My sweet lesbian blonde girlfriend kisses under the sun

My sweet lesbian blonde girlfriend kisses under the sun
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My Wife's Best Friend Lara and I had been married for just over a year when her best friend Terri left her husband. The two of them had two children, both quite young. They were stationed in Germany where he was a cook for the Air Force. Terri and Lara had been best friends for most of their lives and when Terri asked if she and the kids could come and stay with us for a while, we agreed.

At first neither Lara or I was aware of what had caused their split, but we welcomed Terri and her two young kids into our modest home. Terri would tell Lara what had happened after she arrived and in turn Lara filled me in. Terri and the tamed teens ass destroyed by two huge cocks arrived late on Friday evening and Lara and I did our best to make them comfortable. Terri and Lara spent most of that first evening huddled together talking quietly as I entertained the kids.

Over pillow talk late Friday night, Lara gave me the details of Terri's split with her husband. He had started to deny their youngest child and had started to physically and mentally mature guys fuck honeys pornstar and hardcore Terri. She returned to the States as quickly as she could and seemed to be happy to settle in with us. Friday night ended quietly. As Saturday began, Lara left for her part-time job at a convenience store leaving me with our guests.

At this point, I must provide a little background information. I had known both Terri and Lara since we were all very young. Terri was always really quiet and Lara and I were both what you might call 'brainiacs' immodest games in massage saloon hardcore and handjob we both excelled in school.

I had no romantic interest in Lara until years later when our paths crossed again and we both just hit it off. Soon after, we moved in together. Things were good for nearly two years, then the wheels started to come off.

After our wedding, Lara just let herself go and gained almost two hundred pounds in less than eight months. She literally went from svelte to slovenly in that short time. I'm sorry, but she was no longer sexually attractive to me. I still liked her and cared for her, but any further chance of love (of any type) was gone. Terri would figure that out quite quickly. As for Terri, I had never looked at her in a romantic fashion, but always thought she was cute.

She mother and son sex morning bedroom seprice very petite at five-two and if she weighed ninety pounds soaking wet it would amaze me. She always came across to me as a bit mousey (a serious error in perception on my part as I would soon discover). I made lunch for Terri, myself and the kids and she then set about the task of putting them down for a nap. Being a football Saturday, I retreated to the family room with a cold beer and turned on the tube.

A short time later, Terri appeared at the door of the room carrying a beer of her own. 'Funny', I thought to myself, 'I don't ever recall seeing her drink'.

She asked who was playing and what the score was. I told her and she seemed pleased. (Everyone who reads material on this site knows where I am from and should have figured out by now that I bleed Scarlet and Grey) Terri asked if she could join me and I said, "of course". She sat on my right, parked her beer on the coffee table and began watching the game with as much interest as I.

Our team, ranked number four that particular season, managed to stomp their opponents back to the dark ages that Saturday. Terri and I had several more beers each and cheered quietly so as not to wake her napping children. To my total surprise, as the game ended, Terri reached her left hand over to me and deftly stroked my cock through my jeans. I didn't know what to think. She hadn't said a word, she just fondled me. I'm not saying I didn't like it, I was just surprised.

I turned to look at her and saw a sly smile on her face. "What's that about?", I asked. "Is there something wrong?", she replied, slowly taking her hand away. "What you just did, Terri. I didn't expect that". "Then you sure as hell don't expect this", she exclaimed. With that she leaned toward me, grabbed my face in her hands and started kissing me with more passion than I have ever felt. I broke the kiss after regaining my composure and asked her, "What do you think you are doing?

You are my wife's best friend. We can't be doing this". "Who says we can't", she responded. "We're both adults. We can kiss if we want". I said, "That's not what I mean. You and Lara have been friends since you were both little kids. She has told me about all the things the two of you have been through and I know most of what happened with you and your husband.

What I'm saying is that you and I can' together like this.because of Lara. I AM married to her". Terri said, "I'm betting you're not happy though". I replied, "now why on earth would you say that"?

"I have only been here a few hours", Terri told me. "But I am an observant girl". "OK. Do tell", I said. "You never touch her.never kiss her.never even hug her. Technically, you're still newlyweds, but there's no passion.

I want to know why you even married her. I know her side of the story, but I want to hear yours. In fact, I'm betting I know stuff that YOU don't know. I may be pushing it here, but I don't think you even love her. Why don't you just tell me if I'm on track or what?". With that said, Terri folded her arms across her chest and just glared at me. She had gotten through to the very heart of the matter.

The fact was that even though Lara and I had dated for two years and had lived together as a married couple for a year after that, I really DIDN'T love her.

The way that she had let herself go and all the weight gain had made her unattractive. (I learned through another mutual friend that her own mother had told her that since she was now married she no longer had to be pleasing to the eye.

What a bunch of shit!) I know that sounds awful, but it was true. I liked her, respected her, but didn't love her. Somehow, in the year before Terri came to stay with us, Lara had convinced me to go with her to Virginia, get married and live with her happily ever after. I now recalled being in a daze during our wedding and for some time after that whirlwind weekend.

Terri had sensed that almost at once and she had called me on it. I hung my head for a moment and said, almost under my breath, "how could you know this?'. "Lara writes letters", Terri said. "She told me something so incredible that I almost couldn't believe it until I got here and saw the results with my own eyes". "What are you trying to tell me, Terri", I said. Terri replied, "She drugged you, baby. The 'daze' you felt was the effect of the crap she fed you. You thought you were trying to be a nice guy and she was just using you".

I sat and shook my head and said, "no way in hell she did that". Terri said, "then if you didn't really love her, why did you marry her? Why did you let her take you four hundred miles away from home and rope you into something you didn't really want to do?". I didn't have an answer. "And you know this how?", I said. Terri looked down at the floor and said nothing for a moment then whispered, "she told me what she did.

She thought she would never get a guy like you any other way and she felt she had to take drastic measures. She felt that she was getting too old and she just didn't want to be alone anymore". Oh shit, I thought. Could this be true? Could Lara have really drugged me? Had I been tricked into a marriage with this girl? To be honest, the weekend of our wedding was a blur. Terri reached out to me once again and softly stroked my cock. I let her do it but told her, " how can I be sure what you are saying is true?".

"I have her letters with me", she said. "I'll show you". With that talking dirty when she cums got up and went to the guest room and returned a minute later.

The letters she showed me were in Lara's neat handwriting and included everything Terri had claimed. Still, I could not believe what I was seeing with my own eyes.

I said, "can you prove this?". Terri said, "Ask her. Put her on the spot. MAKE her tell you what she did". "Terri", I said, "if what you are telling and showing me is really true, my marriage is over". "I know", she replied, her eyes looking downward. "But I feel it's only fair that you should know the truth". With that said she started rubbing my cock again.

Not now, I thought, no matter how good it felt. I took Terri's wrist and moved her hand away and said, "Lara should be home in about twenty minutes. If what you say is true, we are done. I will divorce her. I just need you to tell me why you are giving me this information now. Why didn't you tell me sooner? We have been friends for years. This is something I should have known and you should have told me". Terri sighed and said, "I never said anything because you never looked at ME.

You never saw the love that I had for you. You never could see that I wanted you. When you and Lara got together I thought that I would brother and sister sax story full sex stories get a chance with you, but she spilled the beans when you two got home from your honeymoon. She told me the truth about what she did and it really pissed me off.

I was in a loveless relationship as well and I wanted out. I thought that maybe you and I could be good together. I just had to tell you the truth. I hope you don't hate me for it".

"I could never hate you", I said. "I just can't get my mind around this. Why would Lara do this to me? I just don't get it". Terri just looked at her feet for a moment.

I said to her, "did you just say that YOU loved me?". "You caught that did you?", Terri replied. Still looking down she said, "I have loved you since before I even knew what love truly was. I have always wanted to be with you.

From the time I was a little girl I wanted to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you". "Bullshit", I responded. "You married that creep and he dragged you all over the globe and you even had two kids with him. How am I supposed to think that you were loving ME when you did all that?". Terri hung her head and started to cry. Sometimes I'm such a sucker for crying women, damn it! "I made a mistake", she said through her tears. "I'm human, I'm female, and I have my needs but I didn't have YOU.

So I stupidly went for the first guy who gave me what I thought I needed. I thought we could have a happy family, settle down and live a good life. I was wrong, he is a prick and I feel as though I missed out on the guy I should be with". Suddenly I felt like shit. I took Terri into my arms but let her go quickly as I heard Lara's car pull into the drive. Confrontation time. Lara bounced into the house, as best as a three hundred pound woman can, holding a case of beer in each hand.

From where we were sitting, Lara couldn't see Terri, but she saw me and smiled. I almost vomited. Knowing what I knew now, the thought of being close to her sickened me, but I smiled and arose to help her put the beer in the fridge (I was gonna need a LOT of booze to get through the shit I had just learned).

By the kaylani kream takes a big white cock in her pussy we both got back in the family room, Terri had dried her tears and was watching the football wrap-up on TV. Lara parked herself in the recliner and I boldy sat down on the couch right next to Terri. I made sure that our hips were touching then I placed my arm around her shoulders and flat out said to Lara, "So, you drugged me to get me to marry you.

Then you porked out because your mom said you could. What kind of shit are you pulling here?". Lara sat, open mouthed and glared first at me then at Terri. I asked the question again and she just snorted. I knew that this was her defense mode, but I wasn't going to allow it this time. For the first time since I had known her I shouted at her, "did you drug me into marrying you?". "What has this little tramp been telling you?", Lara exclaimed.

"The truth", I responded. " And if I were you, I wouldn't be calling her names like that. I've seen the letters and I have a different opinion of who the tramp in this room may be. Now it's time for you to tell the truth yourself. I'm thinking it may be the first time you ever have, in fact.

Now answer my question. DID YOU DRUG ME?". She replied weakly, "Yeah, I did". OK. So NOW she was being honest. A year late. I was beyond anger and hatred, I was totally confused.

"Why, Lara?", I said. "I don't understand". "Because I knew I couldn't get you to marry me any other way. Mom told me what to use so that I wouldn't hurt you, just dope you up a make you more agreeable.

and compliant", she said quietly. (Lara's mother worked at the local hospital as a pharmacist's assistant. She would know what drugs would do what Lara planned) "I knew it", I shouted. "Your goddam mother has been a problem since day one. She tells you how to drug me, tells you it's OK to let yourself go to hell and you buy into all of it? What a piece of shit you are". Lara started to cry, but I wasn't going to be conned by her crocodile tears after what I had just learned.

Terri had sat quietly throughout the entire episode, but after I had shouted for the second time, her youngest woke up crying. Terri left the room to see to the little one and I was left alone with Lara. I had never been that angry in my life and I was actually afraid of what I might have done. I took a deep breath and looked Lara in the eye and said, "your choice.

Either you leave this house within the hour or I will". She reached out to me but I stood and moved away. "I mean it, Lara", I said. "Either you get out or I am going to leave. In fact, if you don't leave now I may press charges against you and that bitch mother of yours. What the two of you have done is criminal and I won't spend another day around you. Now either pack your shit and go or I will".

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"What about Terri and her kids?' Lara said. "They are not your concern", I replied. "Now which is it going to be? Are you going to go or shall I call the cops?". Lara sighed and pulled herself off the chair. She went down the hall and I heard the sounds of clothing being yanked from the closet.

Ten minutes later she emerged from what used to be our room (I never slept in that room again) with a large suitcase. "I'm so sorry," she said. "Save it", I responded. She walked out the door leaving it open behind her.

I got up, strode across the floor and slammed the door shut as hard as I could. I heard Lara's car start up and blonde cutie raylin ann devours cock of stepbro few seconds later heard her peel out of the driveway and down the street.(To this day she still lives with her widowed mom.

Both are invalids due to their obeseity. Neither of them can work, so the rest of our society supports them.

Sad.) I noted that the kids were silent again and wondered what they were thinking. I hoped that Terri had coaxed them both back to sleep.

A moment later Terri walked slowly into the room and laid her hand on my shoulder. "Maybe I shouldn't have said anything", she said softly. "Now I feel really awful". "No, Terri", I said. "You did the right thing. I would have never known all this otherwise". She took her hand from my shoulder and I turned and took her into my arms. For the first time I looked at her. I mean, REALLY looked at her. Strange.other than her cute face and long thick hair, she doesn't look like she has any real female features.

No tits to speak curve of ass. She is so petite and tiny and her clothes seem to just hang off her. But when I first pulled her close I could feel her firm breasts pressing into my chest. Her soft lips were definitely feminine as she once again kissed me with fervor.

We stood just like that for a moment longer then I started to respond to her kisses. We both let our lips part and our tongues began their sensual dance together. I don't recall now whether I was just so mad at Lara or turned on by Terri, but all I could think of at that instant was getting laid.

Not very loving and romantic to be sure, but truthful. I reached down to Terri's hips and lifted her off the floor. Turns out I was wrong again.

She DID have a nice round ass under those loose jeans. Cool! I carried her back to the family room and sat on the couch with her facing me on my lap. Our lips had never parted and we were both getting more passionate by the second. I broke the kiss and said, "I'm sorry if this seems awfully sudden,". She shook her head and all that pretty hair just flew in every direction before falling perfectly back into place.

"It's what I want, too", she said. We kissed briefly and I stood her up in front of me. I grabbed the front of her jeans, unsnapped and unzipped them and deftly pulled them down. But before I could coax her into stepping out of them, one of the kids started to cry. Shit, what a buzzkill, I thought. Terri pulled her jeans quickly back up, snapped them but didn't zip. She told me to keep our progress in mind and she would be right back.

She was true to her word and returned in just about three minutes. All was quiet in the guest room once again. "Now", Terri said softly. "Where were we?".

"Right here", I replied and jerked her jeans down once again. With both hands, I proceeded to get Terri to lift her feet out of the garment. Right lovely chick apolonia lapiedra has her pussy eaten I noticed something.

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She had been wearing socks when her jeans came down the first time. Now she was barefoot. She must have dumped the socks on her little trip to quiet her child. Oh well, I thought. Two less articles for me to take off. As I got her jeans off, I went straight for her panties. She never finched as I pulled them down and off her feet. I noticed she had a very nice trimmed patch of sandy brown hair on her mound. I liked that. I took her hands, pulled her a little closer and pulled her shirt over her shoulders.

She was wearing a sports bra that had no fasteners so I just yanked that over her head as well. For the first time I saw the soft swell of her breasts. They weren't large, but they fit her tiny body just right. I was betting that they were quite firm right now due to the fact that she was still nursing her youngest.

I would just have to wait and see. I had other plans. We were both starting to breathe a bit heavy as I put xx story ebony film star herheroine arms around her waist and pulled her petite body to me.

I had no intention of wasting any time and I simply buried my face between her slightly parted thighs. I could feel her whole body arch backward as she pushed her pussy into my mouth. Interesting. She smelled a bit like cinnamon. I pushed my tongue as far into her slit as I could from that angle and she responded by lifting her right leg up onto my shoulder. That gave me much better access to her love tunnel and I licked her pussy and clit furiously.

She came in a matter of minutes and I had to help her get her leg off me so that she didn't fall on the family room floor. Terri bent at the waist and reached for my zipper. I saved her the trouble by standing and dropping my jeans and boxers to the floor. I sat on the couch once again and she lifted my feet, one at a time as she removed my clothes and without a bit of notice, she knelt between my parted legs.

Without hesitation Terri took my quickly stiffening cock into her wet mouth and sucked deeply. My cock isn't all that large (about 6 1/2 inches or so and of average girth), but no girl I had ever been with had ever taken it all the way down.

Terri did with her first gulp. I was stunned, amazed and pleased all at the same time. I never took this shy, petite girl to be an expert on blowjobs. Wrong again. In a matter of moments she had me on the edge. I tried my best to hold back (I REALLY wanted to fuck her and at my age cumming more than once usually wasn't possible) but she wouldn't allow it.

I attempted to tell her to back off.that I was gonna cum, but I couldn't make the words audible. So I just did what any red blooded guy would do. I blew my load into her mouth. To my surprise, she just moaned and swallowed as my cock shot rope after rope homemade anal my chubby exgf never says no hot cum deep into her open throat.

My cock started to soften after several hard shots, but Terri continued to suck gently until every last drop had left me. Only then did she stand, lick her lips and smile. beautiful girl masturbating frannkies a hasty learner was wonderful", she said. "In case you are wondering, yes, that is the first time I have let a guy come in my mouth.

I've always been curious, and now I know how good it is. I can hardly wait to do it again". I was stunned. This girl I had known forever never struck me as a sexual being.

Again, I was wrong. Terri absolutely LOVED sex in every aspect. True, she was tiny and child-like in her appearance, but she was a full-fledged woman and she knew what she wanted. I decided to try to find exactlly what that was. It didn't take me long to discover. My cock didn't really deflate much after she sucked me off and now she was pulling the foreskin up and down with her tiny hand. I stiffened again quickly (something most guys don't do at my age, but hey, when you have a new girl loving on you, anything can happen!).

I grabbed Terri around the waist and pulled her toward me. She arched her back, spread her legs and pushed her lovely pussy toward my hard cock. I guided her as tattooed body gets fuck by johnny castle lowered herself onto me and I felt her hot, wet pussy envelope my shaft. I slipped all the way into her without even thrusting. She wasn't exactally tight, but she was snug and her pussy felt good as it engulfed my hard cock.

She rocked up and down and back and forth as we kissed. I gently pushed into her from time to time as her position allowed and she moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes of this, we both became impatient and I stood up, taking Terri, still impaled on my cock, and laid her gently on the floor. Terri took my face into her hands, kissed me and opened her legs as wide as she could. I took this invitation for what it meant and drove my cock into her.

She bucked up against me, driving her hips upward to meet my thrusts. Her face was getting red with her exertions and I was feeling that wonderful stirring in my groin again. I hoped she was too. I continued to pound her and she kept shoving back until the both of us reached the point of no return. I saw Terri's eyes shoot open and saw her lips mouth my name as her sweet pussy convulsed on my cock and she orgasmed.

Too much for me. I let go a torrent of cum into her. After her having sucked me off less than an hour earlier, I didn't think I could go a gusher like that. Wrong again. I am not really sure how long Terri made me cum, but it was certainly the sweetest time I had ever known. I shot stream after stream into her lovely slit.

Funny, I could tell that she felt every spurt. I liked that. After a while we both xx story ebony film star herheroine down and I slipped from her. She looked at me with a bit of sadness and said, "I wish you could be in me always". "If you want, I WILL be with you always", I said. "You mean it?'", she asked. "I mean it, Terri". Epilouge Terri and I were married soon after and were together for almost eleven years.

I loved her kids as though they were my own. To this day, both of them call me Daddy. We had a child of our own in the course of our life together and I treasure that little girl more than anyone could ever know. Then one day, Terri discovered the internet and within six months she had at least three real life affairs.Terri is now married to her latest online guy (he is two years older than her own father.

Go figure) Me, I'm dying of prostrate cancer. But I have had a good life full of sweet girls and good sex. What more could a man want?