English blonde masturbation first time noise complaints make filthy tramp cops like me

English blonde masturbation first time noise complaints make filthy tramp cops like me
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Three weeks later Mary called. She must have gotten my number from Charlene, because I never gave it to her. I had thought about calling her to see if she wanted to go out to a movie or something, but I just didn't know how to ask a girl out.

I always found some excuse for putting it off, and there were midterm exams to keep me occupied. "Hi Larry, this is Mary," she said. "How are you doing?" "OK, how about you?" I replied. "I am doing fine. I was calling to see if you were interested in another poker game?" As soon as I recognized her voice on the phone, I figured this was what Mary was calling about.

I had thought a lot about that strip poker game in the last three weeks. I had very confused feeling about it. It had certainly been exciting. Sharon was the first naked girl I had ever seen in the flesh. I sunny leone and nadia ali lost count of how many times I masturbated in the last three weeks thinking about Sharon's breasts and naked body.

On the other hand, I had been stripped myself during the game. Mary, and probably most of the others, had gotten a look at my erection, when I quickly whipped my boxers off, before sitting down.

I had won the boxers back at the end of the game, but I had been very close to losing this game and suffering the embarrassment of standing completely naked in front of the four girls. Should I risk playing another game with theses amazing blonde fucks swallows fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy I had studied very hard how to play poker before the first game, and I thought I had played very well, but it did not seem to help.

If you do not get good cards, there is very little you can do. You cannot really bluff in a game where everyone had to show all their cards at the end. Still I knew the odds should be in my favor.

If the game was just pure luck, there should be a 50/50 chance of a girl being the big loser and only about a one in eight chance of me being the big loser. If I could play poker better than most of the others in the game, then my odds should be even better, but could I really play better?

Mary seemed pretty good at poker, and I suspect the girls had been practicing with these rules quite a bit. Many of the girls in the game were engineering students, and they probably knew how to figure out all of odds. Was I in over my head trying to play strip poker using those rules they had made up?

"Well, I really don't know. I didn't do that well last time, cute alexa has her tight snatch drilled pornstars and redhead I . I just don't think I'm a lucky person." "Oh, that's silly, Larry. There is no such thing as lucky or unlucky people," Mary said. "If you play as well next time, you should do much better." "Well." I replied.

"I'm really worried about how I played last time. I thought about that last hand over and over. I could just as well ended up stripped with Jim and George." "Oh, Larry," Mary answered. "You told me you were sure you had me beat, and you were right. You are good at reading people, and that's an important skill in poker. You could have been wrong, but you weren't. Don't doubt yourself.

You are good at it." "Well. I don't know," I answered.

"Are you sure Sharon wants to play after the last game." "Yes," answered Mary, without any hesitation. "Sharon is very interested in another game, and so are Kristen and Betty." "But why do you want me?" I asked. "You have already seen me in my birthday suite, and besides, if I'm really a good player, why would you want me in the game. Wouldn't you rather have a poor players in the game to improve your chances?" "Larry, Larry, you don't understand," Mary replied.

"We could play strip poker the way kids do, only the low hand has to take off a piece of clothes, but that is just a game of chance. Sharon, Kristen, and I, we all want a real poker game but where we bet clothes instead of money.

We are looking for guys who aren't afraid to bet their clothes against us. For strip poker to be interesting there has to be a significant risk that it is me who gets stripped. We don't want guys that are so easy to beat that it's not a challenge.

Yes that means we are going to lose sometimes, but without that risk, strip poker would be boring. I want you because you are a good sexy blonde wife cheats on her husband and gets fucked in her ass, who has proved he is not afraid to bet his clothes.

That's why I want you." At least she had not said that she wanted me because I was safe. I still could not tell if Mary liked me or just thought I was a safe person to bring to a strip poker game.

Something inside me wanted to go to this game, but something also was warning me to say no. "OK," I heard myself say. "When is this game?" Had I really just agreed to play another game? "Well, we were thinking of next Friday night. Is that ok?" Mary asked. "Sure," I answer, and we made arrangements to meet that Friday night. After I hung up the phone, I felt confused.

The sensible sides of me kept saying this was crazy, but something made me go ahead anyway. Friday night I once again found myself sitting on the floor of the converted master bedroom that was now Sharon and Kristen apartment. Sharon, who was sitting just to my left this time, dealt the first hand. Much to my surprise, George had come back to play again.

I wondered what he would do this time if one of the girls lost. Kristen apparently thought George would act reasonably. Jim had not come back for this second game. Either he was too embarrassed after the first game to play again, or Betty had decided not to invite him. Betty had brought Joe, an average looking engineer type, who seemed very eager to get started. The other new players were Cathy and Bill.

Cathy was a short girl with shoulder length light brown hair. Bill was also short, but well built. I picked up my cards and looked at them, and then looked at them again. I had three aces, a jack and a queen. I couldn't believe my good luck. I looked at everyone else. Since Sharon had dealt, Bob was the first to act, and he passed. So did Kristen and George, but Cathy opened. Everyone else saw the bet. I discarded 2 cards.

Most people took three cards, but Bill and Joe took two cards, and Bob took one. I looked at my two cards, a four and a nine, no help. I looked around, trying to think who could have a hand that would beat three aces. Cathy had opened, so she was the first to act and she confidently bet one. Bill folded, but Betty studied Cathy's face, then tossed one chip into the pot to see the bet.

Joe looked at Betty, then picked up the three chips in front of him and dropped them into the pot as a raise. Mary folded and now it was my turn to act. I looked at Joe. He had taken two cards, so he might have had three of something before the draw.

Cathy and Betty had taken three cards, so a pair was the best they had before the draw. I had never played poker with Cathy or Joe, but I was sure Betty would have raised if she had a hand that could beat me.

Bob worried me. He had passed rather than opened, but took only one card. He must have been trying to fill a straight or a flush. If he had made it, he would have me beat.

I took off my shoes and tossed them behind Sharon. "I'll see the three, and I raise five," I announced. I pushed the three chips in front of me into the pot, and Sharon put in five more from the bank. Sharon folded and so did Bob. He dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill was relieved. Bob did not have a straight or flush. Kristen and George quickly folded. Now Cathy was staring directly at me.

She reached down and removed her shoes and handed them to Sharon also. "I see the bet," she said. Betty looked at Cathy, then at me. "Too rich for me," she said. Joe had been studying both Cathy and me, and he hesitated, but reluctantly removed his shoes.

"I'll see the bet too," he said. "Ok Larry. What have you got there?" "Three aces," I said, as I turned over my cards. This was met with a groan from Joe and Cathy.

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As everyone laid down their hand, I saw that Joe had three three's and Cathy had two pair, kings and eight's. We looked around for the low hand and it turned out to be Bob, who only had an Ace high. Bob had four diamonds, so I suspect he had tried to draw to a flush, and failed. He must have figured with an ace high he would not have the lowest hand, if he missed the flush.

I gathered in all the chips in the pot and tried to stack them in front of me. Bob handed me his shoes, then gathered up the cards and began to shuffle them for the next hand. Mary leaned over to whisper in my ear. "Looks like your luck has improved, Larry." Bob began to deal out the cards and everyone tossed in their ante.

Cathy and Joe were both out of chips. Joe took off his socks and threw them behind Sharon. Cathy was wearing panty hose. She had to stand up and pull up her white dress to remove them, but Cathy was on the opposite side of the circle, so I did not get any peek at her underpants.

I picked up my cards and found an ace, king, eight, seven and four. Well, I couldn't expect tai phim sexy dung luong thap cards every hand. Kristen was the first to act, and she opened.

Everyone else quickly saw the bet. I drew three cards, and got a pair of eight's. That should be good enough to keep me from having the lowest hand.

Most others took three, except for Bob and Joe, who each took one, and George who took two. The real surprise was Mary, who did not take any. What did she have? A full house, a straight or flush seemed most likely, unless she had something like two pair with a ace kicker, but I thought Mary would have discarded the ace, so I discounted that. Kristen had opened, so she was the first to act. She was studying her cards carefully and pushed one chip forward. "I'll open for one," she said.

Everyone folded around to Joe. He had taken only one card, so he probably had two pair before the draw, and he was studying his cards carefully. "I'll see the bet," he finally said. Mary emylia argan big tits amp sweet pussy for creampie removed her shoes and handed them to Sharon.

"I'm raising you five," she said, pushing the last chip in front of her towards the pot. Sharon added the five for Mary's shoes. College nymphet lilly labeau take cock in class folded without another look at my cards and so did Sharon.

Bob thought about it for a second, but folded also. Now Kristen had to decide what to do. She had opened, but taken three cards, so she must have had at least a pair of jacks before the draw. Finally, she took off her shoes and handed them to Sharon. What did she have that she was betting against Mary's probable full house, flush or straight?

Joe looked at Kristen and then at Mary. He had already lost shoes and socks, so he would have to sell his shirt to see the bet. Joe shook his head. "I fold," he said. "OK, Mary, what have you got?" Kristen spoke up. "A straight," replied Mary, as she laid down her cards. Kristen moaned as see dropped her cards on the floor. She had two pair, aces and queens. What had she been thinking when she bet? It was a good hand, but when Mary drew no cards, it should have been clear to Kristen that her hand was beaten.

Had Kristen not been paying attention when Mary didn't discard any cards, or did she not understand enough about poker to realize she was beaten? Maybe all those hours reading poker books and practicing playing games were worth something after all. While I was trying to figure out Kristen's logic, everyone else was looking for the lowest hand. "I think you have the lowest hand Bill," Sharon said. I looked down at Bill's hand. It was a king high. Bill took off his shoes and handed them to Mary.

Kristen began to gather up the cards for the next hand. I looked around and the chip stacks of the players. Many players had only one chip left. Kristen and Betty had no chips left, so some more clothes would have to come off this hand. Mary and I, of course, had big stacks of chips by virtue of winning the first two hands. As Kristen started to deal out the cards, Betty took off her shoes and handed them to Sharon, who gave her back five chips. Everyone put one chip into the pot for an ante.

When Kristen had finished dealing, she stood up reached under her skirt and pulled off her panty hose, dropping them in the pile behind Sharon. Sharon put one chip in the ante and gave the other four to Kristen. I picked up my cards and looked at three fours.

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A very good hand, but would it hold up. Kristen had dealt, so the first to act was George. Everyone passed around to me, so I opened for one. Everyone saw my opening bet, but Sharon and George had to sell their shoes, and Bob and Bill had to sell their socks to get chips.

I drew two cards, but they were no additional help. I still had three fours. Sharon took one card, and everyone else took three cards. Since I had opened the first round, I had to act first this round. From the draws, Sharon had two pair before the draw, and everyone else had at best a pair. Three fours might hold up as the best hand, but I wasn't sure. On the other hand I had a big stack of chips in front of me.

If I opened for five, that would force people to remove a piece of clothes to find out if they had me beat. "I open for five," I said, trying to sound very confident. Sharon turned and looked at me, shook her head and folded.

Bob looked at me carefully, then took off his shirt and tossed it in the pile behind Sharon. "I'll see your bet," he said. Kristen looked at Bob and me.

She was clearly thinking about betting. She only had four chips in front of her, so she would have to sell her gray sweater to the bank, if she wanted to bet. She frowned. "I fold," she said. George and Cathy both folded, but Bill removed his shirt. "I will see the bet," Bill announced.

Betty was studying me carefully, then looked at Bob and Bill. She was wearing baggy black pants and she rolled up her pants to remove her shear socks and handed them to Sharon. "I'll see the bet, also," she said. That left Mary, who folded. "OK, Larry, what have you got there this time," Betty asked. "Three fours," I said. "Not good enough," Betty said excitedly. "Three tens." Bob and Bill both dropped their cards on the floor.

I could see they both had two pair. I looked around to try to see who had the lowest hand. "I'm afraid you have the lowest hand Cathy," Kristen said. "What," Cathy said. "I have a pair of five's. Somebody must be lower than that." "No, a pair of five's is the lowest hand," said Kristen. Cathy looked around at all the other hands on the floor until she was convinced it was true.

She shrugged her shoulders and stood up. She removed her bright red belt, then unbuttoned her dress and stepped out of it, revealing a white lacy bra and a half-slip.

Cathy's dress had been lose fitting around the chest, but as she handed it to Betty I could clearly see that she had nice size breasts. Not huge breast, but bigger than Sharon's, which were, of course, the only breasts I had ever seen in the flesh. Cathy sat back down, big tits ebony drilled by pervy pawn man looked around the circle at all the guys staring at her bra.

"Well I hope you are all enjoying the view," she said with a smile. "Come on, whose deal is it anyway." It was George's deal. He started to gather up the cards and shuffle them. Joe was all out of chips, and he removed his shirt and tossed it behind Sharon to get enough chips to ante. Everyone pushed his or her ante into the pot. I noticed that Cathy had anted her last chip, so her slip was going to have to come off very shortly to stay in the game.

I picked up my cards, and looked at a pair of nines, an ace, a two and a three. Not a great hand. Since George had dealt, Cathy was the first to act, and she passed. Everyone else passed to me also.

I passed, and I was wondering if no one had an opening hand, but Kristen opened for one. George immediately saw the bet, and then it was Cathy's turn. She was out of chips. She could of course fold, but that would up the chances of having the lowest hand. She was clearly thinking about it, but she finally stood up and slid the elastic bands of her white half- slip down over her hips, revealing a low cut lacy white panty that was solid in front but semi transparent on the sides.

Cathy let the slip drop to the floor and then quickly sat back down, and forced a smile, as Sharon handed her five chips. Everyone else quickly saw the bet. I wondered if I should keep the ace, and only take two cards, but discarded the ace and took three.

Everyone else took three, except for Bob and Kristen, who took two. I picked up my three cards and saw a third nine, plus and an ace and a jack. Now this was better, but what about Kristen. She had opened and only taken two cards. Did she have three of something? What about Bob? He had passed, rather than open and then taken only two cards. He must have had a low pair and kept an ace kicker, so he probably did not have me beaten.

Kristen was the first to act, and much to my surprise she passed. If she had three of anything, she would not have passed, so she must have had a high pair, plus an ace kicker and did not improve the hand in the japanese incest brazil subtitles mom. I was feeling surer I had the best hand.

Everyone passed to me. With the big stack of chips in front of me, I decided to open for five. Sharon, sitting next to me, was studying me carefully.

She stood up. "I'm going to see your five, and raise you five," she announced. Sharon was wearing the same black dress as at the first game. So far she had lost only her shoes, but to get ten chips, she would have to sell her panty hose and dress. She unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing the same lacy black bra and half-slip I had seen at the last game.

Then she reached up under her slip and removed her panty hose, and sat back down, with a big smile on her face. What kind of hand did Sharon have? I had not been worrying about her. She did not open, and she took three cards, but she must have something now. My experience playing against Sharon in the first game told me she probably had me beat.

She might have seen the bet with two pair or a lower three of a kind, but she would not be raising with her dress if she did not have a very good hand. Everyone else folded around to me.

I looked at the big stack of chips I still had in front of me. I was pretty sure that Sharon had me beat, but I had a lot more chips in front of me, so I could raise back another five, and force her to take off her slip to see my bet. Would she then raise back with her bra? If she did, I could raise back and she would have to bet her panties. "I see your five and raise you five," I heard myself saying.

All eyes turned to Sharon sitting next to me. Her blue eyes were staring back at me. Sharon slowly stood up and wiggled out of her black half-slip. She tossed it in the bank pile and sat down. "I'll adorable babe experiences backside fuck hardcore russian your bet," she said, and then spread her cards on the floor.

"I've got three kings, what have you got Larry?" I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I spread out my cards. "Three nines," I said. Sharon reached out and began gathering in the pot. I looked down at my stack of chips. I still had fifteen or twenty chips, so I was not in any immediate trouble, but still, Sharon had suckered me into losing more than I should have lost by taking off her dress.

I was mad at myself for being taken in by that move. I guess I was lucky that Sharon did not have the guts to raise with her bra at the end, or I would have even fewer chips left. People were now looking around to see who had the low hand. It turned out to be Bill, who only had a queen high hand. Bill stood up and removed his pants and handed them to Sharon, leaving Bill sitting there in his underpants and undershirt.

It was now Cathy's sunny leon 2019 xxx full, and she slowly gathered up the cards, shuffled them, and began to deal the next hand. Everyone put his or her ante into the pot. I picked up my cards and looked at a big nothing, an ace, eight, seven, three and a two. The betting started with Bill, who passed.

Betty also passed, but Joe opened. Everyone else saw the bet, around to Kristen. Kristen was out of chips, so she pulled her sweater off over her head, revealing a white lacy bra. Kristen handed her sweater to Sharon and took the five chips, tossing one into the pot.

The remaining players all saw the bet. I took three cards, and so did everyone else, except for Mary and Joe, who took only two. I looked at my three cards, but they were not any real help. I now had an ace, queen, eight, six and a three. Joe, who had opened, passed on this betting round, but Mary pushed five chips from her stack into the pot. "I open for five," she said confidentially. I folded, of course, and so did Sharon and Bob.

Kristen was studying her cards, and then looked up at Mary. Kristen stood up, unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it, and handed it to Sharon. Kristen was wearing solid pink satin panties. Then to everyone amazement, Kristen reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, letting her breasts fall free. I heard a gasp from Joe. Kristen's breasts amazing ebony lesbians skyler nicole and monice rae playing with a dil larger than Sharon's, and now that they were liberated from her bra, they dropped and bounced as Kristen sat back down.

"I raise you five," she said. Kristen sat up straighter, and pushed her breasts out, seeming to want to make sure we all got a good look. Everyone folded around to Mary, who was staring at Kristen's eyes, rather than her breasts. Mary coolly reached down to her stack of chips and counted out ten of them. "I'll see your five and raise another five," she announced.

Everyone turned to Kristen. She stood up and slowly slid her panties down and stepped out of them. She then stood up holding the panties out by her thumb and first finger for a few seconds, giving all of us a clear view of her naked form. Then she sat back down, and tossed her panties into the bank pile behind Sharon. "I'll see your bet," she said.

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I couldn't believe this. Kristen was acting very different than how I remembered her from the last game. Mary spread her cards on the floor. "I've got three sixes," she said. "Not good enough," Kristen smiled. "Three tens." Kristen scooped up the chips in the pot and piled them in front of her. She counted out fourteen chips and handed them to Sharon. "Sorry guys, I have to buy my underwear back." Sharon reached back and found Kristen's panties and bra and handed them to Kristen.

Kristen stood up and pulled black man full open hard faking american white girl xxxsex storys panties on quickly, then slipped her bra straps over her shoulders and fitted the cups under her breast, before reaching behind her to fasten it in back.

"Shows over," she said as she sat back down. I tuned and looked around. Like me, everyone had been staring at Kristen. Now everyone laid his or her cards on the floor and we looked around for the lowest hand. I had completely forgotten that I only had an ace high hand and that could be the lowest hand. I searched the other hands. George had an ace high also, but his second card was a king, while mine was a queen, so it looked bad.

"Ohhh," I heard Sharon groan next to me. I looked down at her hand. She only had a king high hand. After raising with her slip on the previous hand, Sharon was now in her underwear, so she had just lost her bra to Kristen. Sharon stood up and reached back behind her, struggling with her bra clasps. Finally, she got it unclipped, and holding the bra against her breasts with one hand, threaded the straps off first one shoulder then the other.

Then she smiled, pushed her chest out, and dropped her bra away revealing her perky breasts. While Kristen's larger breasts sagged slightly, Sharon's smaller breasts protruded from her chest like two mountains, that swayed back and forth above my head as she wiggled her shoulders.

Sharon tossed her bra to Kristen and sat back down. "OK, shows are over. Time for some of you guys to show a little." As it turned out, Sharon was right. Bob, George and Bill were all out of chips. George just took off his socks and tossed them in the bank pile. Bob stood up and took off his pants, collecting some whistles from the girls at the bulge in his jockey shorts.

Bill had already lost his pants, so he removed his undershirt and tossed it over Sharon's head. It was Bill's deal, so he gathered up the cards, and shuffled them. While waiting for the next hand, I kept sneaking glances to my right at Sharon's breasts. All I could think of was the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, which I had visited two summers earlier with my family. Now I understood how those mountains got their name.

I picked up my cards and cat spark helps audrey royal ride on top of her stepbros joystick at a pair of kings, a ten, a five and a four.

Not bad, but far from a winner in this game. Betty was the first to act and she opened. Joe was out of chips, so he stood up and removed his pants. Joe also had a big bulge in the front of his jockey shorts, which got some catcalls before he sat down. Everyone else quickly saw the bet. I took three cards and so did everyone except Bob and George, who took two, and Betty, who took only one. I looked at my three new cards, two aces and a jack. Now I had two pairs, aces and kings.

A nice hand, but I didn't think it would be a winner. Betty had opened and she started the betting for one. Joe and Mary quickly folded. Betty had opened and taken only one card, so she had two pair before the draw. My two pair probably beat her two pair, but Bob and George had taken two cards, and might have three of a kind. Betty had a bigger pile of chips than I did, so there was no way I was going to get her to take anything off.

I decided to just see the bet. Bob immediately pulled off his undershirt and smiled. "I raise five," he said. Everyone else folded back to Betty.

My guess was that Bob had three of kind and Betty two pair, so I figured that Betty and I were both beaten. I didn't know what Betty was thinking, but she had a big smile on her face as she counted out ten chips to see Bob's bet and raise him five. My chip stack was getting smaller and I could see no reason to stay in this hand when I thought Bob had me beat, so I folded.

Everyone now looked at Bob. He was going to have to bet his underpants to win this hand. Bob stood up and pulled his jockey shorts down, and stepped out of them. Bob stood up and held his shorts out between his thumb and first finger, mimicking the display by Kristen earlier, but with one big difference. The one sticking out in front of Bob. Kristen had proudly displayed her bush, and Bob was now showing off his erection.

Finally, he sat down, but made no real effort to hide his erection. I looked around at Mary and Betty. Their eyes were firmly fixed on Bob's erection sticking up between his legs. This game was really different from the first game.

Everyone had been shy and tried to cover up as much as the rules allowed in the first game. This time everyone was a bit of an exhibitionist. "Ok, what have you got Betty," Bob said, breaking the silence. Betty laid down her cards without saying anything. She had a pair of jacks and sevens. "Not good enough," Bob said, and laid down three aces. Betty did not seem to mind at all. There was a little smile on her face, and her eyes were looking at only one thing.

I think Betty knew she was beaten when she raised, but didn't care. She got what she wanted. Bob gathered in the pot. He handed seven chips to Sharon, and grabbed his shorts back. He stood up and pulled them on. A big bulge was still obvious as Bob sat back down. "Sharon, I think you have the low hand again," said Bob. "What? I've got an ace high," responded Sharon. I looked around. Everyone had at least a pair of something.

Sharon was looking carefully too, and she could not find a lower hand either. "Oh well," she said, as she stood up. "A little show for the guys before we take your shorts for good." Sharon pulled her black lace panties down and stepped out of them, then held them up, just like Kristen and Bob had done earlier. Then she tossed the panties across the circle to Betty, before sitting back down. Sharon still had a big stack of chips in front of her, so while naked, she was not in immediate danger of losing, but if she got the low hand again, she would be the big loser, so she had to be careful.

Still after having the low hand twice in a row, she should be OK for the rest of the game. It was Betty's deal now, and she began to gather up the cards for the next hand. As Betty shuffled and dealt the cards, people put their ante into the pot. Cathy was all out of chips, so she stood up and unfastened her bra, which latched in front rather than the back, then sexy whore nora wolf gets humped and cum sprayed for a second, before quickly folding back the separated cups to reveal her breasts.

Cathy breasts were bigger and rounder than Sharon's. Without the bra to support them, they drooped just ever so slightly. Cathy dropped her bra off first one arm and then the other, then she held both her hands above her head making a V with her arms, and turned back and forth so we could all get a good view, before she tossed the bra behind Sharon and sat down.

This just kept getting better. So far I had only lost my shoes.

Sharon was sitting next to be naked as a jaybird flaunting the Grand Tetons at me. Cathy was topless and her mammary glands were bouncing in front of me. Earlier Kristen had shown us all of her. I picked up and looked at my cards. They were the worst hand of the night, a ten, eight, seven, six, and a three.

I had better improve this hand on the draw, or I was the purgatoryx the slut maker part with cherie and tara hand for sure. Joe was the first to act, and he passed. Mary opened, and everyone quickly saw that bet. I took three cards, and in an unusual development so did everyone else. I picked up my three new cards. They were an eight, a nine and a six. I had kept the ten and eight, so I now had a pair of eight's.

That should be good enough to keep me away from worst hand. Mary had opened the first round and was obviously thinking hard about whether to bet here. Finally she picked up one chip. "I open for one," she said. I folded immediately, and much to my surprise, so did everyone else.

Mary laid down her cards. "I had a pair of aces," she mail girl on girl said. The rest of us put our cards on the floor and started to look for the low hand. I wasn't worried with a pair of eight's. It turned out both George and Cathy only had king high hands, but Cathy had a king, queen and George had a king, jack, so George was the loser.

Cathy had looked a little worried that she had lost her panties, until she spotted George's hand. George shrugged, took off his shirt and handed it to Mary. Mary had gathered in the pot, and now had a much bigger stack of chips than I did.

Joe gathered up the cards and began to shuffle the next hand. Everyone anted, and for George and Bill it was with their last chip. George would have to sell his pants in this hand, and Bill would have to sell his underpants! Cathy was not much better off than Bill, but she had two more chips than Bill. It was beginning to look like bill would be the big loser in about three more hands, but Cathy would lose her panties before then. We were going to get to see a little more of Cathy.

I picked up my hand. I had a pair of eight's, a King a nine and a four. Enough to keep me from losing, but that was all. Mary was the first to act and she opened for one. Myself, Sharon, Bob and Kristen all quickly followed suite, but George was out of chips. He stood up and unfastened his pants and took them off. He sat back down rather quickly, but the bulge in the front of his underpants was obvious.

George tossed his pants behind Sharon and got his chips from her. Cathy saw the bet, and then it was Bill's turn. "Well, I guess this is the moment you have been waiting for ladies," Bill said, as he stood up. Bill pulled down his underpants and stepped out of them. He stood up dangling them between his thumb and forefinger, while the girls gasp and giggled around me. Bill was very well endowed and this had clearly impressed Mary and Sharon. Bill tossed his underpants over Sharon's head and sat down.

Betty and Joe quickly saw the bet. I discarded three cards. Most others did too, but Bob took two, Mary took one and Betty did not take any at all. I picked up my new cards, a king, queen hottie hunk pegged by my girly strap on a ten. No real help. All I had was just a pair of eight's.

Mary, who had opened and drew only one card, must have two pair. She was looking at Betty, who had taken no cards. Betty must have a straight, flush or a full house. Mary had lots of chips in front of her, and so did Betty. Mary finally opened for one chip. I folded and so did Sharon. Bob was looking at both Mary and Betty. He counted six chips, and said I see the bet and raise five.

Bob had drawn two cards, so he could have three of a kind, but that would not beat any of the likely hands that Betty had. Could Bob have gotten a full house on the draw or maybe four of a kind? Everyone folded around to Betty. Without hesitation she picked up ten chips. "I'll raise you another five," she said. Mary then folded. She clearly knew that Betty had her beat. Bob, while he was in his underpants, had a big stack of chips in front of him, so he could easily see Betty's bet and/or raise her back.

He was thinking about whether he should see this bet, and finally just shrugged his shoulders and tossed in another five chips. "Alright Betty, let's see what you've got," Bill said.

Betty laid down a full house, three queens and a pair of fours. Bob shook his head and dropped his cards on the floor. They were three sixes. Betty reached out to gather in the pot, when I heard a cry next to me. "Oh god, this can't be true," Sharon said. Sharon had a pair of two's. I scanned the other hands looking for something lower, but a pair of seven's was the next highest hand. The game was over, and Sharon was the loser. Sharon clearly did not like this development, but she was trying to remain calm.

Kristen got up and went to the kitchenette area to get the timer. "Sorry Sharon. I guess this wasn't your day," she said, as she came back. We all started getting up off the floor.

Bob and George started arranging some chairs for all the guys to sit in while they watched Sharon's show. Of the players in the game, only Mary, Betty and myself were still modestly dressed. Sharon had "lost" and was now standing au naturel near the center of the room and nervously awaiting her fate. Bill was equally lacking in clothes, and sitting against the wall making some effort to cover up or control his problem.

Cathy was nearly as revealing, wearing only a pair of low cut white panties. Kristen, Bob, George and Joe were all in their underwear. All three of these guys were showing obvious bulges in their jockey shorts, and I could see some moist patches forming as well. "OK guys," Kristen announced. "Remember the rules. Absolutely no touching.

I'm starting the timer now." "Alright Sharon," George said, "down on the floor and spread those legs wide." Sharon had obviously expected this. "I knew that was what you would ask for," she said, as she lay down in the center of the room, and spread her legs very wide. I had, of course, studied my fair share of Penthouse and Playboy in the last few years, so I knew the basics of the female anatomy, but seeing it in the flesh for the first time caused a very large bulge to develop in my jeans.

The guys, except for Bill, who was still playing shy against the wall, went over to give Sharon a closer inspection. Sharon reached down with her hands and spread her vagina lips to give us a better view. Sharon noticed that Bill was still sitting by the wall. "Come on Bill," she said. "You don't want to miss your big chance here do you? Come over and take a look." The other girls giggled at this.

Bill, looking a little red in the face. "That's ok," he said. "Why don't you come over here." "That's a good idea," George said. "Sharon, go over and let poor Bill get a good look between your legs too." Sharon got up off the floor and walked over to Bill. She spread her legs in front of him and then reached down with both hands to spread her vagina lips. "How is this Bill?" she asked. "Very nice," Gripping adorable teen vaginal sex hardcore and blowjob replied.

"Well I seem to have gotten the attention of something there between your legs," Sharon laughed. This brought another giggle from the girls. "OK, leave Bill alone," George said.

"Kristen, can you put some music on. Let's see if Sharon can dance." George clearly remembered what the girls had made him do after the last game and was extracting some measure of revenge. Sharon could dance very well; at least I thought so. Her breasts bounced and giggled as she moved to the music. George, Bob and Joe seemed to like it too. Bill was still siting over by the wall, trying to keep his things under control, and watching Sharon dance was not helping.

I was leaning back in my chair, staring at the erect nipples of Sharon's breasts as they swayed to the music, when the kitchen timer went off, signaling the end of the 10-minute penalty period. Suddenly the room was filled with nude and semi-clothed people scrambling to find their things. All I had to find was my shoes, and I was not in a big hurry to find them. I was enjoying watching everyone else get dressed. Mary came across the room and stood silently next to me. Mary was staring around the room at the others as they got dressed too.

After most of the items had found their way from the floor to their original owner, Mary and I set out looking for our shoes. It only took a minute for each of us to locate our shoes, and then we were back outside in the chilly night air. "Wow! Three aces on the first hand," Mary said. "Do you still think you're an unlucky person, Larry?" "Well.I guess I was pretty lucky tonight," I replied.

"You did very well yourself. In fact, you and Betty are the ones who have never lost anything." "Well you certainly got to see what you came for this time, Larry," Mary said. "Yes, and so did you," I replied. "I saw teen riley star getting his instructors huge dick look on your face when Bob and Bill dropped their shorts. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that." "Yes," Marry giggled. "Bob and Bill both had some interesting points.

I noticed you couldn't keep your eyes off Sharon's points of interest too." "What about Kristen? She was the one who really changed the game with that little act with her panties.

Is she a closet exhibitionists or something?" "I don't think she's an exhibitionists. She was just making the best of a bad situation," Mary answered.

"I don't know how it is for guys, but for a girl to bare it all in front of guys she doesn't know real well, takes a lot of guts. If you do it the way Kristen did it, at least you can feel good about yourself; not like you just did something dirty. How did you feel last game after you lost you shorts?" "Ah.embarrassed," I replied. All I could remember from losing my shorts was the erection I had, and desperately trying to hide it with my legs, but I wasn't going to tell Mary that, so I changed the subject.

"I was thinking Kristen did that to distract the guys and get them to play recklessly, so they would lose." "Well, I don't think so," replied Mary. "For one thing, Kristen's not that good at poker." "I noticed that too," I interjected. "You mean when Kristen bet against my straight," asked Mary.

"Yes," I said, "that seemed really silly to me. It was obvious you had a better hand than she did, but she bet anyway." "It was obvious to you, but Kristen tends to focus too much on what she has in her hand, and not pay much attention to what others are doing," Mary said.

"I figured the game was over when Kristen went all in against my three sixes, but that time she had the cards to beat me. Speaking of playing recklessly, I noticed that Sharon suckered you out of some chips, by just taking off her dress." "Well.yeah," I said. "I think girls have an unfair advantage in this game. When a girl starts to take off her clothes, the guys lose their heads and start betting when they shouldn't." Mary giggled.

"Well it's not just girls. Bob suckered Betty into betting when she shouldn't have by taking off his shorts, so guys can do it too." "I forgot about that," I replied. "So did you like the game tonight?" Mary asked, after a slight pause. "Of course," I lusty babe has her orgasmic cunt hammered. "What was not to like?" Actually I had mixed feeling about the outcome.

I was, of course, very turned on, but I also, somehow, felt sorry for Sharon. "I hope we weren't too hard on Sharon," I added.

Mary giggled. "Well, the girls had long discussions of what would happen when one of us lost. You guys didn't do anything that we didn't expect. As long as it's like a visit to the gynecologist, we figured we could handle that." "I am not so sure you would say that, if you had been the loser, instead of Sharon," I said.

"Well, I'll talk with Sharon next week, but I think she will get over it pretty quickly. She probably planning what she's going to do next game when one of the guys is the big loser." This seemed like a good place for me to change the subject, before we got back to Mary's dorm. "Do you have any plans for tomorrow evening?" I asked. "Well yes," Mary stammered, somewhat surprised by the question.

"I mean not really. I promised some girls that I would go to movies with them tomorrow night. I suppose I don't really have to go." Then Mary smiled. "Or maybe you could come along with us. I think some of the other girls nailing busty blonde on fur as once probably bringing guys, so you won't be the only guy.

That sounds fun to me." This was not exactly the kind of date that I had in mind. On the other hand it was progress. I had just asked a girl for a date, and she had, more or less, said yes. We would be going amazing miltf loves the taste of the sperm out with a big group, which would probably be more girls than guys, but it certainly beat hanging around the dorm on another Saturday night, and I was finally going to go someplace other than a strip poker game with Mary.

At least that's what I thought that night.