Sony line sex stories bf storys

Sony line sex stories bf storys
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The next morning when i am at work in my office, I notice on the phone that Chantal is calling out. A few seconds later on my screen the webcam of Mistress Marit switches on and I can see Her sitting behind Her computer. She is topless and playing with her nipples. Again, i am breath taken by the way this 14 year old girl mom siliping small son rep xxx xstory japanese. I notice the cock wants to get erect in the chastity and it hurts and gives pleasure at the same time.

I am constantly remembered it is no longer my cock, but property of The Mistress. Then I see her grab the phone and I hear Her say: "Hi Chantal, sorry, I was just finishing something." Now I know why She switched on the cam!

Some silence and then The Mistress says: "You want me to come over for dinner tonight? That sounds great, but tonight I have other engagements" I know Chantal is talking downstairs, but I cannot hear what She says.

"Tomorrow evening is fine under one condition", the Mistress says, "I am only coming over if You wear a dress and no jeans. I think You would look great in a dress. If You do not wear it, I will leave immediately." I hold my breath whilst I see how the Mistress is now touching Herself between the legs. "Shall I come over at 19:00? Ok, bye!", The Mistress hangs up without waiting for an answer, quickly turns to me and says: "Go to Your wife now and write me what She said slave".

I run as commanded downstairs just to see Chantal with the phone in Her hands with a blush on her cheeks and a puzzled look on her face. "Who was that?" I ask with an innocent look on my face. "Oh, I called Marit to invite her for dinner. She is coming over tomorrow evening. She sounded enthusiastic and I have to admit, I am too. She seems like a nice girl." "Ok, fine by me. I cannot wait." I say with a smiling face and go back to the office.

Her webcam is off, but She can still see me. As always it gives me the feeling of being under constant control and I more and more like it. I write the Mistress what I noticed and what Chantal said and get a quick reply: "Good boy!

Now I want You to go to the store and buy 7 pink panties for you to wear. If you do not know what to pick You can ask. When you are done, I want You to come over. You have one hour. Go now!" I grab some papers and go downstairs and say to Chantal that I have to go to the post office in to send of some contracts.

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I jump in the car and race to town. I know the Mistress does not want me to buy cheap stuff so I go to the best lingerie shop. When I enter I am the only customer, it is still early. I feel a little bit embarrassed, because I know I am shopping for myself and with that idea I look around and I see a new world. Bra's, corsets, panties and all.

Wow. Just when I am looking at the pink panties in my size, I hear a woman's voice saying "Hi Mark, can I help you?" I turn around and see an old girlfriend I used to date in high school looking at me. I start blushing and point at the panties. "Uhm, I want seven of those" "What size do you want them?", she asks. I start to panic. "Well, I have no idea, it is for my wife and I think she is about my size".

My ex-girlfriend looks smiling to me and says, "Ok, these are the right size" and she takes 7. "Anything else?" and I quickly say no and we go to the counter.

Just when I paid she looks me straight in the eyes and says. "I never knew that Chantal has grown so much. She used the have a perfect body!" I am redder than a tomato and quickly stumble out of the store. I almost race to the car to hide myself and when I am close to japanese cute shemale noa nishino I park the car again a few streets away and sneak to the house of the Mistress. I notice the door is already open and I quickly step in.

I undress and put on the dog collar and leash that are lying ready. I wait until I am collected on my knees, head to the ground. I am a quick learner. After a while I hear the Mistress coming in the hallway and She just takes the leash, gives it a jerk and I follow. "So slave, let me see what You bought!" And she opens the bag and looks at the pink panties.

"Good boy!" and She really seems happy, which in turn makes me happy. "Now stand up and try one on, slave" and she gives me one pink panty.

I stand up and I know I have to keep looking at the ground. I notice She is wearing a bathrobe and She probably just came out of shower, because Her hair is wet. I slowly put the panty on and put it over the cb6000. "Wow, that really looks nice on You slave. You are like a little girl now. Do you like it?" "Yes Mistress", I whisper, because it is true.

I feels soft and very horny. "It is a pity of the bulge in the panties, but we will handle that later.", the Mistress says, "You will only wear these from now on huge titted anime babe loving hard cock You will hand wash the dirty ones every morning.

Understood?" I quickly confirm with "Yes Mistress". "Good girl. And since You are so good I have a present for You." And she gives me a black panty. "I wore this till this morning. Smell it" and when I put it to my nose I smell her juices and in my mind I immediately remember the first time I was allowed to worship Her pussy.

She takes the panty and puts it in my mouth. I now also taste Her. "Now stand against the table." I quickly do what She order and then I feel her standing very close behind me.

She puts a leather blindfold on me (must have been in the package she ordered before) and two leather cuffs on my wrists. "You are such a horny girl, aren't You", she whispers in my ear and I confirm by nodding my head.

"You are slut and totally mine. Now lie on the table" When I do so, I notice that something is attached to the cuffs and that pulls my arms tight against the table until I cannot move anymore. She removes the pink panty.

Then she also puts two cuffs around my ankles, spreads my legs and attaches them to the table also. "You are such a slut and I want to use this slut" and then I feel Her put some cream or so on my anus. "Oh, what a wet pussy You have. You are such a horny slut, aren't You?" I say yes in the panty, but She does not hear it. Then I feel something pushing against my anus and I resist.

I quickly feel a hard hit on my ass and mom and son tabosex hornbunnycom. "Relax bitch and accept it, or I will do it the hard way" and again I feel the pushing continue. I concentrate hard to take it and then when it is somewhat further in, she stops. I feel my ass relaxing asif it wants to adjust to the new situation and then it goes easier. She pushes again and now the cream does its work. "This is the smallest strapon I ordered and we will built up until you can take the larger ones" and she starts fucking my ass.

"Do you feel my cock in your pussy, slut" and in my mind I can see her. This is the world upside down. Here I am, a 41 year old man being fucked by a 14 year old girl wearing a strapon cock. But somehow it feels natural. She is superior to me and by Her fucking me She imprints that in my mind. After a while I hear Her moan and I realize that it must be a strapon that stimulates Her also and with a few hard thrusts She comes with a loud scream.

She pulls the cock out of my pussy and I hear Her sit down in Her chair. I hear the zipper and then I smell She is smoking a cigarette. After a while of complete silence (besides her inhaling) I hear her walk to me. She then penetrates my ass again with a butt plug. It feels larger than the strapon. She removes the panty out of my mouth and says "You are to wear this until You can no longer take it, then wait 5 minutes, remove it and then after 30 minutes fill the pussy again.

Understood?" "Yes Mistress!" She unties me and removes the blindfold. I quickly drop to my knees.

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I now see Her: she is totally naked, only wearing her high black pumps and a black strapon. The sight is extremely sexy. A hard kick with the heel against my chest reminds me what I have to do and I quickly face the ground. "Hold out your hand", she says and I feel her finishing her cigarette in the palm of my hand. It burns and I moan and I feel tears come to my eyes.

"Stop whining, you sissy. Hold out the other hand" and I feel she puts a small tablet in my hand. "Tomorrow evening around 18:30 you will put this in the drink of Chantal and make sure she drinks it. Understood?" Yes Mistress" "Now put on your pink panty and get back to work. Chop chop!" I quickly crawl to the hallway, put on my clothes, hide the other 6 panties in the car and drive home. When I sit down I feel the buttplug penetrating me.

If is hard to concentrate. Then when I go to the toilet some strange happens. I feel as if I have to pee, but it comes out very slow. I see cum dripping from the head of the cock. I am having an orgasm, but not a normal since it is not accompanied with the intense explosion. When I did some research I found out it was due to the prostate stimulation by the strapon and the plug.

I still felt extremely horny and very frustrated because I cannot touch myself. Of course I can still stroke the balls, but due to the cb6000 I cannot get erect. I keep wearing the plug for as long as I can, but after while it starts to hurt and then I have to remove it. I clean it regularly with some alcohol and keep it creamed. I have to admit that it gets easier to put it in my pussy. The next morning I shower and clean the cock and cb6000 with the showerhead and some soap.

I quickly put on my pink panties and look at myself in the mirror. I smile and feel like a cheap whore and I like it. I even try to stand like a woman and wiggle my ass a little. I put in the plug and somehow I feel hot! I quickly dress myself and I look forward to the day. Tonight the Mistress is coming for dinner! I attend to my work and try to concentrate. I do my hourly worship routines and take a quick glimpse at the shrine I had to make for the Mistress.

I see the stone and the feather I found. I notice that when I am outside I am constantly looking for something that is worthy for the shrine. The Mistress has me thinking of Her 24/7 that is fact. I want to keep the plug in all night and I have noticed that the pink panties help keep it in.

I hear that Chantal went to do the shopping for tonight. She wanted to make a nice pasta. I am little bit nervous because I have the tablet in my pants that I have to put in her drink tonight. When I stop at 18:00 I go downstairs into the kitchen. Chantal has outdone herself. She is wearing a tight jeans that makes her ass come out great. I notice that looking at her makes me even more horny than I already was.

Chantal did not have that effect on my for quite some time. All preparations for the pasta are done and she even made a tiramisu.

I see a few nice bottles of red and white wine. "I spilled some chocolate on my jeans so I am going to put on something else" and I indeed see some stains on her jeans.

"You poor in a nice wine, I will be back shortly" she stepdaughter sally gets hardlybanged in all fours and she goes upstairs. This is my chance I think and I open the bottle of red wine and fill two glasses and drop the tablet of whatever it is in the drink of Chantal. After a while Chantal came downstairs and she was wearing he plane black dress that she wore at the wedding of her sister and her black pumps.

Her hair was great and she put up some subtle makeup. It looked asif she a had natural blush. "Wow, you look asian with hairy muff swallows his hot jizz, I say and it is the truth.

I try to pull her to me, but she resists and says "Ok, let us drink some wine. I want us to have a nice evening and we have to tell Marit the truth about the way she dresses." I give her the glass of drugged wine and say "I think she looks great. She looks way more mature than her age." "I know, but she does not have to sell it like that", Chantal says. "I am certain most man would feel tempted" and she looks at me as if to ask me to deny it "You are right", I say, "She does look hot in her tight short dress" "See, you just made my point.

This can be dangerous for her." I am thinking that she can handle any situation, but just smile. "You look hot too in your dress.

You never wear this for me. And now Marit comes and you put it on." Chantal blushes and quickly leaves the kitchen and I see her ass move in the black dress. Chantal made the table and I see her getting even more blushes on her busty asian milf ai sayamas closeup threeway threesome pornstar. When the clock says 19:10 she says "I hope for her sake she did not forget about our appointment" and just then the doorbell rings. We both walk to the door and open it.

The Mistress steps in and ignores me. She is wearing a long trench coat, a big black bag and with one look of Her I understand I have to take it. When I put it in the wardrobe I see that she wears black tight leather pants, black top and black pumps. Her hair is in a pony tail and she has red lips and red nails. She is checking Chantal from top to toe. Chantal blushes even more. Then the Mistress walks to Chantal and pulls her against her body with one hand and grabs her ass with the other and gives a wet kiss on the mouth of Chantal.

"Thank You for inviting me. I very much like your dress Chantal. It makes you more woman.", the Mistress says and she walks into the living room, leaving me and Chantal standing there in shock. There is some red lipstick on the lips of Chantal and I see her touching it with her tongue. Then she looks at me and in her look I see that she wonders why I did not say anything.

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Not about me automatically taking her coat and not about the aggressive attitude of Marit. The Mistress is already sitting on the coach and I do not really know what to do so I ask what she wants to drink.

I tell her we have coke or different kinds of juices. She takes one look at the glass in the hands of Chantal and says: "I would like a glass of red wine also" also looking Chantal in the eyes as if to challenge her to say something. When a few seconds pass I go to kitchen, from me the Mistress was not expecting any remarks. When I come back Chantal is sitting in the chair across Marit. I cautiously serve the Mistress her wine and then she says "I think there are two types of men.

One is the type that is there to fuck you and the other is there to serve you. What do you think Chantal?" Chantal looks shocked and says "Marit, how can you say that?" "Well, it is the truth Chantal. What type of man you think Mark is?" and she looks at me. Automatically Chantal nubile films bailey ryder buries her tongue at me also as if pleading me to help her.

"Well, maybe Mark can answer for himself", Chantal says. "Well, uhm,", I start to stammer and I feel the eyes of the Mistress burning on me, "maybe I am the man that likes to serve. Look at how well I brought the glass of wine to Marit", trying the make a joke of it. But one look at the Mistress shows me she means business and I quickly lower my head.

Chantal notices this with an open mouth. "I think we will test how well you serve us tonight, Mark", Marit says, "You are dismissed to the kitchen and make us a nice dinner. Do you agree Chantal?" and Marit looks at my wife. "Well, uh, when Marks feels like it, I do not have a problem with it. Someone has to make the dinner". "Then that is clear. Fill our glasses first Mark and then we would like to eat in 1 hour. And please remove one plate, because servants do not eat with their masters." And without a further word she turns to Chantal.

I feel beaten and humiliated and walk to the kitchen. So quickly it happens, I think. I collect the bottle of wine playing with a hard sex tool hardcore blowjob fill the glasses.

"Cheers Ancient hot office sex the flintstones xxx, I say. "Stop, You are not to address us like that. We are Ma'am for you and you will only speak to us when we ask you a question. Is that understood?", Marit says. "Yes Ma'am", I say to the 14 year old girl from next door that is ruling the room with Her presence. I leave to the kitchen and start making the pasta that my wife prepared.

I go to the dinning room and and remove one plate. All the time I hear the ladies chatter and laugh in the living room. I notice that Chantal has never been so loose and accepting. Maybe it is because of the drug? Suddenly I hear the Mistress say: "Come on girl, show me your dress.

Stand up and show me!" I quickly peek around the corner and see that Chantal complies. She shows her dress, turns around, bends forward and sticks her ass out. "How does that feel, Chantal?" "It feels great Marit! "Do you now understand tattooed body gets fuck by johnny castle I always wear sexy clothing?", Marit continues "Yes, of course Marit, I do understand.

It makes us feel great" "Yes, no harm in showing what you got. And maybe you find irrumation from oriental beautiful babe in upskirt worthy guy to fuck.", Marit says "Mmm, yes, I totally agree!", my wife adds.

I see Marit patting on the coach and Chantal quickly sits next to her. "You are really beautiful", Marit says to my wife and in the mean she strokes the cheek of Chantal and then she presses a thumb against her lips.

My wife opens her mouth and starts sucking it. First softly and then faster. Then Marit pulls her thumb away and pulls my wife to her and starts kissing her. First Chantal resists a little and then relaxes and starts to kiss back. "I knew it when I first saw you looking at me", Marit says "You like me, right?" "Yes Marit, I like you very much." "You are bisexual, correct?" and when my wife confirms I am in total shock.

I am living with her all these years and I never knew that. Then I see that the Mistress noticed me and I quickly go back in the kitchen. I hear the ladies talk softly.

I finish the meal and put all on the table. The ladies notice and it and come to the table. My wife thinks I do not know what just happened and feels a little bit shy and sits down. When the Mistress remains standing I realize what is expected and I hold the chair for her and she sits down. "You can stand there after you collected and filled the glasses" and she points to the corner "in case we need something".

I quickly comply. "Mmm, this is delicious", Marit says and my wife agrees. From the corner where I stand I can see that Marit is stroking the thighs of my wife with her left hand. She looks hot and takes another sip of her wine.

My wife is not eating much. During the meal they talk about the people in the neighborhood and after I served them the tiramisu they are extremely happy. "I do like chocolate", Marit says, something I automatically store in the back of my head. When they are done I know what to do and help them with their chairs.

They go to the living room and I clean up. When I report back in with the bottle of wine the Mistress says: "I think it is proven that Mark is the serving type, don't you agree Chantal". And my wife who is sitting close to her says "Yes, I agree!

I never knew Mark had these qualities. I should have known sooner than he could have done more in the household." "Well, I am certain he will help out more, don't you Mark", the Mistress says and she looks at me intensely.

"Yes Mistress", I automatically reply. "Mistress? Did he really say Mistress?", my wife asks. "Yes Chantal. Mark called me Mistress. It is just his nature. You should not hold it against him. As I said, he is the serving type and in order for us to feel complete we also need the fucking type, a bull, when we want it." "Yes!", my wife now says enthusiastically.

"And when there is no bull we have to help each other." Marit continues and she starts kissing my wife who no longer holds back and starts kissing back. I slowly move to my corner and watch them make out. Marit takes the hand of my wife and leads her to the bedroom. When she passes me she whispers in my ear: "Collect my bag and place it in the bedroom. Kneel in the corner and do not disturb, slave!" I collect the bag and just when I softly enter in the bedroom I see the Mistress pulling the dress of my wife.

I place the bag on the ground and kneel in a corner. The Mistress stands behind my wife and I see my wife put on her nicest black bra and panty, as if she knew this was going to happen. The Mistress removes the bra and I see the nipples of my wife are hard. The Mistress starts stroking the breasts and pulling the nipples and twisting them. My wife moans softly with her eyes closed. Another hand of the Mistress lowers the panties and Chantal steps out of them.

She is now totally naked, besides her black pumps and she leans a little against the Mistress, who is now kissing her neck and keeps working on one breast and the other is massaging the clit xnx sex stories story hospital patient my wife.

I now notice she is completely shaven. When did she do that? "Mmm, I like my pussies bald and wet", the Mistress says and she pushes Chantal on the bed. My wife opens her legs and the Mistress starts licking her pussy. Within a few seconds my wife has her first orgasm with a loud moan. The Mistress continues and soon after the body of my wife starts shaking and she almost comes screaming.

The Mistress goes up with glittering eyes and starts kissing my wife. The cock is hurting extremely, because this is turning me on big time. The Mistress feels in her bag and I am in shock when I see her get out a strapon. It is a big black cock and the Mistress stands up and puts it over her tight leather pants.

She looks like a Goddess now. My wife is now totally filled with lust and licks her lips. The Mistress moves towards her and presses the big black cock against the mouth of my wife. She automatically opens it and starts sucking. "I feel black cocks are the best!", Marit says and my wife nods in agreement.

"Black bulls are also the best", Marit continues and my wife sucks even harder. The Mistress holds her head and fucks her in the mouth. Then after a while she says "Open your pussy for me Chantal" and my wife kneels, lifts her ass and offers her pussy. The Mistress takes the big black cock and pushes it against the pussy of my wife. Then she looks at me and I know what she thinks and she is right. I am jealous on my wife. I want to be the one that gets fucked. I am the slut of my Mistress and now my wife gets her full attention.

It is not fair. Then the cock slowly fills the pussy of my wife and the Mistress starts fucking her. It is a mind-blowing picture. My totally nude wife being fucked by the fully dressed 14-year old girl from next door with a big black cock. I almost start drooling and softly moan of joy and pain.

I am fully aware of the plug in my pussy and want more. Then with big spasms my wife comes so loud as she has not done in many many years. But the Mistress not done and she keeps fucking my wife and she starts yelling "Oh yes, Marit, fuck me, fuck me hard. I need you to fuck me" and then with loud moaning in the rhythm of the movements of Mistress my wife comes again shivering and she starts to cry and falls tired on the bed, still shaking.

The Mistress clicks her fingers and points at the big black cock covered in juices of my wife. I crawl towards her and when she lies on the bed and takes my wife in her arms I start sucking the cock, licking all the juices and loving it.

The Mistress wipes away the tears of my wife and strokes her hair and ass. Then I see my wife looking at me, but I do not stop sucking the cock. She does not say a word either, she just looks. Then she looks at the Mistress and starts kissing her, accepting the new order of things. "Do you want me to stay, Chantal?" Marit asks and my wife says "Yes Marit, I want you to stay." Marit stands up and points me to the corner again.

My wife sees me crawling to the corner. She removes the strapon and all her clothes. I hear my wife holding her breath when she sees the beautiful body of the Mistress. They lie on the bed and start making love again. This time it is my wife sucking the pussy of my Mistress and again I feel extremely jealous.

Time passes by and after a while they stop their lovemaking. The Mistress takes her bag, gets out the cigarettes and lights one. "You want one, honey", Marit asks Chantal.

My wife never smoked, but this time she does. They lie against each otherChantal coughs a little and they big booty ebony bitch is one hell of a sex slave giggle. "I do not have an ashtray here", my wife says. The Mistress clicks her fingers and I know what is expected of me.

I crawl to the bed and stick out my hand. All the time looking at the beauty undresses on camera girlfriend and homemade. They both put their ashes in my hand and I am thinking that in the beginning I served my Mistress afraid she would betray me to my wife, but now I serve because I need to. She was right, I am the serving type. "How does Mark know all this?", Chantal asks the Mistress.

"I will be honest with you Chantal, because you deserve that. I have had my eyes on you for a long time. I think you are beautiful and do not understand what you were doing with this sissy. Recently I, uhm, confronted Mark with my ideas and I convinced him he is submissive and strengthened his need to serve.

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Very quickly he begged me to become his slave. Is that not so slave?" "Yes Mistress", I whisper. With big eyes my wife follows the conversation. "So, I trained him a little and he is getting more and more the slave and slut he wants to be right Mark" "Yes Mistress, I am becoming a real slut" "Good boy.

Now open your mouth and swallow." I quickly open my mouth and I feel her put out the cigarette in my hand and drop it in my mouth. "You can do the same Chantal, come on, go ahead, he does not mind, does he?" "No Mistress, I mumble and I feel my wife do the same.

I quickly swallow the cigarettes and lick my hand clean without being instructed to do so. "So now stand up, undress yourself and show what a sissy you have become!" When I stand naked for them my wifes starts giggling when she sees my pink panties, but she stares in awe when she sees the chastity device.

"What is that?", she asks. "That asma from peshawar hayatabad xxxn story to protect my cock from being touched by the slave.

He is male models jared is nervous about his first time jerking off on tube porn allowed to get erect and cum when I want it, if at all. Do you like it!" "Wow, yes, can I touch it?" and my wife jumped out of bed and started stroking the device, all the time laughing.

I have never felt more humiliated in my life. She jumped back to the bed and kissed the Mistress again. I just stood there and stared at them. What happened with my life. "And you know the best part? He is training his pussy, because he wants to become a better slut, right slave?" "Yes Mistress", I answered, "I want to train my pussy", reminding me of the plug. "Remove the plug and tell us what you want", the Mistress said whilst she was massaging the clit of my wife. I removed the plug with a sigh and felt empty and said "I want my pussy filled Mistress with a cock, I so much need it" and when forced to speak one's mind, it tells the truth, because God, I need to be filled to get some kind of sexual pleasure.

"You see, it is no longer a man, but a sissy or better a slut-in-the-making. Do you want to fill it Chantal?", the Mistress asked my wife bringing her close to an orgasm. "How should I do that?" "Well, put this on" and the Mistress gave her the strapon she used earlier.

Om my God, no, that is too big, I thought. The Mistress assisted my wife in putting on the strapon. "First some lubrication", the Mistress said with a smile and guided the cock to my mouth and just as before with my wife I automatically opened my mouth and started sucking and again, trying to make it as wet as possible.

"Kneel on the bed and open your pussy", the Mistress said. The I felt my wife put the cock against my pussy. "Ask for it", the Mistress hissed. "Please Mistress, please fill my pussy" and if it is because of the plug or the horny situation or whatever, but the cock smoothly entered my pussy and my wife started fucking me. "Oh my god, this is horny! This is great!" and the Mistress was in the mean time fingering my wife until she finally came.

She gave one last thrust and then pulled the cock out and I felt even more empty. But she turned me around and forced me to such the cock again. Now it did not feel so nice, but I was afraid to resist. "Do you think he still is a man?" Marit asked my wife.

"No, I have to agree with you Marit. This is the serving type and I can no longer look at him as my husband.

I think for the real love and sex I have to look at you Marit" and with that said, she removed the strapon, threw it to me so I could continue sucking it and they both fell to the bed again, strangled in eachother. "We want our breakfast at 09:00, slave. Go to your quarters", The Mistress said and I slowly crawled out of the room. For a long time I could hear them until they finally fell asleep. I went downstairs, cleaned up and slept in the spare bedroom, without forgetting to put the alarm at 08:00.

Little did I know my new life has just started.