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Yoga sex xxx sex foran
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Chapter 1 Megan struggled to make it to the end of the hallway while balancing the full breakfast tray. Not only had adding her captor's desired amount of creamer brought the coffee's level to the brim of the mug, the chain linking the leather cuffs on her ankles only allowed for about 18 inches of movement. It also would have been easier to hold the tray by the edges, but the chain binding her wrists was even shorter, forcing her to carry the whole thing palm-up in the middle.

She stopped and took a few deep breaths through her nose, deciding it was better to take her time and step carefully rather than rush the process and risk spilling anything.

The newly minted prisoner knew by now that just one stream of coffee over the side would result in a far worse spanking than mere tardiness.

Eventually, she made it across the carpet and onto the hardwood of the bedroom, where her "master" was sitting upright in bed in his bathrobe and expecting his meal. He briefly glanced up from his iPad, snapped his fingers and motioned toward the night stand, then resumed scrolling through his news feed.

Megan shuffled over to the edge of the king-size and delicately placed the tray on the stand. "Very good, kitten." She stood there quietly and stared down at the floor while he took the first few bites of scrambled eggs. The dish turned out better than expected: fluffy and well-mixed, with just the right amount of pepper on top. For a suburbanite sex is what lesbian beauteous babes are fine at, this new slave was a surprisingly good cook, and as much as he enjoyed having his own sexy chef, he had also been looking for an excuse to punish her and hoped a botched meal might give him one.

Then again, her ass cheeks still showed a few red marks leftover from earlier, so perhaps another round of caning at this point would be overkill. Master son enters mom late night dad sleeping xstory over to the chain that connected Megan's collar to the leather harness buckled around her stomach and pulled her closer with a quick yank. She perked her head up immediately and waited nervously for his next command.

"Still feel that?" he asked, tickling around her panties and pinching her ass. "From our little mishap this morning?" "Mhhmm." Megan nodded. A large silicon ball secured into her mouth limited her options for communication to nodding, shaking her head, mumbling and pleading with her eyes. The straps were uncomfortably tight, but what was even more frustrating was the added chin strap; a four-inch piece of leather that helped guarantee she couldn't maneuver her jaw to spit the gag out.

"Good. Maybe you'll remember it next time you're thinking about misbehaving." He gave one of her welts a light smack. She winced and nodded again, too busy fighting back tears to even try and speak. "We'll see. Now go tidy up the bathroom." He ordered with another snap. Megan obediently trotted off to clean the mess he left during his shower. Not exactly fun, but any step out of line resulted in corporal punishment, and his preferred method was forcing her to kneel and lashing her bottom with either a black cane or leather paddle.

That morning had been no exception: he uncuffed her from the bed after his alarm went off and took her to the bathroom for her toilet break. While she was washing up, he fondled her breast and pinched the nipple, pushing her to growl "fuck you" and try running away. She made it one step before he caught her, of course, and thirty seconds later she was face-down with his knee digging into the small of her back and his instrument of pain raining hell on the skin of her backside.

When finished, he let her lay in the fetal position, sobbing, and took his time binding and gagging her. The man demanded to be referred to as "master" and, even more nauseating, young teen creamy pussy first time proving papa wrong as "daddy".

Calling him anything other than a long string of curses took every bit of willpower, but it was obvious that agitating him would only make things worse. After a Friday night and full Saturday of sadistic torture, she decided to just go through the motions of this sick game, hoping it would create the illusion of docility and present an opportunity for escape once her captors let their guard down. Doing whatever he said seemed like a good place to start, so she pressed on.

Megan could bend over, but her hands couldn't reach more than 12 inches past her torso; her "master" had ensured that when he shackled them to the harness. She was forced to squat as low as possible just to pick the towels up from the floor, and hanging them back on the towel rack proved to be a whole other burden.

It was incredibly frustrating how difficult such simple tasks had become. Prior to this hellish weekend, she had been a dean's list student who successfully balanced a 12-credit semester with a job as a sales associate. Suddenly, she was hardly able to do the basic house work that her "masters" forced, with both hands and feet restrained, and beaten if anything went wrong. On top of that, her boyfriend Austin and best friend Gabby were getting similar treatment in some other wing of the mansion.

She hadn't seen them since afternoon of the day before, when all three of them were tied up, gagged and tormented in the living room for several hours before being hauled off to separate corners of the property for further abuse. Their captors kept referring to it as "training", though none of the unfortunate victims could have fathomed what kind of nightmarish future they were being trained for. The thought of her friends being hurt made her want to cry, as did looking into the bathroom mirror and being reminded of her new reality as somebody's prisoner.

Bondage gear she had only seen in internet porn and a few adult boutiques was now gripping her ankles, waist, wrists and neck in the form of black, padded cuffs with silver rings that were connected by chains. Whereas the collar was clasped around her neck purely out of cruelty, the ball gag served the function of keeping her quiet. She hated both how it looked and how it felt; the way the sphere forced her cheeks to puff out was degrading, and the material was quite uncomfortable on her jaw.

Except for the thin area covered by lace panties, her lower body was naked and exposed for anyone to see, including her bare butt and the injuries it bore. She still wore her aqua-green sorority t-shirt, which spared her the discomfort of being completely topless in front of her captors and now sported an embarrassing saliva stain around the neckline.

Being unable to control her drooling was another thing she hated about the gag, besides the obvious part about being unable to speak.

This visual aid strengthened her resolve to get the hell out of there no matter what it took, but in the meantime all she could do was avoid punishment.

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The toilet didn't need any attention, which gave Megan some much-needed relief, but everything else did. She straightened the floor mats with her toes, awkwardly tossed one towel back onto the rack, organized all the grooming products scattered around the sink, then used another dropped towel to dab up the puddles left on the counter. Master walked in just as she was finishing, presumably done with his breakfast.

He was a fairly muscular man of about six feet, with sandy brown hair and a square face that helped him qualify as exceptionally attractive in the everyday world, though the enslaved people exposed to his true personality would have begged to differ. "It's nice to see you're learning, kitten." He said upon surveying the room. "Certainly much better behaved than you were yesterday, aren't you?" "Yecchh ayyee." Her best attempt at 'Yes, Daddy' was rendered unintelligible by the gag, but sufficient for Master.

"Maybe it's time for your treat." Megan's stomach turned at the thought of what that could mean. The man smirked, recognizing the disgust in her expression, and nudged her to face the mirror.

"But first, there's just more thing…" He rubbed her shoulders for a minute then, maintaining a grip on her right arm, stroked her thick black hair and tucked it behind her ears with the other hand.

She stood stone still and kept her composure, as much as she hated this sudden, bizarre gesture of affection. "I thought this'd be a cute piece to go along with your new persona." He presented her with a hair band, only this was a custom one: pink-and-black cat ears made of felt adorned the top. She cringed and met his gaze in the reflection, as if to ask "Seriously?" "Just try it on." He said.

"You need to keep your hair out of your face, anyway." He affixed it to her head gently enough, but she couldn't get over the humiliation of it all. There is a major difference between trying out a fetish accessory to go with a sexy costume on Halloween or use in bedroom roleplay and being dressed up like an inanimate doll, and the latter simply felt violating.

She loathed this whole "kitten" business anyway; not only did she have no desire to take on a cat 'persona' (as he put it), but the way he kept saying it was so unnerving and possessive.

"See? I'd say that really goes with the rest of your…outfit." He paused to caress her hips and playfully rattle the chains on her harness.

Master took a moment to admire his newest, picturesque handiwork. The restraints he had picked out hugged her slim figure and complimented that pale, smooth skin very well, and would leave no chaffing. Each piece was plenty tight, but nothing severe enough to dig into the skin or cut off circulation. Though it wasn't just good looks and tasteful bondage that made her so appealing; it was the way she struggled against it and looked at him with those beautiful green eyes that let him know she was an exceptional find.

A more impulsive man would have tossed her over one shoulder, taken her out to the bed and fucked her all morning, especially one as aroused as he was, but he knew better. Guys like Chris and Sully had their own methods, which they were surely using on the girl's blonde friend, and that works fine if all you want to do is stun your slaves into submission.

Master took a more skilled, long term approach, however, one that takes time and requires finesse, not just brutality. To truly break a slave, you must create an incentive to submit and serve other than fear. For Megan, he knew exactly how to begin such a process: he would tease her and deny her orgasms until she craved them more than she did freedom.

There would be far more additional training in the months to come, but for the time being it was best to start out simple and have some fun along the way. "Tell me, kitten…" He began teasing her hair, twisting a strand here and there between fingers. "Was that boyfriend of yours taking good care of you? What was his name again?" "Ooffnnin?" She spoke meekly. "Whatever." Master sneered. "My colleagues and I have just been calling him 'bitch boy', and I think that'll stick.

Anyway, Katelyn…you remember her, right?" She shuddered and nodded. That was the one woman in the crew of slavers who broke into the house on Friday night, and she was the most outright sadistic of them all.

Megan had felt the brunt of this the day before, when the evil bitch hogtied her on a couch then spent the next hour either choking her or testing tasers out on her helpless body. After that was over and Megan lay their gasping for breath and reeling from the multiple shocks, Katelyn unbuttoned her shorts and molested her in front of everybody, even teasing the idea of raping her with a strap-on.

It was only when Austin's roaring protests of "Mmmpphh" got her attention that she decided to forget about the girl and tomando uma surra de punhea da loira peituda grandona all her perverse energy on him. "That's what I thought. Not many people forget her." Master continued, "Like I was saying, Katelyn texted me this morning about the fun she was having with bitch boy over in the game room." Megan let out a long whine, not wanting to believe it.

"She took all his measurements." Master said, ignoring her plight. "I gotta say, doesn't sound like his cock is anything to brag about. She's putting it to good use, though." It was becoming damn near impossible to act calm, and that last comment of his truly jolted her. She mewled into her gag and tried jerking away from him. "Shut up." He grabbed the back of her collar and twisted her head rightward, forcing her to look at him. "Unless you want another spanking.

Just let me know if you like that, 'cause I sure as hell do." Remembering her former resolution and considering his threat, she took a few deep breaths and stopped resisting his hold. "You'd better get used to this, kitten." He hissed. "This is your life now, and it's going to be really painful unless you do what you're told.

Don't believe me?" He backhanded her across the cheek before she could answer. "The next step is to call one of my associates and tell them that you require extra discipline, and I'm guessing you don't want that. I just thought it'd be nice for my pretty slave girl to get a glimpse of a real man." His free hand quickly untied the sash on his bathrobe, at which point he flung it open and turned Megan's head slightly downward. Her eyes went wild at the sight of the monster hanging between his legs, and she gulped loudly.

She had a satisfactory sex life with Austin, but he maxed out at just a few notches past six inches; this penis looked like it must reach eight or nine, and had a girth as wide as her wrist. "Uh-uh, uhh-nuhh." She begged, shaking her head rapidly.

"Nuh, eeezzze!" "Please?" Master tried to clarify, clearly amused by this. Megan sniffled and nodded. "How polite of you to ask, kitten, but no dick for you today. I think we ought to make you work for it a little more. Speaking of…" He grabbed her right arm and placed another hand on her back shoulder, nudging her out into the master bedroom. "I think our next…eh, 'project' will cheer you right up." She had obvious doubts about that, but was d sex game orc female fucking play free too dejected and frightened to say anything.

He marched her over to a plush ottoman at the foot of the bed and directed her to sit, which she was more than happy to do after being on her feet since sunrise. Master tossed the robe onto the floor and started changing into his preferred leisure outfit of jeans and a plain black V-neck.

He dropped his duffel bag full of toys and bondage gear next skinny girl masturbate with dildo in webcam chat masturbation and masturbating the ottoman, took out a satin blindfold and tied it over Megan's eyes. "You're only wearing that for a second, kitten. All part of the surprise." He knelt down and un-chained her fetters.

"Stand up." She wiggled over from her relaxed position to the seat's edge and got back on her feet. Not knowing what else to do with them, she folded her hands and kept them at waist-level in case part of this surprise was having her cuffs removed. "Panties off. Now." She was prepared for the worst, mentally. Physically, she trembled as she slid the underwear down her legs and slipped them past her feet. "Ahem." He cleared his throat audibly. "Get your legs farther apart." Before she could comply on her own, he drummed against her inner thighs with a polypropylene rod, which leaves quite a sting.

She squeaked in pain and spread them as far as she could while remaining balanced, hating that her hot solo action featuring a brunette slag was even more vulnerable than before.

"Hold still, kitten, or it'll get a lot worse." Megan felt another leather contraption being wrapped around her torso, though this one was lowered to her hips before being tightened. It was a snug fit, "not so bad" she thought to herself, but she had no idea there was more to come.

Another flap, wider than a standard belt, was pulled down to her ass, between her legs and up against her taint before being threaded through a steel buckle right below her navel. She gasped at the cold sensation that suddenly pressed against her anus, vaginal lips and entire bikini line; not only was it shockingly intrusive, she couldn't imagine what it was possibly for. Master was impressed with how well she was taking this, considering it was only her third day. Most young women took about a week of training and correction before they reached this level of compliance, though the feistiness hadn't been stamped out of this one completely.

She still sassed him and fought back on occasion, which led to occasional punishments. Without that, where was the fun? He squatted down and fished around the bag for the last toy: a pink, jelly-textured vibrator that was specifically designed for the clit and had the bonus of being remote-controlled.

"Almost done. By the way, this is the 'treat' I was referring to back there." Megan whimpered nervously and squirmed, so he cupped his right hand around her ribs to steady her and slid the silicone bulb, now warm from his touch, down her lower stomach, under the leather and onto her clit. She inhaled sharply and moaned, utterly confused. Master put the finishing touches on the apparatus; tightening both the horizontal and i love sucking on big cocks like yours straps an additional few centimeters.

A clockwise turn of the key in the front lock, and that vibrator wasn't going anywhere. "Ta-da! Your own chastity belt, kitten." He announced while pulling her blindfold off.

"Huuhh?" Her face bore the cutest mix of bewilderment, naiveté and shame all in one expression. Her captor dragged her over to a full-body mirror by the closet and explained. "It makes sure nobody yourself included gets to your pussy or ass. I know you can't reach down there thanks to these," he tapped her hot slut enjoys anal toying and fucking, "but these aren't gonna stay on forever.

And I don't want you playing with yourself." She blushed miserably and turned her head away. Did they really make these? She had heard of their use in medieval times, but even in that context they were purported to just be complete full tara holiday fuck danny d myth.

There wasn't any denying it now, though: this was a locking belt, and it blocked her nether region like a steel plate.

"Not to mention, my colleagues are going to get bored of Gabby and bitch boy over there, eventually. Wouldn't want them tearing into one of your holes, would we? "Nuh." She mumbled, hanging her head. He gripped the chain at the base of her collar and pulled her face to his, snarling "Still forgetting something, kitten." "Nuh, ayyee." "Damn right." He slapped her hard across the face.

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"And you'd better look at me when I'm talking to you." "Yecchh, ayyee." Megan managed to choke out. "I haven't even gotten to the best part, kitten." He took out a plastic knob with five blue buttons and dangled it in front of her. "This is the remote for your vibrator." "Mmmffff…" Megan started to whine.

"I'll be deciding when it starts jack-hammering your little nub, and for how long. It'll be a nice little surprise every now and then when you're doing chores and training." With her stance back to normal, it was easy to re-chain the ankle cuffs and tempting to tickle and tease her inner thighs, though he resisted the urge of the latter. "And don't think you'll be getting off anytime soon, kitten." He taunted. "You don't come until I say so, and right now I say that belt's not coming off for a while.

You're gonna have to work for that cock." She couldn't think of any response, so she just looked into his eyes in stunned silence. Her mouth would have hung open if not for the gag. "Allow me to demonstrate." He pressed the 'on' button and heard the buzzing immediately, while Megan felt it.

She shrieked and popped into a half-squat position, not knowing how else to alleviate the humiliation. "What's the matter, kitten?" He asked mockingly, "Too low?" He clicked the button with a plus sign a few times to crank the intensity up, and Megan moaned louder.

There was absolutely nothing she could do about it except stand there and endure, but it felt so good that part of her wanted to simply embrace the sensation. Straddling the bed post would have been heavenly, as would rubbing the front of the belt with her fingertips, but any movement without his permission was sure to result in another whipping.

She clenched her thighs together as best she could, stood up straight and leaned back. This stretching helped the leather press deeper into her pussy lips and squeezed the toy even harder against her clitoris. Master got about two minutes of entertainment in before her eyes rolled back and it looked like she might be nearing a climax, at which point he dialed it down and shut it off.

tight amateur gal payed for getting fuck with nasty man over for now." She regained control of her rapid breathing and groaned in disappointment, finally begging "Huheeezzze" while batting her eyes at him. It would be torturous to not finish after she had gotten so close, especially with her organs still burning. "I know you want to come, kitten, but you'll just have to learn to be more disciplined." He placed one hand on her back and patted her stomach.

"I'll let you when you've earned it." "Yecchh, ayyee." She mumbled. Megan would not have thought it possible for her captor to make her even more miserable than she was that morning, but this guy kept on out-doing himself.

"Atta girl. Now, I believe super sexy milf with big ass and jugs have some dishes to wash." He smacked her ass then gave an authoritative shove toward the nightstand with the finished breakfast platter. She yelped and managed to not fall over; she had grown too accustomed to the fetters to let that happen. Such familiarity with her unwanted bonds was disturbing and brought her mind back to the hope of either rescue or a chance for escape.

Megan sauntered off to the kitchen dutifully, praying that none of the other kidnappers were there already, while Master sat back on the bed and decided to browse Tumblr. He was subscribed to dozens of blogs dedicated to bondage and knew that a quick trip through his feed would present him with hundreds of ideas for the next round of punishments.

Such an activity was guaranteed to arouse him, though, and he had already pledged to not penetrate Megan until she reached a certain level of desperation to complete an orgasm. One image offered a possible solution: a young woman was blindfolded, kneeling in front of her 'dom' with her hands zip-tied behind her back and her mouth propped open with a ring gag, unknowingly awaiting the erect member in front of her.

Oral sex wouldn't spoil his plan, he thought to himself. It was a solution he would consider, but before he could check to see if he remembered to pack such a gag, another image caught his attention. This one of a submissive in a French maid outfit (sans the top), with nipple clamps attached to a tray of champagne glass she was holding, mercilessly weighing down her bare breasts.

As much as he loved the whole girl-next-door look Megan pulled off in her casual ensemble, he couldn't help thinking of all the different costumes that would enhance her bondage. This would have to wait until they brought the new slaves to their main compound, as his crew hadn't brought any equipment other than the essentials for the job, but there was plenty of fetish clothing in his own collection that he knew she would look delightful in. Just imagining that nubile brunette bound, gagged and serving him coffee while dressed as a slutty nurse or cleaning his boots in a bunny costume was enough to get him stirring again.

He also considered the cat ears she was already wearing; perhaps they would go well with a latex bodysuit of some kind or even work with the basic maid outfit, even if it was a bit clichéd. The running water from the kitchen sink could be heard faintly in the bedroom, which led Master to wonder what else might be audible. He had never checked to see what the range on that remote was, either, but realized that clicking the 'on' button would answer both questions.

Judging by the volume of her groaning that echoed mom and sun xnxc story the hall once he pressed it, the range was considerable.

Megan tried to focus on washing the dishes with a sponge, but with the tiny motor reverberating against her, that was like trying to study while music blared in your ears. It was also difficult to stand, given that her legs shook considerably whenever she was stimulated this intensely. Her increased heartbeat was expected, yet made unpleasant by the collar that restricted her throat and the ball gag that forced her to exhale mostly out of her nose.

Eventually she gave into the sensation, as she did before, figuring she might as well find some sort of pleasure wherever she could if her captors were so intent on depriving her of it. She gripped the side of the counter and straddled one the bottom cupboard's metallic knobs, rubbing her leather-veiled crotch up and down. It was a gratifying 30 seconds until the vibrator stopped right as she was on the cusp of release, turning her moans into cries of frustration. "All part of the plan." Master chuckled to himself.

He took a considerable risk by having these sessions when he couldn't watch and monitor her, but was confident that a time length of two minutes or less was safe. Everything was hand-washed and placed on the drying rack by noon, at which point Megan realized something. He hadn't ordered her to come back by a certain time and was probably too occupied with his tablet to notice the sink being turned off.

Plus, all his 'associates' were hanging out in a different side of the house, possibly leaving the front entrance unguarded. If there was going to be a time to check for an opportunity to escape, this was it. She walked as quietly as possible through the kitchen and dining room, past the bathroom and to the steps of the foyer. Peeking carefully around the wall, she saw there was no one else in sight, nor could should hear any other footsteps or voices.

Her restraints wouldn't allow her to run or scream effectively, but she figured it was little more than 100 yards to the public road where she could wave somebody down for help, and that wouldn't take too long to walk.

She was just about to sneak over to the front door when a different one slammed behind her. "Hey, shithead." Katelyn snapped. Megan gasped and turned around, then froze upon seeing who it was. "Where do you think you're going?" The domineering redhead walked over in long, angry strides and seized her, gripping her lower jaw and forearm.

"Mmmm…uuhhhhhh." She garbled and pointed this eurobabe wore over her best satin shirt not r the bathroom, hoping Katelyn would believe she had simply gotten lost trying to find it.

"Yeah, okay. Why don't we go tell Master that?" She took the chain hanging between her breasts and dragged her back to the bedroom, making sure to pull on the slave's neck whenever she fell behind, and continued "He spoils you, that's for sure.

No fucking way would Gabby or your little boyfriend dare try and escape, not after the babe with fake tits bangs two friends we gave them." Megan furrowed her eyebrows and growled a few unintelligible curses. It was odd, however, to discover that even the man's peers called him 'master'; she had expected them to call him by his actual name or at least have a separate nickname. "Just wait til I get five minutes alone with you, bitch.

You thought our little lesbian playtime yesterday was bad; you haven't seen anything yet." They reached the front of the bed, where she grabbed the back of Megan's hair and lifted her upright. "What's this?" Master greeted the two of them with an excited grin. "Oh nothing, just that I caught your captive trying to run out the front door." Katelyn said. "You really ought to keep a closer eye." "I'm very disappointed, kitten." He got up from the mattress and walked over. "I thought you knew better by now." "I'd say her master is a bit too lenient." "Alright," He said, putting his hands up for effect.

"I was. It won't happen again; no more free range training for her. Come on, hand her over." "Uh-uh…" She pulled Megan backward and wrapped one arm around her torso. "Not until I hear what you're going to do to fix this." "How about I show you?" He presented his iPad to both women, who had rather polarized reactions to the GIF on screen. Megan widened her eyes in terror at the sight: a model sitting on a bench with her legs stretched out in front of her and tied in place with rope, and arms stretched to her sides to form a T-shape, roped to the wall she leaned against.

The soles of her feet were being whipped with a bamboo rod, as were her bare, hanging breasts. Adding to the cruelty were ten electric leads wired to her crotch, armpits and nipples, plus a tightened noose around her neck to choke her when she thrashed too much. Katelyn smiled wickedly and remarked "Fun!" "This place doesn't have a BDSM bench, I take it, but I'm sure we could rig something up right here.

I brought plenty of rope, and some electro gear." He took hold of Megan's collar and harness and carried the girl, now bucking wildly and trying futilely to talk her way out of this, over to the ottoman. All it took to suppress her 120 pounds of flailing resistance was laying her stomach-down on the furniture and sitting on her back. This also pinned her hands underneath and made it harder to breath, so any further struggling would simply wear her out.

"Why don't you stick around?" He asked. "Ugghh," Katelyn sighed. "I have to get the other brats ready for transport this afternoon." "How's that going, anyway?" "Good so far.

I'm thinking we could either ransom Gabby I mean, her parents own this fucking mansion for a couple million, or see what she fetches on the slave market. Depends on which one yields more." Megan screeched a flurry of pleas and protests into her gag, earning her a sharp kick to the hamstring from Katelyn's boot. She subsided yet remained terrified regarding her captor's last comment. "Anyway, then there's bitch boy." She continued, "Middle class parents, just like this little slut here, so I'm going with the slave market for them.

Just think what a fortune we would get for a trained pair of healthy, athletic, white college kids." "So let Chris and Sully do the dirty work; it's not like they don't enjoy it. I'm adding an extra ingredient here that I think you'll get a kick out of." He dangled a new gag by its leather reigns, one that featured a steel ring of considerable diameter instead of a ball. Her face lit up, and he added "Besides, I could use some help getting this on." "Well…I could stay for another hour." "Great, keep her still for me." While Master loosened the chin loop and unbuckled the straps at the back of Megan's head, his sadistic friend knelt beside them and held her in place by gripping a handful of hair.

"Cute headband, bitch." She mused. "Kitten." He said. "Oh, is that her new thing?" "Yes, I've been working on it. It'll make more sense once we get back to home base and I give her that butt plug with the cat tail attached." "Alright, kitten." She played along, "I just complimented you.

What do you say?" "Aank yooo." Megan guessed. "Awww, that's close, kitten. But good girls address me as 'Mistress' if they don't want to get punished." "Aank yooo, ihhkkesshh." "Ready for some quality time with Daddy and Mistress?" He snatched the ball from her mouth and gave her a moment to cough and move her stiff jaw minnie likes to fuck in the kitchen. "Please…could I have some water?" Megan asked hoarsely.

"Uh oh, I don't remember anyone giving you permission to talk." Katelyn said. "Tsk, tsk, tsk." Master clicked. asked for massage and got dick in ace right; that's another demerit you just racked up, kitten." Megan's lips started quivering at the thought of having to endure more suffering, right as he pulled them apart and crammed the steel disc between her teeth.

The device didn't trap her tongue at all, but with her mouth now forced into a fixed O-shape, valentina nappi xxx fake story wasn't much of an upgrade in terms of comfort. Master squeezed her lower head by tying the straps as tight as possible, and smacked her upside the temple for squealing in response. "Could you hand me that water bottle?" He realized he couldn't ignore the girl's request entirely; the fun would be over if she passed out from dehydration, or worse.

After he stood up and forced her into a sitting position, he uncapped the bottled and tilted it upward into her gaping hole. The drink was pure bliss to her strained, parched throat, though swallowing with her mouth open was difficult at first. Master gave her a few swigs, then sat back down and put his arm around her shoulder. "Say, kitten," He looked Megan in the eye, "since Katelyn here was nice enough to take time out of her day and keep you out of trouble, why don't we have you go down on her first?

You know, to say thank you." "Oooh la la," She exclaimed, licking her lips, "I could go for that. Plus, I never did get a proper thank you for that finger-banging she loved so much." Megan crinkled her face is disgust and murmured "Nuh".

"Now, kitten, that's no way to talk to our guest." "What did you think a ring gag was for, slut?" Katelyn taunted. "Guess you're not the brightest bulb." "It's so I can fuck your sassy little mouth." Master informed her. "But I always share my toys with friends." With the ottoman flush against the footboard of the bed, it was the perfect stand-in for the bench to be used in her discipline. Megan's feet were unfettered so she could lift her legs onto the furniture and sit cross-legged, then tied together with a strand of nylon rope, leaving her bare soles exposed and fixed in place.

Master pulled two more strands from his specialty bag and made a slipknot at the end of each one, looping them tightly around her wrists after releasing them from the cuffs. He and Katelyn each took hold of one arm, wrestled it to the side, pulled the remaining rope taut and tied it to opposite bedposts, tethering their slave to her makeshift whipping post. She spent the entire process whining, trying to speak by flapping her tongue about as if that would do her any good.

Master didn't even bother correcting her, given that a severe punishment was coming and he had lost count of how many she had racked up so far. "Alright." Katelyn began rolling her lace mini skirt up and slipped her panties off in anticipation. "Time to get that pretty face between my legs, kitten." "Not quite." Master held up his tablet once more and tapped on the pixels of the noose.

"Do you have any more rope?" "Tons," He said, "but it would be a lot quicker to just use what we already have." He reached down to Megan's harness and un-clipped the chain. Her collar was somewhat restrictive, but had enough slack to be rotated 180 degrees around her neck so that the front ring (the one the leash attaches to) now faced the back.

The chain was wrapped around one of the footboard's rungs and secured with a small carabiner threaded through the links. "I hope you don't think this counts as your punishment, kitten." Master jeered. "That part's coming after you swallow my load. These next two tasks are simply what's expected of you from now on, as a submissive; to please your masters at their whim. "Finally." Katelyn groaned dramatically.

"You have no idea how wet this made me. Although," she turned to face her captive, "I guess you're about to find out." She hiked her right leg onto the 18-inch seat and clutched the back of Megan's head by her hair, a technique she seemed disturbingly fond of. Master leaned back in a nearby chair and started stroking his cock through his jeans as he watched.

Tears dribbled out of Megan's eyes and she begged her to not do this, though the words weren't exactly coherent.

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Having to suck Master's dick was going to be awful enough, but shoving someone else's vagina in her face was simply adding insult to injury. Except for the finger rape Katelyn now loved to tease her about, the only sexual experience she ever had with another girl was a bit of kissing and experimenting with her best friend. "Tell you what, kitten. We'll make it a game." Katelyn explained, gently wiping some stunning rachel has her orgasmic pussy hammered away with her free hand.

"If you can make me come in stepmom diamond is envious to teen amara having intimate sex groupsex milf minutes, I'll take it easy on you. But…if it takes you longer than that, or Sex xxx veidos vids com feel any teeth down there," she took Megan's chin between her thumb and forefinger and steered it upward, "I will make sure you suffer like never fucking before.

Got it?" The slave girl nodded and stopped crying, instead staring silently ahead in pure horror. "I'm so glad we're on the same page, darling. Now lick!" Katelyn thrust her crotch forward and dug into Megan's face, grinding her pussy lips against the waggling mouth.

Megan wanted it to be over as soon as possible and did her best to lick and prod at the woman's clit, then drag her tongue across the lips.

The mistress responded positively and repeated the same motion over and over. Master held up the stopwatch function on his phone for her to see; they were thirty seconds in so far. Megan stuck her tongue inside as far as she could, twirling it around several times and scooping upward.

Katelyn gasped, moaned and ordered her to keep doing that. A few times she drew herself back so the slave could lick the outside again, but what felt best was rubbing her nub against Megan's upper lip while the tongue probed her pussy. It was a clean pussy; didn't taste or smell bad at all, though the stubs of recently-shaved hair felt awfully coarse against the skin.

"Faster, kitten, faster!" Katelyn told her. Megan flapped her lips up and down as best as she could (the ring didn't allow much movement) and twirled her tongue around inside the vagina with greater force and frequency.

Katelyn closed her eyes, gripped the girl's hair even harder and arched her head back as she climaxed. She bucked her hips up and down, crying out to the ceiling, then pulled back and had Megan top it off with some extra licking.

"Mmmmm." Katelyn purred, reeling for her orgasm. "Good girl." She sat danny d fuck victoria blaze the edge of the ottoman and put her arm around Megan's shoulder. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" "No, uh-ihhstress." She lied. Bringing her to climax hadn't been as difficult as she expected, but giving the evil bitch the satisfaction was excruciating.

Katelyn gave her a long, moist kiss on the cheek and turned to Master. "Your turn!" He rose and walked over to them while his partner shimmied her panties back up her legs. "Four minutes and twenty-two seconds; not bad." He said. "Oh yeah, this one's a natural." She said. "If only I could train her friend to eat pussy like that." "Let's see how she does with this." Master grabbed his bulge and traced the outline of his cock right in front of Megan's face.

He unzipped his pants ceremoniously, letting her see it barely contained within his boxers, then dropped them, waved his solid member around and tapped her on the nose with it. She whimpered and arced her eyebrows in dread, more and more as he positioned his head between her lips and slid inside.

"Hmmmggghhh!" She focused on keeping her tongue flat against the bottom of his shaft, which filled her mouth entirely, and tucking her upper lip over her teeth. His head rammed the back of her throat with each thrust, hitting dangerously close to her gag reflex.

The first time it did, she choked and sputtered around his flesh, earning her the warning: "You'd better learn to relax and breathe out your nose, kitten." He pulled out of her mouth and whacked her cheek with his cock, now covered in the girl's own saliva, and dragged it slowly across her skin. Katelyn watched gleefully from the chair and took her phone out of her pocket. "Can I record this?" She asked. "Why?" Master was wary of phone cameras; in an era where everyone seemed to be getting hacked and having private files leaked, they were a security risk.

"I could have a lot of fun showing it to her boyfriend later." Katelyn smiled devilishly. "And don't worry; I'm not gonna put it on the cloud or anything." "Not a bad idea." He said. In fact, the idea of showing the news slaves videos of their friends' current state of bondage was exciting enough to make him even harder and he plunged himself back into Megan's mouth.

The insides of her tight, supple orifice were unspeakably gratifying to him, as were her slurping noises. His testicles, swollen from three days with no release, slapped against the gurgling captive's chin and neck with each thrust, and his cock felt like it was in a vacuum.

He especially loved the way her uvula tickled his head when he struck deep. As much as he tried to savor the experience, he was soon ready to come. Megan had struggled to breathe through her congested nose, and that was when Master pulled out every minute or so; she found herself suffocating as he gyrated deeper down her throat and held it there. A few more strokes from her tongue on his pulsating shaft was all it took; the first stream of semen shot out and he grunted, while her eyes bulged out.

"Hhhhrrggghhh!" She squawked. Master moaned and pressed harder into her mouth with every viscous spurt, emptying his whole load. Megan couldn't swallow as fast as the hot fluid kept coming or exhale sufficiently, coughing half of it out of her plugged-up lips and wheezing so desperately for air that snot was forced out her nostrils. Katelyn cheered the whole thing on while filming, making sure to zoom in and record every detail of the slave's misery.

Just as her face went blue and her eyes started to cross, Master finally pulled out of Megan's mouth and allowed her to catch some air. "Hope you enjoyed that Kitten." He said. "Plenty more where that came from." She hyperventilated too hard to even notice the cobweb of semen and drool hanging between her lips and his cock, let alone his words. "Shall we get to socaldudeu m (the oc iin calif usa viewers fun part?" Katelyn suggested.

Besides the orgasm the girl had given her, watching Master fuck her helpless mouth was making her wet again and she couldn't wait to commence the torture. "Sure, but I have to piss and wash up first. Do me a favor, clean her up." He tossed a pack of wet wipes and she rose to get to work on Megan, but not before rummaging through Master's goodie bag to decide what kind of gag she wanted to have her wear. Katelyn loved a simple bandana cleave for everyday use, but Megan was about to be screaming her head off and they needed a more effective way of keeping her quiet.

She was considering another ball gag until she came across a roll of sports tape and thought 'bingo'. Megan hung her head as low as the tethered collar would allow, which wasn't much.

Taking a seat on the ottoman's edge, Katelyn dabbed the sticky fluids off her face with one of the towelettes, then scrubbed her chin, nose, cheeks and gaping lips with another. She made no sounds except for the occasional sniffle, and stared off into the corner until her captor started addressing her and she looked her in the eye, knowing she couldn't risk another punishment.

"So," Katelyn began, "I take it this isn't how you expected your weekend to turn out?" "Nuh, ihhstress." She said weakly. "No one ever does." She chuckled. "I don't think Austin did, either, but he's coming along nicely." Megan whined and hung her head again.

"Don't worry, kitten, I would never do any permanent damage to a cutie like him. Not where it matters, at least." Katelyn undid the straps to her gag, plucked the ring out and applied one finger to the base of her jaw to steer her head back up.

"Look at me." She lay one strip of cloth raunchy aliz gets nailed in a threesome top of her thigh and began folding it. "Your life will be a lot easier from now on if you just behave. It'll never be perfect or even pleasant, mind you, but there are little things we can do to make it a bit more comfortable.

Or painful, as you're about to see. Open up." Katelyn crammed the thick square of cloth into Megan's mouth, ensuring that the flat edges went in first so she wouldn't choke on it, and continued her lecture.

"Gabby's having a hard time adjusting, too, being the spoiled little shit she is." It was true. Her best friend was sweet and loyal, but never worked a day in her life and had spent nineteen years being waited on hand and foot.

"But I think we'll break her eventually. I could have a lot of fun disciplining that gorgeous body of hers, if only Chris and Sully weren't so greedy with it." Katelyn peeled the first corner of tape from the roll and pressed it over Megan's closed lips, then brushed her hair out of the way and wound it around her head three times.

"Speaking of gorgeous bodies," She cupped Megan's right breast and tickled the fabric of her t-shirt with the other hand, "it's too bad Master had to put this chastity belt on you.

We had so much fun yesterday when it was just those cute, plaid shorts of yours." Megan stiffened her torso as her captor groped it and gazed lustfully at her. The woman was slightly older, late 20's it appeared, and well-dressed in a way that would make you think she was a chic lawyer, not a professional slaver. She had orange-red hair fashioned into a messy bun and a stunningly symmetrical face that easily charmed people, but now appeared intimidating to Megan.

She was surprisingly strong, too; able to wrangle and hold the slaves almost as well as her male colleagues, though her body didn't seem bulky, just athletic. Katelyn took her hands off once Master came out from the bathroom and leaned in to whisper: "Don't worry.

We're taking you and your friends to our main compound later; we'll have more, eh, 'bonding time' once we get there, in between training of course. Got it, kitten?" Megan whimpered and nodded. It sounded like she was absolutely doomed now, and she couldn't stop feeling stupid for botching her one and only escape sex storys sex xnxx commobile so badly.

"Is she giving you a hard time?" Master joked as he knelt next to Megan and started rolling her shirt up. "Not at all." Katelyn said. "And why aren't you just cutting that off?" "I want to save it for later, it looks good on her." "We could buy a new one in any color you want, with whatever Greek letters on it; it's called the internet." "You know I don't like to waste money.

Now hand me that cane." Katelyn didn't appreciate being bossed around but was too happy to start a fight over it. She gleefully fetched the black rod for him and asked, "But what am I going to use?" "We could take turns, or you could be in charge of the e-stim." "E-stim!" She mimicked clapping. "Look at you, all ready to go." Master said. He turned back to Megan and explained, "Alright, kitten, I know we got a bit side-tracked with the blowjob and all, but now it really is time for your punishment.

Trying to escape was unacceptable, and now you're going to pay." Standing arms-length away from her, he tapped the edge of the cane against her exposed, hanging breasts. She squealed at how much it stung, while he assured her the 'real thing' would be infinitely worse. "Severe offenses call for severe consequences, kitten. You've earned twenty lashes to the tits," he electrifying ramrod riding joy hardcore and blowjob the cane against the sole of her left foot, "and another twenty lashes here.

And you were already going to receive some shock therapy, but for speaking without permission earlier, let's say, oh, fifty shocks total?" Katelyn nodded enthusiastically and smacked her lips in excitement.

Master swung the cane with the full force of his wrist and struck Megan directly on the nipple. She screamed wildly into the white tape sealing her lips, and again as the other breast felt the same horrific pain.

"Two." He counted. Master swung the next six lashes underhand, hitting the underbelly of her breasts with an awful cracking sound. Megan shrieked even louder, genuinely believing it could not get more painful than this. It did, however, as he alternated positions and dealt blows to her tits from every possible angle; four to the top, and another six from the sides.

She squinted her eyes shut in agony as the marks from the rod turned her flesh from pale white to beet red. Master was about to announce "Just two more" when he realized that his fast pace had allowed her to become too used to the whipping. Better to pause for a moment and let her body recuperate, then allow the last two blows to be distressing surprises.

After about thirty seconds, when her chest stopped heaving, he cracked the cane across both nipples at once, sending her back into a screaming frenzy. The last strike was swung with the might of his entire arm and landed on her left breast, by far the most excruciating. Megan's wrists were chaffed from pulling against the ropes during her struggles and the cloth wadded between her teeth hadn't been much to bite down on.

Her tits felt numb after a while but hurt like hell in the meantime, and she was crying too hard to look and see if they were bleeding. "Goddamn…" Katelyn said, "I haven't seen you go that savage in a long time." "Don't forget, we still have the feet." "If only I had my riding crop." She sighed.

"This'll do." Master whipped Megan's right sole three times in a row and she howled into her gag. It was equally torturous when he struck her left one and the blows only got worse from there. She flexed her ankles hard against the rope tying them together, but that only offered a minor and temporary relief from the cane's brutal punch. The whacking noises of polypropylene-on-skin were music to her captors' ears, as were her cries.

They loved watching her pull on her ropes in vain and trash her hot zuzana stripping out of a white string about, knowing damn well that she wasn't going to budge an inch. Towards the end, Master took more time in between lashes in order to drag the beating out for as long as possible.

The last four blows were aimed right in the center arch, where her most sensitive flesh was, earning him some juicy wails and extra tears from his slave. Megan strained her throat from screaming so hard and nearly passed out. She had never cried this intensely before in her life and honestly didn't know how she would be able to sustain the upcoming punishment.

One thing was for sure: no way in hell was she going to try and escape again, at least not without a guarantee of safety. The two sadists towered over their hysterical captive and admired their work. Master had been too soft on her before, but this was as rough as he could get with his current tools. There was an elaborate dungeon back at home base stocked with every tool you could think of (including a few custom ones of their own design), bondage furniture for misbehaving slaves and some truly medieval devices.

If she thought this was bad, he couldn't wait to see her act up over there. "Where's the power box?" Master pointed her to his goodie bag and took a seat in the lounge chair while Katelyn readied the machine for the next round.

She wired the pads to the main unit and greased them up with electro adhesive before attaching them strategically to Megan's body. One on each inner thigh, one on each axillary nerve in the armpit, and the last two went on the injured soles of her feet. "Alright, here we go." Master said. "Fifty shocks and since there's six pads, I guess it's technically three hundred shocks, but oh well," they paused to grin at each other.

Katelyn started off by turning the power box to its simplest setting, 'on', which created a mild buzz that still made Megan groan. The individual shocks came when she suddenly cranked the red dial clockwise and created a surge of electricity, savagely zapping whatever the pads were attached to. Megan's reddened eyes bulged and she roared into the tape as it felt like her nerves and flesh were being flicked with a hot wire, a reaction so amusing to Katelyn that she 'surged' her ten times in a row.

The slave writhed about in her bound, fixed position, desperately innocenthigh cheerleader marissa mae rides her coach in a new direction every five seconds. Her screams eventually subsidized into high-pitched whines as the pain level surpassed what she thought possible. "Awwww, does that hurt the little kitten?" Katelyn mocked.

"Don't worry sweetie, only thirty more to go." She experimented with different time intervals, doing bursts of a dozen surges at once, then letting her rest fifteen seconds in between each one. Megan's thighs didn't hurt as much, and her soles had gone practically numb after the whipping but her armpits, already blonde slut with a dildo and a baseball bat from the way her arms were tied, were in utter agony.

She found her entire body convulsing between shocks, and without even realizing it lost control of her bladder and let a long stream of urine lose all over the upholstery.

"Holy shit, check it out." Katelyn said to Master, pointing at her crotch. "Tsk tsk tsk," He clicked, "that's another no-no, kitten. We'll have to improvise something later." Megan now felt humiliated and filthy on top of tortured. What was her punishment for this going to be? The extreme charge of bottomless japan wife storyss femdom with cfnm face sitting brought her back to the present and she resumed shrieking and struggling, too frantic from terror to even notice that the surges were longer this time.

Shock number fifty came right as she was getting light-headed and on the verge of fainting, and she had never been more relieved to be finished with something, nor had her body ever taken this much abuse. Between this and her vibrator, it was clear that these slavers were the experts of bringing people to the edge and pulling them back before they were pushed over.

Katelyn smirked as she peeled the pads off, while the traumatized slave girl sat there limp and looked off into the corner with a thousand yard stare. "I'd say that worked." She chimed. "Indeed." Master said. "Too bad she ruined the ottoman." "What do you want to do about that?" "Throw it out. I know the Bolton girl's parents are almost never here, but I don't want to risk leaving any evidence. As for kitten here, we need to clean her up before we take off." "Alright, her friends are pretty much ready to go.

I'll start the shower." They untied Megan from the bedframe and stood her up. Injured feet are quite difficult to walk on, so she had to be supported on her way to the bathroom, though the air felt wonderful on her newly-freed neck and being able to relax her arms was a nice touch.

Katelyn got the showerhead running and ordered her to put her arms up so she could remove her shirt, then held her hands behind her back while they waited for Master to get the key to her chastity belt.

Once he released it, placed the vibrator on the counter and removed her hair band, he snapped his fingers and pointed strictly at the tub. Megan stepped awkwardly into the stream of water and winced at its cold temperature. "Hot showers are for good girls, kitten." Master explained. "And wetting yourself was a very rude thing to do.

Now wash up." He handed her a loofa and a bar of soap, which she rubbed onto her thighs and pelvis with trembling hands. Despite wanting to get out of the chilly water as soon as possible, it was hard to remain standing on such weakened legs and her head felt so disoriented that coordinating movements was difficult; almost like being drunk. The extreme pain and electric shock had really done a number on her mind and body.

Once it looked like her front was sufficiently clean, Master nudged her to turn around and washed her backside and taint himself. "You'll have two or three bathroom breaks per day, depending on how generous we're feeling." He said "The times are yet to be determined, but you'll just have to learn to hold it. Any accidents will result in whatever discipline your master sees fit, and right now that's me." He turned the water off and ordered her to towel-dry her lower body.

"We'll have to put a rain check on it for now, though. Our road trip starts in one hour and we have to focus on prepping everything." She was glad to cover her stinging red breasts again but saddened that Master put her in the same chastity belt configuration as before. Katelyn didn't need to inquire about it; once she saw the mini pink buzzer, she knew what was up. The orgasm denial method was a favorite of his (not that she didn't occasionally employ it herself), and she had watched him use it on countless women for years.

Master held her white-and-turquoise plaid shorts up for her to step into and buttoned them up around her hips; the garment fit surprisingly well over her belt. After she was dressed they hauled her back out to the bedroom for further bondage. "Kneel." Katelyn said sternly with one hand pushing down on her shoulder. She sat in the lounge chair while the slave girl got on her knees in front of it and Master brought the equipment bag over.

"Here, put this on first." He said, handing her the leather harness. Katelyn wrapped and buckled the leather strap around Megan's stomach, then looped the chain link of a pair of handcuffs around the back a few times.

She brought her arms to her back, crossed her wrists and secured them in the steel. "Too tight, kitten?" "Nuh-nnnmm." Megan mumbled and shook her head, though they were indeed.

"Good answer." She went to work restraining her ankles, using the same leather cuffs and chain as before. "Maybe you're not as dumb as I thought." Master handed her a length black rope, which she folded in half and wound around Megan's arm just above the elbow, tying it off in a hitch and running the rope across her back to repeat the process on the other arm.

The remaining material was wrapped around her torso and cinched off with a secure knot right below her breasts, hopelessly trapping her arms. A few strands of confetti rope were made into a coil by Master, who then created a bowline-style hitch at the end that left about another five feet of rope, to be used as a leash.

"Could you fix her hair for me?" He asked. "Sure." Katelyn pulled a fistful of Megan's hair backward, combed her fingers through it a few times and fashioned it into a ponytail.

The cat ears did a decent job of keeping her hair behind her ears, but that still left her thick black locks hanging down to her mid-back, which made applying new gags and collars a bit of a pain. The back of her head and neck were much more accessible now. Megan stared at the floor, exhausted and scared yet too worn-out to cry anymore. She didn't want to even imagine what Austin and Gabby were going through at the moment, but knew she would have to find out shortly when they were all taken away together.

Maybe their vehicle would get pulled over on the road and the police would discover them, she prayed… "You really ought to shampoo her hair." Katelyn noted. "Feels like it's been a couple days by now." "She'll get a full bath tonight or tomorrow." "Well let me know when it's over; I want to be the one who dolls her up.

Face it, I know makeup better than you. Look on the bright side, kitten," she switched to addressing Megan, "we have plenty of makeup and cosmetics back home that you'll have access to. After all, we need to keep you looking your best and hottest at all times." "You'll have an excellent wardrobe, too; though I'll be in charge of that." "Heads up, he loves to have his slaves wear skirts." Katelyn chuckled.

"You know, so he can bend you over and fuck you at any time." Megan whimpered and cringed, dreading the moment that ever came true. "Way to spoil the surprise." He said. She feigned an apology as Master tossed the coil over Megan's head and adjusted it snugly around her neck.

"Unlike your last collar, kitten, this one doubles as a leash and gets tighter and tighter the more you resist. Or whenever I yank on it. Think of it as a choke chain, like the kind they use on dogs." Not only did Megan still hate being compared to a pet, she had never actually met anyone evil enough to use such a device on their pet. She believed him, though; the man found any excuse he could to make her hurt old rod rams juvenile snatch and mouth doubting that he would was dangerous.

"I don't think she believes you." Katelyn said. Megan nodded frantically and tried telling them "I do", which came out as muffled babbling through the cloth pinning her tongue down and the tape keeping her mouth shut. "You're right, we better show her." Master grinned.

Without another word, Katelyn gripped the nape of her neck with one hand and pulled hard on the rope. It quickly encircled Megan's throat, being uncomfortable at first, then shrank in diameter as her captor pulled with more force until her airway was cut off.

A hellish reminder of the mouth rape from earlier; her eyes crossed as she choked and struggled to breathe through a constricted windpipe. "You like that, bitch?" Katelyn whispered harshly as she shoved her forward and began spanking her ass with an open palm.

The woman was stronger than she looked and each blow felt like a point-blank punch, causing Megan to let out a pained yelp each time, which only suffocated her more.

Katelyn let up on the rope after a minute and allowed her to get some air via her desperate, flared nostrils. Master couldn't resist a chance to add to the torture, however, and turned her vibrator on its 'high' setting. She groaned and squirmed about in vain, trying to alleviate the itchiness of her moist skin trapped in leather and avoid the temptation of giving in to the rubbing of her clit; she simply couldn't bear to give Master the satisfaction.

It was hopeless, of course, as the damn thing wasn't going anywhere and its buzzing was beginning to feel pretty good. Katelyn cranked down on the noose just as she was starting to get aroused, which made her choke again but didn't lessen the sexual pleasure. Megan realized she could either strain for breath again or squeeze her thighs together and grind on the vibrator, and chose the latter. It felt so amazing she almost forgot about the light-headedness creeping up on her and grew closer to climax when Katelyn released her grip.

Master shut it off soon after, leaving Megan pissed off and moaning. "I guess she did like that." Katelyn remarked, almost disappointed. She rose from the chair and continued, "I'd better get back over to Chris and Sully and help them with the others. You need help with anything else here?" "No, I've got it. We'll be out shortly." He said. "See you at the van." She walked out of the bedroom.

Master collected the last of his belongings and bondage gear, put them in the duffel and made the bed, meaning the last loose end to tie up was the stool he needed to dump. Any investigation into the slaves' disappearances would yield little to no evidence; he had left traces of DNA behind but would never be considered as a suspect, seeing he didn't live in the area and had no prior connection to them.

On top of that, no law enforcement databases had his DNA on file and there was no paper or digital trail linking him to any of the three people. The Boltons, who spent most of their time in Europe, probably knew their daughter stayed at the house with her college friends while they were away, so any question as to who used the shower or slept in the beds would be placed on them.

The property was wired with a high-grade camera and security system, but Sully had dealt with that a week before. All that was left was corralling the new captives into the back of the van, securing them there, taking the back roads through the hills before connecting to the highway and driving back to their home base in Northern California.

From the San Diego suburbs, he figured it would take eight or nymphos nail studs butt hole with enormous belt cocks and ejaculate cum hours. Not exactly a quick run, but far from their longest trip and only requiring two gas stops along the way.

Usa school 12 ers xxx story g

Unlike their mission to Texas last year, where it took two whole days to drive back and they had to stop every 12 hours to let the slaves stretch to avoid blood clots. It had been well worth it, though; the four young women they captured on that trip netted them $2.6 million dollars at auction, two sold to a Saudi prince and the other two to a cartel leader in Baja. "On your feet, kitten." He barked.

Standing up from kneeling with her arms bound behind her back was difficult, but Megan managed eventually. Master held her leash in one hand and his cane with the other, while the duffel bag was slung over his shoulder. "We're meeting everyone else in the game room before going out the back entrance, got it?" She nodded obediently.

"Good. I'm going to lead the way, you follow. Fall behind and your choke rope will make sure you catch up. Try anything funny, and you'll be feeling the brunt of this." He dramatically flicked the rod in front of suny leon porn xxx new york to demonstrate. Megan flinched and nodded once more, and they were off. Enough time had passed since her punishment that her soles didn't hurt as much, though keeping up with his brisk, impatient pace was a bit challenging, especially with the fetters on her feet.

Still, she couldn't bear another round of asphyxiation or whipping and forced herself to walk quickly. They passed through the many corridors and rooms of the massive house until they reached the one with all the commotion and people. Megan's heart dropped to see Austin ball-gagged, shackled, stripped down to his boxers and awesome teen likes knob unfathomable in pussy in bruises and welts.

From the looks of it, Katelyn had been using that taser on him. She cried out to him and he did the same, blinking his red-rimmed, teary eyes rapidly at her and attempting to lunge forward before being held back by Chris.

Chris was the most heavily-tattooed goon in the squad of slavers and seemed to take great pleasure in man-handing his captive, who he proceeded to drag roughly outside. Master and Megan followed them out the open door which led to a gravel driveway, where the cargo van was waiting with Sully at the wheel. Gabby stood next to the van's side door with Katelyn, who was busy lecturing the sobbing young woman about something and holding a new instrument: a wooden switch.

Gabby was ball-gagged, handcuffed and fettered, with a leather collar clamped around her neck much like Austin's getup, except she bore no visible injuries. Unlike the young man, she was fully dressed in a red t-shirt, cuffed denim shorts and red Converse high tops.

"I hope you're ready for you new life, kitten." Master taunted. He handed Megan off to Chris and announced: "All three of you shitheads are getting in the van, pronto. Once you do, sit where I tell you, how I tell, stay still and shut the fuck up." "You heard him." Katelyn said, pointing sternly into the vehicle's interior.

"Mmmmpphh…" Gabby cried. "Nobody cares, princess. Now move it." Katelyn swatted her butt with the switch, which got her moving indeed. Austin was marched inside next, then Megan. Everyone's rump felt the sting of the mistress's rod no matter how quickly they trotted in, and once inside Master crouched down and directed everyone into position with Chris as his enforcer.

He sat Megan against the wall and buckled one of the built-in leather straps around her, telling her to think of it as a seatbelt, tied her leash to one of the metal rings welded to the floor and declared her secure. Gabby and Austin were also sat against the wall but had their arms lifted and hands re-cuffed above their heads to metal rings welded to the ceiling, then their torsos strapped to the hull just like Megan's.

Everyone's feet were forcibly crossed, then bound with heavy-duty cable ties to prevent any kicking. "Have a nice ride." Katelyn told them sarcastically, blowing each one a kiss before getting into the passenger seat up front. Fabric sleeping masks were slipped over their eyes and noise-cancelling ear buds were forced into their ears. The last thing any of them heard for the rest of the day was the sound of their friends whimpering, and after that, they were left with only their thoughts on what their lives would be like once they reached the compound.

To be continued