee, showered, and got dressed for the flight. I gave myself a quick once over in the full length mirror, frowning slightly. Boarded my private jet and waited for Shristi to arrive.

When the plane took off, Shristi shut her eyes gripping the armrests tightly. I took the opportunity to stare at her chest, somewhat emphasized in her cotton zip up hoodie with all the deep breathing she is doing in an attempt to calm her nerves. It is zipped to the perfect height - just enough to give hints of her tantalizing cleavage without showing off too much. I wanted to put my hand down the front of her top and find out if her skin is as soft as it looks.

I wonder what her nipples look like. The plane leveled out, as Shristi took another deep breath before she opens her eyes. The pilot announced anticipating a rocky flight, and advised us to remain seated and secured. " Oh God," Shristi whispers. She saw me watching her and felt the need to explain.

She said " I get nervous with planes, long flights bother me." I thought to myself. That this my in. A bit later, there is another announcement; the flight attendant is letting us know that the WiFi is now available. I thought long and hard about my next step. It has been too long since I'd had a woman, I decide.

I wouldn't be considering this if I wasn't so damn horny, but this flight is so damn long. I look her over again while she chatted to me softly. She is going to be staying with Natilia, and they had been emailing each other about the details all week - but she hadn't heard back from her in days. Her skirt has ridden further up her thighs, leaving her smooth skin bare.

And her tits! I can't imagine going the rest of the flight without seeing or touching them. I will be very, very careful. I'm certain she will be worth the risk. I excuse myself and enter the small area in the rear of the plane where bed is located. The flight attendent is alone, rummaging through a cabinet. Exactly who I wanted to speak with. I keep my voice calm and measured. " Shristi needs to lay down in the bedroom for awhile. Take a seat up front and enjoy the flight." The attendent nodded agreeably, and asked no questions.

She locked the vacant bedroom as she came up the aisle. Shristi smiles briefly at me as I slide back into my seat before returning to the game she is playing on her tablet. I redid my seat belt and settled in. The flight attendant is taking drink orders. I ordered gin and tonic.

Shristi started to ask for coffee, then thought better of it and asked for tea. Our drinks arrived shortly. I pour my liquids into a flask and took a long drink. Shristi carefully drinking her tea, blowing on it in between sips.

" Shristi?" I smile charmingly. " Yes, John?" " I know your nervous about flying, I suggest going to the back of the plane, to the bedroom and lay down for awhile." At that moment, the fasten seat belt sign turned off. Perfect timing, I thought as I smiled. I stood in the aisle to let her pass, surreptitiously taking her elbow as I guided her towards the rear of the plane.

The flight attendent saw us coming and quickly unlocked the bedroom. I nodded my gratitude before disappearing inside with Shristi and locking the door. " You have been making this difficult on me the entire time," I started. My tone is controlled but angry.

Shristi didn't bother to refute me; it seemed pointless.

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I'm a wealthy powerful man and her friend's lover, and physically larger and stronger than she is. It is best for her to just go along with it. I pick her up by her waist and sat her on the bed. She has a small waist and my fingertips overlapped a touch.

Her long slim legs brushed up against me in the small space as I situated the both of them. Then I begin to undress her. This is nothing like she has ever experienced, she thought quickly. I quickly unzipped her top and lean to hang it on the door hook before turning back to look her over.

Youthful and slender, her gorgeous dark eyes large with fear. She is beautiful. I lean forward unhooking her delicate bra, peeling it away as I withdraw. I added it to the hook after checking her size - 30 B. Her tits are perfect. Her areola are a beautiful color on her flawless, creamy skin. I gently hold her wrists in either hand when she moves to cover herself from my searing gaze.

She is sitting on my bed, her long hair flowing over her shoulder with a few strands partially covering her face. Sweat is forming at her neck and breasts as she feels her heart pounding. She is so afraid of what she is about to do. Why am I doing this, what if we get caught, what would happen to me? But at the same time, she feels a thrill rushing through her that she can't explain. Then as I lock the door, she knows that there is no turning back now. I walk back to her and stood in front of her.

Shristi looks up at me with pleading eyes. I smile back at her and spoke. " Shristi, I've kept my part diana doll anal girl 1 flying you to the United States. Now it's your turn." I said as I lower my zipper.

Shristi sat there frozen. Awesome teen fucking action with a chick smalltits and homemade going to make her give me a blowjob.

She looks as I'm lowering my pants. " You even dressed for the occasion," I said. It dawned on me what she is wearing; it is a sexy red lace dress with a halter top so her shoulders, back, legs and breasts are quite revealing. " Please, I only agreed so I can visit Natalia ." She pleaded. Shristi tries to stand but I place nasty playgirl is ready for perverted scene hardcore and blowjob hand on her shoulders stopping her.

She suddenly realizes how small she is compared to me. My aggressive posture is turning her on but she had to get out of this. " You will enjoy the visit, for as long as I want you to stay. " I can always fuck Natalia when I want," I said. " Our deal just made me it really sweet for me after seeing you." " What if somebody catches us, or knocks at the door?" She said starting to be fearful. " This is my private plane, my staff know not to bother us." I said. " I'll scream," She demanded.

" No you won't." I said in a dominating voice that she suddenly feels powerless. Shristi then takes her hand and places it on my crotch. She begins stroking my crotch with her hand. She feels my cock harden in her palm.

Shristi can't believe how big it feels. She can't believe she is getting horny as she strokes my cock. I let her hand go and start to remove my shirt. Shristi is really horny now, she didn't know why.

She shouldn't be, but the allure of what we are doing can't be stopped. Shristi lowers my briefs and sees the biggest cock she has ever seen in her life.

She has seen other cocks before, but most Arab men only have 5 inches long and 2 inches wide cocks. This cock is almost 10 inches long and 4 inches thick. Shristi starts stroking my cock as the head is slowly coming out of its skin.

I smell wonderful. The scent of cologne and soap came from me. It is obvious that I had taken a shower this morning. Shristi moves in closer to smell my cock, oblivious to anything else. she licks the tip of the head involuntarily. My body jerks with the sensation. She looks up at me realizing that I was completely undressed. Then she feels the sudden coolness of the air on her breasts as I slowly took them out from her dress, exposing her erect nipples.

I squeeze her nipple teasingly. " So you like what you're seeing?" I smile at her knowingly. At this point my cock is completely hard from her stroking. Its head is all out of its skin and throbbing in her hand.

As she moves closer to take a whiff of my scent, she opens her mouth to allow my cock to enter. I start pumping my cock into her mouth. Shristi grabs my balls tight making me jerk a little. She continues sucking on my hard cock while she circles her tongue. The sensation in her mouth and the act we are doing is enough to get her really aroused. I hold her head as I pump deeper in her throat.

She gags on my cock almost spitting it out but I pump it harder. I look down at her. " Never deep throated before?" I ask. Shristi foxy ashlynn gets rammed in the dorm her head no.

Instead of easing up, I ram my cock harder into her throat. She keeps on gagging and tries several times to pull away but there is nothing she can do at this point. I grab her by the hair pumping my cock in her mouth.

Saliva is coming out of her mouth and dripping on her dress. I continue pumping for several minutes, holding her head by the hair with my left hand playing with her nipples with my other hand.

" I'm cumming soon, you better be ready. I'll be cumming all over your face" I said as I continue pumping.

Saliva is now running down her chin dripping to her breast. I scoop some saliva smearing it over her exposed breast. The sensation she feels is wonderful, Shristi is deeply aroused by what I'm doing. I then raised my right leg on the bed while I hold on to her head allowing my cock to slide deeper into her throat. My expression is of pure lust.

I smile as she looks up at me, pleased with myself. I continue pumping harder. Then she feels my balls suddenly stiffen. She knows I'm about to cum. I tried to pull out but she grabs on to my balls and didn't let me pull out. She isn't about to let me cum all over her I thought to myself. She grabs me by the balls feeling my cum gush inside her mouth. It feels different, my cum tasted bitter to her. A few drops of my cum dripped down her chin and neck. " This is too much," She thought to herself.

She is gagging on my cock as some of my warm cum spills into her throat. I kept pumping her mouth, satisfied with what I had done. When I finished cumming in her mouth, I pull out. Her mouth is full of my cum and saliva, it tastes warm and bitter.

She has never swallowed cum before. She sat there frozen circling her tongue inside her mouth. " First time for everything." She thought as she swallowed a mouthful of my cum. Shristi went into the bathroom, she lowered her hand touching her crotch; her pussy is all wet from the experience.

She took a couple of Kleenex to wipe her chin and breasts. She fixed her hair a little, put on her jacket and hurried out before I can stop her. She rushed out to the cabin. I informed my pilot, we would be staying in New York for one day.

We landed at JFK, my waiting limo took us to my Manhatten apartment. Once in the apartment, I locked the door. Shristi enters the room. She is with long, dark hair cascading down over her soft shoulders. She changes into a white sleeping shirt that came to just below her knees. There is a sash around the waist that accentuates the fullness of her figure and a tie in the front just above her breasts. MY eyes drink in her beauty.

"Tonight, you will give me your virginity." Shristi shaking as her worst fears are about to be realized. She is terrified. She looks around the room. It is large, with a huge bed and a table in the center. " Come closer." I said as I motion her forward. With fear in her heart, she slowly inches forward. I watch as lovely maidens pleasure dicks at the club brunette big tits breasts bounced gently under the soft cotton of her night shirt.

I smile as I motion with my hand as I thought to myself about just how I was going to enjoy those magnificent orbs, not to mention the rest of her luscious, young body. Terrified, Shristi came up beside me. I motion for her to turn around and she slowly turns her body in front of me as I admire her beautiful, young body.

I walk around her as Shristi stood motionless and feeling her heart pounding beneath her breasts. Her tits pressed firmly against the soft material and I see her nipples begin to harden against the fabric under the tight folds of the garment. Reaching up to her breasts, I pick up the end of the bow as I feel the firmness of her breasts under my hand. Shristi is fully aware that I'm checking the firmness of her breasts as I seem to be picking up the end of the tie.

Pulling gently, the bow above her breasts slowly opening and then the neck of the shirt falls open. Though her breasts are still covered, her cleavage is on display for me see. The front of the nightshirt is open almost to her waist and Shrisyi is dying to close it and hide her breasts from my prying eyes. I smack my lips as I gaze down at the fullness of her breasts. " Shristi, it has been a enjoyable evening, but it is time for my dessert." I tease smiling at the terrified, Shristi.

" Now, where were we?" I tease her as I sat down on the edge of the table next to the trembling Shristi. I reach across her body placing my hand on her soft shoulder. I feel her body shaking as I touch her.

Then slipping my hand under the shoulder of her shirt, I slide my hand down over the fullness of her breast. She tries to pull away but I tighten my grip on her firm tit. I feel her nipple begin to harden further as it presses against the palm of my hand. " NO!!" she screams as she grabs my wrist, pulling my hand from her breast and bolting in the direction of the door. She threw the door open darting down the hall in the direction of the living room.

Shristi screams as she struggles with me but I'm too powerful for her and she can not escape. I drag the struggling, Shristi into the room lifting her body high into the air, slamming her down hard onto the huge bed. As her body hit, her breasts bounce violently and one pops out of the front of her shirt. I gaze down at her lustfully. " I guess we get to do this the fun way." I taunted her as I look down at the struggling, young beauty.

Her arms flailing against my chest as bend over her. Her knees hung over the edge of the bed and her legs dangling slightly apart. Reaching up to her slender waist, I pull on the sash that holds her shirt tightly to her body. As the bow opens, I pull the sash from around her body. I step between her legs and place my hands firmly on her knees. I feel her body shaking as I squeeze her legs. I slid my hands up the length of her satiny thighs, drawing closer and closer to the merging of her tapered legs.

The soft material of her shirt slides up along her thighs revealing more and more of her pussy. Shristi thrashes about as I fondle her body at the edges of her virginity. As her body thrashes, her breasts bounce as she struggles at her helplessness.

Then reaching down to the hem of her shift, I grab the soft material lifting it up high, I look down under her shirt and see her naked body. Her long legs are beautifully shaped and her virgin pussy is shaved and bare. Her breasts are full and capped with dark nipples. They are very hard as her chest heaves as she fights for breath. " Good?" I ask, my voice filled with anticipation. I rip the hem of the shirt and then pulling hard, let it rip up the front until it opens completely.

I gaze down at her magnificent body. This is going to be an enjoyable evening. I lift Shristi up off the bed and tearing the remnants of her shirt from her luscious body.

Her legs dangling down the side of the bed, the naked beauty begins to kick wildly as she tries desperately to keep me away from her virgin body. I laugh at her as she kicks a I grab her slender ankle. As her body twists, she kicks at me with her other foot. I'm able to grab her other ankle pulling her legs wide apart. I gaze down at her open pussy and then up to her chyanne jacobs loves a big black cock tits.

Her breasts bouncing on her chest as she struggles. Stepping up between her legs, I rub the front of my pants against her naked pussy. I feel the heat of her loins as my my hard cock presses firmly against her naked virginity. I reach out with both hands and begin squeezing Shristi's tits. They are full and firm and feel marvelous to touch.

I pinch her taut nipples then begin to twist them between my fingers. The naked Shristi winces with pain as she tries to pull her legs closed. Leaning forward, my sheathed cock presses firmly to her naked pussy as I lower my mouth to her breast and bit her tender nipple as I suck it into my mouth. A deep gasp escapes her lips as I tease her hard nubbin with my tongue and teeth. I switch to her other breast as my hands kneads her firm tit.

" You may fight it but it looks like your body just might enjoy this." I taunt her as I bit down on her nipple. Shristi screams softly. I move on to other parts of her luscious, young body. Sitting down between her open thighs, I place my hands on the firm flesh of her inner thighs. I feel her body trembling as I begin to tease her virgin pussy. I trace my fingers gently over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and tease the edges of her virgin pussy.

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I slide my finger between her soft, wet petals of her labia and she gasps. Pinching her tender labia, I peel her virgin pussy open. Her juices oozes and the scent is intoxicating. I rub my thumbs along the length of her slit and watch as her clit stood up. " Raping you will be easy." I taunted the naked and spread Shristi. " Chap fucks anal and cums on body because you ran from me I feel that you need to be humbled humiliated a bit.

Think that I prefer making you cum before I rape you." Shristi is mortified and humiliated as I play with her open body. Bending forward, I lick the edges of her labia and then thrust my tongue into her seething virginity. Shristi watches as my head wedges firmly between her spread thighs and then screams with passion as I tongue her pussy. Her body shaking as I close my lips around her clit and then tease it with the tip of my tongue.

Shristi screams as I feel her loins let go as her cum oozes out of her pussy. Shristi is overwhelmed by the sensations that rippling through her body as she experiences her first orgasm. My tongue went after her cum with zeal as I try to suck all of it out of her pussy.

The more I suck, the more there is. Her body shaking violently as the sensations of orgasm ripples through her. Trapping her clit once again, I close my teeth gently around the sensitive nub and then use the tip of my tongue to bring her to another powerful orgasm. Her body succumbs to my pleasure. I'm able to bring her to an orgasm at will.

Every time she recovers from a powerful orgasm, I flick my tongue over the tip of her clit and her body is wracked by a more powerful one.

The naked beauty can't believe the sensations flowing through her. Finally, I lift my face from between her open thighs and stood up. I unzip my pants dropping them to the floor, I lay my long thick hard cock on her bare mons. Shristi's eyes are riveted to the tip of my cock as she realizes that I'm about to take her virginity. I tease her thighs and mons with the tip of my cock and then slowly slide the tip across the length of her swollen labia and wedge the tip inside the entrance to her virgin pussy.

A soft gasp escapes her lips as she looks down between her open thighs and sees the tip of my cock inside her virginity. Pressing forward, I slide my cock further into her tight pussy as Shristi feels her virgin pussy stretching around my shaft and watching it enter her young body. She gasps when she feels the tip hit her cherry. I shift my hips and prod her virginity with the tip of my cock. She is unbelievably tight and the tip of my cock is coated with the wet flow of her loins.

Looking down at the young beauty, I thrust hard up into her virgin pussy and she screams as she feels the hardness of my cock rip through her virgin barrier and my cock fills her tight pussy to the hilt.

She feels her pussy stretching to virgin sex bearded lad prepares blonde pussy with cunnilingus the size of my ramrod as it fills her beautiful, young body. I flex my cock deep in her as Shristi gasps as she looks down at her ravaged pussy and then up at me. I place my hands on the tops of her open thighs and I begin thrusting into her hard, her tits bouncing as her body lurches back and forth on the bed.

As I thrust into her tightness, I feel her inner muscles clamping down around my impaling shaft. The passion of the moment begins to overwhelm her as I pull her legs a bit further apart as I thrust deeper into her. She presses her pelvis upwards thrusting her hips up to meet my every stroke. My fingers came down to her clit and I teased it. I feel her let go with another naughty baljium sex stories xxx story orgasm and as she screams with pleasure, her inner muscles tighten around my invading shaft and I explode deep in her virgin pussy.

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As she feels the force of my cum spray into her, she screams as her own orgasm overwhelms her. Shristi can't believe the sensations that envelopes her as I filled her with my cum.

She has never experienced an orgasm before and the sensations are devastating to her. Tears running down her face as I pull my cock from her tight pussy watching as a mixture of blood and cum oozes out of her ravaged pussy.

My cock coated with the same mixture as I raise up off of her. Shristi, smells the powerful scent of our juices on my cock. " You seemed to enjoy that." I taunted her as I wrap my fingers through her soft hair pulling her head up. Shristi blushes deeply as her nostrils are filled with the powerful scent of our combined cum.

" I gather that my cock gave you pleasure." I continue as I held her face just inches from the tip of my cock. " Now as a token of your appreciation, kiss it." I said. The idea revolts her but she knew that she had to do as I asked or be forced to comply. She swallows hard and raised her face as I brought my cock to her lips. She kisses the tip of it softly. I moan in appreciation. " Now, lick the tip." I said and she pull her head away.

" I said, 'lick the tip.'" I repeated in a harsher tone as I pull her head forward. Shristi lets the tip of her tongue graze the tip of my cock and then she quickly withdrew her tongue. I laughed. " You'll have ice cold water punishment tube porn do a lot better than that." I teased her as I press my cock to her soft lips. " Now open your mouth and suck on my cock." I instructed. Shristi wants to die but she knew she has no choice but to do as I ask.

Slowly she parts her soft lips and I slid my sticky cock all the way into her warm mouth. Holding her head firmly, I begin to pump slowly into her beautiful face. Shristi feels the tip of my ramrod press against her tonsils as she starts to gag as my cock slides down her throat. She fights for air as I hold my cock in her mouth. She gasps as I pull back a bit and her lungs suck in as much air as they can. " Now suck!" I ordered and slowly Shristi begins to suck on my shaft. As her sucking improves, my grip on her head eases.

" Much better." I complimented her as she licks all the juices that coated my cock. It did not take long for my cock to begin to stiffen in her mouth.

She feels it as my cock busty blonde looker has her twat rammed in her mouth. I continue to thrust gently in and out of her mouth as my cock returns to full hardness. Stepping away from her, I gaze down at her beautiful, young ass and smiling to myself.

" Get on your hands and knees." I told her. I waited until she had done as I asked before leaning over and opening a drawer in the bed stand. She peers sideways to try and make out what I was after, I remove what looks like a harmless tube of medication and slid the drawer closed, turning back to smile at her anxious face.

" Lube." I explain, showing her the tube more clearly. " Natalia uses it." I said. I didn't say what it is used for and Shristi is left with her own ideas. She thought, it is kind of reassuring that I'm considering her comfort. She never thought that I might be considering my own.

I move to kneel behind her and she turns her head to watch my cock nodding and waving in the mirror as I move into place, looking to have taken on a life of its own. She shivers again, nervous and excited. " Fold your arms so that your ass sticks up." I instructed. Shristi feels very, very vulnerable positioned like that, her ass raised high and exposed, but she wants it to happen and if this is what she had to do, then she would.

She buries her face in the bed cover to hide from the indignity of it and waits. " Arrgh." The sudden cold makes her jump with surprise before she realized it is the first touch of lube coated fingers on her anus. " Sorry." She gasps. "I wasn't expecting it, that's all." She hears me chuckle softly as my fingertips circle her anus. The gel feels cool now rather than cold, slippery in a lovely, silky smooth way.

I'm spreading it gently around her entrance, making it possible for her to be penetrated without discomfort, fingertips dipping into her briefly as I prepare her for what is to come.

The sensations are quietly enjoyable and she feels reassured, she can feel herself trembling slightly, she thought that maybe that is pure arousal now.

She senses me moving closer into place, edging nearer her, ready to do it. This is the moment. She hadn't expected this to happen when she had accepted Natalia's invitation to visit her, and she wonders for a moment if she should back away. Did she really want continued sex with her friend's lover?

She knelt ready, knowing that the answer is yes, she did. She is prepared to experiment, to try new things, and that meant continuing to awesome teen acquires her first hardcore ride girlfriend homemade willing to do what I want, and in the context of her having the usual young and inexperienced circle of friends, that meant Natalia's lover.

My fingers pull her cheeks open, and she feels the cold tip of my lubricated cock touch her ass just above her entrance. " Sure?" I ask. " Yes." She turns her head to the side where she can see my hard cock, shiny with lube, lined up to enter her, then she closes her eyes resting her head on her folded arms, waiting submissively for me to begin.

The tip of my cock nudges against her and she stiffens. " Relax, sweetheart." I told her softly. The unexpected use of an endearment helps her to let go, reassuring her and allowing her to do as I asked. Then I push gently but firmly against her, not forcing my way in but just persuading her slippery sphincter to admit me.

She feels it happen, she feels herself stretch open and the head of my cock slide into her. It is a strange and not comfortable feeling, but it didn't hurt. I pause to let her get used to it and she opens her eyes smiling a little smile of triumph into her arms, happy at her adventure and counting it as an achievement.

I waited for a moment, then just as she is about to tell me to go on, I push further in, my cock sliding deeper into her. The feeling of my thick cock inside her tight rectal passage is wonderful. She hadn't expected the sensation of being stretched to feel so erotic, so exciting. She wonders what she had been worried about, this is fabulous.

" Oh yes, that's good. Do it. Push it in, all the way. Fuck me there." She mutters the words into her arms, startled by what she wants to say and too shy to say it out loud. I act as if I had heard her, pushing forward until my balls press up against her pussy, my long cock buried inside her. She presses herself back against me, wanting more.

The toe she wanted to dip has turned into a need to experience more sexual sessions. " Is that okay?' I ask, anxious not to hurt her. " Oh god, yes." She lifts her head and spoke clearly, voicing her increasing need. " Don't stop, whatever you do, don't stop." I responded by slowly thrusting in and out, not fucking her hard but setting up an insistent rhythm. " Harder, John, do it harder." She is shocking herself.

It is as if doing something for the first time has released some kind of slut in her. Now I thrust deep into her, harder and faster, fucking her without worrying if she is enjoying it, I knew by her words that she is. She feels me adjust my grip on her hips, letting me pull her hard against me with every thrust.

Her body is reacting with the tiny beginnings of an orgasm, the kind that she knew will be slow to arrive but that will leave her wrecked in its wake.

She is glad she'd agreed to fly with me on my private plane. She parted her knees a little, setting herself more firmly so that I can do it harder. " Okay?" I ask her again as I plunge into her, misunderstanding her movement, my voice breathless with effort and arousal. " Yes." She gasps. " Stop asking, keep going. I'll tell you if it isn't." The feeling of my long hard thick cock sliding in and out of her rectum is divine, an awareness of a veronica vain first dp ever alex legend fullness coupled with the sensation of her sphincter being pulled back and forth as my shaft slides through it.

She looks sideways into the mirror, seeing her kneeling form, ass high and head low, watching my cock sink into her, wet and shiny, and very, very solid. She'd never experienced anything like it and all she wants now is for it to last long enough for her to climax and then, and only then, to watch me empty my balls deep into her.

Her only concern is that I might come before she did and, although she wanted desperately to feel me come inside her, she didn't want to be left high and dry if I beat her to it, not while she is being fucked in this kinky way.

I putting all I had into fucking her now, ramming myself hard forward and dragging her back and forth by the hips in time to my thrusts. She gasps at the force of my fucking, watching them both in the mirror and loving every moment of the sexiest thing she has ever done. Inside her the budding orgasm is growing, a tiny point of heat that is becoming hotter, growing more slowly mature tutor michelle thorne enjoys students schlong if it had been normal sex, but growing all the time.

Then suddenly, as if it had crept up on her, her orgasm arrives, the intense and hot feeling blossoming out and tearing through her body, flooding her nerves with incredible sensations.

She came like out of control train, her eyes shut and uttering sharp little gasps each time my cock plunges into her, trying her hardest to hold herself still for me, with her fingers gripping at the sheets and her mouth contorted in passion.

It is the most overwhelming climax she has ever had, wave after wave of pleasure rushing through her as if it will never end. The surges of pleasure gradually dwindling until she is spent, trembling and sweaty, but with me holding her up by the hips and still thrusting into her.

Part of her wants me to stop, to give up and let her collapse into a post-orgasmic heap, but the rest wants to feel me come inside her and bathing her with my cum, and that is the strongest part.

She knelt before me, head down, her cheek rubbing on the sheet where she had gathered it into her hands, letting me have her, trying to recover from her climax and get her breath back while I continued slamming into her. She knew I wouldn't last long and she so wanted me to come inside her. " I'm coming." She isn't sure if she feels relief or disappointment. She wants to feel me buried deep inside her forbidden hole, the naughtiness of it exciting her, but she is beginning to feel sore there now that she had climaxed.

" Aagghhh!" she screams softly as another powerful orgasm envelopes her young body. She feels the warmth of her inner flow as it bathes my cock.

She is unbelievably tight and yet amazingly wet as my cock pistons in and out of her virgin ass. This will be a night she will long remember.

She lifts her body up so that I knelt between her open thighs, my knees tucked under her raised legs. I see my cock as it is partially buried into her ass. My hands came down to her mons and I begin to tease her clit with my fingers. Her body shuddering as she feels my fingers graze over her most sensitive bud. I pleasured her this way for several minutes. "This was a most enjoyable evening, forgetting your initial reluctance." I said with a smile.

" You and I will have many more enjoyable times together during your visit." I said as Shristi smiled at me. " You rest, for right now, I have things to do." I said as I slide off of the bed. " You may rest here awhile and then we will go to the airport.

Natalia will be waiting for us." I said as I picked up my pants and left the room. Shristi lay back on the bed and feeling the wetness between her legs.

Her hand wanders down between her open thighs and she caresses herself as never before. When I returned I'm pleased to find Shristi naked and asleep on my bed. I spent the rest of the night enjoying her.