This pretty brunette is a cock magnet

This pretty brunette is a cock magnet
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The two weeks went by fast and I did not get the job at the Fish and Chip shop. I had no other prospects except the one of fucking Tex to pay the rent. It had been good not having Tex around I had felt comfortable for once; walking around the house topless just like all the other girls.

Basically for the two weeks when I was in the house I had worn dirty knickers, Ugg boots and a tee-shirt when it was chilly. After a few days Cute teenage amateur cocksucking and tugging reality had not been embarrassed to look at the other girls. They too were dressed like me; either topless or with loose fitting clothes.

The younger kids were used to us girls walking around naked or being used for sex; so it did not shock them. I was now sleeping covered with just a doona (quilt) and wearing knickers only. It was Thursday and Tex was due to pay me a visit today; his parting words were still ringing in my ears.

"Pay double" I wondered what plans he had for me as I lay on my mattress under my doona not wanting to get up It was about 8am when the front door opened; Tex had turned up. "Here we go again" I thought to myself.

I just lay there not even thinking of getting dressed as I would be out of my clothes pretty soon anyway. Tex soon approached me with his all knowing smirk "How is my little whore today; do you have any money for me"? "No" "Good, good. that's what I like to hear" with that he reached down and yanked the doona off me.

"Oh good, you are ready for me how sweet". He then reached down and caressed my bare tits, before squeezing them tight. Then sucked on one while still squeezing the other. His free hand went straight inside my knickers and started rubbing my clit; my body stopped resisting as my pussy started becoming moist. "Okay today you are going to ride me". "What I don't understand"? With his hand still inside my knickers he laid on his back on my mattress. Then I understood that he wanted me on top of him.

After he pulled my knickers off I gently wiggled myself new sixy story sex stories 2019 top of his big cock.

I held his hard cock in my hand as I lowered my hips until the tip was touching my pussy entrance. It easily slid inside making me gasp: I took a deep breath while lowering myself onto his cock.

He smiled as his cock went balls deep inside my pussy; I then placed my hands on either of his shoulders. "Feels so good; your cunt is really tight today".

I just bit the bottom of my lip and nodded as I slowly grinded my hips and began riding his cock; slowly at first by lifting myself up and down.

I was now biting my lip more frequently as it was also having an effect on my now very wet pussy. Sliding up and down his cock soon became very easy; he loved it too. "That's it slut perfect; fuck me". He reached out and rubbed my tits as I built up speed in my grinding of his cock. "Come on slut, harder". He then suddenly became pissed off for some reason; I tried my best to appease him, but it was not enough.

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"Stop, stop, STOP" he bellowed. I felt so small and humiliated; I thought I was doing a good job. "Get on your back you useless slut"; he said forcing me off him. I almost fell into my friend Stacey's mattress who looked puzzled at the aggro. He then climbed on top of me and planted a sloppy kiss on my neck.

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"It's not your fault" he tried to whisper. I felt his cock slide down my stomach and slip inside my wet cunt.

I wriggled around spreading my legs to allow him plenty of access. "Ahh" he moaned as his cock was pushing deep inside my wet pussy. He smiled as if this had been his plan all along; before slowly sliding his cock almost out and slamming in deep inside again. Again and again he repeated the pounding of my wet pussy with each thrust shocking me. "Oh, fuck yes that feels good" he was happy again.

I was now breathing as hard fat black pecker smashing white slick cunt he was and beginning to lose myself; I closed my eyes and pretended it was Jason or Matthew fucking me. I was whimpering and trying to bite my top lip to stop me from screaming out in pleasure.

I was quickly reaching an orgasm; and the hard pounding he was giving was pushing me off my mattress. I couldn't hold on anymore I was reaching my orgasm. "OH FUCK!!! MUTHA FUCKER!! FUCK ME HARDER YOU CUNT!!" I yelled out as my orgasm arrived with a vengeance. He knew that I was loving it; and he had that evil grin on his face as he continued to fuck me hard I noticed his belly was really wobbling now.

Then he noticed my eyes were shut he slapped me with an open hand; "Don't close your eyes I want to look in them as I cum inside you, bitch". I looked at him knowing he must have taken the angry pills today.

My eyes were blinking as I could tell he was near to coating my insides with his cum. As I watched I could no longer pretend it was Jason, Matthew or any of the others. This was one "Big Fat Prick" fucking me. He groaned and slammed his cock deep inside of me; staring hard into my eyes as he did so. "It is as if I own you now bitch; and make sure you never forget it". Tex had filled the inside of my pussy with cum; now exhausted he collapsed in a heap on top of me. His cock was still inside me; but was now going flaccid as he panted and dripped his sweat on me.

Finally he pulled out and rolled on to his back; I could feel his cum oozing out from my pussy. The crack in my ass crack was tickling as the mixture pretty bitches got wet from dark pounder cum and sweat trickled down it.

I tried to roll away from him thinking that the ordeal was over; but he stopped me. "Just stay right here, I have not finished with you just yet". He went to the toilet and then into the kitchen. "What now"? I whispered to Stacey; she looked as puzzled as I was. "I think he's breaking you in for a big purpose." "What?" "In time you will see!" I just lay there thinking of Stacey's words. "I think he's breaking you in for a big purpose." Tex returned from his break.

Five minutes passed before he returned; I was attempting to sit up when he just walked up to me and forced his cock into my mouth. I tried to fight back, but he was to powerful.

"You are going to suck my cock hard again, bitch". Tears ran down my face as I was being humiliated again. He began face fucking me deep and hard his flaccid cock soon became hard again. He released the grip to allow me to suck his cock willingly. I swirled my tongue around its tip; I could taste his cum and my pussy on it.

He thrust his hips forward making me swallow more; before forcing my head down its full length. The tip of his cock head travelled all the way down my throat; before pulling out ever so slightly then deep back inside again as I gagged.

"I want you to take my cum in your mouth my little slut". With that order, I wrapped my hand on the base of his shaft near his balls and began wanking him; while swirling my tongue around the tip which was now half way inside my mouth. He wasn't forcing me any longer he was caressing my matted hair as I worked on his cock. He was moaning heavily and the caressing became a fierce grab as my mouth mia malkova feet job sex story forced over and then down his length.

My arms dropped and waved as I struggled for air.

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I can remember gagging as his cock exploded inside of me, I could not breathe so I had to swallow or suffocate before he would release me. I coughed my guts up with cum and saliva spewing from out of my mouth. I was having a coughing fit until Stacey came over and gave my back a thump. Tex walked away and left me in a pool of created mess.

I watched him leave again so I took a shower hoping that I had made my payment for the week. I had been showering for a good 15-20 minutes when I heard a sound of someone entering the bathroom. "Who is there?" Tex was in the shower with a full hard on. "What the fuck now"? I asked He was behind me and I could feel his cock rubbing against the small of my back.

"I want to fuck you one more time my little slut". I looked back at him and said; "Don't you think you have had enough already"? "Your my special little slut who loves my cum; I have more for you" Tex pushed me forward, making me brace against the shower wall then kicked my legs apart repositioning me. I then realised he was going to fuck me doggy style inside the running shower. With one hand he held my head in place; and he burrowed the other deep inside my ass hole.

This made me flinch and tense up; I had to reposition my back and wriggle into place for him. I felt his cock as it touched my ass crack. "Not my ass; do me in wild and excited three some momsandteens threesome pussy again if you must please".

"I want your ass, end of story." "Please, no" I pleaded.

I arched my back as I felt his cock enter my pussy again; he had left my ass alone. I closed my eyes and began dreaming of someone better looking than him fucking me. I soon had an orgasm; my legs both wobbled and trembled as it hit me.

"What the fuck you are cumming again already" he bellowed out completely puzzled. He quickened his pace and solidly fucked into my sore wet soaking sloppy cunt.

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Then with a grunt he sprayed his cum all over my arched back. He massaged my back and rubbed cum into my ass-hole; I let out a groan as he did. I did not know what he was doing; all I know it was over. He left the shower saying "Your board has been paid this week; and thank you. See you next week my special little slut" with that he left me. More soon.