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Busty asian milf ai sayamas closeup threeway threesome pornstar
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Tattia the Transformatrix (m?/f, NC, v, transformation, snuff) Tattia was an anxious girl. She kept having fantasies about other women. She found other women attractive, but these fantasies were violent. She dreamed about doing terrible things to other women. This in and of itself was not all that disturbing. What she found most odd was that when she had these dreams she was in other bodies. It was almost as though she were searching for a embry prada loves to ride his boner to take in order to do what she desired.

In her bed Tattia tossed and turned. She was wearing a short silky slip over her pert size C breasts. Sweat was pouring over her short pink hair. Her slender legs were squirming uncomfortably as though she were trying to fight off something within her dream. She was thinking of a girl she had met in passing earlier that day. The woman was a slender little Asian thing and was unbelievably sensual looking. She looked innocent, but also like it would have been fun to take that away from her.

It would be fun to take everything away from her.

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"So take it." "But I can't. I don't want to get caught." "Men rape women all the time. Why should you be denied the fruit you hunger for" "I'm not a man, and I don't want to get caught." "You can change whenever you desire.

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Become a man and don't worry about getting caught. It will be a man that they are looking for." Tattia's eyes flew open. Her eyes were brown now. Her hair was black and long and curled. Her form was still lean and strong, but now it was stronger. Her skin was smooth still, but it had a hardness to it that it hadn't before.

Strength poured through her. Her teeth chattered once or twice with excitement. Now this was a form that she could have some fun with. Ashley adams gets plowed in the garden window, his window, was on the third floor of her building. It was open and beckoning her to head out of it. Somehow he knew where he was going, and he knew nothing could stop him. Ignoring his nakedness he perched for a moment in his window and then took one confident leap out the window.

His ankles stretched to prepare for the impact against the ground. This new body was perfect. He wasn't uncomfortable in it in the least. Hitting the ground his feet absorbed the impact and transferred it into forward momentum for a run. He was in a back yard and then in another.

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He leapt over the occasional fence in search of his prey. His nipples, now much smaller than they had once been, grew stiff with the excitement. His penis did as well. Five minutes into his run he abruptly changed directions. He realized that he was hunting by scent and by other senses that he could not define just at this moment.

Tattia was a changed woman. He no longer cared about getting caught. He simply wanted to revel in his new found form. At last he came to the window he longed for. It was dark inside, but he could make out the woman he wanted laying on the bed. She was dressed in a deep red night gown and was sleeping over her covers.

Her panties were white and there were little lace hearts along the sides. The window was locked, but Tat had strength like none he had ever contemplated before. He gripped the frame of the window and lifted it sharply popping the lock off of the window without breaking use the plushcam vibration dildos to fuck girls like her live on cam glass.

There was a sharp crack as the wood splintered where the lock had held it fast to the upper window. The room inside was like nothing that Tattia would call home.

It was much too girly. There were stuffed animals and throw pillows everywhere.

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There was even a large white and pink vanity dresser with a huge mirror. Tattia got a look at himself in it. He admired his powerful form and his strong body. His toned physique was just the sort that he had occasionally lusted after in his other form.

He would enjoy taking advantage of this form to it's utmost potential. He planned to use it and others like it frequently. The asian, Lin was her name, but Tattia wouldn't find that out until much later. Was running for her closet. Perhaps it was instinct, or perhaps it was something else, but Tat hungered to catch the fleeing prey.

He was as good as his intention. He grabbed hold of Lin's long black hair just as she grabbed hold of the gun that she had been running for. Lin spun around and pointed her gun at Tat's head.

Her hand was tensing on the trigger. She was in the process of shooting. Tat's body was perfect however. That included his reflexes. His hands ripped the gun away from the hands of his prey. The safety was off and the gun was loaded. Now it was also his. "You were going to shoot me." His voice was his own.

It was the first he had spoken as a man, but it was not unfamiliar to him. This was the voice he had heard in his sleep. He had been talking hot ebony chic from the valley fuck ivory cock wearing lettermans jacket himself then. He must have given himself these powers. They were his to do whatever he wanted with. She whimpered. His hand clutched on her panties.

If you've never ripped panties off of a woman before there might be something you should know. The woman comes with them. The material in most panties is strong enough that it will not rip with a single tug. Tat had to grow a razor sharp claw on his palm to start the rip. He would remember this for next time.

The night gown was made of much flimsier material. It tore away with a comforting rip. The sound of ripping clothes along with shocked whimpers is quite alluring. It was the sort of thing that one couldn't buy, but had to experience. Shoving her back onto her bed her legs flew open. Raven black hair covered her lower lips. They looked good enough to fuck, but she had tried to shoot him.

He was not going to simply rape her and let her go. She rolled over onto all busty milf tiffany blake fucks hung burglar and tried to get up.

Tat fell down on top of her and began rutting. She smelled fresh and frightened. Her sweat was cold and terrified. Lin felt his hard maleness brushing her leg and seeking entrance. She didn't want to be raped. Jerking her hips away was just what Tat needed however. His head entered her and bit into her waiting opening.

She was a virgin. Tat could sense it the second that he made contact. The pair froze in that position.

Lin didn't want his cock to end her virginity. Tat wanted to savor her breaking. "Please don't! I'm a virgin! I was saving it for marriage!" she pleaded to him through sobs as they held there. "Does that ever work?" He shoved forward. She was too tight for his idealized penis, so he reduced it to a respectable average sized one. She was almost still too tight, but his brutal force made it work. Her body shuddered in pain. He wanted to finish inside of her, but she had tried to shoot him, and that could not stand.

He took a few thrusts into her, reveling in her pain. He shoved her off of his hard penis and grabbed hold of her neck. He tossed her easily onto the floor and sat at the edge of the bed. The gun was against her head and his cock was pointing at her face. "Suck it. If I think you're holding back I'll shoot." At first she was hesitant.

She kissed around the shaft and tasted her own blood. Then she took a tentative lick and cleaned him off. Her tongue felt particularly nice as it danced around the sides and under the head. His perfect body was circumcised as that was the cleaner more desirable way to present a penis. Taking her head in his free hand he shoved it onto his waiting and impatient cock. He began to force himself in and out of her. Her mouth could only comfortably accommodate about three inches, but he didn't want to shrink further.

He still wanted to put more of himself into her though. His thrusts became more and more forceful driving him into the back of her throat. Her sobs grew more intense. She struggled against the choking, but she couldn't get away. Tears ran down her throat. Like a tap root driving into the earth Tat's cock plunged into Lin's mouth. The feel of the back of her throat against his cock was exquisite.

A stirring began in his balls. He felt a building pressure spread through his body. Shudders of pleasure rippled up and down his body. His eyes grew dark and his vision blurred. A thick cream shot out of him and poured japanese cute shemale noa nishino her throat. She swallowed as well as she could, but the cum came too quickly and in too great a quantity.

She began choking as it poured into her lungs. He pulled out of her and she began gasping and coughing. Tears were pouring out of her eyes and into her mouth where they mixed with the sharp salty taste of fresh cum. She could also taste the blood that had once been torn from her vagina. The room lit with a flash. The gun was still pointed at her head.

A moment later her body hit the floor of her little bedroom. Her blood flowed quickly out of her head. Her corpse was hot and naked upon the floor and a little hole was in the front of her three step sister friend sex. Cum leaked out of the corner of her mouth.

Two young women appeared in her door way. They smelled like sisters. One was much taller than the other.

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"Lin, are you alright?" asked the taller. "My god Lin, what was that sound?" asked the shorter one. The gun was still in Tat's hand. Blood was everywhere. Two more prey?

No, the gun shot would wake the neighbors. He would only take one. He walked up to the taller one and grabbed her breast with his bloody left hand. His lips met hers and he took her in. His teeth had grown sharp and he had venom in enchanting idol presents oversized booty and gets butt hole reamed now.

His kiss would put her out as though she had fainted. The tall one stumbled a few steps back. Her nipples were erect and her aureoles were puffy. Her heart was fluttering powerfully. A bloody hand print covered her breast on her right side. Her vagina was growing slick and hot. Her chest was burning. She would do anything that this man wanted. He wanted her to pass out. She hit the floor.

"We'll be going now," Tat said to the terrified little sister. His hand covered her mouth and didn't let her breathe. She had been sleeping in shorts and a tee shirt. She even still had her socks on. Wings sprouted from his back and he took to the air. His wings were huge and silent like those of an owl. His legs wrapped around the suffocating girl as he took flight. When she had passed out he tucked the gun into her pants. His hands were wrapped around her body. They made their way into her shirt and up under her bra.

He took many liberties with this one and he raped her many times, but that is another story and will be told in due time.